Wessex Ridgeway, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July.

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Wessex Ridgeway, near Devizes, Wiltshire, England
crop: barley

Photo: Crop Circle Connector

Photo: Crop Circle Connector

Field report by Eva-Marie Brekkestø:

As I walked into this field today (July 17th) to visit the formation, I noticed something unusual: There was no way into the formation without flattening or seriously damaging standing crop! This was due to the fact that the first 20 metres of the tramlines running through the field were all filled with standing green barley.

Images Eva-Marie Brekkestø Copyright 2016

The above photo shows how the set of tramlines leading into the formation were completely filled up with vigorous barley plants a bit greener than the rest of the field. This was also  the case with all the other tramlines leading into the field.

As I entered, as carefully as possible, I couldn't avoid leaving a narrow track of downed  stalks in the tramline I walked to reach the crop circle. That made me really wonder:  How could anyone have entered before me without flattening a single stalk?

Walking into the formation I was surprised to see that all the barley had half risen up again.  The extent to which the plants had recovered made me think the formation, only reported  yesterday, must have gone down at least 4-5 days ago.

I also noticed that both the ring and the circle were well defined with sharp and neat edges:

Images Eva-Marie Brekkestø Copyright 2016

Between the closest tramline and the centre circle, the area of standing barley was about 120cm at the narrowest. With some difficulty I managed to step into the central circle without flattening any of the standing stalks. The centre of the circle was still clearly visible and situated off the geometrical centre. I estimated that the distance to the periphery of the central circle one side was aprx 3 metres and to the other side aprx 5 metres.

Images Eva-Marie Brekkestø Copyright 2016

Image Eva-Marie Brekkestø Copyright 2016

No obvious signs of human hoaxing could be seen on the ground or from the aerial photographic perspectives.

Eva-Marie Brekkestø July 17th 2016



Wessex Ridgeway, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July.

By Peter Tadd - Clairvoyant at Large 

A group of seven of us entered this formation on the 18th of July.  And as reported earlier by Eva-Marie Brekkesto,  we also noticed no disruption  to the standing grain around the central flattened disc and nest.  I must admit we did our best but we did create something of a few inches wide passage as we entered the inner circle.  

We confirm her findings of no human traces but the evidence of its authenticity reaches beyond that obvious perfection. It lies in the actual lay of the crop and the intense forces employed. What Eva-Marie mentioned as appearing as if the barley was re-emerging on closer look is some all together different.  Yes the stems seem to be reaching up at a 60 degree angle but on closer inspection, this is a three node bent formation. (One node more than the Hackpen Hill  “Shark” or “Brexit” circle.)  The bending up is due to this unique set of node bending. Note the three nodes of a plant held upside down.  


This is as close to the actual lay of the crop. Jennifer’s fingers are covering the first node.

The crop on the outside remained greenish no dark browning of leaves as seen here. 

But there is more.  As we marveled at the nest in the off center middle of the flattened disc, my eye kept trying to make sense of what I was seeing.  There was something that did not seem quite right.  The tops looked very sparse and clipped. This is what we discovered.

Barley heads of grain are called spikelettes that are covered with a thin protection that extend into wispy broom like features that dance in the slightest breeze. These are called awns.  The awns are a notable feature of the spike very different to wheat which are short and stiff. They are hair-like extensions that emerge upward from the lemma, one of two thin sheets of cells that surround the floret or each grain.   

My wife Jennifer brought our attention to the reduced size of the heads looking at them individually we were all amazed. The majority of all the flattened heads were stripped of their awns and many had lost grain in places, on one side or all together.  


A clear comparison of awns on the outside none on the inside.  

Now for the anomaly of all anomalies. Some for the awns look as though someone came in with shears, or with something very hot.  

Specimen on the left has only central stem like structure called the rachis remaining. 

There were numerous radicals that remained upright and green with spikelettes and awns intact. As you see in the above picture this is not the case for the affected crop.  

I then took care to notice that there appeared that heat marks were also visible in the formation on leaves and grain. Most interesting to me was to see that even on the spikelettes that happened to lean into the path of the formation from the outside ever so slightly showed significant discoloration just on the tips.

Clearly discoloured tips unlike anything outside the formation but no damage to the head of the grain.  


And this one with just two awns curled by a passing heat source.  

The feeling inside was a mixture of calmness and deep quiet on an energy level but also of devastation as the plants were rent asunder.  The lay was not perfect and there were numerous radicals on one side more than the other.   Was this done in a rush? Or is this part of the symbolism?

I entered my first crop circle 20 years almost to the month. It was the famous parallel universe one at Chisledon, Nr Swindon, Oxfordshire. Formed 2nd August. I understand that it remains one of the most perfect floor plans in the annals of crop circle history.  I mention this a means of comparison for this analysis.  

Peter Tadd, West Cork, Ireland.  Clearlightoftruth.com

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