Westbury White Horse, nr Bratton, Wiltshire. Reported 4th August.

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Chilcomb Ranges, Sparticles Wood and Westbury White Horse: an August Procession of Three 

In light of a reading I just received from Judith Moore and a group of ‘Light Activationists’ working in Holland during a Mayan Galactic Time Study, I venture to suggest that the three formations reported in August so far: Chilcomb Ranges, Sparticles Wood and Westbury White Horse make up one message that gives us a clue as to what is happening on our Planet in these times. 

Quoting part of the reading from Judith Moore and the Netherlands group (emphasis mine):

Hidden within the Gregorian system of time was a formula and this formula, 11-9-11, is a time code that marks the beginning of the 2013 Time Spell and the end of the 2012 Time Spell. Manifest Creation had to complete itself, since it did not sustain the Law of Universal Oneness. It was geared by artificial time and suffering. To complete finite time the eleventh Solar House brought us on November 9, 2011 the Master Principle of Peace, the peace that comes with completion. Thus we entered the Aquarian Age, as was announced through Judith by the consciousness of Infinite Oneness: ‘Love is the tone of the New Galactic Age, the tone of the Aquarian Age. Earth has moved beyond the limits of the old structures of time. You crossed the threshold to a truly blessed world and the message from the universe is deep love.’

 But love does not manifest unless we choose for it. We need to be focused on peace and to work with the breath of the holographic heart. We can no longer manifest from our brain or from our mind. The only level of manifestation that is cooperative with the new reality is holographic heart resonance. In these apocalyptic times we may set the intention that each action that creates suffering is balanced with an action of compassion. 

 Judith: 2017 is the Trinity Year of the emergence of the Galactic 2013 Time Spell.   The formulas of the New Calendar system are active in Creation.  The Mayan Time Tablet carries keys to the Galactic Thirteen Time Spell.  We will work with the tablet to activate the sacred alchemy and open the codes. We journey to the sacred center with open and loving hearts and an intention of peace. The Masters of the Universe organize the time frequencies for the flow of Universal Oneness through the Galactic Core.  Every aspect of our reality is coded with the Universal Codes of Light that are entering our time continuum through the Mirror of Reality that is the living hologram of earth. Humanity will naturally evolve into a synergism with the new time frequencies, which are powerful forces that shape our reality and alter the human DNA. We are multidimensional beings; when we access our Cosmic DNA we are able to receive these powerful formulas.  And bring them into manifestation in the physical plane through our mind, body, spirit and soul.

The Old Paradigm of the 3D reality of earth is breaking down shown by the extreme chaos and duality that serve to shift consciousness.  As we awaken we open our hearts, release the old limitations and receive the New Light of Creation.  We then become the mirrors of the New Reality for the awakening of mass consciousness.”  

Even though the Sparticles Wood formation was made in July, it’s discovery and consequent posting allows it to be in the middle of the ‘story’ seen in the August formations so far. Perhaps the ‘mirroring’ activity suggested by RC has been a continuous phenomenon, but the timing of the posting gives us an understanding of how the circlemakers can even influence what and when things are found so that some coherent message is more easily understood. That is how my thought processes work, in other words the synchronicity element is a factor in the understanding of these three August formations. 

With the words of the mediators (above) as a guideline, we could interpret the Chilcomb Ranges formation as the active disintegration of earthly 3D reality (the square symbol for earth within the universal reality); this earthly reality in Sparticles Wood, then alters, and has been altering, to become a ‘mirror’ for the New Time and New Reality that operates under the Law of Oneness; the Westbury White Horse formation shows us the beauty of the New Earth, balanced and harmonious, as indicated by the six petals, existing as a multidimensional entity suggested by the curving grid designs in the petals–quite different from the static grid we see at Chilcomb Ranges.  

The symbolism of the White Horse cannot be ignored in this instance because the time factor that is implicit in these three formations is punctuated by the presence of the Westbury White Horse. In many cultures all over the world the white horse is a significant symbol: the Greek Pegasus; the steed of Celtic Rhiannon; Zoroastrian Tishtrya, personification of the star Sirius; Buddha’s horse, Kanthaka; St George’s horse; and Al-Buraq, the horse of the Night Journey of Muhammad; a Korean white horse facilitated the unification of six warring states; in the Phillipines the white stallion represents a saving grace; in Viet Nam a white horse showed a king where to build his citadel. (white horse in wikipedia)  

Uffington White Horse is 3,000 years old; Celtic Goddesses, Epona and Rhiannon had white horses; Pegasus, the winged horse, symbolizes wisdom, poetic inspiration; St. George slew dragons from a white horse; Kalki is an end of time avatar of Vishnu; Al-Buraq is the steed that carried Muhammad on his Night Journey. 

All these horse symbols are connected to spiritual energy, to victory of a superior existence over a former one, and often to end times. Kalki, Hindu avatar of Vishnu, is to be the last saviour and is predicted to appear on a white horse or as a white horse at the end times. Marc Smulders has given us ample information regarding the indicators of endings of time periods and beginnings of a new time in his article on Chilcomb Ranges, August 3rd and for the formation at Stonehenge, nr Amesbury, July 8th. 

The three formations as reported in the beginning of August could be understood as elements of a storyboard for the events happening and to happen on our Earth: a disintegration of 3 dimensional reality, a new awareness or mirroring of the multidimensional reality and a final completion of the New Creation.

We are in for brilliant opportunities to celebrate from the heart, our existence, our lives, our planet, our future! 

–Michelle Jennings


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Connecting the start of the Julian and the Islamic calendar with October 28, 2016 and midsummer 2017

The flower symbolizes the feminine, the relationship with the moon, nature and new life and has:

- 6 petals

- 71 segments each petal

The following clarifies the connection between the past and the very near future.

The reference of the Westbury White Horse to the past and October 28

Although open to debate, it is often claimed that the Westbury White Horse commemorates the battle of Ethandun, which happened between 6 and 12 May AD 878.

I found out that on May 12, 878 Jupiter and the moon were at approximately the same position in the sidereal zodiac as on the day the formation arose. In the mean time Jupiter revolved 16 × 6 times around the sun and both dates (May 12, 878 and August 4, 2016) fell a few days before a moon-Jupiter-conjunction. Interestingly, during the time span from May 12, 878 to August 4, 2016 (the day of the formation), exactly 6 × 6 × 6 × 70 moon-Jupiter-transits occurred. Even more baffling is the fact that the time-span between the moon-Jupiter-conjunction on May 15, 878 and the moon-Jupiter-conjunction on October 28, 2016 corresponds with exactly 3 × 71 × 71 times the interval between successive moon-Jupiter-conjunctions (thus corresponding with 3 × 71 × 71 moon-Jupiter-transits).

This is very important as 71 is a key-number of the formation and the reference to October 28, 2016 pops up many times in crop circle formations, because this date probably marks the end-date of the so called underworlds.

The relationship with the start of the Julian calendar

On December 3, -45 (46 BC), less than a month before the introduction of the Julian calendar in -44, a annular eclipse took place in conjunction with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, lilith and the lunar south node in conjunction with the centre of the galaxy. In 2017-2018, Saturn will also dwell in the centre of the galaxy. However, the year 2017 mainly relates to the year -42, because in 2017 Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune and, with a larger deviation Pluto will be in the opposite position in the sidereal zodiac in comparison with the year -42. The time span from -42 until 2017 is 2059 = 29 × 71 years. This relates to the 71 segments of the petals. Furthermore, 29 years approximate 359 lunar months as well as 29 × 388 sidereal months, but 71 × 359 lunar months exactly equal the time span from the beginning of the Julian calendar (January 1, -44) until October 28, 2016! This time span is also an approximation of 71 × 388 sidereal months.

Hence, this is the second exact relationship with October 28 this year in connection with the number 71, while there is also a relationship with the year 2017.

Relationship with the start of the Islam

When we count 71 × 7171 days back from the date of the formation, we find a connection with precise 1394 years earlier, or august 9, 622. Amazingly, this date fell in the first month of the Islam, which started on July 15, 622 (year 1 AH).

An important key for finding another connection is the time span of 3 × 9 lunar months, which almost precisely corresponds with 2 synodic cycles of Jupiter. August 2 to 3 was new moon and when we count 71 × 3 × 9 × 9 lunar months back this refers to the total solar eclipse of August 23, 621. This happened in conjunction with Neptune and Uranus and “predicted” the beginning of the Islam in 622. The total eclipse in 621 relates to the solar eclipse on September 1, 2016, in opposition with Neptune, precise 1395 years later.

The abovementioned relationship of the lunar month with Jupiter exhibits a slight drift, because 71 × 3 × 6 synodic cycles of Jupiter after the total eclipse in 621 refers to a later date, namely the end of April, 2017. This also corresponds with 1416 Tuns or 118 × 6 × 6 × 6 Vinals (a Vinal = 20 days); this relates to the 6 petals.

When we count 71 × 3 × 9 × 9 lunar months from July 15, 622 (day 1, year 1 AH), this refers to exactly June 24, 2017, a reference that is often found in crop circle formations.


The flower stands for new life or a new way of living, in connection with nature and this formation connects the start of Eastern and Western culture with the end of the underworlds on October 28, 2016 and midsummer 2017.

Marc Smulders

These six pentagons (manned space vehicles) have two slightly convex sides in distinction to the concave sided pentagons of July 28, perhaps to suggest they are functioning as shields. (See T1187 and T1215, pg. 147, for two of the various shield circles.)  The cross hatching refers to a connection with the internet permitting world-wide observation of what they see in space. T515, pg. 143, and T955, pg. 145 are internet crop circles. The central ring is the Earth (at night) under observation and protection from comets by the vehicles.  These vehicles are not necessarily in space all at the same time, but all will suffer damage from the incoming comets during the 250+ years of the cometary period (beginning with Comet A). The small size of Earth indicates the vehicles are not in Earth orbit but  much further out, perhaps near the orbit of Venus, as specified by the B612 Foundation. Download the free ebook at http://theheckhypothesis.com/aboutthebook.html to see the pages.

Ken Heck


Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement with the Source and with All That Is

Crop circle from 4th August 2016 at Westbury White Horse, nr Bratton, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 4th August 2016 is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Star” and with Tone 7. On 26th July began the Year of the Blue Spectral Storm.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Star

Tone 7
Red Moon

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement with the Source and with All That Is
Red Moon – Purification, Flow, Universal Water


In the center of the formation is depicted a 6-pointed star, it symbolizes the energy “YELLOW STAR”.

The formation resembles a FLOWER with 6 petals. It symbolizes the energy “Yellow Seed”. We, the people, are Yellow Seeds, “planted” here on the Earth to develop our consciousness.

This crop circle is a continuation of the crop circle from 30th July 2016 at Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire, UK:

SELF-GENERATION in the Blue Storm Year:


On the crop circle from 30th July 2016 are depicted 20 “clay figures”. In the Blue Storm Year each of us can use the Blue energy of Transformation in order to make from himself (from such a clay figure) a “New Human”.

On the crop circle from 4th August 2016 we see the same clay figures. From each figure we can form a human:
H will be the head, A – the arms, F – the legs.

On the crop circle from 4th August 2016 each figure has already an energy net.

On the figure is shown the central line of the energy net, which consists of 7 rhombs. This line represents the spine – the main energy column of the human, consisting of 7 chakras. In the Mayan calendar each Tone corresponds with a joint in the human body and Tone 7 corresponds with the spine.

The upper two sections of the energy net have 9 rhombs each. Here the number 9 symbolizes the energy “RED MOON” – Solar Seal No. 9. On this way is shown, that the energy net of the human is attuned to receive the Flow of Universal Water, i.e. of cosmic energies.

The circle in the center represents the Source. On a day with Tone 7 occurs an attunement with the Source and with All That Is. The peak of the energy net of each figure is directed to the Source. And the two ends “A” (the “arms”) are directed to the neighbor figures, this shows the attunement with All That Is, also with the other people.

The most outer circle represents the Earth. The energy net of each figure is connected on the bottom (at the feet "F") with the Earth.

The whole energy net consists of rhombs which looks like crystals.
The channels for the Attunement form the structure of the human crystal light body. In the Blue Storm Year we receive the Blue Energy of Transformation, which helps us to transform our cells in crystalline ones and for the developing of our crystal light body. 

In my opinion, the location of the crop circle – Bratton – is chosen not by chance. "Bratt pan" is a big pan for cooking of big quantities of food. In such pan the raw food is boiling, frying, roasting by high temperature. In this process the raw food changes its qualities and at the end we receive a cooked mail with the desired new qualities.

In a like manner, during the Blue Storm Year everybody can "roast his clay figure on the fire of the Blue energy of Transformation" and at the end of the year he can become a New Human, with the desired new qualities ;-).

Gratitude to the authors of this fascinating crop circle and to the photographer
Matthew Williams!

Maya Todorova


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It reminds me the mysterious tri-lobed disc of Sabu, discovered at Saqqara, Egypt.

Maybe it's relevant to say that the amazing flying capable Egyptian "Bird" was also found in Saqqara...

Alex MacDowell  ( and thx to John DelCampo comments)





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