White Sheet Hill, nr Stourton, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June.

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Venus, Mercury and the moon connect the very past with the near future

The fundamentals of the formation

Venus is known to exhibit a pentagram in the zodiac over a period of 8 years. This means for example that in 8 years, Venus will be in a inferior conjunction with the sun five times at equally spaced positions in the zodiac. On top of that, there is a close 1 to 5 ratio between the synodic period of Venus and Mercury, because five times the mean synodic period of Mercury (115.8775 days or about 116 days) approximates 580 days, which is close to the mean synodic period of Venus (583.922 days). Finally, there is a relationship with the moon, because 4 × 5 = 20 lunar months (about 590 days) approximate one synodic period of Venus (about 584 days). These relations are not very accurate and show a considerable drift, but still they form the fundamentals of this crop circle formation.

Relationship with the Julian and Gregorian calendar

As will be shown, everything of this crop circle refers to the beginning and the end of the creative power of the Julian and Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Ceasar and started on January 1, -44. This seems to be an awkward calendar, but for reasons that go beyond the scope of this article, it can be shown in many ways that there is a hidden creative force behind the Julian and Gregorian calendar. The introduction of the Julian calendar was preceded by the so called last year of confusion, an extra long calendar-“year” (445 days), meant to align the start of the year (January 1), with the winter again. The last year of confusion started on October 12, -46 of the proleptic Julian calendar (January 1 of the Roman calendar). This date is also the starting point regarding this and some other crop circle formations.

The relationship with Venus and Mercury

The Gregorian calendar is the slightly modified successor of the Julian calendar (introduced in 1582), but many crop circles show that the creative power of this calendar will end on February 28, 2017. Traditionally, this is also the last day of the year (the year starts on March 1). On March 4, 2017, Venus starts with a retrograde movement, which marks the beginning of the end of the cycle, ending up with a heliacal set around the spring-equinox on March 20, 2017. Hence, one might say that the end of the “year” on February 28, heralds the end of the Venusian cycle. A similar situation occurred on October 12, -46, when the last year of confusion started. The time span from that date until February 28, 2017 comprises precise 1290 synodic cycles of Venus. Regarding Mercury this time span comprises 6500 synodic cycles, starting only two months later, namely from the end of December -46 and ending also on February 28, 2017 (approximate sun-Mercury-conjunctions). It is no coincidence that we find multiples of 10 or even 100, thus also multiples of five squared. This is in accordance with the five-fold symmetry of the crop circle formation.

The relationship with the formation’s creation date

The formation’s creation date supports the abovementioned explanation. The formation in a sense corresponds with the 8-years-cycle of Venus. One may consider the 5 openings in the formation to be 5 inferior conjunctions, while the 5 pointed corners (“arrows”) correspond with 5 superior conjunctions of Venus with the sun. On the day of the formation Venus was conjunct the sun (albeit not a very close conjunction), while February 28, 2017 heralds an inferior conjunction of Venus with the sun (which occurs by the end of March).  

With respect to the moon, there is a connection between October 12, -46 (start last year of confusion) and March 1, 2017, in the sense that on both dates the moon is in a conjunction with Uranus. The same is true on the formation’s creation date (June 29, 2016). Most amazing, however is the fact that the time span from October 12, -46 until June 29, 2016 is almost exactly 25,500 lunar months (the difference is 3 days only, due to the choice of the crop circle makers to make an additional reference to the Uranus-moon-conjunction). Hence, in this case this is even a multiple of 5 × 5 × 5 = 125, in line with the five-fold symmetry of the formation. The number of 25,500 lunar months is also a multiple of 20, which is in line with the fact that 20 lunar months approximate the synodic period of Venus.

The location at Whitesheet Hill

Whitesheet Hill is an important ancient location. A Roman road, which runs along the hill, is an additional reference to the Romans, who were responsible for the introduction of the Julian calendar.

Orientation of the formation

The five points of the formation resemble arrows. One of these arrows exactly points towards sunrise on February 28: it symbolizes a new start.

Marc Smulders



We have a White Sheet, on which we can draw the desired reality

Crop circle from 29th June 2016 at White Sheet Hill, nr Stourton, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin
, 29th June 2016 is a day with the Solar SealYellow Human and with Tone 10, in the Blue Night Wavespell.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Human
Tone 10
Blue Night

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance

On the crop circle is depicted a pentagon. In the middle of each side there is a small bright semicircle, which divides the side in two parts, so the five sides of the pentagon are divided in 10 parts in total. Here the number 10 symbolizes Tone 10 – the Tone of the day.

In my opinion, each of the small bright semicircles “H” symbolizes the head of a human. On this way is depicted the energy “Yellow Human” – the Solar Seal of the day.

These five figures symbolize the Humanity.
And the outer big circle represents the Earth.

The circle in the center depicts a Portal. 29th June 2016 is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.

The crop circle appeared at White Sheet Hill. The name of the hill is a clue. The pentagon on the crop circle symbolizes a “White Sheet”.
We can say, that the Earth is a “White Sheet” and we, the people, are given the Free Will to draw on it and on this way to create the desired reality – through our Dreams, Imagination, Visualizations, Thought-forms etc.

During the Blue Night Wavespell we can transmit to the Universe our Dreams for a new better world. The Universe is like a big infinite Mirror, which reflects back to us these images and helps us for their materialization.

This is the process of Co-Creation. We co-create together with the Universe. We are Co-Creators.

When we wish a better new reality to be manifested in our world, we should more actively Dream and Visualize this desired reality. So the Universe will know our wishes. We should imagine and construct this new reality for our liking. And, of course, it would be the best thing, when we create it with Wisdom, for the highest good of mankind.

Gratitude to the photographers and to the authors of this wonderful crop circle!

Maya Todorova

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Quote: "This is the process of Co-Creation. We co-create together with the Universe. We are Co-Creators When we wish a better new reality to be manifested in our world, we should more actively Dream and Visualize this desired reality."

I'm personally much into taking arts seriously. They deal with "creativity", dreams and visions. In fact I don't think that we are the creators of art. Our ego just becomes "transparent" and by that the artist a messenger of god i.e. the source. The number five that's included in the pentagon / pentagram always reminds me of "The Fifth Element". In fact the director Luc Besson claims that "his" film is based on a dream that he had in the youth and making a film out of it was his primary motivation becoming a director. So he had a sense of "mission" in this. In fact I find this film one of the most meaningful and mysterious films - one just needs to adjust a bit the interpretation in order to get some feeling of enlightenment.

The surrealists were also believers in the day when dream and reality would become one.


This comet is at the stage where it has acquired a coma. Either it, or one of its fragments, has been oriented by the aliens to strike the five-sided figure. This figure may be in space as a large manned space station, or even perhaps a particular structure on the Earth’s surface. The five half-circles may indicate partial hits that damage, but not destroy the structure. The dark color indicates that it doesn’t physically exist now, June 29, 2016, but is on the drawing board. Simple satellites or space junk are customarily denoted as four-sided figures.

Ken Heck


Kornkreis vom 29. Juni 2016,  bei Whitesheet Hill, Stourton, Wiltshire, England
(Crop circle of June 29, 2016,  At Whitesheet Hill, Stourton, Wiltshire, England)

Der Kornkreis ist sehr genau ins Korn gelegt. Die Konstruktion zielt auf die Seitenmitten des Fünfecks. Über diesen Seitenmitten liegen halbkreisförmige Einbuchtungen.
The crop circle is placed very precisely into the crop. The construction is aimed at the idea to focus the middle of  five sides of the pentagon.
Above these sidecenters are semicircular recesses.

Der Kreis im Zentrum liegt wiederum recht genau in einem doppelt einbeschriebenen Pentagramm.
The circle in the center is, again, quite exactly places in a double nested pentagram.

Näherung an die Quadratur des Kreises
Approximation to the quadrature of the circle

Die Gerade durch die Seitenmitten und die gewählten Halbkreisdurchmesser ergeben eine gute Näherung an die Kreisquadratur mit gleichem Umfang. Der berechnete Fehler liegt bei 0,33%. Der Kreisdurchmesser, im Bild gelb, ist also um 0,33% größer als der Quadratumfang.
The straight line through two of  the side centers and the selected semicircular diameters give a good approximation to the circular square with the same circumference. The calculated error is 0.33%. The circle diameter, yellow in the image, is therefore 0.33% larger than the square circumference.

Es gibt keine Ganzzahl-Proportionen im Fünfeck.
There are no integer proportions in the pentagon.

Zieht man eine Gerade durch die mit Halbkreisen markierten Kreismitten und errechnet die senkrechen Abstände zum Umkreis, so erhält man ein ganzzahliges Verhältnis. Das ist sehr verwunderlich, weil weder Geradenanschnitte, noch Flächen, die man je in einem Fünfeck messen oder berechnen kann, niemals ganzzahlige Proportionen liefern!
If you draw a straight line through the sidecenters of the pentagon marked with semicircles, you get an integer division of the circumcircle. This is very surprising, because neither straight line sections, nor surfaces which can be measured or calculated in a pentagon can give integer number proportions (rational numbers)!

Der Kornkreis ist also ein Hinweis auf die Seitenmitten des Fünfecks. Diese Seitenmitten sind durch Halbkreise markiert. Die Größe der Halbkreise ist wiederum so gewählt, dass sie die Seite eines Quadrats ergeben. Der Umfang dieses Quadrats ist annähernd gleich dem Kreis über dem Abstand der Seitenmitten des Fünfecks.
The crop circle is thus a reference to the side centers of the pentagon. These sides are marked by half circles. The size of the half-circles is in turn selected to give the side of a square. The circumference of this square is approximately equal to the circle over the distance of the sides of the pentagon (Quadrature of the circle).

Eine schöne Idee, die jedoch durchaus Zufall sein könnte, denn die Halbkreise wurden einem einbeschriebenen Pentagramm entnommen.
A nice idea, which could be a coincidence, however, because the semicircles were taken from a pentagram geometry.

Dennoch ist der Kornkreis genau gearbeitet, die sich ergebenden Zusammenhänge haben ihren eigenen Charme. Schön ist der Kornkreis nicht. Er wirkt sehr technisch und ähnelt einem Zahnrad, weshalb ich annehme, es kann sich ebenso gut um eine Fälschung handeln.
Nevertheless, the crop circle has been worked out, the resulting connections have their own charm. The crop circle is not beautiful. It is very technical and similar to a gear wheel, which is why I think it can be a fake.

Dennoch habe ich eine Rekonstruktion erstellt, welche den erstaunlichen, mit bisher nicht bekannten Zusammenhang zeigt.
Nevertheless, I have created a reconstruction which shows the amazing geometry.

Die Gerade durch die Seitenmitte eines regelmäßigen Fünfecks teilt den Umkreis im Verhältnis 3 zu 5 (3:5). Stellt man diese Proportion an einem Monochord ein, schwingen also zwei Saiten mit dem Längenverhältnis 3 zu 5, so erklingt das Intervall einer großen Sexte. In der diatonischen Naturtonleiter z.B., C – A. Da der Kreisdurchmesser 3+5=8 ist, haben wir ebenso einen Teil der Fibonacciserie 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, … Bis zur 8 ergeben sich Frequenzverhältnisse der und gebräuchlichen Naturtonleiter. Die Zahl fünf, steht nicht zufällig in der Mitte dieser Reihe (3-5-8), denn der fünfte Oberton charakterisiert alle diese Intervalle, welche durch Umkehrung(->Musiktheorie) zu Dreiklängen werden.
The straight line through the center of the sides of a regular pentagon divides the circumference in the ratio 3 to 5 (3: 5). If this proportion is set on a monochord, so if two strings vibrate with the length ratio of 3 to 5, the interval of a great sixth will sound. In the diatonic scale, for example, C - A. Since the circle diameter is 3 + 5 = 8, we also have a part of the fibonacciseries 1,1,2,(3,5,8),13, ... Up to the number 8 the frequency ratios of the diatonic scale is used. The number five does not coincide randomly in the middle of this series (3-5-8), since the fifth overtone characterizes all these intervals, which become major or minor triads by inversion -> musical theory. (Given in frequency proportions 3:4:5 <- 4:5:6 -> 5:6:8)



Der rechnerische Beweis ist nicht einfach, aber er stimmt:
he mathematical proof is not easy, but it is true:

 End des ersten Teils der Kornkreisanalyse.
End of the first part of the crop circle analysis.

Ich hätte diese Analyse nicht veröffentlicht, wenn nicht fünf (5) Tage später ein weiterer Kornkreis in Holland aufgetaucht wäre.
I would not have published this analysis unless five (5) days later another crop circle had appeared in Holland, where I found also the connection to the Nebra Sky Disk ->https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebra_sky_disk

See second part of the analysis about the cropcircle from 5, june, holland and the Nebra sky disk .

First Part: http://bewusstsein.xobor.de/t79f71-Juni-harmonikale-Symmetrien-im-Fuenfeck.html

Secont part: http://bewusstsein.xobor.de/t74f69-Holland-Kornkreis-vom-Juli.html

Willibald Limbrunner


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