Wilton Windmill, Nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 15th July.

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How can I become a source of Love and Joy?

Crop circle from 15th July 2016 at Wilton Windmill, nr Wilton, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 15th July 2016 is a day with the Solar Seal "Yellow Star" and with Tone 13 - the Cosmic Tone of Presence.

According to the Mayan 13-Moon calendar, 15th July 2016 is a day of the 13th Lunar Month or 13th Cosmic Moon with Tone 13, when we pursue anwers to the question: How can I become a source of Love and Joy? I.e. how can I arrive at God?

On 15th July 2016 the Tone of the day coincides with the Tone of the Lunar month and the power of the Tone doubles. Such a day is called “a day of the Magic Turtle”.

The crop circle resembles a Heart and in the Heart is depicted a Smile.
On this way the crop circle symbolizes Love and Joy.

In my opinion, through this crop circle we are reminded, that during the 13th Cosmic Moon and especially on a day with Tone 13 we can pursue answers to the question:
How can I become a source of Love and Joy?

Gratitude to the photographers!!

Maya Todorova

Seed of Life to Come: Water Me Please! 

This Windmill Hill formation is so self-contained and elegant that it took me a while to clue into the most simple and obvious idea of the bean seed. It includes the cotyledon as the large kidney shape; the small leafy epicotyl elements seen as the two arcs; the radicle is within the bean, slightly removed from the epicotyl in order to make the statement about what Mary Todorova spoke, i.e. LOVE and JOY. The smiling radical tells us that the root of a new life is joy and love. If we decide to water our lives with these life-supporting feelings and attitudes then a new collective life will have a chance to sprout and grow! 

Elements of bean seed directly relate to elements of crop formation.  

With the Water of Love and Joy Life takes root and grows! 

In a more playful and mischievous vein, I found that when you take the elements of the crop circle seed apart, manipulate them, and put them back together with Photoshop, you can actually make an ’aum’ symbol quite easily–what lies hidden within. 

Aum in the fields–We can get it together! 

Tears, buckets, drenchings and soakings of love and joy to all! 

-Michelle Jennings


Connecting to the heart at the midsummer solstice 2017 and lessons about the tzolkin!

The crop circle formation depicts a heart, but when turning 90 degrees, the formation also is a 3:

It has three meanings that relate to each other:

- It refers to the principle of trinity in connection with the heart

- It refers to lessons about the Mayan tzolkin-calendars

- It refers to (re)connection with the heart on the midsummer solstice of June 21, 2017

The following explains this:

Lessons in changes in the Mayan tzolkin-calendars: the principle of trinity

Tzolkin means “counting the day”, but traditionally one speaks about the organisation of time. Hence, it refers to a basic principle with respect to time and creation rather than a calendar alone. Nowadays there are three calendars based on this. These calendars and the deities behind them, I have summarized in the following picture:

The classical Tzolkin is the traditional true Mayan Tzolkin-calendar, also called Quiché-count. Dreamspell is a very popular count, introduced by the Maya-researcher José Argüelles. The “Cosmic Tzolkin” is the calendar that I have revealed in 2008, but is still unknown in the community. The principle of love, the principle that is depicted by the formation, arises by the connection of polarities. Regarding man, this is the connection of the upper pole with the lower pole.

The following is important, because it shows the synchronization of the three counts that closely relate to these principles:

- Since the leap-day of 2008, the Tzolkin-calendars have been synchronized: there is always 24 days between each count.

- Since the leap-day of 2012, the Tzolkin-calendars have been resynchronized with the “religious year”, the year of 360 days, also called Tun and with the Cosmic Tzolkin-calendar instead of the classical Tzolkin-calendar in former times. It means that each Tun starts with Imix (red Dragon) and ends with Ahau (yellow sun). The consequence is that the leap-day with regard to Dreamspell-Tzolkin as well as the Cosmic Tzolkin are ignored since 2016: February 28 = 6 Chuen, February 29 = 7 Eb, March 1 = 8 Ben (change in bold).

The classical count also has been changed; the start of a day nowadays is at midnight instead of sunrise. For example, traditionally 4 Ahau on the famous date in December 2012 traditionally should be the day that started on December 21, sunrise until December 22, sunrise, but in reality it was December 22 (from midnight to midnight). Hence, there was a onetime shift of three quarters of a day.

The astonishing relationship with the formation

The 3 of the heart of the formation refers to the 3 different Tzolkin-counts. Heart-connection is only possible by connecting the upper pole with the lower pole (depicted in the Vitruvian man). Therefore, the number 3 has such an importance refering the heart.

The heart is an expression of the day-sign Oc: the white Dog, the symbol of faithfulness and love. This means that the formation is an expression of the day-sign the white Dog. However the formation is at a windmill. Hence, there is a second relationship, namely to the day-sign Ik: the white Wind. Nowadays, the combination of the Dog, Dreamspell-count will go together with the Wind, classical count, but this is only because of the earlier described shifts. Because the formation of the heart in fact is the symbol of the Dog and at the same time is a 3, the formation expresses 3 Dog. On top of this, there is a relationship with the lunar month, the sidereal month and the week in connection with the number 3 and the formation’s creation day as follows:

- Exact 3 lunar months (= 89 days) after the formation’s creation day is October 12 and 3 White Dog, Classical Count

- On the formation’s creation day, the moon opposed the Pleiades. 3 half sidereal months later, the moon is in conjunction with the Pleiades, which is August 25 and 3 White Dog, Dreamspell-Count.

- About 3 × 3 weeks, or, more precise, 65 days after the formation’s creation day is Septermber 18 and 3 White Dog Cosmic Count

- Exact 5 × 3 weeks, or precise 105 days after the formation’s creation day is October 28, the end-date of the Underworlds and 4 White Dog, Cosmic Count (note the relation with 4 sails of the windmill).

Apart from that note the following:

- One year after the formation’s creation day is July 15, 2017 and also 4 White Dog, Cosmic Count.

- 24 days earlier is June 21 and midsummer solstice 2017, which is also 4 White Dog, Dreamspell as well as 8 White Wind, Classical Count. This midsummer solstice, or the period from about June 15, until about June 24 is the most important date that pops up again and again during this crop circle season and this formation suggests that this is a milestone in gaining the necessary equilibration which puts the heart in the centre.

Baffling relationships with earlier formations at Wilton Windmill amongst others

The following formations summarize baffling relationships, which point out a breakthrough refering a birth (at the same time an end), the earth and the heart:

Marc Smulders


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Windy Cleavage and Duality.             

       False science would have you believe these two creatures are unrelated.

      Shape is determined by the energies of time, not the elements of their dwelling.

      Wind is like Water , it only moves to restore balance. Constantly. It is breast milk.

Humans have 2 nipples, cows have 4.

         Birds and Fish have none. Neither do Turtles.


       Why would a human feed their young a thing called “Formula “ ?

         Harnessing the wind is as natural as nipples.

It is invisible energy, just like the stuff that makes us look the way we do.

       Periodic,  pervasive and predictable. A gift from our Mother. 

       The oldest science is the study of time and shape and behavior.

       There are no stars in the calendar of the Mother.

That could have easily been done, but it was not.  We do not hatch from eggs, we do not like formula over breast milk, we do not prefer coal to wind, and we do not tell time by the stars, or any other man made theory. Periodicity of shape, and event tells the time. It is not a choice. 

The day of the crop report is the day of WIND. The previous day, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and George Bush were together in a school, and they were driven out by wind breaking the windows in the auditorium.  /severe-oklahoma-winds-topple-semi-truck-knock-out-power-tens 

Iq is the 12th day, the 12th I-Ching hexagram, and the day of Wind, symbolized by a hawk or humming bird. Among other things. It is a pair with the previous day, which is Imox, symbolized by the nipple. 

Then again, the crop artist may have just intimated at,... FART !


and that too, would be on time. Quite well done. Hilarious

The lesson of Cancer or as I call it Homarus, is well known in astrology as "Letting Go"   

David Odell

Thy Word have I hid in mine Heart (…)“ (Psa 119.11) - anshar

Quote: "Thy Word have I hid in mine Heart"

IMO there is nothing hidden, it's only eclipsed by selfish/narcissist hearts, which also leads to false understanding. The key to true understanding lies in a true heart, which also implies heart and mind being accommodated.


The heart-like figure is rare, only appearing in  GBR (09/06/27), pg. 52, and T24, pg. 132. It is a fractalized version of the Earth  (fractals pertain to the entire cometary period) and resembles the lower case Greek letter omega, but upside down. Omega, the last letter in the alphabet, would suggest the completion of the mission or project for the aliens. The line above the figure is normally a timing indication, for example, T174, pg. 64, and here would stand for the remaining work to be accomplished by the aliens. The photo also shows a curved line resembling a smile within the figure, perhaps suggesting the aliens are happy or satisfied with what they have done so far, and have little left to do. To see the pages download the free ebook at  http://theheckhypothesis.com/aboutthebook.html.

Ken Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike