Battlesbury Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 5th July.

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A new crop picture near Battlesbury Hill on July 5, 2017 shows a “Celtic shield knot”, which is a universal symbol of “protection”, yet what might this traditional Celtic symbol mean in the present circumstance?  

A new crop picture near Battlesbury Hill shows the simplest kind of “Celtic shield knot” (see It has been modified slightly here, so that its central region shows a “large circle” rather than a “small square”:

That “knot” also now contains five large circles, rather than four, consistent with its date of appearance as July 5, 2017.  

Four motifs of “two dots and a line”, just inside of each rounded corner, suggest that we might “cut” a flat strip which makes up that “shield knot” along all of four “thin lines”, pull all of the “cut” sections apart, then re-join them below (rather than above) other parts of the “strip” which cross in the same places. If we were to do this, then the “handedness” of the “shield knot” would be reversed as a “mirror image”. 

In its large central circle, as well as in four circles of medium size around the outside, we can see five highly-elaborate “spiral lays” of fallen wheat. The high complexity of these “spiral lays” would seem to eliminate any possibility of local human fakery. In other words, there was no (zero, zip) chance that it was made using “rope and boards”, whatever the London newspapers might tell you:  

Its central region seems to have grown much larger, when compared with a traditional Celtic “shield knot”, because a “serpent” shape seems to be spiralling upward into our space and time, from some unseen dimension. As pure speculation, this would be consistent with the handedness of the shield knot “flipping” by a process of cut-and-rejoin at each corner, if that “serpent” were to come from a “mirror universe”.  

Finally, each of the four rounded corners of that “shield knot” resembles a large, cursive, capital letter “Q”. When we cut and then re-join each corner of the “shield knot” with opposite handedness, then the “tail” of each capital letter “Q” will be reversed as well:  

This cut-and-rejoin feature of the new crop picture, involving a capital letter “Q”, was surely meant to be humorous! Further study of the Battlesbury Hill crop picture, with regard to nearby landscape features, may provide more information as to its specific meaning as a symbol of “protection” in the present circumstance.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


Artwork WJ

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An adaption of Buddhist eternal knots; and the abstraction of the Mandala mudra’s energy field. Also analogue to some sorts of Christian (Ethiopian or Celtic) consecration crosses. Or a four-fold Aaron crosier with serpents. The death of Cardinal Meisner. The G20 summit logo of 2017. Crop circles canalize most diverse layers of implications and bind them essentially together.  


In the Yellow Sun Wavespell we can assimilate the Energy of Enlightenment and Ascension

 Crop circle from 5 July 2017 at Battlebury Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 5 July 2017 is a day of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Yellow Sun
Tone 4

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed - Awareness, Targets, Flowering
Yellow Sun - Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire
Tone 4 - the Selfexisting Tone of Form

The big bright circle “S” in the center of the formation represents the Sun, symbolizing the energy YELLOW SUN.

Round the Sun there are 4 smaller circles “C”, which depict Seeds and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED.
The number 4 symbolizes: - Tone 4 and  - the energy Yellow Seed - Solar Seal No. 4

The Yellow Seeds are we, the people. In the first castle of Tzolkin we begin as new Yellow Seeds a new learning module for development of our consciousness. On the 4th day of the wavespell we have the 4 Elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) - so we have a stable foundation. On the formation the 4 circle round the Sun look really like a stable foundation! On the 4th day of the wavespell we can start to create Thought-Forms about what we want to achieve in this wavespell. So begins our real Creative work.

The glyph of the Yellow Sun

On the ring “А” round the Sun we see four pairs of small circles “Е”. Such a pair of circles together with the dash between them and the circle “C” below represents the depiction on the glyph (sign) of the Solar Seal YELLOW SUN. The circle pair “E” depicts the two eyes of a human. Among the glyphs of the 20 Solar Seals this is the only glyph with 2 open eyes. On other glyphs there is one eye, and there are glyphs with two eyes, but the eyes are closed.

Here on the crop circle each Yellow Seed “C” has a ring “B” round it with one “eye”. And to this eye from the ring “A” round the Sun a second eye is added. On this way is shown very figuratively, that the energy of the Yellow Sun as if gives us one more “eye”, i.e. it expands our consciousness.

During the Yellow Sun wavespell each human can consciously accept the energy of the Yellow Sun, can assimilate the Energy of Enlightenment and Ascension. The Yellow Sun is the last, 20th Solar Seal and represents the highest level of the development of the human consciousness in this dimension. The Yellow Sun wavespell continues until 14th July 2017.

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this brilliant formation and to the photographers of!!

Maya Todorova 


Hello again, dear readers and writers, 

now to go on with this new and exciting crop circle. 

As mentioned in my last report - see

2017-07-01_Boreham Wood, Nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July 

Is it a so called riddle?

I can tell you, it is NOT. 

But not that easy to 'see' and especially not that easy to 'understand'. 

Let me begin to show you the basics: 

As you see there is a line called 'gate' which cuts the flow from 'any direction' - pointed as 4 same painted circles like the compass-rose - or similar to any direction you look at. 

The 'gate' itself cuts the 'flow' from higher realms or dimensions down to planet Earth - literally the flow of LOVE, of TRUTH, of KNOWLEDGE (called LIGHT) because the humans indifference, ignorance, greed, egoism and greed for lousy money, wars, killing each other, making money with killing, weapons, drugs or any other ways to betray each other, meanwhile destroying the whole planet, even the oceans with polluting plastic debris, oil and over-fishing the oceans, meanwhile the lousy accompanied groups 'accept' the fact that even so great natural gems like the 'Great Barrier Reef' is dying, all that ignoring just for money...
All that is depicted in the crop circle by a very simple GATE, which is now CLOSED. 

As to explain the further meaning, see 

which show two DOTS to you. The meaning of these dots is: a dot HERE is the same as on the other side - THERE = here the same as there = on both sides there are the same conditions, which in this case means CLOSED GATES from both sides. 

If YOU may ask the responsibility about the closed gates, you can see the earlier flow of energy, when there was a time when gates were OPENED - even in your OWN life - simply when you were born.
But humans - as described before - did all they could do for to CLOSE the gates!
But same (ignorant) humans could OPEN the gates anyway - at least from THEIR Side - with the HOPE to reach the higher realms with the desperate CALL for help - but that would not work - against your naive expectations, because in cosmos you won't get anything for FREE. But that's not connected with money, as you possibly thought.

In other words: It must be YOU to not only speak 'warm words' or 'describing strange and adventurous wild speculations' as to be seen here instead showing ACTION which shows your true EFFORTS - physically and including spiritual efforts.

Now you may SEE the real tasks - required not only for your own development, but also for to getting 'grown-up' state in cosmic sense?

To see you in wasting your time by describing some figures without any ability of understanding the real sense behind, which is a higher sense, see people to 'measure' the geometrical dimensions and even do not understanding the image at which they work and measure, I ask you: Are you NOT an intelligent human able to see something 'behind'?

Answer: No, they are not.

THEREFORE - The gates are closed now from BOTH sides - as to see in next image: 

And actually hold in mind that the so called 'G-20 Summit' is taking place in German city Hamburg, where all the most important 20 governments heads do meet for reasons of 'making the world a better place' as they want to try to suggest it into your already mislead minds. 

Therefore CC-makers show you the 'broken' streams of connection, they even show the still existing gates, which could be opened at ANY time, depending only on Earth-Humans so called 'free will'.

For to get the whole image, see this like an overview: 

 Now you ARE able to see the whole image as I told you before in my last report. 

And I please you so much to give a bit more, to spend a bit more of all your energy for to make this world literally a BETTER place, for to fight for more justice, for more freedom, for more helping each other instead of forget all your surrounding people, and for more LOVE and TRUTH, so strange it may sound in your, who are so addicted to only stare onto a little screen meanwhile forget the real world completely--------

This CANNOT be the future, our future, where only 'robots walk in the streets, neither talking to each other nor take any notice from the real life in their surroundings........ 

I PLEASE you ALL to take a moment to think about all this. And never forget the loving and even sorrowful sent images from our brothers and sisters out there. They all feel the same sadness as you do feel. They really want to help us - but it must be WE ourselves to DO the work - finally. 

WE must be the real grown-up humans to change the world into a better place - and not the elected representatives, who only prove that they are idiots and unable and / or unwilling to really help all the humans - as it was their main task which they even swore and have 'forgotten' - for to work for a better life for every human. 

So I thank you so much for reading - and wish that you understand......

Greetings here, 

2017-07-07 - Gerd Estrup -


Willibald Limbrunner

For more explanation see: Bewusst-Sein » Ungewöhnliches » Kornkreise 2017

This crop circle displays the fragmentation of a comet as it approaches the Sun. The Sun appears in the normal way as a large ring. In front of the large ring is a comet with its coma and four fragments in process of separating (each with its own coma). The separations are not clean - a lot of minor fragments also separate, as indicated by the two small circles for each fragment. The four straight lines are standard indications of movement (established in crop circles decades ago). The point of the crop circle is that the comas of the fragments  are initially  derived from the comet's coma (that is, before they begin generating their own). The relative size of the comet compared to the Sun suggests it is quite far away, perhaps near the Asteroid Belt. 

Ken Heck

The "Battlebury design, in my mind, is a playful take on a classic quadcopter/drone, with a main body and four rotors. With the rise in crop circles being filmed from drones, it seems apt that the circlemakers might recognize and appreciate this new era of filming equipment of their art."

Images markymint Copyright 2017

Tixeire Luc



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike