Fonthill Down, Nr Chicklade, Wiltshire. Reported 30th May.

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Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


A beautiful solar flower of Life in vortex 6, and moving. Firstly, remembering that the first crop circle took place on Easter Sunday, April 16, and that on the 50th day we celebrate Pentecost, which is the descent of the Holy Spirit, the Executor of the Power of Christ, including that of the Resurrection, which has been noted here, especially around the 11:11 code. The 50th day of Easter is on June 4, exactly the day set for the count of this Flower of Life and stylized vortex of Font Hill Down on May 30, with 30/5 + 6 days = June 4!

This crop circle complements all of the above and connect itself to Waden Hill on 22 April (22, 11 + 11) and Cerne Abbas Giant on 22 May (22, 11 + 11). Notice the CC of Waden Hill, a cube within a vortex 6. The cube is matter and can easily represent the PHYSICAL BODY submitted to the solar forces (6) depicted in Font Hill Down.'

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Perfect hexagram on Pentecost, June 5 

Crop circle formations last year pointed towards the time span between about June 5 and midsummer 2017. On June 5 and to a lesser degree on June 14 or 15, the cosmos will show a perfect hexagram. On June 5 this includes the lunar nodes, Saturn conjunct the Sagittarius A* (Sagittarius A-star or the centre of our galaxy), Uranus conjunct Venus, Mars and the moon. On June 15 this also includes the sun, but not Mars and Venus, while Haumea (a dwarf planet) will take the position of the sixth point (in a wide conjunction with Jupiter). 

The rotating impression of the formation also points towards our galaxy and her arms. This makes sense as quit some formations last year pointed towards Sagittarius A*, the centre of our galaxy. Saturn is within 2 degrees of the Sagittarius A*. The black hole nearby Sagittarius A* in centre of our galaxy is often considered as a source of creation and annihilation as even light cannot escape. 

Note that June 4 and 5 are the days on which Pentecost (“the descent of the holy spirit”) will be celebrated. Hence, this may be the clue to find the deeper layer of the formation. 

Marc Smulders

The six-petalled 'flower of life' is a monocotyledon whose petals are always in groups of three. New monocot species of grains and grasses will be added to the biosphere as a result of the sequence of comet strikes we will be experiencing. There will also be new fruits and vegetables from the dicotyledons whose petals are always multiples of four or five (GER ((07/07/09), pg. 160 of my free ebook). The circle reiterates the idea that the new monocot grain species, the “flower of life” (pg. 158), will be fulfilled only after Comet E’s impact. Comet E possesses six major fragments (T681, pg. 20) which leave the nucleus as indicated by the six straight lines. But E is rotating, so the exits are actually curved in nature as shown in the thick curved lines from the nucleus. The thin curved lines from each fragment suggest where each fragment winds up in relation to the nucleus. The six resulting rings or circles allude to the six impact areas of the six fragments.

Ken Heck


Van Holande‎ posts us his latest art work with his covering text -

'In the great scheme of Crop Circles who would have thought that the Seed of Life CC created at Fonthill Down on the 30th May 2017 would have so much to offer. Although you could see the Seed of Life design there was something that wasn’t quite right and it wasn’t until the design was laid on the Flower of Life pattern that you could see that it fit exactly on to the centre points of the 19 Flower of Life circles giving you the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life and the Fruit of Life. The next stage was given away with the 3 fine lines joining the outer circles, without them it wouldn’t have been as noticeable. Having been designed to fit exactly around the 19 points it then highlighted the Cube within a Cube to the correct proportions...if the outer was 12 x 12 then the inner would be 6 x 6. Again they are showing us the Age of the Earth and Universe, it’s all about the 6 days of Creation and no doubt telling us this because we are coming to the end of this World and the beginning of a new one or the end of this Age and the beginning of another. What a little Gem of a Crop Circle this one turned out to be.'

Pane Andov The Vesica Piscis is a symbol made from two circles of the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other.

Despite the fact that we are looking at 2D representation in the crop circle at Fonthill Down, Wiltshire, UK it is an actual three dimensional Seed of Life structure.

When seven “same size” circles (spheres) come together in a specific way as depicted in some of the genuine crop circles, they form six petals in the central circle and six vesica piscis in the entire structure. Particular in the latest crop circle only six vesica piscis are depicted touching the center of the central circle.

Most simplified, since explaining the entire story which will take a lot of time and effort, “they” are talking about reshaping the human auric field in way that the unleashed energy could cause spiritual evolution and reactive long time unused mental potentials.
Due to a meditative effort and chi power, when human aura is reshaped into seven spheres in a specific way described above, known as spiritual Seed of Life, a movement needs to be applied. The first movement has to happen into the central sphere. If we zoom out from the structure and put a human being into the central sphere, the movement of chi energy needs to be from human’s right side towards the top, left side, bottom part of the sphere and so on…

If the spin is fast and strong enough, the mind fully focus and the meditant can feel the powerful chi flowing in such a way…in the exact center a tiny dimensional portal will naturally open. Human beings have biological bodies that serve as a hosts, but they are consciousness that is capable of multidimensional presence. This consciousness has huge amount of free energy on disposal inside the auric field.

Anyway, from the tiny dimensional opening which tends to extend, ZPE starts flowing into the central sphere. Like with normal electrical circuit you have to have positive and negative charge…and in this case, the first energy circuit is closed inside the boundaries of the seed of life structure…

Here things are getting more complex…the six petals in the central sphere can also be observed as 3D star-tetrahedron which consist of two tetrahedrons, each serving as isolator of charge. In other words, from the central point where ZPE started flowing into the human aura one charge moves to only three petals (through one of the tetrahedrons) and the other charge into the other three petals.
Since the six petals in the central sphere are created because of the overlapping of all seven spheres of the structure that Sacred Geometry calls Seed of Life, both charges are evenly distributed into the rest of the six spheres. Following perfect fractal progression both charges further move through a bit larger areas - vesica piscis.

Once the time is ripe and the consciousness of the meditant feels that the energy level is on maximum…a strong visualization of the will is required to move all seven spheres together with the same speed. Again if you zoom out from the structure you will see that the same instructions are given to us in which way to spin. The extended curves that stretch further than the boundaries of the vesica piscis is showing where the centres of the next six spheres needs to be build…or in other words the human aura needs to be extended and reshaped even further. The straight lines are showing us that the energy also flows from the source of ZPE which is the center of the central sphere to the centers of the next six spheres which once completed will form a so called Egg of Life structure.
Which consist of 13 spheres.

I’m fully aware that not many of you are into meditation, but for those who are…the above can be useful.
Whoever is further interested into this…the set of my five books that I called “Awakening” will be published in few months, where I will explain the dynamics how to achieve all this. Furthermore, I will explain what exactly the genuine crop circles are trying to tell us and why… with updated information.

Once a human being went through a physical birth…the cells were divided and multiplied fallowing the Sacred Geometry rules which is the creation pattern of the Universe. Perhaps it is now time for a spiritual birth which instead of biology will require building a Flower of Life auric field in same way of creation, which once it is fully created and energies inside are fully activated, can cause spiritual awakening and a direct connection with the genuine crop circle makers. And there is a lot more to it…Namaste

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Comparative models of several crop circles suggesting gravitational influence arcs in the fifth orbit of the Sun or approach movement, between the Van Allen belt and Jupiter, perhaps coming from a STRANGE VISITOR and detectable at the time of the Solar Eclipse of 21.8.2017.'

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Pentecost is harvest! After the period of Easter (Spring) came the time of harvesting the first cereals, such as barley. Counting six days after the CC of FontHill Down, from 30 May, we reach the 4th of June, Pentecost, which is the Feast of the Harvests. That is, the Earth's spiritual grain fields are already ripe for harvest ... and the reapers approach ... and perhaps the harvest begins in the indicated solar eclipse ... who will know? What I do know is that the Holy Spirit is the reaper of Christ. Perhaps a Crop Circle will appear on the day of Pentecost (June 4) to demonstrate that the field is ripe for harvesting ... Counting six days ... and Man and Woman (IO) were created by God, by the Harmonic Matrix 6 of the Cube of Metatron ... that's what was planted by God on Earth ... and that's what it will be Harvested by the Hands of the Holy Spirit.'


Crops circles are designed in cereal fields, ranging from barley (ripe at Pentecost, some 50 days after Easter, may/june) to wheat, which matures from August to September, when the Sun visits the sign of Ceres, Cereals, which Is VIRGO, when the harvest is complete.

That is, this flower of six mature ears, which follows the count of six days, from May 30 to June 4, when the day of Pentecost occurs, also considers the six-month count, when spring begins sowing ( March / April) and completing the harvest of the last cereal, wheat, between August and September, six months later, with Sun lighting up Virgo-Ceres, visiting the Zodiacal House.

The Constellation Virgin usually brings a wheat bundle and a sickle in her hands ... the Secret of the Fertilized Goddess is manifesting. On September 23, Jupiter (IO-PYTAR) will be inside the Virgo-Ceres Womb ... spiritual fertilization will be completed with the birth of the Child (Revelation 12).

All this has always been written in the Hermetic Geometry of the crop circles on the fields of the Virgo-Ceres goddess, already ripe and ready for the great spiritual harvest.

Jonas Passos

We visualize Unity and Prosperity in the 12th Crystal Moon of Cooperation

Crop circle from 30th May at FontHill Down, nr Chicklade, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 30 May 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Hand” and with Tone 7, in the Red Dragon Wavespell, in the Red Castle with major energy “Yellow Seed”.

According to the 13-Moon calendar, this is the first day of the 12th Lunar month or the 12th Crystal Moon of Cooperation with Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. The 12th Crystal Moon continues fro 30th May until 26th June 2017.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Red Dragon
Blue Hand
Yellow Human
Blue Eagle - the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed
White Worldbridger
Tone 7
Tone 12

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed - Flowering, Targets, Awareness
Red Dragon - Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory
Blue Hand - Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Yellow Human - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Blue Eagle - Creativity, Vision, Mind
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Tone 7 - the Resonant Tone of Attunement
Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation

The circle in the center represents the energy RED DRAGON - Solar Seal No. 1. The Red Dragon symbolizes the feminine aspect of the Source.

Round the central circle is depicted a Flower with 6 petals, which symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED - the energy of Flowering. 

On the formation we see 7 circles in total. The number 7 symbolizes Tone 7 and the energy BLUE HAND - Solar Seal No. 7.

The seven circles depict also Seeds, symbolizing again the energy YELLOW SEED. The Yellow Seeds are we, the people on the Earth, who in the first castle of the new Tzolkin module begin again as new Yellow Seeds our education how to work with the cosmic energies.

Each of the Seeds “S” on the periphery is connected with the Source “D” through a direct line. On this way is shown that on a day with Tone 7 we have a direct connection with the Source and we have the possibility for Resonant Attunement with the Source and with All That Is.

The figure DASBD depicts the face of an Eagle, en face, with big eyes, symbolizing the energy BLUE EAGLE - the Energy of Vision.

Each of the Seeds “S” on the periphery is connected with the centre also through an arc-bridge. If we consider S and D as two Seeds (two people), they are connected through the arcs SAD and SBD, as if the people have stretched arms to each other and have formed a circle.

The flower in the centre has 6 petals and each petal consists of 2 arcs.
The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger - Solar Seal No. 6.
Each arc resembles also a bridge and on this way again is symbolized the energy White Worldbridger.
The whole number of the arcs is 12.
The number 12 symbolizes Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation - the Tone of the current 12
th Lunar month.
The number 12 symbolizes also the energy YELLOW HUMAN - Solar Seal No. 12.
So the whole Flower with its 12 arcs-bridges symbolizes the united Humanity on the Earth.

The Blue Eagle (the Master of the Visualization) proposes us during the 12
th Crystal Moon of Cooperation to visualize that we, the people on the Earth, stretch arms to each other, build bridges to each other, live in Cooperation and Unity and so achieve Prosperity (Florescence), depicted through the beautiful Flower in the centre of the formation!

I express my deep gratitude to the authors of this marvellous formation and to the photographer Jane Barford!!

Maya Todorova


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike