The Rollright Stones, Nr Little Compton, Oxfordshire. Reported 5th August.

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I am a Healer and Researcher about Terrestrial Zodiacs and Plenetary Grid.Related to the Crop that appeared yesterday, I found this graphic in South American Cultures. It is about "Chacana", in Los Andes.

The graphic I am sending to you means something like  "MEANING OF THE STAR OF THE STRAIGHT SUN in the Kitus Culture (Ecuador). J. Costanzo has some researches in Internet.

In my researches at Barberá's Zodiac (in Tarragona, Spain), I found some draws so similar to this, and may be it is close about this: This Star of the straight sun is related with lay lines, as a "land-print" (instead of finger-print) from Cosmic Forces, to confirm or corroborate to us that this Forces are "with us" all the time, that there is a very dynamic system between our  Earth Planet and other living beings (or light beings). There are a special link between Cosmic forces and the Dragon energy, to establish, to keep hold and restore these energetic points or sites, because some density or bad energies can disturb the fluent energy of all of them. And they are created to help and develop human Consciousness, as crop circles do!!! One part of the help we could offer to our Planet is about Ecology, about Water (good water) and Air (good air to breath). Also, we can take care about energetic points, about special churches, old sites, nice and old trees, fountains and waterfalls, wells, and so on.... 


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In The Beginning, There were Stones, …..and not much else 

August 4 , I started a drawing to show how the chapters of Genesis correlate with the 2 stones. 

August 5 I finished it mostly. The 2 stones are the Dendera zodiac and the Aztec sunstone. 

One is a female, and the other male. One has the 36 decans and the other the 20 days.

One is in the western hemisphere and the other the east. August 3rd began the 13 day week or Trecena of Kej , which is the 4 directions and the 4 corners of the universe and the 4 elements. Lot's of sculptors born on that day, and others who are opportunists, or seek particular positions.

This is the 2 stones together. They fit, and most assuredly were designed by the same folks.

The very same folks wrote the book of Genesis. I strongly contend it was a multi-cultural affair.


There is one race of woman who keeps her hair this way.

The 2 stones fit in geometric positioning, and orientation, and correlarte precisely in meaning also.

Neither of these are star maps, although they do correlate, but that is only one correlation. It would have been so easy to make a map of stars showing little dots and such, but that is not what these are.

Lots of stone circles may align with this star or that, but that is not why they are in the positions that they are. They are for finding “things'. They are for passing knowledge into the future. Knowledge of earthly things. 

So, the 20 days and the 36 decans work together to provide a whole picture. When this was put into text, it meant little to small men, and has been sorely misused. What a mess. 

So Genesis is based on the combination of the 20 days, 36 decans and the trecenas or 13 day weeks.

 And here is the way it works.

First a circle of 20 divisions.

Then I add the 36 decans and mark chapter 1. The trecenas go 13 days, then a new trecena starts. Trecena just means group of 13.

 Chap 1 is the creation of the earth, Ax divides the waters and IX is the mother of nature, day of woman, the jaguar in the darkness ,the most fitting day for the concept. They started with 11 Batz, so it is the Trecena of Ix and this is the only chapter that does this. I suppose it is because it is proper to point out that Batz is the first day. The others who post here and make claims about this are not speaking of the same calendar. Accept no substitutes because this can be verified with good solid science. The oldest science. 

  Then I just start marking them 1 at a time to show the progression, as the intent is to make a video of some sort.

Chapter 2 is Kej and the current Trecena of Kej started Aug 4. It is the day that talks about where things are, and the chapter does too.  

Chapter 3 is Driver and Ajpu. Driver is the word for the chapter and Ajpu is the serpent who teaches good and evil. The day of Ajpu is the defenders, and they say, You will not die. The guy who created superman was born here and his partner the next day. Any way it is all right on. All the way through. Nothing to fear. It is widely applicable.  

So then the whole thing gets done and there you have it. The five stars, one each for the four elements made on the same day as the circle. Pretty cool. The crop looks great and very timely.

 Whoever made it is both a spiritual person and a good artist,. ..quite a synchronistic event on the location.. for me personally. We should all be getting used to it, but ... 

The four decans with an asterisk are the four sons of horus and what a surprise to see them listed at the end of every set of decans I have found so far. There is one set that matches the order of the four the way they are in Genesis precisely and that is the 36 views of MT Fuji. The others are various orders, but always the four at the end. The lesser tarot and the Hindu list them in order of occurrence as I did on the graph, and the numbers are specifically the Genesis order of chapters. 

 David Odell Artstrology  articles/Genesis Template


The octagram found at the centre of this crop circle represents Islam, or Islamic countries (see GBR (05/07/03), pg. 149, for example). The four stars represent larger space satellites or space stations, as depicted in T992, pg. 144 and T1186, pg. 147. They would be observable from Earth with the naked eye or binoculars. Since they shine by reflected light they are not shown as a real star. An example of the  unequal length of the arms occurs in T918, pg. 124.

The crop circle is saying that one, or probably more, comets will cause four satellites, or their parts, to fall on one or more Islamic countries. These countries report very few crop circles,  for example, Malysia, T935, pg. 27, Iran 12/0712, pg 281, or Indonesia (11/01/23,25), pg. 98.

The references above are to the pages of my free ebook.

Ken Heck

Willibald Limbrunner


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The big outer circle “E” represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

Crop circle from 5 August 2017 at The Rollright Stones, nr Little Compton, Oxfordshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 5 August 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal White Wizard and with Tone 9, in the White Worldbridger wavespell, in the White Castle with major energy Yellow Warrior, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year with Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation (26 July 2017 - 24 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard
Yellow Warrior
White Worldbridger

Yellow Seed - the Challenging Energy of the White Wizard
Red Serpent - the Supporting Energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand - the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard
Red Earth - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
Blue Eagle - the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed
Yellow Star

These energies have following qualities:

White Wizard - Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Yellow Warrior - Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Yellow Seed - Awareness, Targets, Flowering
Red Serpent - Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct
Blue Hand - Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Red Earth - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Blue Eagle - Creativity, Vision, Mind
Yellow Star - Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony


The big outer circle “E” represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

On the formation we see 4 human figures round the central small circle. The number 4 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED - Solar Seal No. 4. Each human figure consists of a central pentagon and of 5 triangles:

H - hat (head)
A - arms
L - legs

The number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT - Solar Seal No. 5.

The arms symbolize the energy BLUE HAND.

The top triangle “H” of each figure resembles the typical conical hat of the Wizard and simultaneously the helmet of the Warrior.

Thus, each human figure depicts both a Wizard and a Warrior, symbolizing the energies WHITE WIZARD and YELLOW WARRIOR.

The four Wizards-Warriors symbolize the Humanity on Earth. They have stretched arms to each other. Their arms look like Bridges, symbolizing the energy White Worldbridger. The small circle “В” in the center of the formation depicts an “Eye” and symbolizes the energy BLUE EAGLE - the Energy of Vision. Round the “Eye” we see an octagonal figure “С” and round it there are 8 triangles, forming a Star, which symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR - the Energy of Beauty and Harmony. Also the number 8 symbolizes the energy Yellow Star - Solar Seal No. 8. The octagon “С” resembles weaving and reminds us that through our visions and visualizations we “weave” our new reality.

With the “Eye” in the center of the formation and with the weaved octagon and the Star round it the authors of the formation urge us during the Yellow Crystal Seed Year to use the energy of the Blue Eagle and to visualize a Beautiful and Harmonic new reality on Earth!  And through the four figures of Warriors-Wizards, who have stretched Arms-Bridges to each other, the authors of the crop circle recommend us to visualize the people on Earth living in Unity, in the spirit of Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation!

May we live in Harmony with each other and with the Nature. May we maintain more often contact with our Mother Earth - she helps us to synchronize ourselves with the energies of the Universe! The Blue Eagle is the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed. And the Supporting energy of the Yellow Crystal Seed with Tone 12 is the Blue Eagle with Tone 12, this is Kin 155 in Tzolkin. Kin 155 is Galactic Activation Portal of the highest level! This multiplies the impact of our Visualizations! This enhances even more our abilities to Create through Visualization!

Deepest gratitude to the authors of this captivating formation and to the photographers of !!

Maya Todorova

Artwork WJ



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike