Sofia, Bulgaria. Reported 5th July.

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Based on  the timing crop circles of my free ebook (Section 12, page 131) this example refers to future comet impacts. The half circles represent sunspot cycles of 11 years on average. The three small circles in the middle represent comet impacts. Unfortunately, specific information isn't given since, as in this case, symmetry rules the crop circle (as it does many others). 

The expected times of impact are 2017, 2027-28, and 2038-39 derived from other sources in the ebook. This crop circle  indicates that these impacts won't happen at the beginning of a cycle, but are somewhere in the middle. For our current cycle  (number 24), it is agreed by observers to have begun sometime in 2008. 33 years after 2008 brings us to 2041. The three cycles without impacts will then begin about 5 and a half  years later and end in a further 33 years. All told this takes us to about  2079. The present crop circle is saying that it will take at least 40 or 41 years for the earth and its inhabitants (human, animal, vegetable) to recuperate from the destructive effects of the comet strikes, if possible.

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A warm hearted Hello to you all.

So suddenly there appeared a new and special crop circle even in an unexpected country. Not to under estimate this country - in this case Bulgaria - but you must admit, it is a pretty unusual place where CC-makers - brothers and sisters - have placed their so special crop circle.
But for sure and once more, they can place their messages at ANY place in our world, so they just did it here - in Bulgaria. Geometric distance means nothing at all........ 

The circle itself does not show any details which could be called a 'fake'. Some little deviations are visible - maybe grounded in the field's conditions. However, I let it up to you to judge this. Same I as want you to judge the remarkable and special details.

But if I take that crop circle in literally meaning, then without any doubt, it is a clear sign, so short after, so immediately been sent after my two last reports, which I wrote in so touching, so emotional and straight forwarded language just from my heart. I think all of will agree with this. 

However, and to note that I neither want to boast here nor to over estimate me in connection with this crop circle and its meaning.
But I please you to look at it, because its details. 

You see that it is very similar to my own SIGNATURE which I place at the end of each of my reports.

I try now to make one or several overlays of both of the images so that you can see the analogies. 

As you can see there are three (3) dots depicted in the outer circles. In gap of 120 degrees to each other, with one dot pointing exactly downwards - same as my own image of the depicted 'heart' with the implemented sign of 'peace' - which not only shows that exactly gap, it even shows the same arrangement. 

CC-makers have simply 'erased' the inner circle and the imprinted 'heart' and have replaced the centre circle by a 'multi-layer circle' so to say. Simultaneously they have set three points (A-B-C) which in real are the touching points of the 'heart' exactly at the right place - instead of drawing the 'heart' because it would be too obviously.....  

To note that here you CAN see their likes to 'just play a bit around' and not bombing you with the truth so clear, so obvious, even when the truth completely is integrated into the image.......

Don't forget that I write all this only for YOU, however disturbing it may look like in YOUR eyes - your perception.  But the facts do speak their own and clear visible language, right? 

So in summary: CC-makers 'replaced' the inner circle with its depicted 'flower' by a special circle which contains a 'core' in the centre, added a circle which is drawn as 'contrast', so that the third circle is easier visible as a separate one, which in summary means 'one' circle but with special 'differences' in their 'layers'. Sure I won't explain the meaning of that special 'inner circle' here - for several reasons. But to note: They have seen me absolutely right including all the 'details' - so my honourable greetings to the brothers and sisters out there....... We're just one........ 

To finish I show you the earlier 'making' of' 'my sign': 

Which in summary shows 'my' sign - btw painted by own hand which took me a long time. Okay, enough now. My hearty greetings to you all, not forgetting here to remind you:  As always I am with you and I invite you to send me your own views - comments. 

Greetings, 2017-07-08 - Gerd Estrup -









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