Summers Lane (2), Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 28th May

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This second crop picture at Summers Lane on May 28, 2017 resembles stylistically another “five-pointed star”, which was drawn in crops on July 3, 2014 near the Long Man of Wilmington (see Wilmington 2014):  

This new version in 2017 contains 80 discrete symbols in total: 5 outer “points” on a large “star”, 15 circles of medium size (arranged into the shape of two “pentagons” near the centre), and 60 small circles which have been arranged with the appropriate five-fold rotational symmetry in various places.  

It seems interesting that this total of 80 symbols matches the atomic number for “element mercury” in a Periodic Table, while the new crop picture also seems to represent “planet Mercury” in a “star map” of the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (see summers 2 comments  or  summers 2 articles).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The true beginning of the New Age, the fifth age of humanity, will be occasioned by 15 comet impacts, including their major fragments (3 in total for A and 12 for B). The smaller circles indicate minor fragments totalling 60, but this may be only a suggestion for numerous fragments. The five-pointed star represents contacts with beings from the stars.

Ken Heck

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Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide and covering text -

'Remarks to Dr Horace Drew's diagram

Since the first crop circle (Cher Hill White Horse, April 16) and others, this solar eclipse has been shown with certain alignments in the Celestial Equator. Mercury is an option, but it will not be aligned with Eclipse.

On the other hand, Venus on the right and Jupiter on the left will be aligned. As for the Pentagram, it may even represent a star like Regulus, but traditionally it is associated with Venus, almost never to Mercury and even Jupiter. The crop circles themselves make this reference to Venus in virtually every season since 1993 What I observed about Jupiter is the fifth orbit of the solar system. And an indication to the mysterious object nearby.

Jupiter and Venus have an interesting relationship, almost like father and mother of the Sacred Son (Star of Bethlehem is considered the conjunction of Jupiter-Venus alignment occurred in 2015, together with Regulus). Venus and Jupiter will be side by side in the sky of this solar eclipse, in positions of symmetry An interesting sight. I do not usually interpret crop circles using satellite images of the surrounding landscapes. They can be approximate, never exact, and pareidolia makes everyone see what they want to see. I prefer to interpret the crop circle by the crop circle itself, first. Then I look around the landscape. After all, I believe that the frame is not more important than the exposed painting.'

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Since the 1990s, Pentagram Lord (Venus) has been signing many of his crop circles with the initial T. As he signed now, at the Summers Lane Pentagram on May 28, and everyone knows that the Pentagram represents Venus. Even the Mayans knew! And why does he not sign Q (Quetzalcoatl) or K (Kukulcan)? Why do you sign T? Lord T!
Do You Knwon?

Another curious detail. In addition to knowing that in Hebrew, Venus is called Hillel (HILL, Isaiah 14:12), behold, in this new Pentagram, the design of the letter T (75, 15 circles + 60 points = HILL sum 75) this design T was repeated 15 Times (ten times on the outside, five times on the inside).

In Kabbalah, 15 is the letter S, Samekh. And its cabalistic value is just 60. Thus, the letter S is strongly signaled here.
And analyzing the Vedic Scriptures ... do you know the name of Venus? Sukra! And the name of the Great Spirit of Venus? Sanat (Sanat Kumará) ... !!! S letter 15 value 60...!'


Notable connections with the very past (the year -3133) and possibly the future 

The formation shows a pentagram. This refers to the number 5 or 25 or possibly the movement of Venus as observed from the Earth. However, apart from the relationship with Venus, I found out there is a remarkable connection over a time span of 25 × 209 Tun = 5225 Tun = 5150 years = 4975 synodic periods of Saturn, which is exactly 25 Tun longer as 13 Baktun (5200 Tun). This can be understood as follows:

- 209 Tun (“religious years”) = 209 × 360 days = 75240 days, which corresponds with:

- 206 tropical years = 206 × 365.2422 days = 75239.9 days or

- 206 Gregorian years (on average) = 206 × 365.2425 days = 75239.955 days and with:

- 199 synodic periods of Saturn = 199 × 378.092 days = 75240.3 days 

The relationship with the Gregorian calendar is almost perfect. As the pentagram refers to 5 or 25, we count 25 times this time span (75240 days) back to the past. This results in the date May 27, -3133 (historically written as 3134 BC). This date differs only one day from the formation’s creation date (May 28). The day May 28, -3133 was a day 8 Ahau (traditional Quiché Tzolkin-count), exactly one katun (20 × 360 days) before the day February 12, -3113, 6 Ahau. According to my theory this was one day before the true start of the Long Count (, also written as of the previous epoch) on February 13, -3113, 7 Imix, Lord G1, 179 days before the famous date 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku, G9 (August 11, -3113, the completion of the erection of the World Tree), because there is generally a time span of 180 days from a Long Count date until the true event that is linked with that Long Count date. 

This leads to a remarkable connection over a time span of 25 × 209 Tun = 5225 Tun = 5150 years = 4975 synodic periods of Saturn, which is exactly 25 Tun longer as 13 Baktun (5200 Tun). 

The pentagram also exhibits the movement of Venus and this probably also refers to the true start of the Long Count, because the position of Venus on the formation’s creation date is identical to the position on February 12 and 13, -3113. One cycle of Venus after the formation refers to the total lunar eclipse that will occur on January 21, 2019 and this will be 3210 synodic periods of Venus since the start of the Long Count (in -3113); note 3210 is also a multiple of five and even thirty, in accordance with the pentagram. 

Marc Smulders




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