Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. Reported  17th August.

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Image Prashant Trivedi Copyright 2017

The new crop picture near Sutton Hall on April 17, 2017: a clever triple meaning? 

It seems clear now, after careful study by many people, that the Sutton Hall crop picture of August 17, 2017 has three possible pictorial meanings: (1) some kind of “broadcast” by a “radio tower”, (2) the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, and (3) the “nose” of a triangularly-shaped “spaceship” as it enters or leaves a spacetime wormhole:  


When dealing with authentic crop pictures, often the intended meaning seems to be (1 + 2 + 3), rather than (1) or (2) or (3). For example, the “nose” of a triangularly-shaped “spaceship” may have entered or left a spacetime wormhole during the solar eclipse of August 21, while this spectacular crop picture may have been meant to “broadcast the news” to everyone to Earth?  

Many people did learn about it through mainstream news articles (please see for example UFO-aliens-solar-eclipse-crop-circle or eclipse-solar-crop-circles-london-southend-airport-essex-alien-life-mystery-ufo-video or intriguing-eclipse-like-crop-circle-shows-up-in-essex-reported-just-days-before-solar-eclipse or cual-es-el-mensaje-del-espectacular-circulo-de-cultivo-que-aparecio-poco-antes-del-eclipsel

Also as noted by “SecureTeam10”, there were many interesting UFO events during the solar eclipse of August 21. Some of these might be relevant to the “spaceship” image in that Sutton Hall crop picture as illustrated above (see There was even a possible “mothership” detected near our Sun (see time 10:20 of Many thanks to Matthew Williams, Prashant Trivedi and “Aerial Video’s R Us” for documenting this important, new crop picture by aerial photography.    

 Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


A new crop picture at Sutton Hall near London Southend Airport, first photographed on August 17, 2017, shows a “radio broadcast tower” plus symbols for an upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Might we be receiving a coded radio message soon, on a date close to or during that widely-watched solar eclipse? 

A new crop picture which was found in a field at Sutton Hall near London Southend Airport on August 17, 2017 is not yet fully understood. Yet because of widespread public interest, we will post a few preliminary slides here.  

Right away, we can see that its overall appearance resembles that of a “radio broadcast tower” with a “satellite dish” near the top. In this case, its “satellite dish” resembles the usual symbols for a “solar eclipse”, such as we will see in a few days on August 21, 2017:  


Perhaps we will be receiving some kind of coded radio message from space on that date, or close to that date? Who really knows?  

The many symbols shown there seem to be arranged in three separate columns of seven “boxes” each. There seem to be 21 symbols in total, since 3 x 7 = 21, and that total number matches the near-future date of a solar eclipse on August 21.  

An extra eighth symbol, which may be seen near the bottom of a third column on the right, resembles a capital letter “Q”. Two other symbols which were drawn below the first or second columns are a “J-shaped” cursive letter, also seen near other crop pictures in the past (such as at Jubilee Plantation on August 15, 2011, or at Silverstone Racecourse on July 10, 1998), and a large “zig zag” or reversed letter “Z”.  

That “J-shaped” symbol has been interpreted as the “signature” of a legendary visitor from the Pleiades called “Quetzalcoatl”. Just above the eighth symbol “Q” at lower right, we can see in the next “box” up a large symbol for “pi” or π, with a small capital letter “Q” drawn just below it.  

The overall shape of this crop picture also resembles a “keyhole”, into which a “key” must be inserted during a solar eclipse, or perhaps to which that upcoming solar eclipse will be the “key”? This might refer to a “cryptographic key”, without which we will never be able to learn with those 21 symbols, spread over three columns of seven boxes each, mean in detail.  

The lower base of this “radio broadcast tower” points toward London Southend Airport in the distance (as noted using a white dashed line):  

Its top end or “satellite dish” points in the opposite direction toward a tall electrical supply tower in a nearby field. Thus we have the landscape imagery for some kind of “coded message” to be transmitted using electrical power, from an unknown “tower” source to an “airport” or air-traffic control tower on Earth. Perhaps someone is getting ready to land?  

As a possible clue to the meaning of those 21 unknown symbols, we noticed that non-specific crop damage in the same field (perhaps caused by wind or rain) resembles fortuitously the image of an “ibis bird”, or even the Egyptian god “Thoth”:  

Thoth was a “god of writing” in ancient Egypt, and these unknown symbols do tend to resemble other symbols seen on his famous “Emerald Tablets” (see Yet we cannot say for sure, because no one as translated them yet.  

P.S. At the very top of that “radio broadcast tower”, we can see three small symbols as “dot-dash-dot”. This means, first of all, that the “radio tower” will be broadcasting a wireless message in some coded form, analogous to traditional Morse code. Secondly, those three symbols in Morse code could mean the letter “R’, or else they could mean two letters “E” and “A”, depending on how the symbols are formatted.

A clever code for the “solar eclipse” date of August 21, 2017 was drawn within “boxed” symbols at Sutton Hall on August 17, using two Mayan calendars to suggest a Long Count date of 4.13.2 and a Tzolkin date of 3 Ik    

Using a December 23, 2012 correlation for the Mayan calendar, relative to our modern calendar, then a “solar eclipse” date in our modern calendar of August 21, 2017 matches 4.13.2 in the Mayan Long Count calendar, or 3 Ik in the 260-day Mayan Tzolkin calendar. Please type a date of August 21, 2017 into this conversion program to see for yourself (see gregmaya). Other websites use a December 21, 2012 correlation, and give the same result but shifted two days earlier to August 19.  

Now if we study carefully the many “boxed” symbols drawn in crops at Sutton Hall on August 17, we can see a top row of 7 “boxes”, where 4 boxes have been filled in with symbols, while 3 boxes have been left empty with standing crop. Those 4 symbol-filled boxes may provide the first digit of a Long Count calendar date of 4.13.2 (labelled in red):  

Along the next two rows of 7 boxes each, we can see that 13 boxes have been filled with symbols, while one box remains empty with flattened crop (and also “dark”, perhaps to symbolize the darkening of our Sun during a solar eclipse). Those 13 symbol-filled boxes may provide the second digit of a Long Count calendar date of 4.13.2 (labelled in red).  

The small 21st “box” (leftmost on the bottom row) is the only one where all crop has been flattened, perhaps to suggest a date of August 21 in our modern calendar even more directly.  

Two more large symbols, namely a capital letter “Q” and a cursive upside-down “J”, were drawn along the far right-hand side of this crop picture (see an upper part of the slide shown above). These 2 symbols (each circled in yellow) may provide the third digit of a Long Count date of 4.13.2. A “zig zag” line which lies between them is not really a “symbol”, but represents pictorially the “rocket exhaust” of this metaphorical “spaceship”.  

Finally if we look closely at the far left-hand side of this crop picture, in a lower blue part of the slide shown above, we can see 3 “small squares” within the first box of the top row. These 3 “small squares” may give the day-number for a Tzolkin date of “3 Ik”.  

Next if we look closely at the far left-hand side of the middle row, in the same blue region, we can see “dot-dot” in the first box which is Morse code for the letter “I”. The second box shows “dash-dot-dash” which is Morse code for the letter “k”. Both boxes together spell the Tzolkin day-sign of “Ik”, and give a complete Tzolkin date of “3 Ik” for our modern date of August 21, 2017. No other explanation for these unique “3” and Morse code “Ik” symbols would seem plausible.  

Within the other 18 “boxes”, two or three of them show simple geometric symbols for a “right-angled triangle” (one of which has been outlined in yellow), while the meaning of other symbols remains unknown.  

No major UFO sighting happened during that August 21 solar eclipse, however many crop pictures suggest that it was very significant in some way. This particular crop picture at Sutton Hall shows a “spaceship of Q” (or “Quetzalcoatl”) diving nose-first into what is apparently a “spacetime wormhole” on the date of this eclipse. The news of this event will supposedly be “broadcast” to the world at some time in the future. We can only wait patiently to see what might happen next.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Matthew Williams for his heroic efforts in making a long and tiring drive to document this new crop picture on the far side of London, by aerial drone photography.



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