Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 8th May.

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Possible Christian symbolism? The “water strider” resembles a “Chi-Rho” symbol, and is sometimes called a “Jesus bug”, because it can walk on water.  

Jesus as a metaphorical “water strider”? “Feed my lambs!” The broad landscape nearby shows a large, four-legged “insect” with two antennae who is “feeding a lamb”. The crop picture points directly toward that large “insect” shape.  

Some crop pictures in the past have shown religious metaphors: maybe this one also? Was the crop picture drawn with a background landscape image in mind?


Striding into the Future with Miraculous Results?

Since the water strider bug can seemingly miraculously walk on water, and since the crop circle is in almost equidistant relationship to an encircled tree (symbolizing Nature) and then an encircled electrical post (symbolizing our technology), perhaps the ‘message’ we are to take from this early formation is one that deals with a relationship between technology and nature that could be further developed.

It is by humanity’s hands, so to speak, that ‘miracles’ may transpire on Earth in these times.  When we combine our technological prowess and knowledge with our understanding of natural processes and the laws of Nature, we can achieve miraculous results benefiting humanity and proceeding according to Nature.

The nature of the water strider’s ability to walk on water is in itself quite a miraculous and effective design:


Water striders are able to walk on top of water due to a combination of several factors. Water striders use the high surface tension of water and long, hydrophobic legs to help them stay above water. Water molecules are polar and this causes them to attract to each other.

Gerridae species use this surface tension to their advantage through their highly adapted legs and distributed weight. The legs of a water strider are long and slender, allowing the weight of the water strider body to be distributed over a large surface area. The legs are strong, but have flexibility that allows the water striders to keep their weight evenly distributed and flow with the water movement. Hydrofuge hairs line the body surface of the water strider. There are several thousand hairs per square millimeter, providing the water strider with a hydrofuge body that prevents wetting from waves, rain, or spray, which could inhibit their ability to keep their entire body above the water surface if the water stuck and weighed down the body.[4] This position of keeping the majority of the body above the water surface is called an epipleustonic position, which is a defining characteristic of water striders. If the body of the water strider were to accidentally become submerged, for instance by a large wave, the tiny hairs would trap air. Tiny air bubbles throughout the body act as buoyancy to bring the water strider to the surface again, while also providing air bubbles to breathe from underwater.

The tiny hairs on the legs provide both a hydrophobic surface as well as a larger surface area to spread their weight over the water. The middle legs used for rowing have particularly well developed fringe hairs on the tibia and tarsus to help increase movement through the ability to thrust.[4] The hind pair of legs are used for steering [12] When the rowing stroke begins, the middle tarsi of gerrids are quickly pressed down and backwards to create a circular surface wave in which the crest can be used to propel a forward thrust.[4] The semicircular wave created is essential to the ability of the water strider to move rapidly since it acts as a counteracting force to push against. As a result, water striders often move at 1 meter per second or faster.” - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerridae 

Would it be reasonable for us as a species that has moved itself so far away from Nature, to now study and try to imitate it in order to achieve results that would support our continued habitation of this planet, yet complement natural processes rather than interfere with them?

Would these achievements not seem like ‘miracles’ in fact? There are many instances of this way of thinking already:




Are not the crop circles themselves examples of technology designed and applied in harmony with Nature? The Willoughby formation completes a pretty accurate equilateral triangle in the field–symbol of the Creator energy that includes a human factor… Will Humanity, destined to be co-creator of this world, live up to its miraculous potential?

-Michelle Jennings


By Macarena Miletich 

Healing throw Archetypes (Sacred Geometry) and using my voice in Self Sound Healing, I am  going on with my research about subtle energies and waves, sound waves and others.

My experience, through the years show me that we can use sound, music and voice in a better way. And it is needed!

So I propose to ling a good attitude with a special connection (Gaia and Cosmic connection) in order to overcome physical sound and include new qualities of waves, like heart beat in love, specific brain waves, higher harmonics and so on. 

The progression of how we can use sound waves towards subtle music would be:

1. The passage from the natural voice to the therapeutic voice, where the physicality of sound is a priority

2. from the therapeutic voice to the healing voice, where the intention of the heart allows the coupling of some vibrating bands

3. from the healing voice to the dimensional voice, where the vibrational spectrum is expanded, thanks to the etheric displacement of consciousness, beyond the body, but connected with it through the breath. 


In the chapter ”Dimensional Sound” (from the book “Sound Evolution: The Living Voice”, that I am finishing) I found the key to open the gates for this special sound. And how we can use space/time in a circular understanding (no lineal space/time).

It is a graphic to help us find the best channel to approach this Dimensional Sound. There is an X and the octave shape, crossing one in horizontal and other in vertical way.

In order to elevate our consciousness and sing a new special music with our own voices.

The point about this new sounding expression is that we need to be at earth (with our breath and body), meantime we are feeling the upper levels “inside” the sound we are singing.

Is it possible that we are living a new understanding of the connections between sacred geometry, scientific discoveries and the expansion of our vibratory capacities? I have the impression that we can say so.


The sound of the voice, in the natural song and in its therapeutic application, has always proven to be very effective, when it comes to modifying the mood of the person, even becoming an excellent treatment in certain conditions of the system nervous or of the mind.

The healing sound has given us the answer to all the research about how to experience the vibration of Nature, on the one hand, to understand the mathematical ratios of human emotions and reach special meditative and conscious states.


In the evolutionary advance that the energies of the Aquarian Age offer us, we are called to understand and act with greater conscience and ethics everything that has to do with sound, sound waves and the use of vocal energy in its sonic training linked to light, integrating the parameter of Truth, Essence and Multi-dimensionality. 

I live this first crop in 2018 (we are waiting for the complete “2018 harvest” –-as we say in Spain about the good  wines…-- not as a coincidence but as a synchronicity, because as it is said by Emma Kunz (Swiss artist and healer) we are living in this XXI th. Century, that “will offer “a vibration understanding” about live and human beings. So, our voice’s sound is increasing in possibilities and we can, little by little, use our sound with an upper number of harmonics; we will include our light-bodies vibration with a new consciousness.

That is developing our answer as luminous vibrating beings, in a magnificent communication between levels of Live, levels of Spirit.

We are becoming able to create new realities, new futures as soon as we train our subtle sonic possibilities inside our luminous voices. Are growing up in the correct way.

I feel so glad confirming that this crop manifest “the new position” with which we will sing and create, according to the Truth and Unconditional Love, inside the Evolutionary Patterns arriving to us. The Cosmic Laws of Love, Light, Color and Sonic are flowing into our throat: this “shinning jewel” that sing in the cosmic service, in the Holistic Shapes crossing all levels of Light and Sound. 


Healer by Archetypes
(Colin Bloy)
Self Sound Healing

(Writer and Researcher


Although, at first sight, the insect CC of May 8, 2018 reminds those insects that float on the water (although they lack two legs, because all the insects have six legs), the body of the insect, that is, your chest and abdomen, are exactly like the body of a butterfly without wings! And among the species that I researched, just the Brazilian species HERACLIDES THOAS is the most similar, just compare the images. And if I draw four triangles rectangles in the four arms of the crop circle, I will arrive at the model of the wings. And the suggested message is: put wings on the butterfly so it flies!

The yellow and black butterfly, the crop circle was not traced over a field of yellow flowers? (Rape).

There is also an incredible similarity between this species of butterfly and the formation of the Netherlands on 08/08/2009 which, although there were allegations of some people claiming its authorship, did not sufficiently prove such a claim. So the Vitruvian Man - Butterfly continues to be one of the most amazing of all time, and one of the greatest too! With your codes 11-11 on the wings (38 circles on each wing = 38-38 = 11-11), and compare your design with the look of the Heraclides Thoas butterfly! Very similar! And between 8.8.2009 and 8.5.2018 we have exactly 8 years and 8 months! Or 104 months, 52 + 52, 4x26, 8x13! Numbers codes!
Everything reinforces the Butterfly Code in the direction of the rebirth of the human soul in the coming times!

Jonas Passos



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike