Buckland Down, Nr Cerne Abbas, Dorset. Reported 26th May.

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Buckland Down: the Horns of a Dilemma?

At Buckland Down, we have reference to at least four different types of crosses known in human history. No doubt the message being conveyed here is one about protection–the meaning of the cross all over the world.

There can be found two examples of the cross pommée, versions of the solar cross, the lunate cross and a protection cross. These cross symbols are found in Northern European shamanic traditions, Icelandic stave symbolism, Christian, Jewish, Gnostic and ancient Assyrian practices. The crescent elements surrounding the outer circles bring in an ancient symbol for the moon and the planet Venus. One could also read an abstracted allusion to the moon and star on many flags for Islamic countries. 

These crosses, found in various cultural and historical periods, can be seen in the Buckland Down formation.

So, who or what would constitute the ‘protection’ and how would it be accomplished? Since this is obviously a message for those of us on this planet, most likely we are to be part of the ‘who’ and ‘what’, but the ‘how’ is a little more subtle and needs some decrypting so to speak.

There are eight arms in total on this formation, and two basic crosses with four arms. Eight symbolizes new birth and four is associated with the four directions, the four winds, Earth. So perhaps we are dealing here with the idea of a ‘new Earth’ or at least a new way of being on the Earth; and furthermore this ‘new way’ would be part of the protective effect.

The predominance of the crescent Moon symbol with the larger circles relating to them provides the reference to the Great Mother as Venus, Europa – ‘full moon’, Hera, Demeter, Astarte, Albion – ‘white moon’, Luna, Manat – moon mother of pre-Islamic Mecca. Moon worship was an ancient religion found all over the world, with remnants of it being found in the Jewish and Hindu lunar calendars and instances of holidays celebrated according to the moon phases in Christianity, and Asian festivals.

The moon and the Goddess have been associated from earliest times: Astarte, Demeter, Diana/Luna, Manat, Arianrhod.

This old religion was centred upon the changing phases of the moon and the natural cycles based on seasonal changes. It was in sync with the cosmic, astronomical and natural cycles as they were perceived in those times.

For those of us now however, the natural cycles seem a bit removed from our daily lives and in the cosmopolitan city life, we hardly see the night sky let alone pay attention to the movement happening there. What then can we take from this elegant formation, this combination and renovation of ancient symbols to make the new one we see at Buckland Down?

Nature, the moon and Venus are all references to the ‘Feminine’ aspect of the phenomenon we know as Creation. By ‘feminine’ is meant mainly the nurturing, supportive attitude of compromise in negotiations, the inclusive consideration when resolving problems, the concern for the common good in policy-making, the pragmatic and compassionate application of ideals and concepts and the genuine respect for each individual as valuable to the collective good. These characteristics of a way of proceeding in life are quite different from what could be represented by Cerne Abbas nearby: conflict, domination, territoriality, exclusion. This new formation carries a key message of hope for the world we live in, i.e., that our ‘protection’ resides in our own will to include the ‘Feminine’ aspect of consciousness in our goings on about life whether it be on a personal, familial, national or international scale.

One very obvious element in the design and structure of this beautiful formation is its intrinsic balance. This is the key: to balance the ‘Masculine’ aspect that defines, judges, separates, idealizes, etc. with the ‘Feminine’ aspect that includes, forgives, and relates to all life within the network of Creation. This is our goal and our protection.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that this crop circle appears on Buckland Down, since in Celtic lore, the companion of the Moon Goddess is none other than Cernunnos, the horned nature deity. Their relationship is seen as a balance of the Masculine and Feminine principles that sustains the continuance of life.

The nature deity, Cernunnos, is often depicted as a man with the antlers of the deer. As Her Consort, his relationship with the Moon Goddess is lover and co-ruler.

To end this train of thought, we can add a Gnostic symbol for the Universe, and an ancient Icelandic stave.

Two eight-armed symbols, share some characteristics of the Buckland formation: a Gnostic symbol for the Universe and an Icelandic protection stave.

Do we dare hope for a new emerging universe, protected from enemies without, and from our own abuse of power? It may be difficult to give up some of the patterns of living ingrained in our civilizations, but it could be much more difficult if we do not find more compassionate and loving ways of going about things.

-Michelle Jennings


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It's with great appreciation I saw the latest crop circle. Now one actually could realize how a fractal energy extraction system looks like. The circles indicate cross points where re- and discharging fractal energy meet.  This pattern reveals how the electric component of their system looks like. That's the same fractal pattern  that we have in our nervous and meridian systems. Our chakras work in a similar fractal way like our  neighbours fastwalkers and spiral galaxies. 


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In the 2017 season, I have spoken several times of the lunar symbol repeated on several occasions, and I have come to say that it was the Moon season. This year it seems to continue from the point where it stopped. A model of position system and counting of months (lunar phases) with the Earth at the centre, and the positions of the Moon in the alignments with the Sun at the edges. The eight rays associate this model with the Compass Rosen.

There are also moon goddess symbols made up of four crescent moons, as shown in the crop circle.

Here we have a crop circle in star model (octagonal), which resembles a Compass Rosen related to the lunar phases. It seems to evoke the concept of time and position together.

Detail: Last year, in this region, appeared on May 22 (2017) the crop circle of the Goddess (11-11) in Vesica Piscis. Already on 29 June 2014, in the Dorset region, Ackling Dike, appeared a pentagram model with the same type of structure of this new model, in quadrilateral. Next to the crop circle, a transmission tower: the idea of ​​contact, called, signal. If the phases of the Moon are being pointed out, then the next phase happens on May 29, the Full Moon. New CC? Connections: the last crop circle was on 8/5, and 18 days later, 26/5 (2 + 6 = 8) and your design: an Octagon. And 18 is the Arcane of the Moon in the Tarot. There are connections with the Moon very evident in this formation.



I left the best for last ...

Astronomically speaking, Buckland Down's Crop Circle, as I said earlier on the coordinates of the Moon and the Astronomical Table, accurately refers to the New Moon of June 13, which will take place at the 22 ° 44 'GEMINI (zodiacal coordinate) , in exact conjunction with the star Zeta Tauri, which indicates actually a Nebula, the Crab Nebula (references to dead trees and that misshapen space of trees near Crop Circle and Tower). 

The Transmission Tower means that the CRAB NEBULA already emits many signals of electromagnetic waves, and there may be some records in the New Moon period. If we look closely at the symbol of Crop Circle, we see that it is a representation of the New Moon (Sun-Moon) united with an asterisk 8 (Star). A triple conjunction that will really happen on June 13, Sun, Moon and Zeta Tauri (Crab Nebula)! Remembering that the Crab Nebula are the remains of a Supernova that exploded in 1054! 

The nebula is the most intense source of X-rays and gamma for energies above 30 KeV, and this justifies the CIRCLE TOWER side of the crop circle!  Look at the Crop Circle: does not it remind you of a star explosion and the emission of signals?

In addition to Zeta Tauri (Nebula) other stars of the Zodiac will be in conjunction with Sun-Moon alignment, for example, the star Capella and the star Mintaka (from the constellation of Orion), as well as B.Tauri (El Nath ).

Another detail: the astrological Hieroglyph of the sign of Taurus is formed by a Sun and a crescent Moon on top (parallel with the Deer, Buck.Land). This Crop Circle, on May 26, is an astronomical table that informs us about the New Moon in alignment with the Bull Horn in the sky, the Crab Nebula, a natural source of intense cosmic radiation, which takes place on June 13 , 18 days after the date of the crop circle (again between 8 and 26 May, dates of the first crop circles) Let's pay attention on June 13th, 2018! What heaven will send us! Event ... or any new crop circle on this day?


Based on the writings of Genesis 1: 14-16 and the Fourth Day of Creation, the custom of the ancients was to use the position of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to measure time, calculating the months and seasons according to the phases of the Moon. Other important events were calculated under eclipses and alignments with important stars in the sky. Here we have here an elegant condensed model of the Astronomical Table, joining the elemental symbols of the Sun (circle) of the Moon (crescent) and the stars (Asterisk 8) around the central circle, the Earth, in the geocentric positioning system the Astrology). It seems that this crop circle intends to show one or more lunar phases in conjunction with important stars to indicate (tower-message) some important event for the world ahead!

The next event will be on May 29, tomorrow, Full Moon at 9 degrees Sagittarius in exact conjunction with the star Scorpio Alpha, Antares (and the Crop Circle symbol seems to indicate exactly that, Sun, Moon and Star aligned and the displacement of the position of the stars by the effect of the curvature of the light!) . Interestingly, on this day, we completed 99 years of the famous solar eclipse that provided the empirical data to scientists in confirmation of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, measured in the city of Sobral, Ceará, Brazil, May 29, 1919!

Any parallel events pointed out? Because, from CC, May 26, to May 29, it will be the Fourth Day, according to the Seven Days of Creation, and the Day on which God created the Sun, the Moon and the stars to compute the times, cycles, and mark the events on Earth! And that eclipse of 1919 also aligned with the star Antares and the constellation of Scorpio! 99 years ago! E 9 + 9 = 18, Moon. Is this crop circle celebrating that eclipse and great discovery, leading us to some parallel event?


Comparing the last crop circle UK, in Buckland Down, on May 26, it is formed of Four Moons and an octagonal cross (the asterisk-Star/Ishtar/Venus). In addition to the lunar symbologies, the Goddess, resurrection, 11-11 and everything else, I found worrying relationships with the War! After all, the CC appeared next to a transmission tower: urgent message to Earth. The War? In 2015, three major crop circles appeared in UK with the same four crescent Moons in their symbology. In all of them, collision weapons were portrayed: arrows, spears, missiles! Symbols of War associated with the flag of Islam (The Crescent Moon) and four crescent Moons, from which two things can be deduced: first, in recent years, we have had Red Moons (Blood moons) in four practically followed years:

2015-2016-2018-2019. And it was in 2015, the year of the first Blood Moons, that these crops circles appeared in UK.

Even in 2015 an important event happened, with Russia taking part in the War exercises that take place in Syria, which would change the entire geopolitical framework from that year onwards. And second, one of the animals of Daniel prophet, those who enter War, is a monster with four heads of leopard and wings. One interpretation here is a unification of four Islamist nations against Israel and allies.

The Tower's message may also be heralding a major War soon, which can evolve into World War III. Incidentally, other crops circles seem to have already made the same alert - with no effect on the deaf leaders...


Beginning with the analysis of the crop circle of May 26, Buckland Down. Compared to the 2006 model (Lamat, Mayan seal 8, the Star) they remember exactly the design of the magnetic field of repulsion between equal charges (protons, for example!) The same protons collided in the LHC at very high energies, accelerated in magnetic spirals of energy!

When two protons collide in the LHC, a strange SINGULARITY is obtained, which, it is speculated, can generate a mini black hole. Remembering that two forces collide in the LHC: the kinetic energy and the electromagnetic charge of the protons! Analyzing the double and opposing vortexes of the crop circles of France and Russia, it seems to me that they intend to make analogy with the mechanisms of the LHC, so that we can understand part of the mechanisms of opening "Stargates-Portals" by High Tech UFO! They are the closest analogies to our understanding. Compare the design of the particle explosion and traces left in the chamber with the CC 2006 model, the 12 buildings in perspective! The center of these formations seems to indicate the state of SINGULARITY (S) behind the opening of portals with access to Stargates.

The design of the magnetic field of repulsion seems to illustrate the very distortion and rupture of the fabric of Space-Time at the threshold of a Portal-Stargate.

Another detail: Quantum Entanglement determines equal and opposite Spins between two bound particles, even light years away. The opposite double vortex of these crop circles also looks like an analogy to the mystery EQ and particles connected by dimensionless and timeless singularities beyond the 3D Universe. A mystery of the Cosmology that Taoism, with its Yang-Yin and its I Ching, already explained in that old culture.

It seems to me that crop circle authors are using analogy elements to tell us how Stargates work, and how they can be achieved!

Jonas Passos


Fernando Ortolá


This crop circle contains all eight of the comets directed by aliens to strike the earth (seven) or the sun (one)  during our cometary era of about 300 years. Four will hit this century, and the remaining four around the 23rd  century. Download my free ebook at theheckhypothesis.com/kenheckfiles.html  for crop circle interpretations up through 2017.
The inner circle is a conglomerate impact point representing the eight actual impact points of the eight comets.
The four largest circles each show a bow shock created as the comets travel though the solar wind. Their  direction of impact is also approximately shown, as corroborated in many other crop circles. 
The directions of impact of the smaller four are relatively correct. One of them would be the Sun comet, which is predicted to be involved in a gigantic solar flare significantly larger than the 1859 Carrington Event.
Ken Heck

A coincidence is that I'm working on the  1896 1897 wave ,the antenna is the point in the aurora crash case in 1897 , not the only crash case in 1897 in fact .. in this crash there was a near similar structure causing the crash in fact another coincidence is that I studied carl sagan and link with voyager 2 today  the Chilbolton message and Crabwood one are still in charge in 2018 for the Cerne giant:- Cerne_Abbas 

Abbas father the message of this crop est thus, wait for a seti message to come  in four moons cycles, from a « giant constellation » one system four planets 


from the Anishinabe (Ojibway) of areas of Ontario

(Greek constellation: Orion the hunter)

From this link:- sky-frogs-space-turtles

Complement possibly Hercules too. Arecibo message to that direction 43 years ago…. 

The Arecibo message is a 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent to globular star cluster M13  Arecibo_message   m13 is in Hercules  Messier_13

Stéphane jaumotte alias anakin_nEo


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Until 26 July 2018 we plant Seeds for the changes in the next 4 years!

Crop circle from 26 May 2018 at Buckland Down, nr Cerne Abbas, Dorset, UK.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 26 May 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Star and with Tone 4, this is the fourth day of the Blue castle with major energy Yellow Star, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year with Tone 12 (26 July 2017 – 25 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Red Earth – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
Yellow Star
Blue Monkey – the Supporting energy of the Yellow Star
Tone 4
Red Moon

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion
Tone 4 – the Tone of the Form
Red Moon – Purify, Flow, Universal water

The circle in the centre of the formation represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

From the Earth emanate 8 rays and each ray terminates in a circle.
The number 8 symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR – Solar Seal No. 8.

The 8 circles are divided in two groups of 4 circles, of type „S” and of type „L”.

The 4 circles „S” depict “Seeds” and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED – Solar Seal No. 4.

Each of these 4 circles is connected with the Earth through a halm and beneath each circle there is a lunar crescent. So is formed a figure, which depicts a flower and symbolizes again the energy YELLOW SEED – the energy of Flowering.

The lunar crescents depict the energy RED MOON.

This formation appears on 26 May 2018 and exactly 2 months later, on 26 July 2018 begins the Red Cosmic Moon Year. In this connection, the four lunar crescents symbolize also the coming Year of the Red Moon.

Through the depiction of the Seed above the Moon the authors of the formation remind us, that the Seeds, which we create now in the Yellow Seed Year, shall be “planted” in the next Year of the Red Moon.

The other 4 rays with circles of type “L” resemble the hands of a compass and symbolize Tone 4.

On the 4th day of a wavespell we can create thought-forms, which shall be materialized. Our intention brings harmony and order in the 4 Elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire), which had been disintegrated before this day, and unite them in forms.

To begin the creative work, we align ourselves with the 4 directions:

- from East we accept the Red energy of Beginning and the energy of the element Earth
- from North we accept the White energy of Refining and the energy of the element Air
- from West we accept the Blue energy of Transformation and the energy of the element Water
- from South we accept the Yellow energy of Ripening and the energy of the element Fire

26 May 2018 is the 4th day of the Blue castle, which continues 52 days.
In the Blue castle the Blue energy of Transformation plays the central role.
The most powerful Transformation takes place in the Blue wavespell of the Blue castle and this is the Blue Monkey wavespell.

The 4 rays, which terminate in the circles „L”, depict also magic wands and symbolize the energy BLUE MONKEY – the energy of Magic.
Thus the Blue castle is called the Court of Magic.

On 26 July 2018 begins a new cycle of 4 years, with the 4 main types of energies – Beginning, Refining, Transformation and Ripening:

Red Moon Year with Tone 13: Beginning
White Wizard Year with Tone 1: Refining
Blue Storm Year with Tone 2: Transformation
Yellow Seed Year with Tone 3: Ripening

So until 26 July 2018 we plant the Seeds, from which the new Reality shall grow and manifest in the next 4 years!

Thus the crop circle is placed near a group of trees. Just as a big tree grows from a small seed, so our future Reality shall grow from our Seeds.

Our Seeds are our thoughts, words, dreams, visualizations, intentions, actions.
So it is now quite important for us until 26 July 2018 to take more time and to think and speak about the changes, which we want to be manifested in our world, in all life spheres. Now we plant the Seeds for the changes in the next 4 years.

The formation is placed intentionally also near a Communication tower. On this way the authors of the formation remind us, that each of us is like such a Communication tower and the signals (the thoughts), which we now radiate to the Universe, are very important. The Universe receives and analyzes them and on basis of these signals it creates such new Reality, which reflects our thoughts and imaginations. The Universe is a Mirror. The second wavespell of the Blue castle is the White Mirror wavespell.

Until 26 July we have at our disposal very powerful creative energies:

Yellow Seed – the Energy of Targeting
Blue Eagle – the Energy of Creation through Visualization, the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed
Yellow Star – Creation of Beauty and Harmony through Art
Blue Monkey – the Energy of Magic
Red Skywalker – the Energy of Prophecy, the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Star

So until 26 July we can imagine more detailed the changes which we want to see in our world in the next 4 years.

May we now plant Seeds for a beautiful and harmonious new Reality!
I express my sincere gratitude to the authors of this inspiring formation and to the photographers of www.cropcircleconnector.com

Maya Todorova

2018-06-03 - Buckland Down, Nr Cerne Abbas, Dorset. Reported 26th May. 

Hello again dear readers and writers, have read all your comments. They seem to have not meet the point. Sure you ask WHY?

I will hold myself very short in description, the outcome nevertheless is clear - to see. The special 'kind' of depiction of this image should ring your alarm clock already. We have an image of a so called compass rose, as it is to see easily. Question now what is the difference in it, which crop circle makers wanted to show? Remember the alarm clock.

Looking the image, it tells a very simple result, if you take a little bit deeper view into it. To explain I have drawn some 'points' into the given image, as follows:

Many thanks here to the photographer, really nice shot! 

To see just some simple facts. There are the four directions free to view and to research even boundless. BUT there are other directions to be open for further researches, and they are 'blocked' by some dominating beings, usually called the GRAYS. They always try to dominate humans, telling lies and creating fear, that's their behaviour, sad enough. But in real they are a race self-threatened by extinction. In the invisible spaces they go on with their 'program' of creating hybrids for self-survival. To hide their true destiny they always try to dominate over us. But intelligent people do recognize their cheap and lousy behaviour. And do YOU recognize all this? Fine - then you can see through the situation. If not, then you are at lost - as you were before.

So the 'fake' image is just been made for to weak you more, to restrict you and make you feel afraid. But as strong people which you really are, you see the lousy tricks and understand right, right? On the other hand, our true benevolent brothers and sisters would never send cheap images like this one. They instead would and (possibly) will send images which are not only very different to the lousy Grays images, but also will contain a real message, however in symbolic language. You know of what I speak about. So let us look out for a real next message from friends, instead of stay back here in wild and senseless fear.... We have so strong love and truth in our hearts stored, and this will protect us from the 'fakes' made by beings, who claim to be 'friends' but in truth show themselves as the total opposite. Who needs that? Yes, we don't need.

Be strong, stay strong and hold close your crystal clear mind, and honour the truth....... Bye friends, Gerd

This crop circle conveys to humanity through Sacred Geometry the gift of a reconnection with the higher soul (I AM Presence), accelerating consciousness and activating communicative abilities with the higher soul that can bring forth Divine ideas for the higher good of the evolutions of this planet. It also is activating acceleration of consciousness for the elemental kingdom as well.  

A crop circle creation activates a frequency attunement that impulses into the elemental kingdom for approximately 5.5 hours, creating benevolence for our planet. This Sacred Geometry creation was gifted by the Arcturians, who utilized technology through an aeronautical transporter. Arcturians do have very high mental aptitude, telepathic abilities and knowledge of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is part of Creation in this Universe. Utilize it with intent and high intellectual aptitude, and it can create physical manifestations and expand consciousness to higher and higher levels.  

This Crop Circle Creation, as it was explained to me, is conveying the following intent-----

1) The central circle represents the God Seed Atom within the Sacred Heart Flame (Three-Fold Flame)

2) The four smaller circles represent the four lower bodies of humanity, the physical, emotional,  mental and etheric.

3) The four crescent shapes represent the four quadrants of the brain

4) The four larger circles inside the crescent shape represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, water. 

The lines from the central circle connect all of the above with the activation of acceleration of consciousness. 

Observe the picture with reverent gratitude and the intent to receive these gifts and the gifts are activated. I was told that to glance at this picture for 5 seconds, one would activate approximately 10% of the full activation. Observe it for two minutes and ten seconds; one would activate approximately 78% of the full activation. Observe it for ten minutes; one would activate 100% of the full activation that can be gifted to each individual. These are the translations from my I AM Presence for conceptual understanding as to how these gifts are activated in our consciousness. Intent and gratitude are very high conveyors of Divine Grace and individuals can use this picture as a meditational focus.  

Love and Light, Shari Jacob 9/20/2018



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike