Some interesting new observations concerning a “co-created” crop picture from August 3, 2005 which showed six “Templar crosses”: striking and informative landscape images nearby  

A fairly-obscure event from August 3, 2005 just came to the attention of many people worldwide, when Roeland Beljon informed an audience in Glastonbury that he and five other people, sitting in a restaurant in Marlborough, had apparently “co-created” a new crop picture which appeared several days later in a field not far away. 

All six of the people there had collectively focussed their minds on the shape of a “Templar cross”, and then six “Templar crosses” were drawn in crops near Stitchcombe at latitude 51.416o N, longitude 1.675o W (see Crop-circles-Wiltshire-made-mind-power-Roeland-Beljon-Glastonbury-Symposium).  

There is no question as to whether this strange event actually took place as Roeland Beljon has described. Two of my other friends from the Netherlands told me about it many years ago. Was it just a “strange coincidence” which might happen once in a thousand times, if people were to “ask” for new crop circles? Or were those six people really being “watched” by unseen beings, who observed their thoughts and/or actions, then made a new crop picture accordingly as a response?  

How can we learn more? No one has yet studied carefully where that 2005 crop picture was drawn, but only the images which it showed in fallen crops. When we study where it was drawn, using Google Earth, we can see right away that it was drawn inside the “mind” of a “man” with a four-armed “cross” over his head, who seems to be “looking” off into the distance at “six Templar crosses”:

 Next when we expand this view, to determine exactly where that “man” is looking, we can see another landscape image which looks like a “bird” or “parrot”, with six small shapes that resemble “Templar crosses” in its “tail feathers”. Please see a yellow dashed line and outlined yellow rectangle in the slide below:  

 Finally when we zoom in on that “happy parrot”, we can see another “cross” as made in part by its outstretched “wings”, and can see the six “Templar cross” shapes more clearly (outlined by a yellow rectangle):  


The August 3 crop picture seems to have been drawn, beyond any reasonable doubt, with these particular landscape features in mind. It was drawn, in fact, within the “mind” of a “man” with a “cross” over his head! What might these new observations imply for the unusual claims of Roeland Beljon and colleagues concerning “co-creation”?  

To begin with, we can be very sure that this crop picture was not man-made, judging from the clear and obvious evidence presented above. Then we are left with two possible scenarios. 

In one case, an unseen, paranormal crop artist designed and made this crop picture on his own accord, just days after a group of six researchers asked for a “Templar cross” in a restaurant in Marlborough, while not knowing anything about their sincere request.  

In another case, an unseen crop artist may have mysteriously “seen” their sincere request, then was inspired to design and create his own “Templar cross” crop picture as a clever response.  

I do not know which of these two cases might be correct, but keep thinking about the “universe window” used by fictional scientist Walter Bishop in a TV show “Fringe” (see  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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