Professionally Prepared Report on Ansty  2016 CC. A 'Must Read'.

 I have in my possession a report obtained from a large company of chartered surveyors and at some cost to myself. This level of professional testimony would stand up in any court of law and should be taken very seriously. The company's integrity should never be doubted.

 It was not long into our meeting when it became quite evident that the Ansty CC would be totally impossible to achieve within the parameters and implied modus operandi described in the 'Earthfiles' report.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Basic Requirements' Reviewed: Part 2

Basic Requirements needed for Accurate Construction of a Pattern in any  Standing Crop. 

"This is an upgraded version from a technical point of view. It will show that the man-made hypothesis is simply not credible. (Document to follow soon.)"

Reference Ansty CC in particular. Each of these symbols alone would take ages to construct accurately and would need to be always first-time perfect. A sense of continuity would need to exist between each character.  

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Some Common Misconceptions within
 Crop Circle 'Folk-Lore'.

Since I regard myself as a serious and independent CC researcher this piece is not about keeping (G1) people happy, or even sad for that matter. I am not, as has been the case for many contenders historically in the CC community, part of a sub culture that is sometimes interdependent on other members for business reasons, cliques or social groups. Loyalty bias cannot and should not sensibly apply within this unique and unprecedented arena. It is merely about attempting to recall and report observations noted in the field. To understand the CC phenomenon properly one needs to understand the human responses associated with it.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

'What a Wonderfully Uplifting Way to End the 2016 Season...

We really couldn’t have asked for more.

2016 was a very challenging season in some ways and in my case was mostly due to weather as I literally battled with the elements living in my van for weeks. But that is not important now. CC numbers were a bit down but the overall quality of CCs remained good. Right at the end of the season, as so often is the case we had a true gem, the Ansty, PYO CC 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

'Probability Anomaly' in Reigate Alien.

' There are many of course, that are not quite'up to speed' with the subject of crop circles, that will say this CC is fake. Such a striking image will be just too much for some. However, we...' 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Children and Crop Circles


Well, I’ve been living in a field here for nearly six weeks now and still not quite gone ‘ferrel’ ..not yet anyways! One thing that has struck me though working on the front line here on Hackpen Hill for all this time, as well as other CC locations is how open new...

Paul Jacobs (CGI


'The Hackpen Badger Sett Mystery'

"There is sound reason to believe the Hackpen Hill Shark CC sits precisely upon the exact location of the 'Dreamcatcher' CC of 2013. If this is indeed the case I feel it may be significant in some way. As I understand it to be thus far, all in the genuine CC world is utterly considered and deliberate." 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

July 1, 2016

It has taken CGI five long years to get to this point of confirmed cooperative working practice with a growing number of Wiltshire/Dorset farmers. This process was an uphill struggle in some ways (naturally easy in others) as pretty much all of the old school G1 front-line contenders wanted nothing to do with CGI choosing not to promote or support our initiative despite a detailed knowledge of it’s brief. Instead the plain and simple truth is that they pursued a course driven by greed, ego, control and self promotion that ended in predictable irony in some ways as this sentiment does not seem to tally  with most visitors I have met. CC people seem to be of a more spiritual, soulful and wholesome nature. Let us hope that the 'penny will drop' more positively in the future.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)


Mylye Crop Circle

This Crop Circle occurred amidst a background of controversy, which, OK I have to admit, is not that unusual in this subject. Because the reporters seemed to be playing games, self-promoting and were not immediately forthcoming with details, location and photos etc people naturally started to...

Paul Jacobs for CGI.

'Over the past few years there have been varying levels of confusion over who is collecting for what at CC events, whether they be in Dorset or Wiltshire. Just to make...'

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Embarking on the 2016 Season

CGI flew and reported the Silbury Hill CC 28th May which is the latest addition to a ‘family’ of CCs in that area.

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Simply Building Bridges...with Harmony in Mind.

It is generally felt that the intent behind CCs is far more than just a pretty pattern.  

For most people their focus in CCs lies within the actual pictogram and maybe     speculating on possible meanings held therein. But for most this is sadly an ‘armchair’ perspective...


An Intriguing Proximity. 

Coincidence or Significance? 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

2015…The Year of Transformation!

 Crop Circles: Phase Two.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Widowed by cancer, farmer turns mystery crop circle into
£5,000 boost for hospital cancer appeal




Widowed by cancer, farmer turns mystery crop circle into...

The Brighter Futures Appeal working alongside Paul Jacobs and The Core Group Initiative (CGI) with crop circles. 'THE EAGLE' Crop Circle  to raise money for Radiotherapy Unit at Swindon Hospital is going well. CGI has now boosted the fund by over £5000 in around a month and we are now going for the almost unthinkable big 6K as we have about a week before harvest. Please help by donating a few pounds to...'JUST GIVING' ) which could just make all the difference or text SWIN29 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. Whether you personally believe in Radiotherapy as a treatment is not the point here. For someone who has cancer, this Unit will bring HOPE also which is everything. Travelling all the way to Oxford can be a nightmare!  

Latest Report on Eagle CC Uffcott Down.  

The Eagle has landed!! 

The Eagle CC at Uffcott Down is now all open and posts removed.
e keep being asked for photos so we have decided to laminate
some aerials and offer them at the gate for donation to help with the fund

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Not… Business as Usual! 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)  

CGI season of goodwill towards the farming community.

This season members of the CGI (Core Group Initiative will persist with their plan to help the farmers. Over the last two years this strategy has proven both workable and effective and we hope, over time will continue to gain pace and popularity by helping to bridge the gap between farmers and visitors. The formulation is simple. Trusted members of the CGI would be present at the crop circle and act as farmer advocate and collecting donations on his behalf (usually £2 a head). The collectors would wear a identity badge and hold a letter of authority from the farmer concerned to reassure the public and make all safe and legal.

The CGI has had good legal advice from the police regarding the protocol for charity collection and of course are aware of our activities and assist were necessary. The farmer would have agreed to donate a percentage to a charity of his choosing and the rest to compensate him for loss of crop. This initiative has been very popular with 99% of visitors in the past two years who gave willingly, which was most heartening and definitely resonated well with the spirit of the crop circles. It seems to have a great 'feel good factor' as the charity concerned benefits too.

This initiative I must stress, must in no way be confused with 'policing the gate' as it were. This is about attempting to lessen the tension resultant from field visitation...after all, we shouldn't take for granted the farmers hospitality indefinitely, it is his field and we are his guests.     

Paul Jacobs. ( CGI coordinator)

Core Group Initiative 2015. 

The Core Group Initiative or CGI was launched 4 years ago and seems to be going from strength to strength. It’s key value is one of respect for the farmers and the land on which they work. We regard unauthorized access as unacceptable and old fashioned. This is the very thing that has caused so much trouble in the past commonly resulting in the farmer cutting out the CCs. We believe the CCs are encouraging us towards a higher level of consciousness of which respect is primary.

 The basic idea of CGI is for the team or core group’ of trusted individuals, enthusiastic members of CGI to be present at the gateto act as  advocate for the busy farmer, collecting  donations (usually between £3 and £5 a head, kids free ) at a CC event site providing up to date information, looking after parking arrangements and giving directions etc. Collectors  wear an identity badge and hold a letter of authority signed by the farmer to make all clear and legal. (Please dont confuse this with policingthe gateabsolutely not, we are working with the farmer looking after his interests as well as helping the public!) The farmer would have previously agreed a percentage of the money being donated to a local charity usually (the feel good factor) of his choosing, the rest going to himself as compensation for loss of crop etc. When we have done this over the last 3 years, the scheme has been an overwhelming success both in terms of collections and in resonating well with visitors as 99% of them loved the idea of giving to a charity…this seems to harmonize so  well with the spirit of the circles also. In practice, some of the farmers that have subscribed to the scheme have in fact not wished to retain the money but rather choose a route of benevolence and goodwill handing all over to the charity concerned but this is entirely of their own choice. We feel this to be the most heartening, rewarding and healing aspect of what we do when it occurs as it’s probable it resonates well with the Circlemakers too…well we do hope so!

It would appear that far more donations are collected when done in person,' by handat the gate than with the use of money boxes that can get broken into or stolen resulting in bad PR (although these can be a useful backup if managed properly.) With the by hand method the potential for abuse is far far less and it goes without saying that we vet our collectors very carefully indeed.

It is all too easy for us visitors to just come along each year to be enriched, entertained and have fun in the circles and almost lose sight of just how short the fuse between visitors and farmers can get. We shouldn't take the farmers hospitality for granted thinking things to be just the same as previous years. No, things do change and if we wish to continue enjoying the circles as we have done for many years we now need to find a way to connect to the farmers (or some of them at the very least) and show willing to help. We feel the CGI approach can do just that but it will take time to evolveeach year perhaps getting a few more farmers on board and at the same time increasing the harmony factor for all.

Happy Circling!

Paul Jacobs. (Founding member of CGI and crop circle researcher

‘Energy Leak’ in Crop Circles

A more in-depth look at this apparent anomaly. 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)   

CGI Update. 03/11/2014

A ‘Save the Crop Circles’ Appeal

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 15/10/2014

A Summary of 2014, looking ahead to 2015.

Healing Time for Wiltshire?

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 03/09/2014

Defibrillator for  Dorset!

I have recently been informed by the manager  of the Sixpenny Handley farm estate that a good portion of the monies collected by CGI  this summer  will  go towards a defibrillator (AED or Automated External Defibrillator)  fund, the device to be kept in or nearby  the local Post Office. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about… translating crop circles into something tangible, positive and practical for the local community. I said we would be very glad to collect additional monies to realise the purchase should the estate have another CC next season. For those who don’t know what a defibrillator is, it is a device to shock the heart out of spasm should anyone go into cardiac arrest. The main hospital is in Shaftsbury some distance away so early intervention like this usually makes  all the difference between life and death. I feel very encouraged by this development as you can imagine. If people can equate CCs with something of real value rather than a negative they may be far more tolerant and things in the future could go much smoother.

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 23/08/2014

CGI Update. 28/07/2014

CGI Update. 16/07/2014

STOP PRESS Re: Sixpenny crop circle, Dorset, UK.

I’m in shock!!!

Monique Klinkenbergh’s 'quadcopter' man Nils Kenneth Fordal from Norway plus another woman turned up at the Sixpenny circle last evening around 6pm.

I said to them  I would collect their donation when they came out as I was busy returning the support car to the lane. After an hour  or so they came out and walked straight past my van. I called out loudly but there was no response, then again very loudly saying that they had forgotten to give their donation to the farmer. Nils at this point just turned around then carried straight on ignoring me. Shock horror! Utter contempt for myself and the farmer. Disgraceful behaviour!

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 16/07/2014

‘Gifting Economy’ Within CC Culture
“It’s only a suggestion 

This proposal will certainly separate those who were more interested in self- promotion and money and those who really cared about other people and the CCs…enough for them to work outside their ‘comfort zone’.  There is absolutely no reason why groups of people shouldn't be taken into CCs at cost price…i.e.. with no profit.  The dedicated ‘front liners’ would do this to help raise the frequency as is their responsibility in a way and show the ‘Makers’ they really care and are worthy of involvement.  That’s the big question isn't it?  Do they care enough?   

Let’s find reasons to do this rather than excuses not to.  One may say - “Oh, we need to live, make a living.”  Of course we all do, we have jobs/professions/trades.  However, we could raise the bar, by helping others in holidays  i.e. hire a coach, or promote ‘Gift Economy’.  If some wont do it I know others that can afford to and will.  This is true expressed love for the CCs and could be the norm with a will to do so.  Spreading awareness and being of service is a privilege beyond measure and is more than enough reward if you really care.  Do for free.  If The Divine in some shape or form, were to suddenly appear would it be morally right to charge people for an audience.   I would willingly give my time to help and feel it an honor.    

Access to CC consciousness could be inclusive and at cost price and given with love.  Anyone who exploits CCs for financial gain could review their position.   

I know this ‘suggestion’ will be a shock to those with vested interest and upset their game plan, as at this current stage in our evolution we live largely in the commercial loop.  Tomorrow we may not, but we will have to work to get out of it if we feel it is of value. This process needs to start somewhere.  CCs are clearly not placed on earth for our entertainment and exploitation.  They come from a hugely advanced source that is concerned for us.  If we continue to walk on the ‘same old tread mill’ of ‘all roads lead to cash’ we will have missed the point entirely and also a chance to evolve as a species.   

I was a trustee and co-director several years ago for WCCSG.  This organization was registered as a charity, for the good of all, and made no profit.  The formulation was sound and it worked.  There is no reason why other such organizations shouldn't follow suit.   

Now, you may also say - “We are being charged to enter the field”.  If a farmer, who is nothing to do with the CCs scene, is gracious enough to allow visitors onto his land, we can be grateful by giving to him and his charity, which in itself has , or should have, a huge feel-good factor.  CGI services are good PR - we help the farmer in a very practical way and on a daily basis.  This requires sometimes stepping out of ones comfort zone.  To date CGI (all voluntary) have raised over £3,000 this year most of which is going to charity in Dorset.  We are not trying to do something, we are doing something.  So, the message - sorry - “suggestion” - ALL AT COST PRICE!  If you can’t afford to help for free let someone else do it who can.  See it as an philanthropic exercise.  I am fortunate, I have resources enough to place me in CC land year after year.  Throughout my time, I have met most of the main players and have a real insight into the back room ‘goings on’, believe me. This all makes me very sad.  All the trouble seems to stem from money and ego.  It is not always a happy place and much ego lead time is spent squabbling about money, status and photographs - worse than the paparazzi sometimes. 

Before you clap to hard, ask a few direct questions.  

The emphasis could be on the tens of thousands of ordinary people wishing to visit a crop circle.  If the whole world were to find its way into a crop circle, it would no doubt be a happier place.  I must say Dorset seems much closer to this position, currently.  So again, all at cost and just for Love, if you can’t afford to help, let someone who can.   

On a final note the old fashioned selfish ways of - “Lets rush our money - paying - group to the latest CC before the farmer finds out” mentality, should now be questioned by all conscious responsible participants.  This is exactly the behavior that is killing off the phenomenon in Wiltshire and hardly comes from a position of Spirituality that many in the field profess to possess. 

The invasion of the Charlton Estate CC clearly tainted CGI attempts at negotiating a favorable outcome and the fact that information was deliberately withheld from us obviously didn't help either. 

So next time visitors, when you are offered a chance to go to a CC, please ask your ‘leader’ if there is an agreed farmer permission. Surely this must be right.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 10/07/2014

The Love Affair is Over! 

The farmers of Wiltshire have made it quite clear that they have had enough.  Thirty years of invasion and disrespect has taken its toll.  The ‘Makers’ are increasingly taking their work to more fertile ground, knowing that the Wiltshire ‘love affair’ is over and no longer tenable.  I believe the farming community is quite aware that as a result of this position the Wiltshire tourist industry will indeed suffer. As enterprises such as B&B, pubs, hotels, tea rooms and merchandising will lose trade as a result.   

CGI respect and support the farmers wishes and make recommendations where appropriate, which they find helpful and thank us for.  The goose that laid the golden egg has now had its day and it looks like all the folks that exploited the Wiltshire CCs will have to review their position.  Also a so called ‘permit scheme’ fronted by a Dutch woman and an Australian guy seems to have been the catalyst for this change.  These people played right into the official hands driven by ego and self-interest. 

All the sycophantic support afforded to said folly scheme are now left looking quite ridiculous as their misguided hopes and dreams from more money and popularity have been flushed right down the proverbial ‘Swanee River’ in a very leaky boat indeed.  These are merely observations that all this really does seem like the stuff of black comedy, where some appear to take themselves far too seriously!  The genetics of this long term in-bred, self-interested, sometimes tribal culture really does now seem to be just a little bit old fashioned.  Perhaps its time for some new DNA, some ‘new blood’ with a fresh new approach - self-aware and perhaps of a more spiritual nature.  There is one thing we can all know, be in no doubt, it is the Makers that are in charge here. No matter what we do or little schemes that we try to assert, it will be them that makes the final choice.   

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 26/06/2014

Reflections upon Wiltshire from a Dorset Perspective.

I’ve been ensconced down in Dorset for a week now doing CGI work at the gate. The energy down here is pure and joyous. There are no undercurrents or people with agendas to speak of and the locals have embraced this amazing CC event with a fresh and untainted perspective, welcomed it and are incorporating it into their social calendar. The farmer’s mother baked me a cake yesterday, which gives you an idea. It is so refreshing and a great relief after all the political nonsense that has prevailed in Wiltshire for so long and came to a head last season. Nonsense is still persisting this season as all the precious contenders fight to protect their own interests. It feels very sad.

Being away and having an opportunity to reflect is useful as one is not caught up in the heat of it all. I see something unravelling, falling apart, something that is well overdue. It is common knowledge within the CC community that which is brought unto the CCs is amplified, made more and this now actually seems to be happening in Wiltshire. There have been no credible or significant CCs up there to date and the one they did get their hands on has now been trashed by persons unknown. A long time trader and mis-informer has now been made to look a complete fool and put into a position whereby he is operating out of a metal cargo container in the grounds of a well-known pub in The Vale which …wait for it…has a black shop window mannequin standing on the roof! This I find quite disturbing actually despite sounding amusing. This setup hardly resonates well with the spirit of the CCs as it feels and looks very ‘dark’. A scheme to peddle so called ‘crop circle permits’ just refuses to work for a second year after being advised from the beginning the formulation was quite unworkable. This scheme was media hyped and not surprisingly backed by all the long-time people with vested interests who are now I imagine, or should be, becoming  somewhat  disillusioned by this folly.

 So, Wiltshire wise, the house of cards really does seem to be a ’falling down. Most of the front line characters involved I have to say seem to be more interested in themselves and money than the evolution, beauty and message of the CCs. None of them can see the sense of CGI, or have conveyed this to me and have never shown an interest, yet it is the scheme that is working well. I find this very interesting.

Dorset on the other hand is all positivity and light…all good energies. It’s almost as if the Circlemakers have had enough of all this ‘people nonsense’ and are choosing to place their work where people are more receptive and untainted by bad energies. Like darkness and light, love and hate the light and love, in the long run as we all know, will prevail. Perhaps this shift is the real meaning of 2012, a renaissance towards more purity, a rebirth.

The best laid schemes o’mice and men often go awry! … Robbie Burns.. 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 09/05/2014

Do you think we passed the 30 year ‘test’?

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

CGI Update. 31/03/2014

Visiting  UK Crop circles  during the 2014 Season.

by Paul Jacobs for CGI.

CGI Update. 12/12/2013

A Renewed Approach

 By Paul Jacobs

CGI Update. 23/11/2013

Report on Eye-Witnessed Event at Salthrop, Wiltshire.

by Paul Jacobs for CGI.

CGI Update. 27/08/2013

Reflections on an Extraordinary  Season

by Paul Jacobs for CGI.

CGI Update. 16/08/2013

“This morning 16/8/13 Jamie Maussan,  prime time paranormal presenter for Mexican TV came along to Hackpen Hill to report on the crop circles there. I felt honoured and indeed privileged to be interviewed by him with his enthusiasm and support for the work of CGI. This interview will go out ‘live’ later today to no less than 4.3 million people. To quote from his entry into our visitor’s book…

If you would like to view the show which includes the CGI Hackpen Hill interview with Jaime Maussan
(estimated viewers were over 4m) in it's entirety go to this link...The feedback was very good evidently'

What a brilliant start to another day on the Hill!

Paul Jacobs (CGI) 

CGI Update. 07/08/2013

Help for Wiltshire Farmers. 

Dear Farmers,

As you all may be well aware the tourist industry in Wiltshire is worth a considerable amount, a conservative estimate being around £1 billion per annum. Crop circles, like them or not, support this figure by an incalculable but substantial amount most probably. Hotels, pubs, B and B’s restaurants, gift and tea shops and coach tours to name but a few all benefit from their presence. Crop circles have been a recurring theme now for around 30 years and arguably some of this industry has built up and prospered around them.

We at the CGI (Core Group Initiative) are all too aware of the added workload and inconvenience Crop Circles put upon a farmers already demanding day. The potential and actual damage to crop and farm infrastructure is obvious. CGI assist farmers in this regard by way of people, land and traffic management at completely no cost to the farmers concerned thereby allowing the farmers to get on with the business of farming, free of worry and lessening the social tension for all. This free service given by our team of devoted members will be present ‘at the gate’ to greet, deal with and direct the visiting public in an organised and coordinated way. Educating them on such matters as farmer respect and visiting etiquette being prime to their role. Established good working relations with the local police force who routinely advise on such matters as car security are called upon as needed. Farmers themselves would obviously also be consulted and advised on such matters as fencing issues, visitor routing and parking areas. In other words, an active working relationship between all three parties.

Another aspect of CGI is a money/farmer donation collection service. Over the last three years this has been a great success with some local farmers and has this year grown. Local charities such as The Fluency Trust based in Swindon, St James’ Church central heating fund, Avebury, Prospect Hospice, M.D.N. I.A (Marlborough Downs Nature Improvement Area) trust having benefited substantially. This aspect is offered to farmers on a ‘choice and choose’ basis, farmers choosing which charity, usually local and what percentage to give. (Some farmers retain a percentage for damage others not).

The fact is Crop Circles are an inconvenient fact and show no sign of abating. CGI accepts this and wish to help farmers and community in a positive way to ‘make best of a bad lot’. As founder member and coordinator of CGI I would ask more farmers in the area to give this formulation a go…try it next season and see how it works. Up until now though it seems to work well. Farmer references upon request.

‘Cooperating with farmers’ is CGI’s motto!  

Paul Jacobs for CGI. 

CGI Update.

One of CGI’s aims right now is to rekindle the magic of the crop circles that some feel has been somewhat overshadowed by farmer/visitor relations in recent years. Another is to change the public’s perception of the crop circles by association with good and charitable causes including the voluntarily collection of donations for the farmer’s chosen charity. In this way the local community will soon see that CC’s are not such a negative thing  after all as they will realise they can generate relatively large sums of money and will see CC’s as a resource rather than a hindrance.  Already this year we have raised 1000’s of pounds for such causes.

Compensation for farmers’ loss is of course an issue but my understanding is, and the view of many farmers, invasion and damage is more of a concern. To intelligently manage land, people and traffic issues around CC sites is of obvious benefit to farmers who can then get on with the job of farming knowing their interests are being looked after. This is what CGI do, we act as farmer advocates but also help to educate and inform the visiting public in the process. Visitor opinion and endorsement of our activities seems to be most positive and feels almost overwhelming at times. They say this philosophy and practice resonates so well with the spirit of the CC phenomenon. Needless to say I feel very hopeful for the future despite this year, thus far, being a little low on numbers.

Happy Circling!

Paul Jacobs for CGI  



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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