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The Philosopher’s Stone

‘A Stone Most Precious’


Kris Weber Sherwood

(excerpted from the work in progress:
The Word is Nine
by Ed and Kris Sherwood)

Having the glory of god: and her
light was like unto a stone most precious,
even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;
Revelation 21:11

‘These are the days of miracle and wonder...’
Paul Simon/Graceland 

The Philosopher’s Stone is an ancient symbol that originates in the roots of Hermetic philosophy and the alchemical arts. It is a metaphorical symbol of ultimate accomplishment. It represents the reward to the quest for a ‘higher purpose’; an allegorical concept of refinement of an element to its perfection. And as such, to the medieval alchemist it was the catalyst in the long sought after magical process that could transmute lead into gold, and its resultant reward: The Philosopher’s Stone.

In a spiritual sense, attaining The Philosopher’s Stone is a metaphor for ones’ personal evolution toward perfection of the soul. It is the prize for achieving spiritual enlightenment. It’s the ‘coming forth as gold’; the ’pearl of great price’; being one with Cosmic Consciousness; having undeniable personal experience of God.

A graphic image found in alchemical manuscripts of the Philosopher’s Stone is that of a six-pointed star which has a ‘small dot above the upper right point’ (Fig.2a). The ‘small dot’ representing the ‘presence of God and guidance of the Divine Spirit’.

In 1997, breathtakingly presented at the foot of Silbury Hill, those of us witnessing the modern day miracles expressed in Crop Circles received our own Philosopher’s Stone! (Fig. 1) It was the magnificent ‘Fractal Star of David’, as named by Peter Sorensen in his silhouette drawing of it (Fig. 2b); also called the ‘Koch I Snowflake’ after the fractal Swedish mathemetician Helge von Koch, who defined the principles of the ‘Koch Curve’ (Fig. 3), a fractal shape with the  paradoxical qualities of a finite space contained by an eventually infinite border. This fractalised six-pointed star Crop Circle design was in fact an ultimate embodiment of The Philosopher’s Stone! Not only did it have the ‘small dot above its upper right point’ to signify the ‘presence of God, it was surrounded with a joyous garland of ‘small dots’, emphasising the abundant presence of God and Divine Guidance! When aligned with Silbury Hill at the top of the picture, the ‘small dot’ representing God was positioned just above the upper right fractal point of the star! A glorious confirmation of our collective move toward higher consciousness. The complex interleaving of the ground lay created a glinting, crystalline image that moved with depth and dimensional structure when viewed from the air; its green-gold facets gleaming ‘even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;’.

philosophers1.gif (3674 bytes)


This formation was supremely layered with vast and interconnected meanings of profound significance; implicit in the timing, placement, design, and physical components. I have found so many incredible layers to this single formation alone, that I will have to just scratch the surface here and save much of the minutia for ‘the book’. Ed also has his own astounding experiences and observations that add to the genesis of this formation. In a chronology that had its beginning in 1992, his name is rightfully the first that should be inscribed on this ‘Stone’; but that is his to tell, and he will do in his part of this larger ‘work in progress’.

The genuine Crop Circle phenomenon has demonstrated its ability to be psycho-interactive with those giving their attention to it. There have been multitudinous examples of this remarkable component to its creative process. Most researchers can relate personal experiences with this aspect of the phenomenon. My husband, Ed Sherwood, has realised that the Collective Mind and the Infinite Intelligence of God is the true Source of all genuine Crop Circle formations, and has known this since the Spring of 1991, when he decoded the 1990 Alton Priors East Field ‘Weather Symbol’ formation. Ed’s comprehensive understanding and experience of the phenomenon has deepened and enriched my own ability to understand how it can manifest interactively with and through our consciousness. I have been able to apply that knowledge to my own observations of what is being shown to us through Crop Circles, thus seeing more clearly and intuitively the many intricate facets to their meaning. I have found that understanding the ‘Source’ clarifies the message and renders the Creator’s ‘handwriting’ legible. The symbols and numbers so ingeniously encoded in the genuine glyphs say their Creator’s own name repeatedly and resoundingly for all who will look, to be able to find and know. The signs reveal pan-cultural clues, many that can be traced to the beginning of written records, that can only point to a single, all inclusive, Omniscient source.

The spectacular ‘Snowflakes’ of 1997 had multiple influencing factors instrumental in their creation, and there were at least three major events of Collective Conscious focus that, in my view, contributed directly to the genesis of their particular designs. I will elaborate further on them in following paragraphs. The first of the contributing events was the controversial, and subsequently dismissed as the hoax it was, Oliver’s Castle Lights video that supposedly shows a ‘Snowflake’ crop formation being created by flying balls of light. The second event contributing to the snowflake designs was a synchronised worldwide meditation for the healing of the Earth Mother Gaia, called the GaiaMind Global Meditation in January 1997. The third main contributing event was a gathering

philosophers2.gif (1654 bytes)

of like-minded folks, focused by researcher Dana Thibault on the fractal principles of the mathematician Koch, during a Sophia Institute presentation in Denver, Colorado on February 22nd of 1997; wherein he screened an illustration of the Koch ‘snowflake’ fractal, while speaking of the awesome fractal designs seen in past Crop Circles formations. (I recommend anyone who has not seen Dana’s astounding ‘Fractal Miracles of Nature’ presentation to contact Backcountry Productions in Colorado and order a copy of the video.)

The true Crop Circle phenomenon has been known to respond interactively to the efforts of hoaxers as well as to dedicated researchers. There are many stories from admitted hoaxers, who have had first hand experiences with the real phenomenon in the fields while attempting to make their hoaxes. I don’t think it is any coincidence that, as the end of the ‘96 Crop Circle season was rife with controversy over the infamous ‘Snowflake’ video and as researchers argued, some vilifying each other mercilessly for their opinions of it in the following months; no coincidence that one of the first truly impressive authentic formations of the ‘97 season was in the hexagonal shape of a snowflake! So much time and energy was spent debating the authenticity of the video, that has now been proven to have been an elaborate hoax. This one disreputable video clip has gotten more attention from the mainstream media than all the genuine Crop Circles that have appeared since 1996! Snowflakes and six-pointed stars were in the forefront of consciousness as the new Crop Circle season began; the genuine ‘Circlemaker’ had answered back stunningly, but it was just one layer of the fantastic ‘glass onion’ in store for us in 1997.

The GaiaMind Meditation was a globally synchronised event meant to focus ‘unified global consciousness’ on our ‘interconnected relationship with Gaia - the living Earth’. A moment to direct our love and healing, both environmentally and spiritually, toward our precious endangered planet, and hopefully a new planetary awareness of our vital interdependence: ‘a healing transformation of the Earth’ (sort of a global ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ for Gaia?).

philosophers3.gif (6863 bytes)

A time to envision a balancing of the long neglected feminine aspects of creation, and reclaim our Goddess before she finally suffers irreparable damage. The inspiration for the timing of the meditation being a very rare and ‘archetypally appropriate’ and balanced astronomical alignment of stars and planets on January 23, 1997, that would form a gigantic six-pointed star spread out across the heavens. The alignment, that had not occurred since Renaissance times, would be marked around the globe, with synchronised groups of mediators at exact local times, as the galactic Star of David passed overhead (Fig. 4). Visit the permanent website at <> to see and read more about this historic event. At the time it was the largest global meditation ever organised.

I posted the GaiaMind announcement on the wall above my desk at work, where it stayed for the rest of the year. Ed and I wholeheartedly joined in on the 23rd of January along with many friends, and all the others around the world, who meditated on peace and healing and the Mandala of that six-pointed star. The astrological chart of the GaiaMind alignment on the wall poster was inscribed with multiple lines delineating the archetypal star within a hexagonal frame of tangents, which looked remarkably like the basic structure of the Stonehenge Snowflake that would appear on June 9, nearly five months later (Fig.5). After it appeared in June, I posted a photo of the Stonehenge Snowflake over my desk next to the GaiaMind notice. Within a few days it occurred to me in a ‘revelatory flash’, that the Snowflake formation was a near perfect representation of the GaiaMind alignment! The effect of focused consciousness and meditation in relation to Crop Circle creation again apparently demonstrated, brilliantly and elegantly, and in seeming answer to the question posed on the GaiaMind website: ‘What influence could millions of people joined in simultaneous meditation and prayer have on global consciousness?’

The Stonehenge Snowflake turned out to be the first of several hexagram based formations of 1997, including the atypically straight-line structure of the Cley Hill Formation that followed in early July (Fig. 6). The ‘Snowflake’ formations not only looked remarkably like the grid of lines forming the alignment of the GaiaMind astrological chart posted on my wall: they also contained the multiple and ancient symbolic references and meanings of the six-pointed star/hexagram, including: the two opposing overlayed triangles that are the archetypal representation of the ‘sacred union’ of male and female principles, the heiros gamos, the ‘chalice and the blade’; to alchemists fire and water; also the Yin/Yang; the spinning double tetrahedra of the ‘living merkaba’, and it is the earliest

philosophers4.gif (3484 bytes)

known symbol of the Creator. To my further amazement, while researching this article I learned that the Pisces astrological symbol (Fig. 7) is another representation of the lapis philosophorum, the Philosopher’s Stone! Incredibly, on the same night that the Koch I Snowflake was created, a formation obviously referencing Pisces appeared at Roundway (Fig. 8), in the exact location of the ‘94 Oliver’s Castle Crescents: the field that had received two closely related formations I had previously written about in ‘The Scorpius Hour’ article. The July morning in 1997 that I climbed the Roundway hill and first saw the ‘Pisces’ formation, I became aware that I was living the completion of a precognitive dream I had dreamed thirty years ago! It was that moment I beheld my personal Philosopher’s Stone. (More on this in a future article.)

A month after the GaiaMind meditation took place, Dana Thibault presented his ‘Fractal Miracles of Nature’ talk during a Crop Circle oriented seminar in Denver, Colorado, also attended by fellow researchers Peter Sorensen, Ron Russell, and Michael Glickman. During his presentation Dana illustrated the intricacies of fractal structure in nature as expressions of the Creator’s infinitely ingenious Mind. He included Koch’s fractal theory, and projected a graphic of the ‘Koch Snowflake fractal’ to the rapt audience. Dana’s insightful and eloquent demonstration of evidence also reveals the true Creator behind the Crop Circle mystery, compellingly, and undeniably. When the Koch I Snowflake appeared the following July, he was given a personal response: he held The Philosopher’s Stone.

Browsing in the Avebury bookshop after visiting the fresh Koch I Snowflake formation in July of 1997, I was drawn to a book of Runes that I bought and tucked away for the long flight back to California. Opening the book later I was stunned to confront the image of Hagal, the Mother Rune (Fig. 9); the rune of disruption that creates change needed for growth, at times catastrophic change, but one that suggests an eventual move toward a more harmonious natural balance. Hagal, the ‘lucky star’, the ‘hex (hexagonal ) sign’ of folk tradition, commonly seen as a decoration on barns or windows, to ward off bad weather and other natural disasters. I read with mouth agape as I realised the significance of Hagal, the ninth rune. The ‘language’ of the ‘Northern Tradition’, of the  ancient local people of the land, had materialised as yet another layer of meaning I was to find in that summer’s Crop Circles.

philosophers5.gif (4440 bytes)

I suddenly recognised Hagal in magnificent ‘hex’ signs embossed across the English landscape! I wondered in amazement what possible future ‘bad weather’ such heroic invocations of Hagal’s protection might possibly portend.

Enigmatically, in the spring of 1997 in a paper written by Nancy Talbot, and released by BLT Research on their biophysical research, Nancy commented on the geometry found in nature in relation to Crop Circle designs: "Think, for example, of snowflakes--their amazing variety and delicacy of pattern. If snowflakes were considerable larger than they are we would surely be as astounded by them as we often are by the crop formations."

It appears that we did just that, and they certainly were, and we absolutely are. 

Kris Weber Sherwood

Millennium Research

May 1999

(To be continued... in The Word is Nine - Part Two by Ed & Kris Sherwood)


Fig. 1 Koch I Snowflake Crop Circle formation July 22/23 1997- (frame capture*) from

‘The Stars Alight’ - Peter Sorensen’s 1997 video

Fig. 2 Philosopher’s Stone (2a) & Koch I Snowflake Crop Circle formation (2b)
- diagram by Ed Sherwood

Fig. 3 Step 3 of the Koch Curve Snowflake fractal - diagram by Ed Sherwood

Fig. 4 GaiaMind astrological chart - GaiaMind website graphic @

Fig. 5 Stonehenge Snowflake Crop Circle formation  June 1997- diagram by Ed Sherwood

Fig. 6 Cley Hill Hexagram Crop Circle formation  July 14 1997- diagram by Peter Sorensen

Fig. 7 Astrological Pisces symbol - Diagram by Ed Sherwood

Fig. 8 ‘Double Ringed Pisces’ Crop Circle formation July 22/23, 1997 - Roundway, near Oliver’s Castle Hillfort, Wiltshire, UK - diagram by Ed Sherwood

Fig. 9 The runeHagal’, as the ‘solid hagalaz’ (9a) - Runelore by Edred Thorssen/Samuel Weiser, Inc.1987/Hagal variations (9b & 9c) - Runic Astrology by NigelPennick/Capall Bann Publishing/UK, diagrams adapted by Ed Sherwood
(* Thanks to Kristina Schoentag for her assistance.) 

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Graceland - Paul Simon/Warner Bros. Records 1986
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