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Updated Thursday 14th June 2007

Scientific Research into the Worldwide Crop Circle Phenomenon by Ed and
Kris Sherwood

Ed & Kris Sherwood on The Jeff Rense Cyber Radio
                          (Main Jeff Rense website @ <>)    

Originally broadcast live on February 24th, and again on 'The Best of Jeff Rense'
Saturday February 26th; this two hour interview (second and third hour of the show) with
Ed & Kris can still be heard via the Jeff Rense Website Program Archives.

Hear Ed and Kris discuss their latest Crop Circle research; their understanding of the
Infinite Mind, 'Message', and Co-Creative Force behind the genuine Crop Circle
phenomenon; and their ongoing Psychic Photography work documenting the psychically
interactive 'luminosities' seen and photographed at 'vortex' or 'ley-line' crossing points,
and also in association with Crop Circle formation. (Watch for Ed's upcoming article on
this fascinating subject.) 

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Balls of Light Photographed Inside Four Crop Circle Formations

A Millennium Research Psychic Photography Report Preview 2000

Featuring light balls seen, and photographed, inside four July 2000 crop circle formations, minutes after group meditation. Important note: The luminosities photographed were witnessed by everyone present inside each crop circle formation during the Psychic Photography experiments. An article supporting this photo preview is currently in process and
will follow once completed.

The Philosopher's Stone: A Stone Most Precious

by Kris Sherwood, excerpted from a combined work-in-progress ‘The Word Is Nine’: Crop Circle Metaphors 1997

by Ed & Kris Sherwood.

In ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ Kris examines the diverse layers of meaning contained in the genuine ‘Snowflake’ formations of 1997, and how specific events of our Collective Conscious focus helped contribute to their creation. The ancient alchemical symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone brings a message to us all on the eve of the New Millennium.

Ed and Kris on the Art Bell website on two live talk
radio programs. RealAudio player is required.

Their first appearance with guest host Hilly Rose on October 21st, 1998.

Their second appearance with
Art Bell on January 22nd, 1999



New Video Now Available From The International UFO Congress: Kris Sherwood’s talk presentation, “The Best of the 1998 Crop Circles”, given on August 8, 1998; the final day of the Second Annual 8 day Summer Seminars, sponsored by the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.

The 65 minute VHS tape is $29.95 + p&h (an audio cassette is also available at a proportionately lower price; details available from UFO
Congress) Please order directly:

The International UFO Congress
9975 Wadsworth Parkway #K2-504
Westminster, Colorado 80021 USA


Marine Lightwheels
Crop Circles of the Sea? by Kris Sherwood

UPDATE: Re: ‘Marine Lightwheels-Crop Circles of the Sea?’: Ed and Kris
Sherwood receive new documentation of astonishing recent eyewitness
sightings of this little known and fantastic phenomenon.

The Scorpius Hour of 1994 
by Kris Weber Sherwood

In this article Kris documents her observations on how the Crop Circle
designs of 1994 diagrammed and mirrored the progression of the
Shoemaker/Levy-9 Comet collision with Jupiter, at times in precise
astronomical detail, and with demonstrably ‘precognitive’ knowledge of
that unprecedented event.

"Let Us Remember Dragons".
A Meteorological Connection in Crop Circles by Ed Sherwood.


Oliver's Castle Lights Video:

 A few words from Kris Sherwood July 5, 1997

Kris comments on the infamous 1996 video from the vantage point of her
over 30 year career working in the field of animation and special
effects for film and television; also having served many years as an
International CLIO Awards judge in the Animation (traditional &
computer) and Film Effects related categories.

Laguna Canyon Crop Circle Formation. 

Reported March 9th 1996

An article, condensed from the Sherwood’s 25 page report, examines the
remarkable Laguna Canyon, California formation of March 1996. The only
Crop Circle researchers to document the formation, Ed and Kris quickly
realized that it was made up of petroglyph symbols of the local Tongva
tribe, the Native Americans once indigenous to the Los Angeles Basin.
Tests conducted by Dr. Levengood confirmed the undeniable biophysical
changes associated with the genuine Crop Circle phenomenon. Aerial photo
by Marj Krstien included.

On an historical note: Though they were once the sole residents of the
entire Los Angeles area, the Tongva Nation, a very few of which still survive,
incredibly has yet to be ‘officially recognized’ as a tribe by the
United States Government!

Laguna Canyon Crop Circle Report

How to order the Laguna Canyon Report.

Two Views of the same Fractal

 by Kris & Ed  Sherwood.

An examination of the construction, symbology, and numerological
similarities between the ‘Double Helix’ and the ‘Julia Set’ formations
of 1996. (Written and distributed before the Windmill Hill formation


 By Ed & Kris Sherwood

This is an expansion on the previous article ‘Two Views of the Same
Fractal’. Written after the appearance of the Windmill Hill formation of
1996, this additional essay describes and interprets the third member of
this interrelated fractal trio of Crop Circles.

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