Crop Circle Avebury 2008 predicts The Great Comet Panstarrs 2013

In 2008 I tried to solve the puzzle from the crop circle which appeared in England Avebury Manor, July 22, 2008. I wrote a small article about it on the crop circle connector and I concluded that it was probably planet Niburu or a spaceship who was coming to visit us! But Now I know I was wrong with that conclusion.

Last night I could not sleep, a strange energy kept me awake and something wanted me to get information on the Avebury manor crop circle. I realized that on the crop formation was depicted a comet entering our solar system. This year there are coming two comets, comet Panstarrs and comet Ison. Astronomers are expecting that comet Ison will become as bright as the moon and comet Panstarr is expected to become as bright as the planet Venus.

Already some crop circles in the past have predicted comets, so I tried to look for these comets in the Avebury manor crop circle.

I used SkySafari on my Ipad to look for comet Panstarrs. It was located, this past night, near the constellation Virgo, almost where the moon was located. 

When you study the Avebury manor circle you can see that it consists of 2 pictures. One picture on the left, is from the solar system and the positions of the planets and a comet on December 23, 2012. On the picture on the right you can see the orbit of our moon and a picture of a strange saucer shaped objects, with eleven small dots surrounding it. 

Eleven days after December 23 makes January 4th and at 03:35 hours you can see the precise position from comet Panstarrs at the same position as depicted in the Avebury manor 2008 crop circle. So that is coming night for us in Europe. The dot in the top of the comet is in fact the coma of the comet, which is now already very active and that is why astronomers predict this as a very bright comet! Now, I am asking you, how do the crop circle makers know that this comet has the gift to produce a very active coma? Very litlle comets can produce that.

I find this a remarkable prediction from the crop circle makers, four and a half years before this comet is visiting our solar system.

As far as I know, no other person has come to this conclusion of The Avebury Manor Crop Circle!

What do you think about this solution?

I will send you in a second email the pictures from sky safari and the Avebury manor cc.

January 4 is already this night in Europe.

Glenn Aoys



Incidentally for Glenn Aoys, the bright comet shown at Avebury in 2008 appears to be comet Ison (11 months after December 23, 2012) at magnitude -5 like Venus or the Moon  rather than comet Panstarrs (sometime in March 2013) at faint magnitude 0  Thus on January 4, 2013 (11 days after December 23, 2012) we did not see any comet at all, as Glenn had suggested.

Red Collie


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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