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This seems to be where the “circle-and-crescent” style of many French crop pictures is coming from: consider the Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…) and its many geometric representations! 

Thanks to Jain 108 Mathemagics for the diagram shown on the left regarding the numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13. No analogous “circle-and-crescent” diagram for the number “21” has previously been drawn except in crops, to the best of my knowledge. A close stylistic match between the number 13” as drawn by Jain 108, and the number “21” as drawn in crops near Rauwiller (shown at lower right), seems obvious:  

Why did the crop artist leave two places unflattened in a “nine-star” crop picture on August 19, 2015 near Etchilhampton?  

Should we count the total number of “points” of those “stars”, within each radial part of this crop picture, to find out?  How many “points” would there have been, if all regions of the Etchilhampton crop picture had been flattened as expected? (18)  How many “points” or small “rectangles” do we actually see drawn in crops, when we count carefully? (17)  


Which is the 17th letter of the alphabet? (Q)

What did President Trump say in Tampa on July 31, 2018? (17-17-17-17)

Which famous crop picture appeared on July 5, 2009 near Silbury Hill? What is it usually called? (Q.H.)

Who did a Wiltshire policeman see in that crop picture on the next morning of July 6, 2009? (the crop-circle makers)  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

An amazing art-puzzle from 2008 finally solved in 2019: the “Diamond Cross”  

When we overlap two different crop pictures which were drawn in maize about 5 km apart, on September 24 or 28, 2008 near Broad Hinton or Avebury respectively, we can see the highly clever, three-dimensional image of a “diamond-studded cross”. It seems to be made from four, upward-shining “rays of light”:  

At the time, some people dismissed these crop pictures as “human-made fakes”, because six thin lines in the picture of September 28 were drawn slightly-offset toward the centre. Now we can understand that all of those slight “offsets” were meant to provide a correct visual perspective in three dimensions. There were no “mistakes”.  

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me will stay in darkness.” (John 12:46) 

Two stylistically-similar images appeared in wheat during July of 2006 (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk) or August of 2008 (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Two crop pictures at Green Street near Avebury in 2014 showed the “combined blueprint” for a 12-pole electromagnetic induction motor, with 6 shorted wire-coils in its central rotor 

Many people visited two excellent crop pictures at Green Street near Avebury in late July or early August of 2014, but no one at the time understood what they meant. Now five years later, after studying the work of Nicola Tesla, we can say definitively that those two crop pictures showed a two-part “combined blueprint” for a 12-pole electromagnetic induction motor, with 6 shorted wire-coils in the spinning rotor at its centre. 

In this first slide, we can see that an August 8, 2014 crop picture at Green Street matched the style of a “rotor” from Tesla’s US patent 443,700, except with 6 shorted, copper wire-coils wrapped around its circumference, rather than 4 wire-coils as in Tesla’s patent:  


The back-and-forth lay of many “curved stripes” in that crop picture was amazing, and impossible for any local faker to have made using rope and boards. All of the fallen crop in one “stripe” was laid clockwise, then in the next “stripe” anti-clockwise, and in the next “stripe” clockwise, for about 10 different “stripes” in each six-fold-symmetric part of the crop picture, along the slope of a small hill.  

In the next slide, we can see those same features more clearly, by inverting the colour from brown to blue:  


We can also see, at upper right, how Tesla’s “4 wire-coil rotor” fit into a much larger set of 8 stator “poles” or electromagnets around the outside.  

In this final slide, we can see a “combined blueprint” for the entire motor, both rotor and stator, made by superimposing the two Green Street crop pictures on top of one another: 


Tesla’s US patent 443,700 showed the blueprint for an induction motor with 8 stator “poles” or electromagnets, and 4 shorted wire-coils in a central rotor (shown at upper centre).  

Two nearby crop pictures at Green Street in 2014 showed a combined blueprint for a slightly-different induction motor with 12 stator poles around the outside (which fire in time-sequence as one set of 6 poles “in”, then another set of 6 poles “out”), plus 6 shorted wire-coils in its central rotor (shown at lower left or right, in brown or blue).  

Those 12 stator “poles” create a rotating magnetic field, which can induce new electrical currents in a central rotor that has 6 shorted wire-coils. Such new electrical currents, and their associated magnetic fields, will cause the entire rotor to turn rapidly, with a slight angular lag (by means of Lenz-Law attractions), to 6 different two-phase, rotating magnetic fields in the stator.  

To conclude, these two crop pictures at Green Street in 2014 seem to have been 100% E.T. made. Also we learn, from studying such remarkable images, that the crop artists are highly-skilled electrical engineers. What would you expect, for a species which can travel from one star to another?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R, Drew)

Will friendly extra-terrestrials arrive openly soon on Earth? Two related crop pictures from the summer of 2018 suggest a possible near-future date of “3 years”, based on a puzzle made from the plot of a science-fiction movie called “The Arrival” in 2016.  

By Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie) (Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010) 

The Encryption Chain Reaction: can we make the sum of passwords, for any binary message, much longer than the original message itself? This method was found by studying computer messages given by UFOs or drawn in crops. 

Crop circles and Giza pyramid, a staggering connection!

By Veli Martin Keitel

Have the crop artists suggested to us a better way to transmit wireless electricity over large distances? Their method seems plausible: let’s build a model and find out!  

Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie)

 Did a small scout team consisting of “Q” and his friends land on Earth during the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, then later begin broadcasting to the world?

We can learn a lot from the Sutton Hall crop picture of August 17, 2017 which is now fully solved

By Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie)


The “human butterfly” crop picture of August 7, 2009 near Goes in the Netherlands: landscape imagery of a “caterpillar” seeing a “bird” flying overhead, and wishing to change into a “butterfly” so that he can fly too!  

Did local humans make a 530-meter “human butterfly” crop picture near Goes in the Netherlands, during the early morning of August 7, 2009, using a hypothetical “team” of 30 amateurs which no one saw in the field that night? Could a team of amateurs create the highly-rippled lays of fallen crop, or parallel outward flows, shown at times 3:10 or 26:40 of this commentary? (see www.youtube.com  Have those supposed “human crop artists” ever mentioned a landscape “caterpillar” looking up at a “bird”, as the primary reason for drawing a “human butterfly” in that particular field location?  


The answer is “no” to all three questions. Thus it seems more likely that this beautiful and enormous crop picture was drawn by the real E.T. crop artists, who wished to inform all seven billion “human caterpillars” living on Earth today, that they could change into “human butterflies” too, perhaps after death, by focusing on spiritual growth while they are alive. That is perhaps the single most important message which could be given to humanity today, in an era when almost everyone lives for money. 

An outward flow of spirit from the “heart” can change us from “caterpillars” into “butterflies”  

An outward flow of fallen crop (shown below) is centred on the “heart chakra”, where the human spirit is thought to reside. No team of 52 amateurs, using rope and boards, could lay so much crop radially outward in a “starburst” shape in the dark. No team could create so many precisely-rippled lays of fallen crop throughout this crop-drawn “human body”. No team would leave many brown wheat plants standing on crop tramlines. Rather the message from this seemingly-authentic, 530-meter-long crop picture is that our spirit can expand from the heart chakra, in order to turn human “caterpillars” into “butterflies”: 


Might there be some relation between “Q” or “Quetzalcoatl” the crop artist, and “Q” or “Q-anon” the mysterious Internet poster? A crop picture from June 18, 2017 near Vieux-Lixheim in France gives us new clues!  

By Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie)

The Power Circles IV

By Carlos Alberto Yates

Some spectacular crop pictures from 2018 or previous years have shown various kinds of “mechanical gear”. This is an important result that hardly anyone realized before. Who made such highly-technical crop pictures, and why? 

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

The real theory about the crop circles:

by Carlos Alberto Aires Yates

We saw a clever sleight-of-hand trick at Sarraltroff, worthy of the French magician Louis Compte: those men are just walking around inside of an already-existing picture, drawn in agricultural crops!  

Nous avons vu un tour de passe-passe astucieux chez Sarraltroff, digne du magicien français Louis Compte: ces hommes se promènent dans une image déjà existante, dessinée dans les cultures agricoles!  

Please examine the high-resolution photograph shown below, taken from a YouTube video made by some French debunkers. Do you see any crops being flattened? Or any parts of the completed crop picture which have not been flattened yet? The answer is clearly “no” to both questions:  

This was truly the clever sleight-of-hand trick by a professional magician! Why else would a big team of men walk around late at night under bright floodlights, in a crop picture which had appeared days earlier, except to take certain kinds of video footage, which would enable them to pretend later that they had “made” it? Louis Compte, incidentally, was the first magician to pull a “rabbit out of a hat”.  

Many congratulations to the instigators of this hoax, “Astronogeek” and “Defakator”, for nearly pulling it off (see Geek_Fa): 


Many authentic crop pictures have appeared broadly across France over the past 20 years. Quite obviously they cannot all be hoaxes: “Are you going to tell me that we can use planks with holes?” or “Vous allez me dire que l'on peut utiliser des planches à trous?” (see www.cerclesdanslanuit.com). This is true factual science, not some deceptive video posted on YouTube, more than two months after a real crop picture appeared.

More factually-incorrect news about the Sarraltroff crop picture from a science website in France 

Crop circle: How YouTubers fooled extra-terrestrial "experts" or Crop circle: Comment des youtubeurs ont berné des “experts” en extraterrestres (please see crop-circle-comment-des-youtubeurs-ont-bernes-des-experts-en-extraterrestres)  

In this article, we are informed that some guys drinking beer supposedly made a big and complex crop picture in “barely an hour”, by crushing large amounts of wheat with planks under their feet. The known facts are that any real crop picture of this size, made by the best experts in the UK using planks, would take 8-12 hours to complete. Since such an important part of their story is obviously false, could the rest of it be false as well?

“Armed with simple measuring tapes and a few beers, the members of this commando team acted in the middle of the night by the light of their frontal torches. Using a board under the foot, held at each end by a string, they thoroughly crushed the wheat in the field of a complicit farmer. The operation lasted barely an hour.”

“Armés de simples mètres rubans pour les mesures et de quelques bières,  les membres du commando ont agi en pleine nuit à la lueur de leurs torches frontales. Une planche sous le pied tenue à chaque extrémité par une ficelle, ils ont écrasé minutieusement les blés dans le champ d'un agriculteur complice. L'opération a duré à peine une heure.”

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

“Crop circles” have been appearing sporadically since the 17th century: they were not “first seen” in the 1980’s, when supposedly “two old men left the pub late at night with rope and boards”  

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

A Brief Reminder Before the 2018 Season Begins.

 "This is the most comprehensive, compelling and objective analysis of the Ansty 2016 event that exists on the net and should answer so many of the questions/posts I have read. It is based on facts as opposed to relying on wild exotic theory or anecdotal/ here-say 'reports'. IOWs..."He said, she said...I know the people that did it" type of nonsense etc. This report would be convincing enough in a court of law so it should satisfy most sensible queries and therefore should be taken very seriously".

Modern crop pictures suggest a new and improved method for ion propulsion through space, using a two-stroke, “in-out”, AC homopolar device, which scientists at NASA or universities worldwide seem not to have considered before


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

The Nuclear Power Disaster at Fukushima on March 11-14, 2011

One of many crop pictures from the summer of 2010, which foresaw a nuclear power disaster at Fukushima on March 11-14, 2011, gave a cryptic description of that “plutonium-and-uranium chain reaction” using mirror-writing in English letters and/or numbers on July 26, 2010, and also pointed toward a “schematic map” of the Fukushima nuclear power station in an English landscape nearby  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Andrew King sent me the following crop circles images to see if I  could locate and date them from the archives. Unfortunately I could not find them in the archives, so I am hopefully some one else might shine some light on this matter.

Was "Mothership Glass" near Ansty on August 6, 2016 a human-made fake? Very unlikely, since exactly the same "flower of life" pattern with “small curved triangles” was drawn in crops near Broad Hinton on July 24, 2003, more than 13 years earlier!

A research article by Jack Sullivan.  

2000 Chilbolton: Communication Device or New Model of The Nucleus

Michael F. Gray of Las Vegas, NV.

Three “seeing eye” crop pictures from Nettle Hill on August 16, 2014, Woodway Bridge on August 24, 2016, or Monarch’s Way on August 8, 2017, all show similar themes of “humans on Earth seeing a metaphorical serpent in the sky”, or alternatively a “serpent seeing humans here on Earth”  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Please look at the 2789.52 foot diameter decoded from the 2001 Arecibo Reply, may not be a reference to the "alien communication device" at all, as it is almost exactly equal to 1/2 the half-life of Carbon-14 (which is widely cited as 5580 years).

Michael F. Gray of Las Vegas

Some interesting new observations concerning a “co-created” crop picture from August 3, 2005 which showed six “Templar crosses”: striking and informative landscape images nearby  

"It's not quite so bewilderingly, mind bogglingly incomprehensible as you may think...LOL...please read on".

Paul Jacobs (CGI)


Probability Anomaly’…a very strong   indicator.

 "This is the so called' Galaxy' formation of 2001 on Milk Hill. It is the most extreme example I can think of to illustrate probability. It happened overnight in bad weather and is composed of no less than 409 separate circles. How probable would it be do you think that this event is mysterious in origin? Each circle would have to take around 45 seconds to construct given the restricted time frame in mid summer. Highly probable I would say!"

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Sensible Education...A Major Priority.

"It's a staggering fact that ongoing 'grass roots' education on this subject is almost non existent apart from Core Group Initiative (CGI) web site pages. Other information sharing has been limited to one or two local Wiltshire based formal 'talks' events which can in truth often include subject matter so exotic, complicated or specialist (often off topic)it is hard for most people to gain much benefit from". 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Something To Look Out For!


"As we eagerly await the first CF in barley, which now shouldn't be too long I hope, I would draw your attention once again to something I call 'Energy Leak' which falls into the realms of a probability anomaly. I identified this feature back in 2009 but strangely it still does not seem to be that well registered, even in the minds of seasoned crop-watchers, so this is just a reminder.  I would also urge all drone pilots to search and record such features when photographing new crop events as I regard this feature as very helpful and very strong indicator of mysterious activity as you will read in this article."

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Remember...This Just Simply Cannot Be Argued With!

"It is highly likely that this 2017 season will be no different from previous in terms of the usual quarrels, confusion and misunderstandings. This is a result of deliberate disinformation campaigns and lack of sound, understandable pragmatic and objective information. In this regard I would like to draw people's attention once again, before it all kicks off big time and remind readers of the hard, stark reality of practical construction when it comes to alleged human involved crop formation construction (or any other major, precise or complex construction.) Please read carefully and please remember such when all the silly nonsense stories start to appear, usually promoted by 'wise-men' of 'great authority' (LOL) who expect us to meekly believe what they say without question and always unsubstantiated. The example here, of Ansty last year is a very good one indeed".

Simply click on the image . (Copyright Jane Barford with thanks.)

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

A Taste of Things to Come?

Bridging the gap...it's up to us! This video example shows something which has been a rare event over the years. Not often will you hear a farmer and a CF advocate being recorded in this harmonising manner. Watch this video and see what you think.


Paul Jacobs (CGI)



Thoughts Prior to Season 2017

Sub title: Sociology Vs Patterns and Geometry. 


"The truthful reality is thus far that the majority of folks are quite naturally far more drawn to the amazing geometry which equates to the obvious.."

Paul Jacobs (CGI)


"The closest we get to this in the natural world is positive phototropism or sun-seeking which takes several days. We commonly find a bending feature in CFs but it is not phototropism as it is always present early on day one when it occurs which proves beyond any doubt that this is an unnatural event. This stalk is about 1cm in width,  mature and very brittle"!

Paul Jacobs (CGI)