Updated Saturday 9th June 2018

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In our attempt to become more responsible for giving out information on the locations for the Circles, we have published a Code of Conduct which was drawn up by the National Farmers Union in collaboration with the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. The Connector does not want to deny our readers the chance to visit a Crop Circle. It merely reminds you to ask for their permission to enter their fields.

Do not go onto private land unless you have permission from the farmer or landowner. If you can't find the farmer or landowner to ask permission-you have no right to enter private property.

IF you can not find the farmer DO NOT enter the field.

IF you wander into a formation without permission and a farmer catches you, DO NOT argue with him if he wishes you to leave his land.

CROP CIRCLE ETIQUETTE: Guidelines for visiting formations
The most important thing you will need if you plan to visit any crop circles this summer

The Pink Book
Click cover to download the PDF file

This little booklet is packed with practical information and advice about things to think about, and be mindful of, when visiting the crop circles and should be the constant companion to all those visiting the fields.

The importance of this little book cannot be overstated. It is an open attempt by the crop circle community to engage with the farmers and to improve awareness of both the countryside and the farmers' concerns about those visiting the fields.

The PINK BOOK is funded entirely by donations from the crop circle community and the general public. We really need your support to keep this vital little book in print. Donations can be sent to the address below. Cheques made payable to THE PINK BOOK please. Any amount, no matter how small is welcome.


You can download a PDF of the pink book for free, which you can then read or print out at home, by clicking on the book cover opposite.

Copies of the PINK BOOK will be also be available at tourist sites throughout Wiltshire, but you can also get your copy free by sending a stamped, addressed (A5 sized) envelope to:

THE PINK BOOK, 6 Townsend Farm Cottages, Horton, Wiltshire SN10 3NE

IMPORTANT: You will need to put a LARGE LETTER stamp on the envelope. If there is no postage, or inadequate postage on your envelope - it will not be sent back to you.

We can also supply multiple copies for tour groups in return for a small donation to our printing fund. We suggest a donation of 50p per copy.


Crop Circle Etiquette - Guidelines for visiting formations

We hope to spread this little book as far and as widely as we can. Many researchers carry a few copies with them to give out to people they may meet inside the circles - this is a great idea. They can also be given to any farmers you may meet. Copies can be obtained from the address above.

PS Here is a German Translation of the PINK BOOK Click on HERE to download.

Please Leave
a "Calling Card" with the farmer or landowner containing details of your name, and address.

Always use gates or stiles to enter fields, please do not climb fences.

Always close gates after passing through them.
(Of course it depends on whether it was closed to one's using it; one should leave it in its prior state.)

Do not take your own vehicles into the fields.

Cause as little damage to standing crops as possible.

Always use the tramlines to access to the Crop Circles.

Avoid making a track from an obvious point, i.e. gateways.

Walk in single file using the same track to get to the Crop Circle when remote from tramlines.

Do not take dogs into fields.

Do not leave objects or litter behind.


Remember that your actions will largely dictate the goodwill or otherwise of farmers and landowners who ultimately hold the key to responsible circle research.

Happy Circling!