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Simply because... CGI was a much needed, first and meaningful step towards crop formation/community integration...a sort of 'give peace a chance' opportunity. It was something that was farmer friendly, non-commercial and not an outright antagonistic 'wind-up' to that community. We've had conferences, talk shows....

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

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             A non-sensationalist viewpoint. Coincidence or significance?

"For those that have read any of my numerous reports previously you will know that I tend not to waste my time with speculations;  I only deal with what I either observe or know...."


A research article by Jack Sullivan.  

2000 Chilbolton: Communication Device or New Model of The Nucleus

Michael F. Gray of Las Vegas, NV.

Three “seeing eye” crop pictures from Nettle Hill on August 16, 2014, Woodway Bridge on August 24, 2016, or Monarch’s Way on August 8, 2017, all show similar themes of “humans on Earth seeing a metaphorical serpent in the sky”, or alternatively a “serpent seeing humans here on Earth”  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

BBC Radio Essex interview 23.8.17

Further To My Interview with BBC Radio Essex.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

2017...Season of Smiles.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Paul Jacobs with CGI posts us this great news regarding their crop circle charity fund raising project with the farmers since 2012. - "Here is the certificate from Brighter Futures for total sum raised by CGI to end of season 2017. - £15,969 - The sum raised for BF at Dorset 'Tree of Life' event was £524 and total sum raised at the Hackpen Hill event was £2339. The total sums raised by CGI for all charities and farmer contributions over the last 5 years is now a healthy £25,323. - This formulation has clearly been a major success and in theory will continue to be so, gathering momentum in different ways in years to come.': https://www.coregroupinitiative.com/home

"It's not quite so bewilderingly, mind bogglingly incomprehensible as you may think...LOL...please read on".

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Sad news regarding the once famous Barge Inn which no longer has its campsite and
looks like their are now major food and staffing problems.
A good idea to give The Barge Inn a wide berth this year I am sorry to point out.
Check the latest reviews, the one yesterday by Skyjumper is absolutely horrendous!!!!

www.tripadvisor.co.uk    Review -The_Barge_Inn-Pewsey_Wiltshire_England

Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset. Reported 16th June

Great News! CGI  (Core Group Initiative) with Paul Jacobs are to administer, on behalf of the farmer, the crop circle at Target Wood, near Badbury Rings, Dorset, UK. Reported on the 17th of June , 2017. The circle will be administered from 9am to 9pm. An entrance charge is asked for by the farmer of £3 which will go to the Brighter Futures and the local Community Hall Project charities with a small amount going to the farmer to compensate for the loss of his crop. This is the only crop circle that can be legally visited.  More information with the map ref (seen on top of webpage).

Response to Email from Distressed Individual.

"Today I received an email from someone who did not give their name and on the surface appeared to be a very frightened and distressed young man. I am approaching this from a viewpoint that very likely there are many more such people, especially young, vulnerable and uninformed that are trying to make sense of the phenomenon. Not only do we need to try and make sense of the world as a whole (very hard right now) but also this subject that runs parallel, that in truth no one is willing or able to address beyond a preoccupation with the obvious."

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Watch out for Debunkers!


"If you plan on visiting crop formation country in Wiltshire this season this is important information for you especially if you are less experienced or unacquainted with the on-the-ground 'scene'. The debunkers will spot you and see you as a vulnerable easy target and attempt to manipulate you with their charms. A raised awareness is invaluable. Forewarned is forearmed".

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Probability Anomaly’…a very strong   indicator.

 "This is the so called' Galaxy' formation of 2001 on Milk Hill. It is the most extreme example I can think of to illustrate probability. It happened overnight in bad weather and is composed of no less than 409 separate circles. How probable would it be do you think that this event is mysterious in origin? Each circle would have to take around 45 seconds to construct given the restricted time frame in mid summer. Highly probable I would say!"

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Sensible Education...A Major Priority.

"It's a staggering fact that ongoing 'grass roots' education on this subject is almost non existent apart from Core Group Initiative (CGI) web site pages. Other information sharing has been limited to one or two local Wiltshire based formal 'talks' events which can in truth often include subject matter so exotic, complicated or specialist (often off topic)it is hard for most people to gain much benefit from". 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

A Disturbing Report

By The Crop Circle Connector Team

Something To Look Out For!


"As we eagerly await the first CF in barley, which now shouldn't be too long I hope, I would draw your attention once again to something I call 'Energy Leak' which falls into the realms of a probability anomaly. I identified this feature back in 2009 but strangely it still does not seem to be that well registered, even in the minds of seasoned crop-watchers, so this is just a reminder.  I would also urge all drone pilots to search and record such features when photographing new crop events as I regard this feature as very helpful and very strong indicator of mysterious activity as you will read in this article."

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Remember...This Just Simply Cannot Be Argued With!


"It is highly likely that this 2017 season will be no different from previous in terms of the usual quarrels, confusion and misunderstandings. This is a result of deliberate disinformation campaigns and lack of sound, understandable pragmatic and objective information. In this regard I would like to draw people's attention once again, before it all kicks off big time and remind readers of the hard, stark reality of practical construction when it comes to alleged human involved crop formation construction (or any other major, precise or complex construction.) Please read carefully and please remember such when all the silly nonsense stories start to appear, usually promoted by 'wise-men' of 'great authority' (LOL) who expect us to meekly believe what they say without question and always unsubstantiated. The example here, of Ansty last year is a very good one indeed".

Simply click on the image . (Copyright Jane Barford with thanks.)

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

A Taste of Things to Come?

Bridging the gap...it's up to us! This video example shows something which has been a rare event over the years. Not often will you hear a farmer and a CF advocate being recorded in this harmonising manner. Watch this video and see what you think.


Paul Jacobs (CGI)


Thoughts Prior to Season 2017

Sub title: Sociology Vs Patterns and Geometry. 


"The truthful reality is thus far that the majority of folks are quite naturally far more drawn to the amazing geometry which equates to the obvious.."

Paul Jacobs (CGI)