Some spectacular crop pictures from 2018 or previous years have shown various kinds of “mechanical gear”. This is an important result that hardly anyone realized before. Who made such highly-technical crop pictures, and why? 

“Perhaps by cleverness we may bring knowledge of the truth.” ---Kepler to Galileo, 1597.  

To begin I would like to ask all of you, dear readers and friends, a simple question. Did some cabal of Professors of Mechanical Engineering, who teach at leading universities on Earth, design and then draw in the fields many different “mechanical gear” crop pictures which you will see below? Was this a clever trick to enlighten the enquiring minds of their young students, something akin to the “3-D adjustable cube” made by Professor Rubik?  

Or were these crop pictures made by super-smart extra-terrestrials, who have a more advanced knowledge of science and engineering than anyone else today on Earth? Perhaps those E.T.’s wish to enlighten us in a similar fashion? Please see the remarkable images shown below, and then you can decide. There has never been an article about “crop circles” before, which discusses these important points so clearly. The case for a “highly technical origin” of many crop pictures now seems overwhelming:  


The central detail at Chesterton Windmill on July 26, 2018 showed a “spinning spoked wheel” 



The central part of Longwood Warren on July 10, 2018 showed a “ratchet-pinwheel gear” 

The central part of Hackpen Hill on June 9, 2018 showed a spinning “film-reel gear” 

The overall crop picture at Chesterton Windmill on July 26, 2018 showed a “turning windmill gear”, as a metaphor for our Moon turning through Earth’s sky toward a lunar eclipse, while planet Earth was spinning below in an opposite direction 

Three different outer-arm details at Chesterton Windmill on July 26, 2018 showed a “single toothed gear” with 11 “teeth”  

The centre of Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018 showed a “triply compound gear” with 15, 21 or 29 “teeth” in each of its three radial parts respectively 

Two different crop pictures at Chesterton Windmill on July 26, or Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018, showed four different “toothed gears”, with 11, 15, 21 or 29 “teeth” respectively as a mathematical series 

Two different crop pictures at Ammersee, Bavaria on July 18, 2014, then near Mixon, England on August 10, 2018, showed two kinds of “planetary” or “spherical gears”  

The crop picture at Ammersee, Bavaria on July 18, 2014 showed a three-part “planetary gear”, consistent with its appearance near a series of large radio-telescopes   

The crop picture at Mixon near Etchilhampton on August 10, 2018 showed the projected image of a “spherical gear”, which contained many independent “planetary” parts 

Many different kinds of “mechanical gear” were drawn in crops during the summer of 2018, including some which even “counter-rotate” relative to one another!  

 This crop picture at West Knoyle in England on June 9, 2018 showed a “spinning spoked wheel”  

Another crop picture near Sarraltroff in France on June 11, 2018 showed “two counter-rotating gears”  

Perhaps these two “mechanical gear” crop pictures, which appeared in England on June 9, then in France on June 11, were made by the same artists?  

A crop picture near Tolyatti in Russia on July 21, 2015 showed an “expandable gear”, having a constant speed of rotation, yet variable degree of extension 

Two crop pictures near Hoeven in the Netherlands on June 8 or 17, 2018 match parts of another crop picture near Chesterton Windmill in England on July 26, 2018 

What would be the simplest and most plausible hypothesis to explain all of these data? 

Here we have seen many new facts and observations about “crop pictures”, presented all together in one place. We seem to be left with two possible choices for the origins of these magnificent field pictures, which have been found in England, France, Germany, Russia, and many other countries worldwide. 

First, one might imagine that there is a “grand conspiracy” among leading Professors of Mechanical Engineering, all across planet Earth today. Those learned professors would have had to get together at many secret meetings: to decide which kind of “gear” they would like draw next in crops, in order to more effectively teach their students. Next they would have had to hire expert human crop-artists to create such clever designs in the fields, while not being caught or seen, because none of the farmers were paid for use of their fields. Thus they and the hired human plankers would all be arrested for vandalism, if they were caught.  

This is the theory promoted by leading newspapers in London. Those news reporters are “conspiracy theorists”, who argue that all of these beautiful designs were made as the result of some wide-ranging human conspiracy. They are not “scientists”. The reporters have no idea what the many images drawn in crops might mean.  

By contrast, I am a professional scientist who is interested in new technologies and enlightenment. I do not usually advocate “conspiracies” as a plausible scientific hypothesis, to explain mysterious and unexplained phenomena. Instead if we look for the simplest possible hypothesis, following Occam’s Razor, we would seem to need to postulate that there may be a highly-advanced technological civilization from “somewhere else”, who are drawing all of these “mechanical gear” or other crop pictures in the fields, to open our limited human minds, to new possibilities that lie beyond the poorly-developed mental concepts which we seem tied to today.  

To me as a Caltech-trained Ph.D. scientist, that seems like the simplest and most plausible hypothesis, Yet we are all entitled to our own diverse opinions. If you wish to believe in “grand conspiracies” among learned Professors of Mechanical Engineering worldwide, then you are certainly welcome to do so. Please study the facts, then decide.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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