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Friendly extra-terrestrials (perhaps some of the crop artists) have already given us new and helpful technologies which, if implemented worldwide, could be very beneficial for humans on Earth  

It is interesting what astronaut Alan Bean said last week, that if aliens were here, they would have given us something helpful to “cure cancer” by now (see Astronaut-Alan-Bean-Moon-aliens  or alien-news-nasa-moon-landing-astronaut-alan-bean). He may not be aware that friendly aliens have already provided us with several kinds of new technology, which could help humans on Earth greatly, if such technologies were implemented worldwide.  

For example, we were given a novel, four-symbol binary code in the “C.J.” UFO contacts of 2015-2016. Those contacts and their messages were reported by Linda Moulton Howe on “Earthfiles”, or more recently on “Truth Hunter” Gaia (see www.youtube.com). I was her “translator” (see 09052016). We could upgrade our computer systems significantly using this new four-symbol binary code, and also use DNA more effectively as a long-term storage medium for digital information (see DNA_digital_data_storage): 


Ewan Birney, Nick Goldman, researchers at the University of Washington, and Microsoft are already working on this important problem (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY4Efv6yNi8 or www.youtube.com).  

There are four natural DNA bases A, G, C and T, while this new binary code uses four different symbols as “open square”, “filled square”, “thin line” or “thick line”. The most natural form of coding might be “code 1” (purines A or G as binary 0, versus pyrimidines T or C as binary 1), then “code 2” (A as binary 0, versus G as binary 1), and “code 3” (T as binary 0, versus C as binary 1).  

Perhaps those friendly ET’s use DNA like a “hard drive” already? Our biological DNA Genetic Code does look like something made by a computer technician, as Richard Dawkins has noted (see www.youtube.com).  

Appendix 1. Explaining in more detail how this new four-symbol binary code works                    

 Many scientists today want to use DNA for data storage, as if it were a “computer hard disc”:  

Those scientists currently store new digital information in DNA, using the base-3 or “ternary” scheme shown below:  

Yet they could continue to use a normal base-2 or “binary” scheme, for information storage in DNA, if they allowed their binary code to have four different symbols, as shown in the next slide below:  


This four-symbol binary code requires 20% fewer bases than ternary to encode the same information, especially for long messages.  

It also allows the same message to be written three times in triplicate within the same general region of DNA, as an efficient method for “error correction” after DNA damage or mutations. Thus any damage to the DNA within a narrow region of the primary message will not affect proper reading of two other encoded messages nearby.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

A new and plausible interpretation of the cryptic lowercase-capital letter code from Crabwood in 2002, as “EA LIVE (go back)”, resembles “Ea Enki space” which was coded in binary ASCII at Poirino, Italy in 2011 

A cryptic lowercase-capital letter code from Crabwood in 2002 may be interpreted most easily, if we assign an extra binary digit of “0” to each lowercase-letter word, and a binary digit of “1” to each capital or uppercase-letter word. Then we will have 25 extra binary digits to study as some sort of hidden code.  

The total number of “words” in its 1368-bit primary message was “25” (see   time2007n). That is the product of two prime numbers “5” and “5”. Now it seems logical that we should arrange those 25 extra binary digits in the form of a 5 x 5 square matrix, just as we expected unknown extra-terrestrials to arrange many other binary digits in a 1974 radio message from Arecibo Observatory to the stars!   

In that case, the radio message contained 1679 binary digits, which could be subdivided as the product of two prime numbers 73 and 23 (see Arecibo_message). We expected unknown aliens to test two possible arrangements of either 73 rows and 23 columns, or alternatively 23 rows and 73 columns, to see which made better sense? In this case, the primary “crop” message contained 1368 binary digits, while our overlaid “hidden” message contained 25 extra binary digits, as shown in the slide below:  

Following the example of that 1974 Arecibo radio transmission, we arranged our extra 25 binary “crop” digits into a square matrix of two prime numbers “5” and “5”. Then we looked carefully to see which arrangement made better sense? By this process, we found right away that a vertical reading of those extra digits as five (or six) numbers 4, 0, 11, 8, 21, 4 matches five (or six) letters of the English alphabet which spell “E A   L I V E”, followed by a “backslash” symbol meaning “go back”.  

One interpretation of this newly-decoded message might be that “EA” (a god-scientist from ancient Sumeria) still “LIVES”, and that he is “going back” soon to planet Earth. Nine years later near Poirino, Italy, we saw a related message in binary ASCII which read “Ea Enki space”. That message suggested once again that “Ea Enki” is still alive, and somewhere out in “space” (see www.youtube.com).  

Any astronomers who work in the SETI program may wish to study these important crop-based messages further, if they wish to learn more.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)


Riddles and Rhymes

By Lucy Pringle.

Something for the students of Stephen Hawking in Cambridge, or Kip Thorne at Caltech, or any other learned cosmologists of our era to consider: are the crop artists “time travellers”?  

Do you think the unseen crop artists could be "time travellers"? Especially when they draw images of “hyperbolic space” or a “closed time-like curve” in agricultural fields?  


Might they be creating temporary pictures or “marks” in the fields, in order to designate certain “timelines” in a “many worlds” kind of universe? Where the quantum wave-function does not “collapse” when you look at it?  

And might this explain why they have not come out and contacted us directly yet, because such an action would change time and history dramatically in an uncontrolled fashion? Perhaps they are more interested in creating “butterfly effects”?  

Dr. Horace R. Drew (Caltech Ph.D. 1981)

The Final Interview

The Ansty Mystery

Personal interview with Karen Price

Saturday 24 September 2016

© Lucy Pringle  

I would like to report this circle found by my research with Google earth, the circle was first discovered in 2012 but recently brought to light. And the historical imagery shows the circle was not present prior to 2005. The overall length is .58 miles. In addition to this spiral there are a few image anomalies which are in tandem in the area of the Yucatan. I have made a research video which I believe explains the awesome images. 

Joseph Lake Voros

A novel “multiplex” binary code was shown to a UFO contactee “CJ” in late 2015 or early 2016: will a similar “multiplex” code be drawn soon in crops by the same friendly ET’s? And might this new binary code be of interest to our computer industries here on Earth?

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew

An Intriguing Proximity. 

Coincidence or Significance? 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

What’s Wrong with Crop Circle Reporting Today?

by Eric A. Vasallo

Simply Building Bridges...with Harmony in Mind.

It is generally felt that the intent behind CCs is far more than just a pretty pattern.  

 For most people their focus in CCs lies within the actual pictogram and maybe     speculating on possible meanings held therein. But for most this is sadly an ‘armchair’ perspective...

Two crop pictures in Italy near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015, or Cavallo Grigio on June 30, 2013, were among the most complex in modern history. Each showed multiple binary codes. Once solved in detail, some of these codes warn urgently against deceptive extra-terrestrials who “bear gifts” in the fashion of a “Trojan Horse”. Other codes suggest that friendly extra-terrestrials may return to Earth in the near future, possibly within 6 years. Such friendly extra-terrestrials seem to be communicating with us at present by drawing “crop pictures” in the fields, just as a computer would write binary images on a hard disk.

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Dear skeptics: how can this “curved DNA” crop picture have been made using “rope and boards”, if there was no central “hole” for a “pole”?  

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

An update of the article published on The Crop Circle Connector Website Research Pages In August 2015

By Jack Sullivan

Image r71.deviantart.com Copyright 2015

PHI Reunited (Part 1)

By Rieks Schreuder

The Alien Face Crop Circle

A second look

By Michael Barber 

Wickham Green

30 July 2010

Secret Communication With Extraterrestrial 

By Starlet Roland


Crop circles of crack and secrets

By zhebyucong

Finding God in Grain:  Crop Circles and the Construction of Spiritual Experience

Interview Guide 

Marcia Ghidina

Department of Sociology


“ Polygons Hidden in Plain Sight” in Crop Formations

Geometrical proof of the paranormal origin of many current and historical Crop Formations. 

By Jack Sullivan

No need for ‘permits’, tickets or licences!

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

 Will the legendary Quetzalcoatl ever return, and if so when? Some crop pictures suggest “three years” after December 23, 2012 when the Mayan Long Count calendar ended, which might mean late 2015 or early 2016. Yet can crop pictures really reveal future events? by

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

‘Energy Leak’ in Crop Circles

A more in-depth look at this apparent anomaly. 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)   

Update for December 2014. Real paranormal crop pictures versus those commissioned by National Geographic or the “QI” TV show: how do they compare? 

UPDATE for Cheesefoot Head of August 9, 2012 (on January 5, 2014)

The rings have been reported to the science team who recently solved the moving rocks of Racetrack Playa mystery. The rings we found were on Lake Bonnie Claire, Nevada. The scientist I contacted, Ralph Lorenz, agreed the rings are curious even for moving rocks, and said he'd forward the photos onto his colleagues. I thanked him and have heard nothing back in over 2 months.

I have my 3 grown daughters as witnesses to testify that we didn't put the rings there. We were on a vacation and genuinely did simply stumble upon 5-6 of them on one dry lake, when as near as I've been able to determine not a soul anywhere else in the world has reported even a single playa ring or playa circle like these before. That may seem impossible to others but to me it's not.
In the summer of 1971 I saw a crop circle. Later that summer I saw a sasquatch but in a different location. In 1980 I saw an oscillating black triangle ufo. What I'm saying is that for whatever reason there is precedent for me being among the first to see strange things. I'm used to it now I guess and don't mind it so much anymore, I just don't want to have to wait a decade again before anyone even knows what I'm talking about. When I was kid I wasn't vocal about these things enough. That's going to change with these rings and I don't care if they eventually turn out to be something different than my crazy theories. They're worthy of investigation.
Those playa rings could be 100% natural, they could be hoaxes, or they could be something else - all I know is that if history is any indication they won't be the last of their kind. You heard it here first; playa circles.  

Location of the Crop Circle: Lake Bonnie Claire, Nevada
Type of Crop:                Not a crop. Playa silt.
Description:                 6 foot rings impressed into the playa surface when it was wet. No footprints nearby. Much like the moving rock mystery
Date of Discovery:           December 29th, 2013
Name:                        Michael Doran

Mike Doran

The 2012 Hackpen Hill Formation:  A Spatial Paradox

by Sarah Susanka

West Kennet Long Barrow Replica Formations

Further to my comments which you posted on the Report page for the 13th July Ring Formation at the West Kennet Long Barrow.  I have now come across further very interesting developments.

Rather than just three virtually perfect replicas of the formation there have been a total of five. These are as follows and as shown in your Archives: 

The first was on the 17th May 2011.   The second on the 25th July 2011.  The third on the 22nd of July 2014   (Note the Report for this one mentions another replica repeat appearing a few days earlier).  The fifth was the formation on the 13th of July rapidly cut out by the angry farmer. 


 Who or whatever is responsible for the persistent effort to draw our attention to this formation design, has  been determined to confront us with it over three years since May 2011.  

This, it now appears, was due to the fact that it is far from being just a random arrangement of bands of flattened and standing crop,  it has been asking us the question we our selves ask, viz, does it have a meaning? and awaiting an answer from us

Up until the last few days no one has been able to proffer a viable answer but now a Mathematician  and Geometer, Andrew Edwards, after his  brilliant analysis, is able to show that the formation is a very clever and elegant demonstration of the geometric relationship between circles of particular dimensions and a series of Polygons.  All the circles forming the edges of the bands are a structure for five precisely dimensioned polygons. See Below:-  The design embeds  5 regular polygons:-

One square,  One Pentagon,  two Hexagons, and one Heptagon.  Inwards from the outer circle the number of sides of each polygon are  4: 5: 6: 7: 6:  


This means that the formation design is one of the most significant in crop circle history, demonstrating  an ability and level of intelligence we have not seen in  our run of the mill known human circlemakers.   It ranks in importance with the famous Barbary Castle Pi formation and is a more difficult problem to solve in that the Pi formation arrived complete with all necessary information for the solution visible in the field. That is not the case here. 

There are many more astonishing aspects to this ‘West Kennet Long Barrow formation’, uncovered by Andrew Edwards. For the full appreciation of these and the full elegance of the concept behind them, visit this link:   http://cropcirclegeom.blogspot.co.uk  This is Andrew’s own blogsite. 

Jack Sullivan.   July 16 2013.    

“Face of Ea Enki” in the landscape near 7-7-2007 in East Field

Philippe Lemaire

The return of Ea Enki, a great Sumerian leader who once created all humans on Earth by genetic engineering: he has now revealed himself “by name” three times in crops during 2002, 2011 or 2013

UPDATE 26/05/2014

By Horace Drew

Cissbury Rings, Nr Shoreham Airport, Sussex. Formed 6th July.

Do you think we passed the 30 year ‘test’?

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

By Lucy Pringle, ©2013

Altair Deneb and Vega

by Rieks Schreuder

Dramatic changes of landscape scenery near a crop picture at Temple Balsall on July 26, 2011, in fields which were restricted from human access due to security measures taken for the London 2012 Olympics

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Possible connection between geometric Onion layers of opposing torus’s in experiment results with Crop circle message confirmations and revelations

Actually if I read it right this crop circle in the above link says that there are actually 5 north and six or seven south Onion layers. Did this by counting the positive and negative side spheres which seem to represent the layers seen. This may mean that there have been or will be more Crop circles pertaining to the various layers. 

Also note the strange final symbol of the negative side in the above link, I can't see it clearly enough but, given the north is indicated as stronger, I don't know what this yet may mean. Could the invisible part between layers in the experiment represent south negative layers? And the visible positive or north?

They seem to know when we have got it right then move on ! Obviously monitoring the internet?



Did you notice in the above image link, they seem to be leaving out the centre of each circle pattern as if to say," that's coming next" then in the next crop circle date they show the corresponding inner which was previously left out. Even the shapes of the field lines correspond in order. This points to four Onion layers. 

Then notice after our own earth scientists research results, which you provide the link to below, If you look carefully, actually it is easily seen ! the 4 Onion layers of the field lines In the Ferro fluid. 

Remember you cant see the front on field lines as they are not doubled up in strength enough to be visible, so you only see a side view of the field lines.

Conclusion= confirmation that there are nested fractal double and opposite Torus's within each other with slightly varying shapes. I believe we may not have  noticed yet in the experiment results, varying shapes and layers in the inner torus's of the bar magnet.

Just my take on what I see. 

Andrew w Roper






by H C Parks The Hidden Texts of Nostradamus



By Neil Hudson Newman MSc.

Many different images of comet Ison or its orbital path were drawn in crops, long before that comet was discovered by astronomers on Earth in September of 2012: why is it so significant to the crop artists?

Major updates on November 17, 2013

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

Crop Circle Ratios and Hexagon of Saturn.

An exercise in the .9 ratio of .6561

“Overlapping triangle codes” as drawn in English crop pictures: the extra-terrestrials are teaching us a novel kind of mathematics, which they have used to encode numbers such 13, 26, 52 or 104 from Mayan calendars  

by Dr. Horace R. Drew

Circles of Power III: 

Carlos Alberto Yates – Porto Alegre (RS) – Brazil. June 2012

A summary of new field images from the summer of 2013: folding up crop pictures from two into three dimensions, and hints of near-future events in December 2013, once comet Ison emerges from behind the Sun: messages to us from extra-terrestrials or humans who live in a parallel universe?  

by Dr. Horace R. Drew


Crop circles 2013: more false reporting of facts from the British press  

by Dr. Horace R. Drew

Associative instead of rule-based thinking: is that what modern crop pictures are trying to tell us? 

by Dr. Horace R. Drew

by Red Collie

Another example of future prediction in crops: Allington of June 28, 2011 predicted “high earthquake activity” for several dates close to April 18, 2013 in Iran or China 

by Red Collie

Since I've submitted many comments about this geometry for the Manton Drove Crop Circle, you might be interested in this conceptual discovery about "squaring the circle".

Rod Holland

Part X. Extra-terrestrial physics as shown in crops: could there be another fifth dimension accessible from our three dimensions of space and one of time, which is spinning, hyperbolic, and has the symmetry of a Mobius strip? And could this be the “vector space” of quantum theory?  

Appendix 4. Spin, electricity and magnetism: the extra-terrestrials are teaching us about homopolar motors, and how they may be used to generate DC or AC electricity in a clean and efficient fashion

by Dr. Horace R. Drew

White Sheet Hill of June 25, 2010  and the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010

A visually attractive crop picture which appeared at White Sheet Hill on June 25, 2010 has for the past three years been much admired if not fully understood (see www.youtube.com). While studying related matters, I noticed that it resembles a one-carbon-atom sheet of graphene, for which the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded on October 5, 2010 (see physicsworld.com). One further aspect of that crop picture is a large central image of “our Sun”, shining brightly down on the thin sheet of graphene, as it would do in a solar cell. Two kinds of small circle in the crop picture, surrounding each large ball for “Sun”, may represent “electron hole pairs” which help to generate electricity from sunlight (see nanotechweb.org).  

This beautiful and clever image of “graphene as a solar cell” was drawn in crops during June of 2010. The Nobel Prize for Physics was not awarded on that subject until October 5, 2010. Likewise in August of 2011, an image of “quasicrystals” appeared in crops at Jubilee Plantation. The Nobel Prize for Physics on that subject was not awarded until October of 2011. Since no ordinary human can reliably know the future four months in advance, one may deduce that no ordinary human made either crop picture. Also, one may infer that the unknown crop artists are closely following recent progress in physics on Earth.

All three Nobel Prizes for Physics from 2009, 2010 or 2011 were drawn clearly in English crops, four months before they were awarded in Sweden. These were for the CCD chip used in digital cameras, graphene used in solar cells, or quasicrystals and electron diffraction (see also cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org or cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org). Two other Prizes awarded in 2008 or 2012 were more theoretical, and would have been hard to illustrate in a field. In summary: (a) some crop pictures are not made by local humans, and (b) those unknown crop artists can “see into the future”, and are very interested in current scientific progress on Earth.

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)    

Part X. Extra-terrestrial physics as shown in crops: could there be another fifth dimension accessible from our three dimensions of space and one of time, which is spinning, hyperbolic, and has the symmetry of a Mobius strip? And could this be the “vector space” of quantum theory?  

Appendix 3. deBroglie waves, length contraction and extra dimensions  

by Dr. Horace R. Drew

Part X. Extra-terrestrial physics as shown in crops: could there be another fifth dimension accessible from our three dimensions of space and one of time, which is spinning, hyperbolic, and has the symmetry of a Mobius strip? And could this be the “vector space” of quantum theory?  

by Dr. Horace R. Drew

Crop Circle Avebury 2008 predicts The Great Comet Panstarrs 2013

 by Glenn Aoys

A Member of the Crop Circle Connector has made an interesting discovery. So We recommend viewing this Youtube video  from 25:21 to 43:14. That segment explains how several crop circles when associated with each other from a 3D perspective beyond just a flat 2D picture our eyes see in the fields, a profound message emerges for the planet. We have identified the circles. In addition to this one (state name again for this page, this circle), please also see (refer the reader to the two other circles).



Do we wish to learn how to fly across space, even if the source of information remains taboo in academia?  

Part IX. The crop artists tell us that they can twist space so as to generate wormholes or spacecraft propulsion, using “magnetic vector potential A” in a fashion similar to the Bohm-Aharonov effect (but much stronger)

Science from beyond Earth: will we listen or will we choose willingly to remain ignorant?  

Part VIII. Trying to learn what extra-terrestrials
know about magnetism by studying English crop pictures:
certain experimental observations cannot be explained
by physics textbook theories, yet seem consistent with crop-based images


Circles of Power II: 

by Carlos Alberto Yates


Can we find novel technological devices by studying English crop pictures?  

Part VII. Fluid waves in a liquid mercury-salt mixture, under vacuum and in the presence of an external magnetic field, may be capable of detecting weak biomagnetic energies (a psychic message from a paranormal source)  

by Dr. Horace R. Drew


Can we learn from English crop pictures how to escape into space,
before melting of the North Pole ice triggers a runaway greenhouse effect?

Part VI: Dozens of different crop pictures, presented to us over 20 years, show the schematic “blueprints” needed to make novel magnetic energy devices

Appendix. Current passing through a magnet induces a torque and counter-torque in local space, relative to a rotationally-constant magnetic field


By Helen Parks


What I Experienced, What I Know

by Tim O'Neill


Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy
 by studying English crop pictures?

Part V. Electricity, magnetism, and twisted or helical magnetic fields seem to be how the saucers or drone-shaped UFOs fly  

(This is a real-life, Jodie Foster kind of “Contact” story)

“Fairy Circles” From the book “A natural History of Staffordshire”. Part 1.

“Fairy Circles”   Professor Robert Plot’s Hypothesis.  Part 2   Modern Interpretation. 

By Jack Sullivan

Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying crop pictures?

Part IV. A simple dipole model for the magnetic field is not quite right: the real field seems to includes four spiral vortices (or two toroidal vortices), which may act as pseudo-monopoles to power linear or circular magnetic motors (this may be how the extra-terrestrials fly)


Does Myth Mask Communication?

by Paul Jacobs.

Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying English crop pictures? 

Part III. An open call to inventors: the crop artists drew detailed plans for a “circular magnetic motor” at Honey Street in July of 2011, based on a monopole-like field at the corner of any permanent magnet. Are you going to participate in converting our planet to ”clean” energy?   

Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying English crop pictures? 

Part II. A survey of the crop circle archives from 1995 to 2012 reveals many examples of “magnetic fields” or “magnetic motors”, some of which provide specific suggestions on how to build new functional devices  


by Helen Parks


Can we learn how to produce clean energy by studying English crop pictures?  

Part I. Helpful suggestions from extra-terrestrials (and apparently from the “spirit of Ed Leedskalnin”, builder of Coral Castle) seem to be appearing in Wiltshire fields  


A “magnetic flywheel” invented in 1945 by Ed Leedskalnin of Coral Castle, Florida was shown in crops at Honey Street on July 6, 2011 in slightly modified form  

While investigating the hypothesis of Umberto Baudo, that certain crop pictures show the “blueprints” for novel magnetic motors (see whats new or www.questaseraandiamo.it or www.youtube.com), an idea first proposed by Isabelle Kingston in 1990 (see www.godlikeproductions.com), I was sent a the image of a “magnetic flywheel” by B.C. Bliss (see uswgo.com).  

That flywheel was invented in Florida around 1945 by Ed Leedskalnin. It was used supposedly to construct a “Coral Castle” made from 1100 tons of coral, including individual nine-ton stones (see coralcastle.com or Coral Castle). When people asked Ed how he had moved all of those heavy stones, he replied: "I understand the laws of weight and leverage, and know the secrets of ancient people who built the pyramids in Egypt" (see Edward Leedskalnin). Several theoretical analyses of Ed’s technology have been presented (see www.alexpetty.com or www.leedskalnin.com).  

Strangely enough, Ed’s magnetic flywheel bears a striking resemblance to a crop picture which appeared in two phases near Honey Street on July 4 or 6, 2011. The outer curved border of that “crop flywheel” shows five sections instead of four, while an outer metallic tab of the original flywheel has been drawn in crops as a “five-step pyramid”: 


Ed actually left a couple of numerical codes, which told where to put a “pyramid on top of the flywheel” (see uswgo.com). His magnets were stacked “five high”, just like for the five-step pyramid shown in crops (see www.energeticforum.com). These correspondences leave little doubt as to whether the paranormal crop artist was intent on showing a magnetic flywheel!  

The inner rotor (or hand crank) of Ed’s flywheel was drawn in crops as a kind of “scorpion” shape, having five possible rotational positions. In its first phase on July 4, this crop picture showed only four “scorpions” or rotor positions, matching Ed’s flywheel closely. Two days later on July 6, a fifth “scorpion” or rotor position was added, along with an outer curved border, and a five-step pyramid.  

In Ed’s view, magnetism is due to a combination of North or South monopoles, each showing their own particular “current”. A balance or imbalance of magnetic currents can then produce various kinds of neutral gravity, and also supposedly enabled him to move heavy stones (see freeenergynews.com).  

Such ideas seem bizarre in terms of modern university physics, but still he managed to move a lot of very heavy stones! And still many paranormal craft such as UFOs or metallic orbs fly in our skies, or over crop pictures, in apparent defiance of everything we “know”. If anyone can shed further light on these deep mysteries, we would be grateful.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Crop Circle Related to Moving Earth's Orbit

by H C Parks & A T Webber



Assessing the Mystery of Crop Circles

By  R.J. Vigoda



Woolstone Hill   Uffington   August 2005. 
Diameter of outer ring.  366 ft.(111.6 mtrs.)

By Jack Sullivan


The new Mayan glyphs from Xultun, Guatemala: lots of spectacular
calendar calculations, but nothing whatsoever about 2012 AD

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. )


Varda D. Sarnat


The Natural Matrix of the Crop Circles.


BLT Report: Pat Delgado & Dave Chorley on Video & Digital Cameras


Were extra-terrestrials watching from space in late June of 2010, when Hurricane Alex made landfall between Texas and Mexico? And did they draw an explicit picture of that event in an English field?  



  Circles of Power

By Carlos Alberto Aires Yates

Cool Geometry

by Jack Newnham

Crop Circles: Messages, Art or “Something Completely Different?” 

By: John Del Campo

Circles of Antiquity

 Searching for circles in crops from the air in the southern counties is nothing new.

Jack Sullivan  

A summary of the best puzzles in crop circle history: can you solve them?
Can the Professors from your local university solve them?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


UPDATE 20/01/2012

Appendix 4. Further evidence of paranormal crop pictures: the effects of
unknown energies on plant morphologies in oilseed rape or wheat 

Crop Circle Reveals A 2012 Prophesy


Our scientists use “bubble circles” to study behavioural responses in the Dolphin Communication Project. By analogy, could modern “crop circles” be part of an extra-terrestrial Human Communication Project?  

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

The Crop circle from 21.6. 2011

by Ashera Hart

A human-made binary code just as amazing as those seen in crop pictures: did King James I and Francis Bacon leave us a coded text message about Mary Queen of Scots in Stirling Castle “Head 20”?

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


A stereoscopic 3-D crop circle in 2006

By Peter Sorensen


Two difficult crop-based puzzles from Milk Hill 2009 or Honey Street 2011 have now been solved: are visiting extra-terrestrials giving us IQ tests in English fields, before they try to make open contact?  

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


A visual comparison of three “Mayan” crop pictures with true archaeological symbols from ancient central America: who could have made them?

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Squaring the circle:


by Varda D Sarnat  

An Apocalypse of Mayan End Age - 21st Dec. 2012

by Yogesh Vishwanath Chavan

Messages from Beyond
Received on 5/21/11
Coming as Star Knowledge Through Karen Lovelien

Message of the Milk Hill, England Crop Circle, June, 2009

Continuation: CC makers replied to my 1st Crop circle experiment: Horton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 9th August 2010

by Gerd Estrup


By E.A.R.

The plan of the Great Pyramid in Giza,
seems to be based upon the
Geometry of sacred number 7

Written by Sarnat Varda  October 2010

Part 4 Available now.

Phase II of Windmill Hill in July of 2010 showed a “small comet” headed for Earth and Moon in the spring of 2011: a future prediction of Comet Elenin?  

Crop Circles - The Key

by Claudio Dall'Aglio

G.O.D. or G.P.S.? 

Part One of a series of articles about crop formations of 2010: their locations and mutual relationships, geometry, mathematics, intuition, coincidence or planning.

In other words, who or what is at work: G.O.D. or G.P.S.?

Rieks Schreuder

Milk Hill 2009 Crop Circle Hieroglyphs

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I would like to share with you possible translation of some the Milk Hill crop circle hieroglyphs. After reading a article "Milk Hill of June 2009 seems to predict a new, bright astronomical object in our solar system, possibly a comet or even an “extra planet”, on the new Moon of June 1, 2011" on your website, I started to think what so important would they write in the field, and I realized that if this is prediction, could this be also some prediction on what will happen on the Earth at this time? And because this year was full of catastrophically events, it's likely to be this way.

So what is my interpretation: If you look in the lines, they are started with increasing numbers of circles, starting from 1 to 5, so if the astronomical event will be on 1 June, there is high probability, that they are resembling January, February, March, April and May, so the symbols can interpret what will happen before this event.Before I will start with interpretation of the symbols, it's necessary to understand, that writing complex messages in the field is no fun, so we can expect joining together things that are connected by some characteristics and trivialisation, that can also change little bit time order of events. 

If you look on the first line it is starting with some long sinusoid line, which is ended by spiral. And because January was mainly connected with disaster in Australia which was flooded by enormous mass of water, this can be easily interpret like flow of enormous mass of water. This symbol is followed by some strange picture, which can be also easily interpret, if you look on the map of Australia, it resemble south part of it, and as you can see in the symbol it tells us, that the north east (mainly the east) part will be it's target. Next symbol has got the same type of spiral, but it's reversed vertically, and the fact, that Australia was after flood of water hit by cyclone, needs no comment. Next symbol of rectangle with line in it can resemble the flooded area, stairs right behind it can be telling the level of cyclone strength (if ground level is 1, it tells us level 5).

The next line for February is not clear enough to read all, but we can see there the same type of spiral for water. 

The next line after that for March can be meaning solar eruptions, than satellites, (the three big solar eruptions happened around 17. February, they have moved it downwards probably because of insufficiency of space (it has got also influence on other lines after it, the shift is commented by the ending circle with line which is pointing up (it's joining line two and three so line for March is extended line for February), fourth line has got time correction behind the line, so the fourth line is line for March, but we can also say, that the events in march are continuing in April)) followed by some strange symbols and then the symbol for knife, slaughter. And after it maybe some glyphs meaning bird and papyrus, so it can mean Egypt. 

The line for April (March) can be represented by this: first symbol can be interpreted like two tectonical plates, and one from them is moving under the other, so it resembles tectonical activity, which is followed by the symbol for water, which lies in the upper part of line, so it can resemble tsunami, than you can see strange diagram, which is looks like nuclear reaction, this is followed by symbol of electric cable which is resembling powering by energy (the Fukushima's problem was collapse of energy sources) and strange symbols grouped by three, which are maybe resembling various activity of six blocks in the Fukushima nuclear plant before the disaster.After some hardly decipherable symbols (one of them is somehow resembling me the letter F followed by few dots), there you can se symbol for broadcast, vibrations or earthquake. Next is symbol of bird, which can be meant as Coat of arms of Libya. The end of this line is ended by three circles, that are probably meaning that these events had started or are connected mainly with previous month (see line for march).

The last line for May contains one symbol for some kind of box with key hole, the Ziggurat or step pyramid, followed by a key, which can be interpreted like unlocking the mysteries of ancient civilizations.
I also wish to share with you, that I was thinking about all what crop circles contains, and because they are also predicting and commenting the situation here (and in our near surrounding), I am almost sure, that they can also monitor the TV, radio broadcast and also internet. So there is straight way how to contact them. One way is to do some anomalous things (I expect they have got some software that can be searching for unusual activity), for example sending mails to ourselves, writing messages or comments addressed to extraterrestrials (in the title), or we can create an special email address or blog, where we can send a messages. The answers will then be in the crop or in maybe in the sky. (two cc in the previous year are with 70% probability answer to my messages (time coincidence (a day after sending message) and content coincidence), which one and why i will keep for myself until the right time)
Please forgive me all the mistakes I have made. And if you wish to post it on your webpage or somewhere else, please do not mention my name and email address (nothing what can identify me), keep me like anonymous mailer. 
David K.

First Scientific PROOF OF BURNING in Crop Circle Plants

A new BLT report has just been posted which, for the first time, scientifically proves actual burning of crop circle plants (this case found in a July 2010 circle in Holland).   In the past there have been many reports of burning of crop circle plants but--in every case where we have tested these supposedly "burned" plants--the blackening was found to be due to an opportunistic fungus called "Ustilago."  

[Ustilago spores, which are microscopic, but everywhere in the air in the countryside, attach themselves to broken plant stems and immediately begin to feed on the nutrients inside the plant stems, reproducing rapidly and--when they have reproduced to a certain extent--they become visible to the naked eye as a blackening around the broken area of  the stem which does look very much like carbon.  In some cases Ustilago is also red, but most frequently it will be black.]





To read the new report:  http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/seedheads2011.php.
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Three crop pictures have appeared in the night sky as well as on the ground: further warnings about December of 2012, and an antidote to disinformation 

Six different crop pictures from July of 2010 showed “nuclear energy” or “biohazard” themes, in the context of a nine-month lunar calendar centered on March 19, 2011, and seem to have predicted the Japanese nuclear events eight months beforehand.

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Independent validation of the Crabwood 2002 “alien face” by a UFO video from Turkey 2008 

From 2007 to 2009, there were a series of amazing UFO videos taken in Turkey, which were soon validated by local scientific authorities. One video even showed the “two pilots” of a moonlit, saucer-shaped craft. Their facial and body images were analyzed in close detail by Mario Valdes in Chile. His results were then presented publicly by Dr. Roger Leir at a UFO Festival in Ventura, California during November of 2010 (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com). When we compare the facial images of those two “grey aliens” from a UFO in Turkey 2008, with the facial image of a “grey alien” drawn in crops at Crabwood on August 15, 2002, we can see a remarkable similarity!  

 Any serious skepticism concerning the paranormal authenticity of Crabwood 2002 can now probably be dismissed. The purpose of Crabwood was apparently to warn us, about the malign intentions of those grey aliens towards humans living today on Earth (see time2007n.html or time2007o.html).   

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Could the mysterious woman in Martin Keitel’s dream from August of 2002 be Kiesha Crowther? And are some crop pictures with a binary code being sent back in time, just as for the time travelers from our future who visited Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 and left a binary code?  



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“EARTH DIRECTED ERUPTION: Sunspot group 1123 erupted on November 12, producing a C4-class solar flare, and hurling a filament of material in the general direction of Earth. That cloud of plasma could deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on November 14 or 15. Stay tuned for refined predictions once SOHO images become available” (from www.spaceweather.com of November 12, 2010).


Essay: Yi King and Crop Circles

By Marc Du Pré, I Ching counselor and teacher

Active sunspot 1121 has unleashed one of the brightest x-ray solar flares in years, an M5.4-class eruption at 15:36 UT on November 6. Radiation from that flare created a wave of ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere. There was however no bright CME (plasma cloud) hurled in our direction. This is the third M-class flare in as many days from an increasingly active sunspot. So far none of its eruptions have been directed toward Earth, but this could change in the days ahead, as the Sun's rotation turns that active region toward our planet.” see www.spaceweather.com of November 7, 2010





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©Freddy Silva, 2010


Mayan prophecy and crop circles

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR THE “Quetzalcoatl headdress" Article

The “Quetzalcoatl headdress” of July 5, 2009 showed symbols from an ancient Mayan stela, to remind us that Quetzalcoatl ruled as a “king” on Earth during the seventh and eighth baktuns of our current Long Count calendar, or specifically from 33 BC to 191 AD


by Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

A prophetic drawing from 1967 showed a “message on a spiral disc”, similar to what appeared in crops 35 years later at Crabwood in 2002, and several kinds of Mayan imagery to suggest what might happen in 2012  

Current solar activity in February 2010 seems to have been predicted accurately by a crop picture from May 2009  

Many crop pictures from the summer of 2009 seemed to be telling us about our Sun, or solar activities which might affect Earth in the near future. Now on February 14, 2010, our Sun has emitted a large, new CME (coronal mass ejection) which closely resembles a crop picture that appeared at Roundway in southern England on May 10, 2009:  


The use of oilseed rape as a field medium essentially guarantees that this picture could not have been made by local fakers with rope and boards, since those large, thick oilseed rape stems cannot be smoothly bent by mechanical means. Could there be more solar activity still to come, before the next crop circle season begins?  

CMM Research