The return of Ea Enki, a great Sumerian leader who once created all humans on Earth by genetic engineering: he has now revealed himself “by name” three times in crops during 2002, 2011 or 2013    

Did humans on Earth really evolve from lower primates, gradually by random mutation over millions of years? Or we were created suddenly by extra-terrestrial visitors in the recent past? And are our creators planning to return?  

It has become standard dogma in biology textbooks, from 1950 onward, that humans on Earth evolved slowly from less intelligent primates by a series of random mutations in their DNA, followed by natural selection for any rare mutations which might accidentally increase our intelligence or physical fitness. The first evidence for this theory came from the study of old bones, by comparing monkey bones with those of modern humans. There was still a problem with the “missing link”. Palaeontologists could find no clear, continuous record of stepwise transitions between monkey and man. This was explained in the days of my Caltech education (under America’s leading evolutionist) as due to “gaps in the fossil record”. Supposedly if those palaeontologists would just keep digging, eventually they would find more ape-human transitional bones to support Darwin’s theory!  

Needless to say, by the year 2014 AD that has not happened. Moreover with the advent of new DNA sequencing technologies, we have become able to examine the total DNA of many different primates (for example chimpanzee, gorilla or human) in its totality of 6 billion base pairs. In some cases we see a fair continuity of DNA sequences among various primates, including human, for certain regions of the DNA. Yet in other cases we seem to see “quantum jumps” between primates and man, especially for certain neural pathway genes, or for our entire Y chromosome. It cannot be said, therefore, that the Darwinian mechanism of gradual stepwise evolution between monkey and man has been well supported by experimental facts: either by studying old bones, or by studying DNA. The transition seems in both cases to have happened “all at once”, by a narrow bottleneck of just a few individuals.                                                                                                                                                                           

Ancient historical records suggest that we were created by genetic engineering  

By contrast, ancient historical records suggest that modern humans were created by intent, to serve as facile labour for a tall, blond, near-human race called the “Annunaki”. They lived in small numbers on Earth long ago. If you go to the British Museum in London, you can see dozens of images of the Annunaki on Sumerian cylinder seals which are on display there.  

The two leaders of that ancient expedition to Earth were called “Enlil” (Lord of the Sky) and “Enki” (Lord of the Earth). Because many ordinary Annunaki were toiling hard in the fields for agriculture, or underground for minerals, Ea Enki and his colleague Ninmah decided to create a hybrid between the tall blond Annunaki and local aboriginals, who were still eating plants in the fields, or drinking water from ditches. Their task essentially was to combine sperm from male Annunaki, with eggs taken from female aboriginals. Next they would carry out (IVF) in vitro fertilization, re-implant the fertilized embryos in a dozen Annunaki women (“birth goddesses”), and look to see what might be produced? 

After many trials, Ea and Ninmah eventually succeeded in creating a small number of suitable hybrids, who would be able to perform hard labour for the Annunaki at agriculture, mining or construction. Members of that new hybrid race were called the “black headed ones” in a Law Code of Hammurabi. Likewise it says in Genesis that the “Elohim made us in their own image”. Now we can understand how modern humans on Earth were created suddenly by a “quantum  jump”, and also why the male Y chromosome in humans today does not match well to that of lower primates.  

Ea Enki and Noah, Abraham or Moses                                                                                                                                

Soon the new hybrid humans multiplied greatly, somewhat to the displeasure of Enlil. At the time of the Flood, many Annunaki decided to leave temporarily for space, while letting flood waters kill most humans who would remain on Earth without any place of safety.  

Enki however had become fond of his creations! He decided to warn one good-natured man called Utnapishim (or Noah) beforehand, so that some of the best human genes would survive. Ea had been forbidden from speaking directly to Noah by the other Annunaki, so he warned him about the Flood indirectly “through a reed screen”:  

Ea was never a stickler for “authority” or “rules”. Later when Enlil discovered that Utnapishim and his family had survived, he commented: “Only Ea could have done this!” In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Ea offers an implausible excuse: “It was not me who warned that human about the Flood. He must have learned about it through a dream.”  

Going forward to the time of Abraham, we can see that Ea Enki again selected for the best human genes, while immoral people living in Sodom or Gomorrah did not fare well. Then at the time of Moses, he said from a burning bush: “My name is Ehyah. That is the name by which I wish to be remembered from generation to generation”. Later when the Jews were overrun by a Babylonian army, Ea Enki acted as in Matthew Chapter 22 (see  

The symbol for Ea Enki has always been that of a “serpent” or “caduceus”, because of his great expertise with DNA, which is a serpent-like double helix. There were temples built to Enki, Ninmah and Enlil in ancient Babylon. You can see his caduceus symbol there (see  

“Serpents” in the landscape near new crop pictures  

Jewish or Christian symbols have always appeared in crops, for example the “menorah”, “Celtic cross”, “Rose cross”, “face of Jesus” or “wedding ring” (for Christ as a “bridegroom”). Some of these religious crop pictures will described in detail elsewhere. They would be natural artistic metaphors for Ea Enki and his people, if the Annunaki created humans on Earth, and have made many efforts to improve us by spiritual and/or genetic means. A briefing for the US President said explicitly that extra-terrestrials placed several representatives on Earth 2000 years ago, to teach us about love, peace and non-violence (see  

The “serpent” and “DNA” are also important themes in modern crop pictures, again both symbols for Ea Enki. Sometimes a “serpent” is drawn explicitly in crops. At other times it appears nearby as part of a natural or patterned landscape. The long “serpent” image shown below comes from a natural landscape feature near Chute Causeway in 2007:  

Other examples of “serpents in the landscape” come from (top row) near West Kennett Long Barrow in 2005, Chirton Bottom in 2010, or Chualar in 2013:  

The next two images (centre row) come from Chirton Bottom in 2010, or again Chualar in 2013. The final two images (bottom row) come from Cley Hill in 2010, or from the Temple of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza. There are dozens of “serpent” images of this kind to be found in the crop circle archives, using Google Earth Historical Imagery as a guide. Sometimes an entire landscape may be “patterned” near a new crop picture, and not just the crops themselves within a small area.  

Patterning of a landscape feature near West Kennett Long Barrow in 2005 is shown in more detail below:  

It is not known how this was accomplished: whether by direct patterning from above, or by psychic instructions to a local farmer. Using Historical Imagery, we can tell that it was not there in a “serpent” shape in 2002. A similar landscape feature near Chirton Bottom in 2010 seems rather amusing:  

Another remarkable “serpent” shape covered the whole landscape just above Chirton Bottom in 2010, while a “Mobius chain” or strip was drawn at its centre:  

In crop circle language, the Mobius strip is sometimes used to signify “parallel universes”.  

A more detailed view of landscape patterning near Cley Hill in 2010 seems equally amusing:  

Who could it be, other than Ea Enki? (see more below) 

This huge “serpent in the landscape” near Liddington in 2010 was accompanied by a small “horned serpent” close to the crop picture itself:  

The horned serpent is “riding in a winged disc”, somewhat like for images of Quetzalcoatl from La Venta Stela 19 (see La_Venta). Other images of a “Sumerian winged disc” have also appeared in crops, for example near Tawsmead Copse in 2009 (see or near Avebury Avenue in 2010 (see  

This “angry coiled serpent” was patterned into the landscape near Guys Cliffe in 2010, close to a crop picture symbol for “nuclear energy”, a “map of Japan”, and a series of trees which look like Braille symbols from Chualar 2013:  

Many serpents, comets or UFOs  

In about a dozen cases (which will be described elsewhere), we can see a “serpent, comet, triangular UFO or Sumerian winged disc” flying in the future “over Earth’s north pole”. 

In half a dozen other cases, we can see a “serpent, comet or triangular UFO” flying over the “CCD chip of a digital camera” (like the field image which was drawn at Chualar in December 2013).  

He has written his name in crops three times now as “Eya” (DNA), “Ea Enki space” or “Ea space” 

How do we know these crop pictures are being made by Ea Enki, and not by some other extra-terrestrial who likes to portray himself as a “serpent”? Well, his name “Eya” was first patterned into the landscape near Crooked Soley in August 2002, which shows a  full turn of “curved DNA” (see crop circle research).  

Next the phrase “Ea Enki space” was drawn in ASCII code in crops at Poirino, Italy during June 2011 (see Inside was drawn a “world map from ancient Babylon”, now on display at the British Museum in London.  

Finally the phrase “Ea space” appeared repeatedly in paper-tape code, within the Braille part of Chualar on December 28, 2013 (see chualar). Again a large “serpent comet” was shown flying overhead, getting ready to be photographed by a digital camera.  

Ea Enki and his four major symbols  

The four symbols associated most often with Ea Enki are: (1) a lunar crescent, (2) a Christian cross, (3) a medical caduceus of “two serpents under a winged disc”, and (4) the Sumerian “Boat of Heaven” or “winged disc”. All of these symbols appear regularly in crops: 

An outdoor sculpture shown in the slide above is called “Visiting Enki”, and is on display at the Concourse in Chatswood not far from here. It looks like their “Boat of Heaven” which was drawn in crops on July 7, 2013 near Silbury Hill.  

“Ea Enki space” and a “world map” from ancient Babylon 

Looking more closely at their crop picture from Poirino, Italy in June 2011, we can see a binary ASCII code around the outside for “Ea Enki space”, accompanied by a seven-pointed “world map from ancient Babylon” at the centre:  

Elsewhere around the outside we can see a series of circles numbered as “2-22” or February 22, which could be the month and day for some unknown future event that has not happened yet (see the next slide below).  

A clever code for E = MC^2 and date of 11-28, when comet Ison circled the Sun in 2013 

Studying next their crop picture from Poirino, Italy in June 2010, we can see a decimal ASCII code for “E = MC^2”, along with a series of circles numbered as “11-28”, which match the month and day when comet Ison went around the Sun on November 28, 2013:  

A Sumerian “Boat of Heaven” sailing around Silbury Hill on July 7, 2013 

This “sailboat” crop picture from July 7, 2013 may have been meant to represent a “Sumerian Boat of Heaven” sailing around “our Sun” (Silbury Hill):  

It was coded pictorially as“1947-2” to signify two UFO crashes on the same day of July 7 in 1947 (when news of those crashes was first reported openly). On the same day of July 7 in 2013, Google ran a “Roswell” video game (see It was also approximately the same day as when comet Ison was located directly behind the Sun, as seen from Earth.  

A Sumerian “Boat of Heaven” sailing around the Sun in December of 2013 

On month later on July 29 near Stadskanaal in Holland, we could see a landscape “Boat of Heaven” sailing around the Sun just like at Silbury Hill on July 7:  

Now that “Boat” was drawn explicitly as a “comet”, presumably comet Ison passing a crescent Moon. Later in December 2013 they said in Morse code at Chualar: “ET B   ISON STS”.  

There are many more examples of remarkable landscape symbolism or patterning to be found by a careful study of the crop circle archives. Some of those will be reported elsewhere. This article is already long enough.  

Can monkeys write Shakespeare? Can plankers create novel and difficult codes in the fallen crop, which are accompanied by broad landscape symbolisms which no one knew about, and are only visible from the air?  

Somehow I do not think most crop pictures in England or elsewhere are human-made fakes. Likewise for Chualar of December 2013, which was claimed after the fact to be an “advertising stunt” for the NVIDIA corporation. Ea Enki has always been a joker, and now he seems to be making fools of certain humans on Earth in his own clever way! The supposed human crop artists (“Team Satan”) have not provided any direct evidence that they made the Chualar crop picture. We are just supposed to take them at their word. Last summer they turned down an offer of L100,000 to have their skills tested in public (see Their putative “skills” therefore remain very much in doubt.  

It is well known that, in the past, Team Satan claimed to have made several famous crop pictures (for example the “Julia Set” of 1996, the “magnetic field” of 2000, or the “galaxy” of 2001) which no sober person has ever believed that they actually made. It would be akin to seeing Santa Claus come down your chimney on Christmas Eve! When Paul Jacobs watched them make a simple crop picture in the summer of 2013 for French TV (see fringe2013s), the results were less than inspiring (see rumours2013). My personal feeling is that, given their many past indiscretions, we should not believe that they made Chualar with tape and boards, until they provide some kind of proof. Verbal testimonies are not sufficient.  

The overall complexity of crop-circle codes, or landscape symbolisms near many crop pictures, seems to exceed ordinary human intelligence. Sometimes I post lucid and clear solutions to those codes, or show remarkable landscape features nearby (see a few examples above), yet the vast majority of readers still cannot understand! Let me ask you: could a chimpanzee write Shakespeare? Could any known planker create so many remarkable crop pictures which have been seen over the years, for example the “galaxy” of Milk Hill 2001 which they just turned down an offer of L100,000 to reproduce?

No, of course not. If they could actually produce such remarkable feats, they would have demonstrated the talent at least once, somewhere over the past 25 years. Since the plankers have never made an open demonstration that they can produce a large, intricate crop picture with complex and clever codes, embedded within long-range landscape symbolisms, usually within a few hours late at night, sometimes in driving rain (while leaving no footprints or mud on the fallen crop, and no one ever sees them), then no sober person should believe in such fantasies, until they actually create a valid demonstration somewhere.

“Nullia in verba”. No proof should be accepted simply from words spoken. A Chinese friend commented to me recently: “Chairman Mao said that only two kinds of people do not lie, scientists and dead men!”

Most people living on Earth today remain “blind to the truth”     

Meanwhile almost everyone living on Earth today remains “blind” to observed reality, thanks to people like Team Satan and the international news corporations. They are centrally owned, and can control public opinion quite easily to spread even the most transparent of lies, to an unquestioning populace who believe everything they see on TV. Just as the Catholic Church once suppressed new knowledge that the Earth goes around the Sun, rather than vice-versa, so current authorities are suppressing knowledge that many advanced extra-terrestrials really exist.  

The truth is that we have been receiving preliminary steps toward open contact (in the form of “crop circles”) for the past 25 years, or at least since 1990. We know that those messages are being sent by spacetime wormhole technology from some other space and/or time, or even from a parallel universe. At some point the preliminary nature of such contacts will end, and we will meet them face-to-face. Some of them may even look like us.

A common metaphor in crops is that soon “the blind will see” (for example /fringe2014a). This metaphor was implied at Chualar on December 28, 2013 by its use of Braille code to specify three numbers “1, 9, 2”:

No one is sure what those three numbers might mean. Ostensibly they match the number of cores in a new NVIDIA chip, however they might also represent a near-future date when “the blind will see”.

Symbols which resemble “Braille L-1-9-2” were also found in the landscape next to Guys Cliffe in July 2010, along with a “map of Japan”. This may have been meant to suggest that humans on Earth are “blind” to be using nuclear power (see crop circle research).

There is a prophecy from Isaiah Chapter 29 which says:

“Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder. The wisdom of the wise will perish, and the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish. In that day, the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.”

Two phrases of Morse code from Chualar, namely “ET B” and “ISON STS”, likewise were found in the landscape near two crop pictures at Little Wenlock in June of 2012 (see fringe2013r).

A “polar clock” with numbers “1, 9, 2” from Chualar remains vague in its meaning, and allows for several possibilities. Since it is now March 2014, we can dismiss the first two interpretative dates of January 23 (“1-9-2”) or February 21 (“2-9-1”) using our Julian-Gregorian calendar. It might still represent “1.9.2” in the Mayan Long Count calendar, fully written as “” (June 18, 2014). The landscape around that Chualar crop picture shows symbols for “13” and “0”, plus a round mound which looks like a “polar clock” having values of 1 and 9 (see chualar or articles).

Always coming home

Many people seem worried about the 2014 crop circle season, because the 2013 season was rather poor. Yet when Ea Enki is around, anything becomes possible! His long-term goal has always been to improve the genetic, moral and spiritual quality of humans on Earth. Jesus said likewise in a parable, “I will gather the good seed in my barn.” It seems possible that modern crop circles are part of Ea Enki’s long-term plan to inspire and improve humans in our era.

I would therefore like to suggest that modern crop circles are not an alien contact phenomenon, or something to be feared. Rather they may represent “loving father Enki”, as he was called in Sumeria, always coming home (see

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, a modern expert on DNA)   

P.S. I would like to thank Anne-Jiese Gray for help.  

Appendix 1. Landscape symbols near Crabwood of August 15, 2002: beware of the grey aliens who harvest cattle!  

While I was reviewing crop pictures from the archives, I decided to take another look at Crabwood of August 15, 2002. Apparently it shows the face of a grey alien, along with a spiral disc that gives the following message in ASCII code: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.” (see time2007n

What an enigmatic message! Might any landscape symbols near the Crabwood crop picture explain more of what they are talking about? When we look at its field location using Google Earth Historical Imagery, we can see right away the large, sideways image of a “cow”. That Crabwood crop picture was drawn just in front of a “cow’s face”:

It has long been suspected that grey aliens abduct and mutilate large numbers of cattle, for the purpose of biological experimentation (see If the real crop artists are friends of humans on Earth, and oppose such nefarious “harvests” of our cattle (or horses or sheep) by the greys, then naturally they would advise us to “beware” of them.

When we look more closely, we can confirm that the Crabwood crop picture was drawn right in front of the “cow’s face”. Also it was aligned with a nearby radio-TV transmitter for the BBC:

Its proximity to the BBC transmitter explains why the crop artists said “we oppose deception”. They would like the whole world to know that grey aliens abduct and harvest cattle, and are the enemies of humans on Earth. Yet the BBC practices deception, and tells no one. There are rumours that the greys made a secret treaty in 1954 to provide the US military with advanced weaponry, although none of those promised weapons ever worked (“broken promises”).

This is all very sad, because the people of Earth deserve to learn the truth. They are being lied to en masse. No one should trust what the large newsagencies say, or what they show on TV (even Wikipedia). Find out the truth for yourselves, as Buddha once said. 

Appendix 2. Getting ready for the summer of 2014: two new ways to tell whether a crop picture is paranormal or human-made

This brief analysis shows the value of studying new or important crop pictures using Google Earth, and its Historical Imagery feature. Otherwise we are just trying to interpret one small part of a much larger puzzle: like cutting a small part out of some large mural (say “Guernica”), and trying to deduce its whole meaning from that small excised part!                                                                          

Furthermore, there seems to be no way that human plankers could obtain permission to “pattern the landscape” over several kilometres, or generally to obtain permission from a farmer to stomp out a crop picture in one specific field, which fits perfectly into the landscape nearby. They did not even know about this remarkable feature of true, paranormal crop pictures until reported recently! Therefore, if any crop pictures before 2014 show such features, we can be fairly sure that they were not human-made. I conducted a careful survey of all 2010 crop pictures, and 70% of them show interesting landscape symbols which no one recognized before. One well-known human fake at St. Martin’s Chapel on July 3, 2010 does not (see  

Paul Jacobs has likewise identified a specific ground feature, present only in real paranormal crop pictures, where the invisible energy of patterning becomes weaker (or dissipates) near a crop tramline, so as to leave a thin line of standing crop on its edge. Simple flattening with boards would crush the plants everywhere, even at the edges of each tramline. Thus we have two new criteria to judge the paranormal nature of any new crop picture, if it can be photographed from the air and visited on the ground. Using these two criteria, more than half of the crop pictures in the CCC Archives are certainly authentic, despite what various debunkers tell everyone. It depends on whether you value real factual observations, or unfounded scurrilous gossip? Trust no one, believe in what no one says, and find out the real facts for yourselves. As already has been done for myself and others, “the truth will set you free”.

Appendix 3. Another “serpent in the landscape” close to an important crop picture: Boxley in Kent and Wayland’s Smithy in Oxfordshire on the same day of July 8, 2006  

Two elaborate crop pictures appeared on the same day of July 8, 2006 near Boxley in Kent, or Wayland’s Smithy in Oxfordshire. Both showed a 12-sided dodecagon at their centres. When studied in retrospect, these two field images seem to resemble a bright stellar explosion which happened two years later on March 19, 2008, in a distant galaxy far from Earth (see  

“The extremely luminous afterglow of GRB 080319B was imaged by Swift’s X-ray Telescope and Optical-Ultraviolet Telescope. This was by far the brightest gamma-ray burst afterglow ever seen.”  

The larger of those two crop pictures at Wayland’s Smithy resembles an x-ray image of the stellar explosion, while the smaller at Boxley resembles its visible-ultraviolet image. Perhaps the crop artist is a traveller through time and space, who knew about that bright and historic stellar explosion, 21 months in advance?  

Close in the landscape to the crop picture at Wayland’s Smithy, we can see a “broad arrow” pointing toward sunrise in the east (easily seen on Google Earth, not shown here). Close to the crop picture at Boxley, we can see a “long curvy serpent” with a “white eye”:  

Could these two crop pictures have been drawn by an extra-terrestrial who uses a “serpent” as his symbol? Two possibilities would be Ea Enki from Sumeria, or Quetzalcoatl from central America.  

When we look more closely, we can see a 3 x 7 grid within each long square-ray of the Wayland’s Smithy crop picture. This detail might suggest “21 months” from July 8, 2006 to March 19, 2008 (see  

Likewise when we look more closely, we can see an antenna and semi-circular clump of trees adjacent to the Boxley crop picture. Those could represent a “star map” of its location in Earth’s sky, with a bright star Arcturus (the antenna) and Corona Borealis (the semi-circular clump of trees) nearby (see 

Many other “serpent” images have appeared in the landscape near important crop pictures. We have shown only a few interesting examples here. The humans who fake crop pictures with rope and boards knew nothing about this, prior to 2014.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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