Dramatic changes of landscape scenery near a crop picture at Temple Balsall on July 26, 2011, in fields which were restricted from human access due to security measures taken for the London 2012 Olympics  

A mysterious and widespread occurrence of “crop circles” across our planet has long been known. Here we will report on a newly-discovered phenomenon, where entire fields near some new crop picture may themselves be shaded or patterned on a very large scale, in order to produce other images which add to the meaning of a relatively small crop picture, that was patterned into the fallen crop itself.                                                                                                                      

The observation of this new phenomenon, in fields which allowed no easy human access during the time period when such large shaded areas appeared (due to security measures taken for the London 2012 Olympics), strongly supports the idea that any accompanying “crop pictures” were also made by people not from Earth. One would require advanced technical capacities to create both kinds of images (large or small) from the air. If any local farmers unwittingly made these patterns, then we might have to consider psychic influences.  

Some of the large-scale field images which were drawn near Temple Balsall (founded by the Knights Templar) are shown below. On the left we can see a set of “praying arms and hands”, then at centre top a “shepherd’s staff”, and on the right possibly the outline of a “horse” as seen from behind:  

Also on the right we can see a boomerang-shaped group of trees, which is followed by a small round clump of trees. That permanent landscape feature resembles a “triangular UFO”, or a crop picture from August 13, 2013 at West Kennett Long Barrow (which is shown below).  

The boomerang-shaped group of trees, and the small round clump of trees which follow it, were present already in December 2010. Yet the “praying arms and hands” and “shepherd’s staff” were absent at that time (upper image shown below):  

By June 2013, two new landscape images of “praying arms and hands” and a “shepherd’s staff” had appeared (lower image shown above). Likewise a highly-detailed crop picture appeared on July 26, 2011, directly next to that small round clump of trees which follows the “triangular UFO” (see www.youtube.com).  

The blind will see  

When studied closely, the “praying arms and hands” resemble part of a famous oil painting made by Eustache Le Sueur in 1650, titled “Christ Healing the Blind Man” (see christ-healing-the-blind-man):  

We can even see how two trees were used to represent the “blind man’s eyes”! His “wooden staff” was drawn in a nearby field (see the previous slide above).  

On December 28, 2013 at Chualar in California, a clever code was drawn in Braille for the numbers 1-9-2 (or 2-9-1), within the centre of a much larger crop picture, which showed a “bright comet” being photographed by a “digital camera”. The implication here again might be that “the blind will see”.                                                                                                                    

We have seen other Christian symbols drawn in crops: for example the “face of Jesus” at Wickham, Green in July 2010 (see www.youtube.com), or a “Celtic cross” at Etchilhampton in August 2008 (see www.lucypringle.co.uk).  

A large triangular UFO being followed by some other object 

Close-up images of that boomerang-shaped group of trees suggest a “large triangular UFO”, which is being followed by some other object (next to where the crop picture was drawn):  

This “large triangular UFO” looks like comet Ison as it left the Sun on November 29 or 30, 2013: 

At the time when that Temple Balsall crop picture appeared (July 26, 2011), all fields nearby were being watched by security forces in preparation for the London Olympics, since Birmingham Airport is not far away (see www.coventrytelegraph.net). Two crop circle researchers, when they went to photograph this crop picture on the ground, unexpectedly encountered members of the security forces. They were asked to help prevent other people from visiting it. For that reason, all images of the Temple Balsall crop picture were deleted from the Internet without delay.  

In summary, there seems to be zero possibility that the Temple Balsall crop picture, or any of the large-scale field images which were mysteriously drawn around it, could have been made by local humans on Earth. If most scientists on Earth choose to ignore this important phenomenon, which clearly demonstrates that friendly, intelligent life exists beyond Earth, then they are like “ostriches with their heads in the sand”.  

Similar landscape symbols at Marden Henge in August of 2013 

A similar boomerang-shaped clump of trees was seen next to another crop picture at Marden Henge on August 23, 2013. There we could see a large “serpent” shape stretching across the landscape, with a spiral crop picture near the “tail” of that “serpent”:  

When we look closely, we can see the image of a “large triangular UFO” flying past the open jaws of some “landscape serpent”, while the Marden Henge crop picture lies close to its “tail”:  

This is essentially the same V-shaped landscape feature which was used at Temple Balsall in July 2011.  

Did comet Ison carry a spacetime wormhole into the gravity well of our Sun?  

Many physicists have speculated that deep gravity wells near stars (or black holes) may be used to facilitate fast travel between otherwise distant regions of space, using “spacetime wormholes”. Did comet Ison carry a spacetime wormhole into the gravity well of our Sun? Could that be the rotating object which was drawn at Temple Balsall, following behind a “large triangular UFO”?  

Why were all high-resolution images of comet Ison going around the Sun (captured by four cameras on the Solar Dynamics Observatory) kept from public view? Why were newspapers so quick to tell everyone that “comet Ison is dead”, when we could see a large, triangular shape fly like a jet airplane away from our Sun?  

At Chualar on December 28, 2013, part of the message in Morse code said “ISON STS”, thereby implying that comet Ison is a “space transportation system” as for the NASA space shuttles. Likewise at Avebury Trusloe on July 7, 2013, they drew a Sumerian “Boat of Heaven” which was coded cleverly as “SST” in German runes, to imply “supersonic transport”:

Clearly the crop artist is having a bit of fun! Elder Futhark was used before in crops during June 2008 in Germany.  

Another example of large-scale patterned fields near Knoll Down and Cooks Plantation  

Two large fields near Knoll Down or Cooks Plantation were also patterned mysteriously from 2006 onward, and lie close to five major crop pictures from 2009 to 2013. Some of these fit into the large-scale background images precisely:  

A “Mayan 13” crop picture on August 23, 2013 appeared right on top of the “nose” of that “winking man”. A “comet” crop picture on June 26, 2012 appeared on top of a background “comet” as patterned in the same field. These background images were not there in October 2003, but seem clear by December 2006:  

When we study other fields in the same area, it becomes clear that only two particular fields were patterned:  

Summary and conclusions 

Here we have described for the first time a new phenomenon, where entire fields near some crop picture may be subtly shaded or patterned, in order to enhance the meaning of the crop picture itself. It has long been known that many crop pictures “fit like a glove” into certain features of the permanent landscape nearby, as seen from the air. Here we have shown that the crop artists will sometimes change the background landscape, in order to express some desired message more clearly.  

At Temple Balsall, we saw a set of “praying arms and hands” next to a “shepherd’s staff”. Those “praying hands” were directed toward the large city of Birmingham not far away. Just above, we can see the small town of Temple Balsall, founded by the Knights Templar. A “Templar cross” was drawn in crops at Westwoods in 2011 (see www.lucypringle.co.uk).  

Close to the 2011 crop picture at Temple Balsall, we can see a “triangular UFO” with some other object following it. This is another common theme in crops (see www.lucypringle.co.uk). That triangular UFO resembles comet Ison as it left the Sun on November 29-30, 2013. Might the Temple Balsall crop picture represent a “spacetime wormhole”? Part of the Morse code at Chualar said “ISON STS”, meaning that comet Ison is a “space transportation vehicle”. Another code at Avebury Trusloe on July 7, 2013 said “SST” meaning “supersonic transport”.

Also at Chualar, we saw a clever code in Braille which said “1-9-2” or “2-9-1”. The image of a “comet” was drawn in crops above, being photographed by a “digital camera”. One implication here might be that “the blind will see”. Likewise at Temple Balsall, part of the field imagery resembles a famous painting of “Christ Healing the Blind”.  

An enigmatic polar clock 

Three numbers “1-9-2” or “2-9-1” from Chualar may represent “month-day-hour” for a “polar clock”, although the indicated date is hard to read. Still I do not think it will be very long until some visionary event occurs, because their last “polar clock” at Manton Drove only extended from June to August 2012. If an upcoming event were scheduled for late 2014, then they could have drawn a “polar clock” in summer crops. Instead we saw a new “polar clock” drawn in December 2013, which suggests that some important event may take place before the summer of 2014.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. I would like to thank Anne-Jiese Gray for help in studying the field imagery around Temple Balsall.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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