Three crop pictures have appeared in the night sky as well as on the ground: further warnings about December of 2012, and an antidote to disinformation 

The most basic tenet of “crop circle disinformation” is that highly secretive teams of human fakers have been going out into the fields of southern England (or other countries) late at night, for the past twenty years, in order to carve precise patterns into vast regions of growing crop, using only rope and boards. They supposedly do this fifty or more times each summer, without ever being seen, getting caught, or making mistakes. The mainstream media repeat such a fanciful story endlessly (see for example /why_hoax or Crop-circle-conundrum). It also appears on major Internet sources such as Wikipedia (see wikipedia).  

Yet can those fakers fly, and make the same crop pictures seen on the ground, across broad expanses of night sky? No, of course not. Here we will show three examples of crop pictures which have appeared in the night sky as well as on the ground. They seem to provide further warnings about December of 2012, and also serve as a useful antidote to disinformation. We are being shown extensive visual information in the fields or skies today, by certain advanced intelligences who are visiting Earth, because that is the only way they can reach large numbers of people in our “apparently free”, but actually “highly censored” society.  

Serpent Mound, Ohio in August of 2003  

The first of these examples appeared in the night sky over Serpent Mound, Ohio on August 23, 2003, and then again in soybeans on the ground, during the morning of August 24 (see   or serpent). A local artist, Tree Pruitt, saw bright lights in the night sky of August 23, which created a strange and unusual pattern. Being an artist, she naturally sketched that strange pattern of lights down on paper (see below left). Then on the next morning of August 24, she woke to find that an almost identical pattern had appeared in soybean crops not far away (see below centre or right):  


Local newspapers at the time were not open to the idea of “alien made crop pictures”. So their reporters were not ready to hear her testimony, that an amazing crop picture had appeared in the night sky, before it appeared on the ground. She later told the complete account on her personal website, and I contacted her to get details (see or cropcircleresearch Archives or  

That complex picture in crops left behind a “magnetic signature”, and also created a “ghost” crop picture in the following year (see No possible means of construction using rope and boards can account for these anomalous physical data, even if the British newspapers keep telling us otherwise!  

North Down 2002 and the Norway 2009 “two armed spiral”  

On December 9, 2009, a huge and mysterious blue-white spiral appeared in the early morning sky over Tromso, Norway and nearby cities (see Mystery-spiral-blue-light-display-hovers-Norway or Mainstream news outlets soon suggested that it may have been due to an “out of control Russian missile”. Supposedly its beautiful blue color came from “lots of tiny sapphires” within the missile. A computer simulation was even formulated to show purportedly how the event may have happened (see norway-spiral-a-rocket-scientist-explains-the-mystery).  

Unfortunately for the disinformation specialists, that huge blue-and-white spiral was “two armed”, meaning that any hypothetical missile would have had to shoot out a luminous white exhaust in two opposite directions at once, while also shooting out a blue spiral exhaust in a third perpendicular direction:

Three different rocket nozzles and/or exhausts, all of different colour? With the entire sky display carefully aligned so that it would face the city of Tromso? Do Russian submarines often fire missiles over Norwegian cities? I think not.  

In fact, the Norway 2009 “light spiral” recreated a well-known crop picture from North Farm in southern England, that had come down seven years earlier on June 23, 2002 (see northfarm2002a or Several people commented at the time that it seemed to represent “two snakes or serpents entwined in perfect harmony”. Two months later in August of 2002, the famous Crabwood crop picture came down, which has often been attributed to Quetzalcoatl the “Feathered Serpent” of central American legend. One crop picture nearby in West Overton even showed a “star map” of his home system (see time2007o).  

Avebury Manor 2008 and the Christchurch 2011 “solar system”  

More recently on March 29, 2011, another amazing light display was photographed over Christchurch, New Zealand, a city which had been ravaged by an earthquake several months before (see or or Some of the blue circles or spirals, which appeared in the night sky on that date, seem to recreate a two-part crop picture from Avebury Manor in southern England on July 15 or 22, 2008:  


The first part of Avebury Manor on July 15, 2008 showed our solar system as it will appear on December 23, 2012, at the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Its second part on July 22, 2008 then showed the same “solar system”, except that our Sun had grown slightly larger, and many new glyphs had appeared elsewhere in a neighboring field (see aveburymanor2008b or or  

On March 29, 2011 in the night sky over Christchurch, those mysterious crop artists showed both the first and second parts of Avebury Manor 2008 in crops. One “solar system” image was placed directly over the other, with a slight offset.  

Were some planetary locations for December 23, 2012 also shown in the night sky? 

When studied closely, several images from that Christchurch sky display seem to show the “planets” for an upcoming date of December 23, 2012:  


Actual planetary locations on December 23, 2012 show a close fit to the Christchurch sky images, except for a possible omission of planet Earth: 

Some of those “little balls” could perhaps be background stars, yet most of them appear “blue” in original photographs (see Thus there seems to be a very close similarity between this recent sky display over Christchurch in March 29, 2011, and a two-part crop picture at Avebury Manor on July 15-22, 2008.  

Certain parts of the Christchurch sky display seem to show a large “unknown object” traversing our solar system 

So why did they show us the 2008 crop picture again in 2011? Well, in addition to showing us our “solar system” on a date of December 23, 2012, certain parts of the Christchurch sky display seem to show a large “unknown object” traversing our solar system:   

Could the unknown object be a bright comet, or even the enigmatic “planet X”? In the second part of Avebury Manor on July 22, 2008, a large comet-like object was shown flying past Earth and Moon on December 23, 2012. One particular image from the Christchurch sky display seems quite similar to the crop picture:  

If our planetary assignments are correct (see above), then the unknown object will pass by our Sun just beyond the two inner planets Venus and Mercury, which will lie on the opposite side of the Sun on December 23, 2012 as seen from Earth.  

The Christchurch “blue solar system” was also seen in Russia on about the same date 

Another sky display, similar to what occurred over Christchurch on March 29, 2011 was photographed over Russia on almost the same date, and reported on TV news there (see  

Thus the chance of local human fakery for that amazing Christchurch sky display seems almost nil.  

Summary and conclusions  

We have presented here three clear instances, where well-defined visual images of unknown origin have appeared mysteriously in freshly grown crops from England or the U.S.A., and also in the night skies over Ohio, Norway, New Zealand or Russia. No one can possibly explain those dual images in terms of “fakers with rope and boards”, unless the fakers have enormous technical resources, and have somehow invented a new method for creating remarkable pictorial displays in the night sky!  

More plausibly, we could be seeing here the visual images left by certain higher intelligences, who are currently visiting Earth, and have no other way to reach large numbers of people on the surface, except through creating complex pictures in crops or the night sky. The mainstream news media are “censored”, and this seems to be their only way of communicating with us.  

What do their pictures say? That is a difficult subject which cannot be discussed easily in a few words. Some crop pictures seem to provide us with information about near-future events in our solar system or on Earth. For example, a whole series of crop pictures from the summer of 2005 told us about a bright cometary outburst in 2007 (see time2007g or time2007h). Likewise, another series of crop pictures from the summer of 2010 told us about a major nuclear incident in 2011, which has since happened in Japan (see japantsunami2011).  

The sky display over Christchurch on March 29, 2011 recreated a “December 23, 2012” crop picture from Avebury Manor in 2008. It even included the matching image of a large, unknown astronomical object passing through our solar system, close to Earth and Moon on that date. We can only wait now for more crop (or sky) pictures of an informative nature to be provided to us, during the spring and summer of 2011, to learn what will happen next.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-1981, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-1986, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

P.S. We would like to thank Roger Sugden, Jeffrey Wilson, Stuart Dike, Steve Alexander and Eva-Marie Brekkestø for some of the field photos used here.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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