Six different crop pictures from July of 2010 showed “nuclear energy” or “biohazard” themes, in the context of a nine-month lunar calendar centered on March 19, 2011, and seem to have predicted the Japanese nuclear events eight months beforehand.

Modern crop circles are one of the best-kept secrets in today’s highly technological world. Ostensibly they are supposed to be made by two old gentlemen with rope and boards, after leaving the pub late at night. Yet for most people who study the subject carefully, they seem to be some of the most amazing paranormal phenomena in all of recorded history! Here we will discuss six different crop pictures from the summer of 2010 in southern England, all of which seem to have predicted the current nuclear power crisis in Japan, eight months before it happened.  

How might that be physically possible? Well, leading physicists on Earth are now looking for subatomic particles that can travel backward or forward through time. If such novel particles are found through further experiments, then it may become possible (say by 2050 or 2100) to send “messages back in time” to our current era (say from 1990 to 2010). How would our future descendants send messages back in time, except perhaps as “crop circles”? And if some crop circles are shown logically to have “predicted the future”, then the likelihood of such a hypothesis becomes even higher, does it not?

Chiu Ho and Thomas Weiler write in their latest article: “We provide here a simple model in which time-traveling Higgs singlets may be produced by the Large Hadron Collider. The signature of those time-traveling singlets will be a secondary decay vertex, appearing before the primary vertex which produced them. One might wonder why such acausal particles have not been detected until now? One possible answer is that, for the first time in history, our scientific community has built accelerators capable of producing those time-traveling particles, and also detectors capable of sensing them” (see

Quite a few modern crop pictures have predicted unexpected astronomical events in our solar system

A nice hypothesis, but how often have modern crop pictures really “predicted the future”? Not often, or only for a small fraction of all such field pictures that have been recorded. And in most cases, the near-future event which they predicted was an astronomical event within our solar system. For example, several crop pictures from the summer of 1994 described an impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on planet Jupiter, just eight days after the actual impact took place (see time2007i.html or scorpious_hour). Then a series of crop pictures from the summer of 1995 anticipated by three months, the outburst of Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in September of the same year (see time2007a.html or longwoodwarren2006).

During the summer of 2005, several crop pictures anticipated by two years the outburst of Comet 17P Holmes in October-November of 2007 (see time2007g or time2007h). Finally as an exception to the usual astronomical rule, one crop picture from the summer of 2001 predicted a decoding of the Antikythera Device, by leading scientists on Earth five years later (see time2007u or time2007w).

If you are new to this fascinating subject, you may wish to read a long review covering the years 1990 to 2008 (see WHAT DO MODERN CROP PICTURES MEANl), or a brief review covering the year 2010 (see 2010_crop_circle_season or 2010-crop-circle-season).

How did experienced researchers interpret six “nuclear” or “biohazard” crop pictures last summer, eight months before the Japanese nuclear power crisis?

Most serious crop-circle researchers had already realized last year, during the late summer of 2010, that some kind of “nuclear event” was predicted for the spring of 2011. What might it be exactly? A full nuclear war, or maybe a limited nuclear bombardment of power stations in Iran? Nobody knew for sure. Six different crop circles gave us important clues, but not enough to say exactly what would happen, or where on Earth it might occur.

Julian Gibsone commented about Woolaston Grange on July 18, 2010: “This new crop formation lies practically opposite the aging Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, located on an opposite bank of the River Severn. Hopefully it is not some kind of warning?” (see Woolaston2010a). Other researchers interpreted it as a “nuclear fusion reaction” (see comments).

Roundway of July 25, 2010 was interpreted in terms of “biohazard”, “Venus” or “Mayan” themes (see /roundwayhill).  

Windmill Hill of July 26, 2010 was interpreted as a “monthly lunar calendar, telling when some unknown nuclear mechanism would close”. Its lunar calendar was assigned two possible sets of dates, one ending in the spring of 2011 (see windmillhill).  

Julian Gibsone commented about Beggar’s Knoll on July 27, 2010: “Radiation in the landscape? Mysterious radiative markings can be seen in the field below this wonderful new crop formation. Could there be a connection?” (see chalkpit2010). Other researchers interpreted it as a “subatomic nuclear reaction” (see chalkpit commentsl).

A review article in August 2010 was titled: “Woolaston Grange of July 18, 2010 and Beggar’s Knoll of July 27, 2010 show symbols for a proton-proton fusion reaction: what could this mean?” It was subtitled: “Have we been shown two more crop pictures that predict the future?” The appearance of nuclear symbols in crops was discussed mainly in terms of an ongoing political standoff, over nuclear power stations in Iran (see chalkpit articles).

Now in the light of a powerful earthquake which shook Japan on March 11, 2011, and the twenty-meter-high tsunami that followed, wiping out several major coastal cities, and the entire Fukushima nuclear power station, we can return to those six “nuclear” or “biohazard” crop pictures from last summer, and say more of a definitive nature about what they mean.

Guys Cliffe and “nuclear energy”

The first of those six crop pictures appeared at Guys Cliffe on July 10, 2010, and showed a standard symbol for “nuclear energy”:

Woolaston Grange, Beggar’s Knoll  and “subatomic nuclear reactions”

The second and third of those crop pictures appeared at Woolaston Grange on July 18, 2010, then Beggar’s Knoll on July 27, 2010. Each new picture showed a “subatomic reaction” used to create nuclear energy, whether hydrogen fusion or uranium fission:

Their ”hydrogen fusion” crop picture at Woolaston Grange appeared just across the River Severn from Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, and pointed toward it:

Their “uranium fission” crop picture at Beggar’s Knoll appeared just next to a large white chalk pit (a symbol of nuclear devastation), and again pointed toward it:

On the other side of Beggar’s Knoll, we can see what seem to be “radiative markings in the landscape”:

Windmill Hill and a “lunar clock”

The fourth of those crop pictures appeared at Windmill Hill on July 26, 2010. It showed a “lunar clock” along the outside, where lunar months were numbered cleverly from “4” to “9” (see below). It also showed an “atomic bomb” as the hour hand of that figurative clock:

As we proceed from month “5” to month “7” to month “9”, the hour hand goes from “open” to “partly open” to “closed”. A small “bubble of hot gas” seems to be released at month “8”, which will be shown below to match a date of March 19, 2011. An extra half-Moon symbol appears just after month “8” on March 26, 2011. The entire clock starts with a full Moon on month “0” or July 26, 2010, and ends with another full Moon on month “9” or April 18, 2011.

How were we able to deduce those precise numbers and dates from the crop picture? Well, so far we have only been looking at its outer part. The middle part of Windmill Hill showed a nine-month lunar calendar, where the relative locations of Earth, a first-quarter Moon and a last-quarter Moon may be seen clearly:

Then the central part of Windmill Hill showed a series of “crop nests”, which assigned dates to certain lunar months along the outside as either “5”, “7” or “9”. Hence the upper left circle is month “5”, while the upper right circle is month “7”, and the lower central circle is month “9”:

Each of those “nests” defines another full Moon past the full Moon of July 26, 2010, when the crop picture appeared. In our modern calendar, month “5” equals “five full Moons later” or December 21, 2010, while month “7” equals “seven full Moons later” or February 18, 2011, and month “9” equals “nine full Moons later” or April 18, 2011. A complete lunar calendar, providing dates for all full Moons from “0” to “9”, is shown in the slide below:

Their “atomic bomb” crop picture told how many lunar months would pass before a major nuclear event would occur somewhere on Earth. In a previous slide, we saw that a small “bubble of hot gas” was due to be released on lunar month “8” or March 19, 2011, and that such a release would continue until March 26, 2011. Then by lunar month “9” or April 18, 2010, those nuclear devices (or reactors) would be “closed” or sealed.

Such “crop predicted” dates agree fairly well with the real dates of recent problems with nuclear reactors in Japan. After a powerful earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, several of the Fukushima nuclear power reactors exploded on March 13 and 14, then went into partial meltdown by March 19. Those reactor explosions sent small clouds of hot, radioactive gas all across the country, causing a significant biohazard for millions of people living there, while contaminating their food supplies.

Roundway Hill and “biohazard”

The fifth of those crop pictures appeared at Roundway Hill on July 25, 2010. It showed a “biohazard” symbol like we use here on Earth, but changed in two subtle ways:

First, its rotational symmetry about the centre was changed from “three” to “five”. This may have been meant to suggest the imagery of “planet Venus”, which follows a five-fold symmetric orbit about the Sun (as seen from Earth). Secondly, its inner ring was filled with ten small “Mayan symbols”, just like we saw in the “Quetzalcoatl headdress” of July 5, 2009.

Both of those changes seem to suggest that the legendary Quetzalcoatl may have designed and laid out this particular crop picture! Indeed, “planet Venus” was one of his attributes in ancient central America, where they called him “Lord of the Dawn” or “bright morning star”. Did he also warn us in crops last summer, of a potential “biohazard” due to recent events In Japan?

Legend has it that Quetzalcoatl will return to Earth at the end of his Long Count calendar on December 23, 2012, just as he promised when he left the Mayans long ago. Montezuma apparently believed that ancient legend in 1519, when he let Cortes and his Spanish conquistadors enter peacefully into the Aztec Empire, thinking that Cortes might be their long-awaited god/teacher Quetzalcoatl (see

East Field and “uranium dioxide”

The last of those six crop pictures appeared in East Field on July 26, 2010. It showed the same overall shape as Woolaston Grange of July 18, 2010, thereby suggesting that it might be a “nuclear” crop picture too:

In its middle, we can see a “body-centered cubic lattice” from the science of crystallography, which is adopted by radium at room temperature, or by uranium at high reactor temperatures:

When we study the details of that crop picture more closely, its body-centred cubic lattice shows a distinct resemblance to the crystal structure of uranium dioxide, which is a commonly used fuel for nuclear reactors:

Eight small “dots” shown along various “lines” would by this interpretation be “oxygen atoms”. Yet what about all of that “alien writing” above and below? How can we ever hope to understand what it says:

Where is the prophet Daniel when we need him? By legend, Daniel was skilled at understanding writing from the gods.

A summary of six “nuclear” or “biohazard” crop pictures from the summer of 2010: what did they tell us?

Now that we have studied all six crop pictures from last summer in close detail, we can say for certain that they warned us of an upcoming “nuclear” or “biohazard” threat to humans on Earth, during the approximate time period of March 19 to March 26, 2011. At the end of that time around April 18, 2011, certain nuclear devices which were formerly “open” and working, will be “closed” or sealed.

None of those crop pictures showed us a map of Japan, or a sketch of the Fukushima power plant, as a specific clue. So even if we had understood all of their alien symbols before March 11, 2011, when a powerful earthquake struck Japan, there would have been no way to act constructively on such paranormal information, in order to change what happened by one single iota. All of the same people would have died, and all of the same nuclear power plants would have exploded. This raises the question: why are unknown advanced intelligences showing us crop pictures at all?

Are modern crop pictures made by time travelers, who hope to change our planetary history in a beneficial fashion?

Perhaps the time was not yet right in 2010, for crop pictures made by time travelers to change our planetary history in a beneficial fashion? That strange and difficult subject has been discussed in some depth by Linda Howe:

“Time travel came up as the source of global crop formations back in 1993. I was in Wiltshire, England to explore the crop circle mystery, at a time when those field patterns had been reported in 23 countries worldwide. There were TV news reports on ABC’s 20/20 or CBS’s 60 Minutes, and major headlines in newspapers or magazines. Then I met a man who told me he had first-hand information that the CIA was trying to photograph every crop formation in chronological order (from satellites), so that high-speed computers could look for mathematical patterns in them to be decoded.

He startled me by explaining that the agency’s theory is that we are dealing with time travellers, and that crop formations have something to do with gauging the effectiveness of their efforts to manipulate Earth’s timeline. A more recent contactee, Joshua Rhinehall, thinks that time travelers are interacting with Earth today to avert future disasters” (see or

Martin Keitel has suggested in his excellent movie, “Cereal Wormholes 2: Conduit Closing”, that modern crop pictures may be “messages sent back in time” from our near or distant future (see or  time2011a). Recent studies of an alien binary code, given by unknown visitors at Woodbridge 1980 to several servicemen who were investigating a landed UFO, also seem to support a “time travel” hypothesis (see or or

Physicists who work at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva are taking the concept of time travel quite seriously: Regarding the Higgs singlet, physicists say that finding it could pave the way for messages to be sent to both the past and future. ‘Our theory is a long shot, but it doesn't violate any laws of physics or experimental constraints,’ said Tom Weiler of Vanderbilt University(see

Are those mysterious crop artists planning to change our planetary history in December of 2012?

With the important date of December 23, 2012 not far in our future, will those mysterious crop artists show us new field pictures in the summer of 2011 (or in the summer of 2012), so as to provide specific information about what will happen on that date? Might there be a worldwide earthquake as the ancient Mayans or Aztecs believed? And if so, which physical forces will trigger it? Perhaps “waves from the galactic centre (see time2007m.html), or else an “intruder” to our solar system which passes not far from Earth and Moon, as shown in crops at Avebury Manor on July 22, 2008 (see aveburymanor2008)?

Who could have predicted one month ago, that the whole island of Japan would be struck by a powerful earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011? Or that such an unexpected geological event would cause the near-meltdown of several nuclear reactors at Fukushima on March 13 to 19, 2011? The crop artists, that’s who! So we ought to listen carefully to what they tell us, beginning again in April or May of 2011.

Red Collie  (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Ph.D. Caltech 1981, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-1986, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

P.S. We would like to thank all of the excellent researchers who post on Crop Circle Connector, especially Julian Gibsone, Stuart Dike, Olivier Morel, Steve Alexander, Gary King and Ross Holcombe for use of their aerial or ground photographs. We would also like to thank Lisa Tucker and Alison Badesha for theoretical help.

Appendix 1. Two little-known crop pictures from 2007 predicted the BP oil spill in 2010

Two little-known crop pictures from the summer of 2007 predicted the BP oil spill, but few people paid any attention at the time. The first of those two pictures appeared at Hinton Downs on July 16, 2007, and showed what that oil spill would look like from space, in the Gulf of Mexico during April of 2010:

The second of those two pictures appeared at Martinsell three days later on July 19, 2007, and showed the “BP corporate logo”:

One commentator wrote at the time: Just wondering whether anyone has mentioned the good humor of those crop circle creators, in regard to a replica of the British Petroleum corporate logo which appeared at Martinsell on July 19, 2007?”  (see martinsell2007).

Details of fallen crop were quite tidy and elaborate in both crop pictures, consistent with their non-human origins:


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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