Waves from the galactic centre in December of 2012? Two crop pictures from West Kennett 1996 or Wayland's Smithy 2006 seem to provide detailed information
Summary: Having correctly predicted the outburst of Comet Holmes in 2007, those crop artists will presumably turn their attention next to whatever astronomical event may be scheduled for December of 2012. I therefore scanned the archives, to see whether any crop pictures from 1990 to 2007 might shed light on what will happen next? Only two pictures from that entire 17-year period seem to address the events of December 2012 directly. Wayland's Smithy of 2006 suggests that powerful rays from a deep-space explosion will reach Earth around the end of their Sun-Venus calendar in March 2013. West Kennett of 1996 suggests that rays from the centre of our galaxy will be detected initially on Earth by December 14, 2012, at the time of a new Moon and a comet.  Further information will hopefully be provided by new pictures from the 2008 summer season.

Introduction: a quantum leap in our understanding of English crop pictures from 2007 to 2008
During the past year, our understanding of English crop pictures has taken a quantum leap forward. Thus by the end of 2007, many of us had come to the conclusion that a series of future-predictive crop pictures from two years earlier, during the summer of 2005, had accurately predicted the outburst of Comet 17P Holmes in October-November of 2007. By all standards of normal human science, such a feat would be impossible! Yet it happened nonetheless, even if most current academic scientists choose to ignore those important findings:  

A careful review of the archives later revealed two other cases of "future prediction in crops" from the years 1994 or 1995. In other words, not only was the outburst of Comet Holmes in 2007 predicted two years beforehand by crop pictures from the summer of 2005 (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007h.html or www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007g.html), but the outburst of Comet 73P Schwassman-Wachmann 3 in September 1995 was likewise predicted three months beforehand by crop pictures from June or July in the same year (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007a.html). Finally, a future predictive or simultaneous crop picture showed the impact scar G of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter during the summer of 1994 

No real evidence for human fakery, just media disinterest or disinformation
Some sceptics might argue at this point: "What you are saying is impossible! How can hundreds of people know privately about such mind-blowing results, yet none of those important results ever appear on TV or in major newspapers, where everybody can see them? One can only find out about English crop pictures from certain websites, yet everyone knows how unreliable Internet sites can be for true information."
In response to such self-assured sceptics (who tell me that all the time), I can only say that you are imagining a TV-based world of integrity and truth that does not really exist. For example, last year on July 7, 2007, a dedicated team of researchers including Winston Keech, Gary King and Terje Toftenes filmed a 300-meter-long crop picture while it was being made around 3 AM at East Field near Avebury. Yet their historic discovery received no serious media attention, apart from small notices in a local Wiltshire paper and on a regional BBC website: see www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/news/headlines/display.var.1559662.0.the_crop_circle_mystery.php or www.bbc.co.uk/wiltshire/content/articles/2007/08/14/wilts_crop_circles_2007_feature.shtml. When we travelled back to London a few weeks later, no one there had even heard of it!  

In fact, there seems to be no evidence at the present time that any "future predictive" crop picture (of the kind discussed above) could have been made by some local human faker. Indeed, how could any faker know of an unexpected astronomical event far out in space, more than two years in advance? Current evidence points instead to a paranormal origin for most complex crop pictures, whether they predict the future or not (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007j.html).
If not made by local human fakers, then who could be making such intricate and amazing designs? This is still a matter of controversy, but my feeling is that modern crop pictures may be intended as open messages to the people of Earth from human-like extra-terrestrials who lived and taught among us long ago (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007k.html or www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007e.html).
"We have seen the aliens, and they are us."  
A few researchers have objected to certain crop circles as hoaxes because they are "full of human logic" (see http://mmmgroup.altervista.org/e-crab.html). Those objections would seem to be obviated by this hypothesis.
An unexpected Mayan connection and symbols for Quetzalcoatl
Not only do modern crop pictures show a paranormal means of construction, and often apparently human logic (however advanced), but they also show a mysterious aspect known as the "Mayan connection". Thus, several crop pictures each year tend to show long-forgotten themes from Aztec-Mayan culture, which was essentially destroyed in 1519 after Cortez and his soldiers landed there (although first contact by the Spaniards was somewhat earlier in 1492).
A more detailed analysis showed that those crop artists actually "keep time" in our modern era 1990-2007 by means of an ancient Sun-Venus calendar, that the Mayans and Aztecs used in central America long ago, along with their famous Long Count calendar (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007c.html). Both calendars appeared recently in English crop pictures, whether at Silbury Hill in 2004 or at Woolstone Hill in 2005:  

Quite remarkably, all of these many hundreds of modern crop pictures seem to be appearing at special time in history: just as one 5000-year-long Mayan Sun ends, while another begins!
Their Long Count calendar will end on December 21, 2012, marking an end to the Fifth Sun which began on August 13, 3114 BC. Likewise, their Sun-Venus calendar will end on March 28, 2013, marking an end to the current 52-year cycle of Venus which began on April 10, 1961, and also marking the start of a new 5000-year Sixth Sun.
Many traditional symbols of a legendary, fair-skinned, blue-eyed teacher called Quetzalcoatl have also appeared recently in English crops: for example his "feathered serpent", "Venus" or "Jester's Hat" motifs

The same legendary figure was known as Kukulkan to the Mayans, Pahana to the Hopis, or Viracocha to the Incas
www.crystalinks.com/preinca.html or www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/9054/viraco.html).
"The Incas, who had great technology when Europeans were still barbaric nomads, said that their technology was given to them by Viracocha, who was described as a white-skinned bearded man."
"Kukulkan lived twenty centuries ago, and was the founder of all empires in ancient America. He came from the sky to earth, and because of that was usually represented as a feathered serpent. White-skinned and bearded, he brought love, penitence, and forbade blood sacrifice."

"Viracocha-Kukulkan-Quetzalcoatl was said to be responsible for giving many useful crafts to the Aztecs, Incas and Mayas. How did he manage to impart his knowledge across such a vast area? That mystery could be explained if he were an alien (or a group of aliens), since he seems to have taught all over the place. Such a hypothesis could also explain many references to his arrival from the sky."
An extra-terrestrial hypothesis for Quetzalcoatl
However much modern scholars would laugh at me for considering such outrageous ideas, I would still tend to agree with the theory of extra-terrestrial origin for Quetzalcoatl just cited above. We must be guided by the evidence, and not by any kind of social or academic prejudice, or else we will learn nothing. In fact, there are six different lines of evidence relevant to this point: (a) the surprising ability of those crop artists to predict the future; (b) their ability to create intricate and amazing crop pictures by paranormal means which we do not currently understand; (c) their unusual preference for Mayan-themed crop pictures; (d) their use of a Mayan Sun-Venus or Long Count calendar to count time in our modern era; (e) an upcoming end to the Fifth Sun in 2012; and (f) their desire to show us traditional symbols for Quetzalcoatl, which often lie near other more important crop pictures, just as if an artist had "signed" his work!
When police detectives are trying to solve a crime, and six different lines of evidence point to the same suspect, what do they conclude? Could Quetzalcoatl and his colleagues---benevolent extra-terrestrials who lived and taught on Earth long ago---be making the majority of modern crop pictures today, in order to prepare us for their imminent return in 2013 or perhaps 2039? (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007k.html)
Indeed, they told us explicitly at Crabwood in 2002: "Believe: there is good out there. We oppose deception. (Space-time) conduit (now) closing." In other words, they are not living in the close vicinity of Earth at present, yet are still able to make regular contact with us in crops each summer, by means a space-time conduit or wormhole.
According to certain legends, Quetzalcoatl promised that he would return after "five full cycles of Venus", or equivalently 5 x 104 = 520 years as shown at Chute Causeway in 2007. Counting from first contact of those Spaniards with the Aztecs, that would give 1492 + 520 = 2012 AD. Alternatively, counting from the destruction of Aztec culture by Cortez and his sailors in 1519, that would give 1519 + 520 = 2039 AD.
Only two crop pictures so far seem to concern themselves with the events of December 2012
Now when the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on December 21, 2012, what might happen? Will December 21 be a purely symbolic date just as for our New Year's Day? Or will something unexpected and astronomical happen then? Being able to "see" the future, if something is going to happen around December 21, those guys would surely tell us about it! So have they given us any clues so far in crops, as to what might happen astronomically upon end of the Fifth Sun in late 2012?
I went through the crop-circle archives carefully in an attempt to answer that question (see http://www.cropcirclearchives.co.uk/archives/ccarchives.htm), but could only find two crop pictures from 1990 to 2007 which seem to deal specifically with the events of December 2012. Those were (a) Wayland's Smithy of July 8, 2006 and (b) West Kennett of July 13, 1996.
Some people originally interpreted Wayland's Smithy 2006 in terms of the "New York skyscrapers" lost five years earlier on September 11, 2001. Yet that interpretation now appears less accurate than "square rays" as used  commonly in astronomy, to describe an intensity-distance relationship for light rays emitted by a distant source. West Kennett 1996 was always interpreted in terms of our galactic centre, because it showed the ancient Mayan symbol for "galactic centre". Yet no one understood until recently why any long-forgotten Mayan symbol should appear in English crops.
No other crop pictures from 1990 to 2007 seem to show specifically the near-future events of December 2012. Yet some do show other astronomical events from the same year. For example, Etchilhampton of August 1997 showed a time remaining of 26 x 30 = 780 weeks (or 15 years) from its appearance during the summer on 1997, until a transit of Venus during the summer of 2012 on June 6. A schematic picture of Venus was even drawn nearby, superimposed on the face of the Sun (see www.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/1997/uk1997cg.shtml#pic2).
Here we will focus specifically on the events of December 2012 in order to ask: what might happen astronomically at the end of the Fifth Sun?
Wayland's Smithy 2006 suggests that periodically-emitted rays from the galactic center will reach Earth, when our current Sun-Venus calendar ends in early 2013
A preliminary analysis of Wayland's Smithy 2006 was given earlier
(see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/waylandsmithy2007a.html). Even at first glance, one can see that it seems to show a series of "astronomical rays" emerging from some central source in all three spatial directions x ,y or z:

Those rays have been drawn as "square" along their lengths, because the intensity of any astronomical wave or ray becomes weaker as it proceeds further from the source by a factor of distance-squared.
What could be the central source of energies shown there? One plausible candidate might be an ultra-massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy known as Sgr A*. A ring of 12 stars surrounds Sgr A* in space, just like a ring of 12 points surrounds the empty centre of that crop picture. Alternatively, the source of emission could be another nearly-round structure near the centre of our galaxy called the Sagittarius Star Cloud, which is much more easily visible than Sgr A* to the naked eye (see www.seds.org/messier/m/m024.html).
Next we may ask: why are there rays of four different lengths emerging from the center, in each of three directions x, y or z?

When interpreted in terms of emissions from our galactic centre, the answer becomes obvious. Earth and Sun lie 25,000 light years away from Sagittarius A* or its nearby Star Cloud at the galactic centre. If such square rays are emitted periodically once every 5000 years, then one should see a regular and periodic distribution of rays moving outward from the centre at light speed c, just as shown in the crop picture. Any set of three rays of equal length (say 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25) seems to rotate slightly relative to its neighbour, just as if the central galactic source had rotated slightly over long periods of time.
The central source of Sgr A* could be a pair of black holes that come close together once every 5000 years, and thereby exchange powerful energies. Could that be an underlying physical explanation for the Mayan Long Count calendar, which asserts that Earth and Sun have undergone major astronomical changes once every 5000 years in the recent past? Finally, Wayland's Smithy 2006 shows a very curious feature at the ends of its three longest rays as shown below:  

Each of its three longest rays seems to contain a 7 x 8 = 56 grid of mini-circles within any open square end. Could that be some kind of time code, telling us when the longest ray will reach Earth? A plausible answer in terms of their Sun-Venus calendar is given below.

Table 1. Important Sun-Venus conjunctions in our current 52-year calendar 







April 10, 1961


start of Sun-Venus calendar



March 31, 2005


eight years left until the Sixth Sun

(Woolstone Hill of August 13, 2005 )


January 14, 2006


7 x 8 = 56 gone so far

(Wayland’s Smithy of July 8, 2006)  


August 18, 2007


6 left until transit

(Stanton St. Bernard of August 12, 2007)


June 6, 2012


transit of Venus across the Sun



March 28, 2013


end of Sun-Venus calendar

(start of the Sixth Sun) 


Thus, the number 7 x 8 = 56 as shown at Wayland's Smithy seems to represent the number of Sun-Venus conjunctions that had expired by July 8, 2006, when that crop picture appeared, in terms of their current Sun-Venus calendar (which began on April 10, 1961). When the total number of conjunctions reaches "65" on March 28, 2013, then their 52-year Sun-Venus calendar will end, and the longest astronomical ray (as shown) will reach Earth.


Any Sun-Venus conjunction lasts for 292 days, whether inferior (Venus between Earth and Sun) or superior (Sun between Earth and Venus). And ever since that date of July 8, 2006 two years ago, when there were still "9 left", the countdown to 2013 has continued! Last year for example on August 12, 2007, the Mayan number "six" appeared at Stanton St. Bernard (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/2007/stanton/stanton2007.html). It was intended to tell us that "only 6" Sun-Venus conjunctions remained until Venus transit on June 6, 2012, or "only 7" until an end to their Sun-Venus calendar on March 28, 2013 


In summary, something astronomical and unexpected will perhaps happen in late 2012 or early 2013, close to the end of the current Sun-Venus calendar. We will apparently come into contact with astronomical rays from a distant source, possibly from the galactic centre. But when exactly will those rays reach Earth? And will they provide just a pretty light-show as for Comet Holmes, or are they something that we need to be concerned about? (One year before on August 9, 2005, a Mayan-type crop picture predicting the explosion of Comet Holmes appeared in the same field.)


We cannot answer any of those questions today with certainty, because not enough crop pictures have been shown so far to provide sufficiently reliable details. Yet one other picture from West Kennett 1996 did seem to describe the same near-future astronomical event in a slightly more precise way, so we will study that one next.


West Kennett 1996 suggests that a new Moon and comet will align in Earth's sky with the galactic centre, when we first see rays emerging (possibly on December 14, 2012)

The summer of 1996 in crops was devoted to telling us about phases of the Moon. It began with a "lunar phase diagram for sunset" at Stonehenge on July 7, 1996, then continued with a "lunar phase diagram for midnight" at Windmill Hill
on July 30, 1996 (see 
www.cropcirclearchives.co.uk), Then it concluded with a "lunar phase diagram for early August" at Chiseldon on August 2, 1996 (see www.cropcirclearchives.co.uk).


Amid all of that lunar phase information, we saw at West Kennett on July 13, 1996 a very peculiar kind of crop picture, which showed an ancient Mayan symbol for "centre of the Milky Way", along with curly "waves emerging in all directions" from the centre:



That ancient Mayan symbol seems to be authentic, since it appeared several times in a 16th-century manuscript called Codex Magliabecchiano
 (see www.famsi.org/research/loubat/Magliabecchiano/thumbs0.html
or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aztec_codices).
One can see how such a strange yet accurate symbol for our Milky Way may have come about, if Quetzalcoatl taught those ancient Mayans that our galaxy has spiral arms:



Yet that particular symbol has also become popular recently among New Age enthusiasts as the so-called "Hunab Ku" or "Galactic Butterfly". Thus I thought it necessary to ask: could West Kennett 1996 be a human-made fake? It seems far less complicated in design than Wayland's Smithy of 2006, and hence more easily amenable to ordinary human construction.


Still, careful examination of a pole-shot taken by Stuart Dike
www.cropcirclearchives.co.uk) reveals three important details that argue for its authenticity: (a) its "comet" motif lies far out in free-stranding crop, and would be hard to make from the ground; (b) the two lines of variable curvature which define its "lunar crescent" seem far too well-defined to have been made mechanically; and (c) quite a few plants still remain free-standing and intact within its "galactic centre" motif, unlike for any rope-and-boards kind of construction.


A new Moon and a bright comet: four astronomical objects in total


Hence West Kennett of 1996 does seem to be authentic. Now we were shown also in that same crop picture two other astronomical objects: (i) a new crescent Moon and (ii) a bright comet: 

Any new Moon always lies close to the Sun as seen from Earth. Yet our Sun only lies close to the galactic centre in late December of any year, as seen from Earth. Taken together, all of those observations would seem to imply:
"A new Moon, the Sun and a bright comet will line up with the galactic centre as seen from Earth, in December of some upcoming year when we will first see rays emerging there."
On which day of our short-term future will Earth's sky look like the crop picture? There will of course be a new crescent Moon in the month of December for every year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012, and each of those new Moons will lie close in Earth's sky to both the Sun and the galactic centre: see below.

Table 2. New Moons which lie near the Sun and the galactic center as seen from Earth


Lunar date

Right Ascension


December 26, 2008

17 hr 45 min

-26 degrees

December 16, 2009

17 hr 45 min

-25 degrees

December 06, 2010

17 hr 45 min

-23 degrees

December 23, 2011

17 hr 45 min

-22 degrees

December 13, 2012

17 hr 45 min

-20 degrees

December 14, 2012

18 hr 30 min

-19 degrees




galactic center Sgr A*

17 hr 45 min

-29 degrees

galactic center dark rift

18 hr 00 min

-22 degrees

galactic center SSC

18 hr 15 min

-18 degrees




Sun on December 13

17 hr 20 min

-23 degrees

Sun on December 14

17 hr 30 min

-23 degrees

Sun on December 21

18 hr 00 min

-23 degrees

Values of Declination for any new Moon will decrease from -26 degrees in 2008 to -20 degrees in 2012, owing to the 19-year Metonic cycle of its orbit.
All years 2008 to 2012 thus seem equally plausible, if we consider only the Moon, Sun and galactic centre. But let us look more closely at December of 2012, because that is the approximate time suggested by Wayland's Smithy in 2006. On both December 13 and 14 of 2012, a new Moon will lie close to the Sun and also close to several sky markers for the galactic centre: namely Sagittarius A*, its dark rift, and the Sagittarius Star Cloud.
Of possible relevance here, West Kennett of July 1996 appeared on the same day of the month (13th) as the new Moon of December 13, 2012, and also at the same value of lunar phase ("new"). By drawing it on that particular day, were those crop artists trying to tell us about the year 2012?
An ancient Mayan prophecy says that "the Moon will be eight days old" on December 21, 2012 when their Long Count calendar ends. Indeed, December 13 plus eight days equals December 21. But these are only guesses: what about the comet?
Tentative identification of the West Kennett comet as 152P Helin-Lawrence
In order to assign a calendar year with any certainty to that West Kennett crop picture, we need to identify its "comet". I therefore carried out a survey of all known comets that will reach perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) during the years 2008 to 2012, and thereby found one promising candidate which will lie close to a new Moon near the galactic center in mid-December of 2012: namely Comet 152P Helin-Lawrence (see http://cometography.com/pcomets/152p.html or www.aerith.net/comet/catalog/index-T-earth.html or www.aerith.net/comet/catalog/0152P/2012.html).
Comet 152P Helin-Lawrence will reach perihelion on July 9, 2012, then will travel into Sagittarius by December 14 where it will be located at a Right Ascension of 18 hours 50 minutes and a Declination of -25 degrees. Thus it will lie fairly close in Earth's sky on December 14, 2012 to a one-day-old Moon at R.A. 18 hours 30 minutes and Dec.  -19 degrees (see Table 2 above). With those ideas in mind, I next assigned R.A. and Dec. coordinates to all four astronomical objects shown at West Kennett, in order to assess a quality of fit:  

The year 2012 does seem to provide a reasonable fit to West Kennett, especially if its ancient Mayan symbol for "centre of the galaxy" refers to the easily seen Sagittarius Star Cloud, rather than to a nearly invisible black hole Sgr A* (only discovered in modern times). I also noticed while making this diagram a "faint round circle" in the crop, which is located just below and to the left of the large spiral shown there for "galactic centre". That faint round circle lies directly next to my assigned sky-location for Earth's Sun. But perhaps that was intended?
When we study the long-term orbit of Comet 152P Helin-Lawrence through time (see http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/orbits), we can see that it will pass behind the Sun as seen from Earth during July or August of 2012, possibly with an outburst to greater brightness  Then it will move away from the Sun by 10 degrees on December 14, in good accord with the crop picture: 

It should be emphasized, however, that this tentative identification of the West Kennett "comet" as 152P Helin-Lawrence cannot be regarded as completely certain. The basic problem is that we cannot predict how bright any near-future comet may become when it reaches perihelion, and outbursts close to the Sun. If this difficult astronomical problem is of interest to any readers, they may go to the website www.aerith.net/comet/catalog/index-T-earth.html to examine finder-charts for other comets that are predicted to lie in Earth's sky near the galactic centre in Sagittarius, during the month of December for all years 2008 to 2012.

What exactly we will see in the sky during December of 2012?
In summary, if our current understanding of that West Kennett crop picture is correct, then we may see the first emissions from our galactic centre just after a new Moon on December 14, 2012, or one week before the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on December 21. Whether those emissions will prove harmless to the inhabitants of Earth (as for Comet Holmes), or whether they will have some deleterious effect, remains to be determined. Gamma ray bursts are also very powerful explosions that happen far away in space, but we often receive the emissions from those without anyone even noticing
Despite some progress in this area, we will definitely need to receive more crop pictures during the summers of 2008 to 2012, in order to gain a more complete understanding of December 2012.
Red Collie

Appendix 1. A long history of planetary or cometary astronomy in English crops: they want us to learn how to understand their drawings, so that we will see the future too!

Even from its very beginnings in 1990 to 1993, the modern crop-circle phenomenon was astronomical in nature, and showed planetary or lunar conjunctions in Earth's sky using ancient symbols from Ptolemaic astronomy
www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007f.html). For example, the famous Alton Barnes crop picture of July 12, 1990 showed several ancient symbols for "conjunction" or "opposition". Those were used to tell us that Jupiter and Venus had come closer together in Earth's sky that summer, than for any other time during the past 100 years. The order of sky brightness goes as Moon = 1, Venus = 2, Jupiter = 3, so their symbol for Venus was drawn with two prongs, while their symbol for Jupiter was drawn with three prongs.

Today we still use some of those ancient symbols in natal astrology, another subject that Ptolemy wrote a book about. Hence the crop artists were trying to tell us from the very start that: (i) they know all about Earth's past, and (ii) are very concerned with astronomy. 

Many more astronomical themes were shown during the years 1994 to 2007, with new glyphs concerning our Moon, Sun, planets or comets (see
www.swirlednews.com/article.asp?artID=659). Some of their pictures even became future-predictive of unexpected astronomical events: say the outbursts of Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in 1995 or Comet 17P Holmes in 2007 (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007a.html or www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007h.html).

Nor were they trying to keep such information hidden. It was meant for us, not for anyone else. But only if we were intelligent, determined and open-minded could we understand what they were trying to say! For example at Wayland's Smithy in 2005, Jaime Maussan and Stuart Dike quickly realized that the binary codes shown there gave dates for some unexpected astronomical event, that would happen in our near future
(see the 2005 DVD "Circle Chasers" on
www.thecropcircleshop.com/circle-chasers-2005-dvd-4-p.asp). Eventually that crop picture was decoded to give both its own date of appearance (August 9, 2005), plus a near-future date when Comet Holmes would conjunct a bright star Mirfak in Perseus (November 20, 2007).
The long-term history of this phenomenon, therefore, seems to favour the idea the we (the human race) have been sent on a steep learning curve: where some of us (at least) must learn how to correctly interpret their drawings, so that we will be able to see the future too, before the "much pain but still time" period that was described at Crabwood in 2002 takes place (see www.martinkeitel.net/cropcircles/articles/alien2.html or www.lucypringle.co.uk/articles/crabwood).
Appendix 2. Martin Keitel's dream of a "feathered serpent" just before Crabwood 2002
While researching the possible events of December 2012, I came across a remarkable psychic experience by Finnish researcher Martin Keitel. He received a dream message relating to ancient Mayan culture, just before a long message in ASCII code was laid down in crop at Crabwood on August 15, 2002 (see www.martinkeitel.net/cropcircles/articles/alien3.html):

"The place is a schoolroom. Tapani Koivula (a Finnish UFO researcher) is presenting a huge book. He says this book has been received from space. It tells about future changes, for example our "new Sun". Then a woman begins to speak. She says she has something to say about the Mayans. She suddenly turns into a "snake" with black and yellow stripes. Yellow stripes represent flattened crop (0), while black stripes represent erect crop (1).

The "snake" speaks to me with a low male voice. It says I have an important task to perform, but that I don't have to do it alone. I feel a loving energy radiate from it. Then it gives me a box filled with red plates. Each plate has text written on it. The "snake" says they are instructions. I should take out one plate at a time as it becomes necessary.

Then it turns back into a woman. She says we need to listen to the Mayans. The dream continues. We are now discussing how some children will be ready for a near-future spiritual change in the world, although Earth governments will not support it."  



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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