Detailed comparison of Longwood Warren 1995 to its human-made copy from 2001: can local humans make authentic crop pictures of a complex kind?


Our understanding of modern crop pictures has changed dramatically since October-November of 2007, when Comet 17P Holmes exploded unexpectedly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Then it became suddenly apparent for the whole world to see (or at least all of those people with access to the Internet), that English crop pictures had predicted such an astronomical event in great temporal and spatial detail over two years earlier (see or
Other crop pictures from the summer of 1995 predicted the outburst of Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 three months before it happened
 (see Still other crop pictures from the summer of 1994 described the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter just one week after it happened  (see or
What kind of magical technology might we be dealing with here? Who are those crop artists, and what are they trying to tell us? The final answers to those questions still remain uncertain, but one thing can be said for sure, as we approach a new crop circle season in the summer of 2008: it is time to get rid of mindless scepticism, and unsupported claims of human fakery.
Two versions of the same crop picture from 1995 (authentic original) versus 2001 (human-made copy)
With those ideas in mind, I would like to briefly address the relative astronomical accuracy of an authentic crop picture from 1995, versus that of its human-made copy in 2001. Part of the original 1995 picture is shown below:

Longwood Warren appeared on July 26, 1995 as part of a long series of astronomical crop pictures that year, including Bishop's Sutton and Gander Down, which were seemingly meant to inform us "in advance" about the outburst of Comet 73P Schwassman-Wachmann 3 three months later (see It showed fairly correct orbits about a large central Sun for the four inner planets of our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), and also showed three distinct open circular symbols for Mercury, Venus, and Mars; but failed to show any open circular symbol for planet Earth.
One can easily deduce from the relative locations of Mercury, Venus and Mars as shown there, along with the elliptical orbit of Mercury, that Longwood Warren was meant to illustrate our inner solar system on a date of approximately June 21, 1995. That was just five days before it appeared. But why did the crop artists omit an open circular symbol for Earth? What exactly were they trying to tell us?
No one could understand at the time. Later in retrospect, it became clear that planet Earth on June 21, 1995 resided almost precisely in space (red arrow, above left) where Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 would outburst three months later (yellow arrow, above right). In other words, the "missing Earth" feature of Longwood Warren was meant to serve as a spatial indicator, to tell us where Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 would later outburst or explode.
Comets often explode when they come close to the Sun at an orbital location called perihelion (the base of that curved blue line, shown above right). But no ordinary human could have predicted three months in advance, that Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 would explode on September 22, 1995. Only our mysterious crop artist friends, with their advanced spacetime technology, could know such a thing.
So much for the original crop picture, which was amazing in its own right. Now what about the copy? A team of five expert workers made a  human-derived copy of Longwood Warren six years later on August 4, 2001. It was made to be filmed in a movie called "A Place to Stay". As shown below, those human artists seemed to do quite a creditable job of reproducing the original, at least on first glance: 

Now let us study that human-made copy in proper scientific detail.
A closer examination of the 2001 human-made copy for astronomical accuracy
On closer inspection, one can see that the location of "planet Mars" in that human-made copy has become highly incorrect for a best-fit date of June 21, 1995 (or June 26 when the original appeared):  

One can also see that an incorrect elliptical orbit has been drawn for "planet Mercury":  

Yet another incorrect aspect of that 2001 human-made copy will be shown and discussed below.
Two conflicting testimonies
The human-made copy of Longwood Warren 1995 was only meant to serve as a backdrop in a movie. Yet as of the year 2007, no other direct comparison between a complex, authentic crop picture and a human-made copy seems available. Even for a movie, how could they get it so wrong? There seem to be two conflicting testimonies here.
First, Colin Andrews wrote in his book Signs of Contact (2003): "I asked Matthew Williams and his team to create that solar system formation in the fields (for a movie by Marcus Thompson). Even though we provided measurements, ratios and scaling data to the construction team, they were still unable to complete it in one night; and when it was finished, it was so obviously man-made." (see
Matthew Williams later claimed however: "I did not have accurate photographs or diagrams to work from. The photos I had of the original Longwood Warren were obtained from the net. They were low-resolution grainy photos, and were taken at oblique angles. The final formation looked fine from the hills, and was apparently what the film crew needed." (see
Whomever you choose to believe, Colin Andrews was certainly right about one thing: an expert team of five workers could not finish it in one night! Early on the morning of August 4, 2001, Mark Fussell took a photograph of those five gentlemen still hard at work, in the unfinished centre of that crop picture just after sunrise (see /  

Few if any of the outer circles from Longwood Warren 1995 were copied correctly in 2001
To complete our analysis, we should say something about the outer circles from Longwood Warren 1995, and their apparent astronomical significance. After careful study, I found that the many outer circles as shown there seem to represent all possible locations for the two planets Venus and Mars between the years 1990 to 2004, on a yearly date of June 26 when that crop picture appeared:

On June 26 of any year, planet Earth lies close in space to the perihelion location of Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (see the blue curved line, above right). A slight angular shift of yellow connecting lines between the inner and outer parts of that crop picture (above left) may be due to slight shift in the indicated date from June 21 (inner part) to June 26 (outer part). Another crop picture which appeared at Gander Down on June 20, 1995 gave many symbolic clues by which to decode this one.
Few if any of those important outer circles were copied correctly in the 2001 human-made version of Longwood Warren:  

In fact, the incorrect outer part of that formation was what they made first, while it was still dark. They also drew an incorrect orbit for planet Mars in the dark (see above). Later, after the Sun rose, they added inner orbits for Earth, Venus and Mercury.
Comments from other people about the 2001 human-made copy
Andy Thomas and Jack Sullivan 2001:
Favourable mention in the Skeptics Dictionary 2005:
A remarkable claim that East Field 2007 was human-made: 
First-hand testimony by Gary King suggests otherwise: "When we got there, we found wheat circles that were raised six inches above the ground; so that when we stepped in, the plants crunched under our feet, just as if we were stepping onto delicate crystals."
Favourable notice from Nick Redfern 2007:
On this last website, Ellis Taylor comments: "I watched a video of Matthew Williams on YouTube, where he says that the 7/7 East Field formation was made by people known to him. As you know, Winston Keech filmed that formation as it happened. Iíve seen the video; Winston showed it to me; and there isn't nobody in the field making that picture. Why would M.W. feel the need to decry this awesome evidence of otherworldly or non-physical construction?"
Nick Redfern replies: "Iím seeing Matt in three weeks' time, and have made a note to ask him about the 7/7 formation, and to get a definitive statement from him. Iíll post what he has to say here. Also I will contact Winston." Ellis replies: "I look forward to hearing the outcome of your talks with Matthew and Winston." Nothing more was ever posted that I can find. And as for the supposed skill of certain humans at making complex crop formations in complete darkness, see above.

An inconvenient truth: most of the early crop pictures in Wiltshire 1990-1993 also had deep astronomical meanings, and could not possibly have been made by Doug and Dave

I looked recently through a series of websites devoted to irrational scepticism, and almost all of those cite as a supposed "fact", that two elderly British gentlemen called Doug and Dave had made most of the early crop pictures in Wiltshire 1990-1993. Sorry, people, you have been lied to. There is no evidence whatsoever to support that astonishing claim, apart from the fact that many large media organizations at the time reported it was "true".

On the contrary, most of those early dumbbell-type crop pictures had deep astronomical meanings, just as shown for Longwood Warren 1995 above
see They could not possibly have been made by two elderly British gentlemen, late at night after leaving the pub. Consider for example the famous crop picture shown below, which appeared on July 12, 1990 at Alton Barnes:

That particular picture told (in astronomical shorthand) how Jupiter and the Moon would come close together or conjunct in Earth's sky on July 21, 1990, while Jupiter and Venus would come close together or conjunct on August 12, 1990. Once you study that picture and others of its kind in close scientific detail, to learn what they actually mean, any careful student will find that most of them describe some visible event in Earth's sky, on a date not far from when the crop picture appeared. In other words: "As in Heaven above, so on Earth below." 

The media hype surrounding those two elderly gentlemen
(see for example appears in retrospect to have been no more than a plausibly constructed lie. Back in 1993, most people did not think it possible that many international media organizations could lie in such a consistent fashion. Only recently in 2003, with the canard about "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, that was designed to justify an otherwise illegal invasion of that country, did most people realize that such a grand deception could be possible.

The true crop artists seem opposed to lying of all sorts. They told us explicitly at Crabwood in 2002: "We oppose deception". That message appeared directly next to, and pointed toward, two large microwave relay towers used for modern radio and TV (see Most people (scientists especially) are not good at realizing that they have been lied to. But now is the time for them to learn.

A somewhat better human-made crop picture in 2006

The best human-made crop picture of recent years would be "Math Magical Matrix" of July 29-30, 2006, constructed by a team of workers led by Peter Sorenson. It was laid down during daylight hours over an entire weekend. Quite a few of the "numbers" shown there were flattened incorrectly, however, requiring Photoshop to fix the image later. We can admire those field artists for their talent, and Scott Flansburg for his mathematical wizardry, but cannot take this example seriously.

Peter commented at the time: "Here you see a few of the best shots, including a close-up of the number grid before PhotoShop was done -- warts and all. Some of the numbers were wrong, requiring Photoshop to fix them later. Since when are mistakes considered proof that humans could not make crop circles?" (see

In response to Peter's query, I would say (as a professional scientist) that it should be possible to make at least one complex human-made crop picture without any flattening errors, since thousands of authentic crop pictures from 1990 to 2007 have appeared without any flattening errors whatsoever. And yes, "mistakes" do represent one kind of proof that humans cannot make complex crop pictures.

Could any human field artist copy this one accurately?

On August 28, 2002, a rather spectacular crop picture appeared at Crooked Soley near Cambridge, just before a small meeting of expert scientists there on the same subject. It shows the "nucleosome core particle of chromatin", which represented one of Britain's Nobel Prizes in the early 1980's:

Zef Damen later worked out a precise reconstruction of that crop picture on his website (see

In order to copy it accurately, one would have to first lay down, across hundreds of meters of crop, a very complex curved grid as shown above right. Then one would have to overlay 1296 square pixels on top of that curved grid, all in precise locations. Finally, one would have to flatten exactly 792 of those square pixels, while leaving the other 504 intact (see

Does anyone even remotely conceive that ordinary humans from Earth could have made that curved DNA crop picture, using rope and boards? No, not even the leading fakers have tried to stake claim to it (see So would any of our human crop-circle-making colleagues like to have a go at copying it accurately during the summer of 2008? To show how skilled you might be?

Why people, newspapers or governments lie: the psychology of denial

We seem by all observable facts to be receiving messages from other living creatures more intelligent and technologically advanced than ourselves. Furthermore, their messages sometimes contain serious warnings about our human future on Earth, for example "much pain but still time". Yet instead of addressing those messages, most governments and media organizations have chosen to deny or even discredit them (see for example or

"Denial is a defence mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that may be too painful to accept; so he or she rejects it, insisting that it is not true, despite what may be overwhelming evidence." (see

Buddha taught us to see and understand things as they really are. Since our detailed view of the world forms our thoughts and our actions, then "right view" yields the right thoughts and the right actions (part of his Eightfold Way). That is what the crop artists seem to telling us. Full acceptance of their messages would change our human political climate in a dramatic sense. People would become more concerned for the future, whether due to dangers faced from racial or religious conflict, from a greenhouse effect, or from some possible astronomical event. We would learn to take care of Nature more, and not go to war with other nations as easily. We might even learn to make political decisions for the seventh generation to come, and not just for the next electoral cycle (see

Some people evidently desire such profound, beneficial changes to human society (see, whereas others do not. Those pre-formed sociological beliefs seem to be, in my view, a major determinant of whether or not any individual or organization will accept the paranormal reality of modern crop pictures. This is no longer a scientific issue---that question has been settled. It has become a sociological issue, and has to do with the psychology of denial.                   

Appendix. Why the messages from authentic crop pictures seem so obscure to most people today

By showing us so much astronomical detail in crops, and by using obscure calendar systems that come straight out of the ancient British Isles or ancient central America, those crop artists are telling us who they are. For example, why code Wayland's Smithy of 2005 using an ancient central American Sun-Venus calendar, unless you wish to tell everyone that you originally taught that calendar to the Olmecs, who later passed it on to the Mayans and Aztecs? And then when such a calendar predicts Comet 17P Holmes over two years in advance, everyone will realize that you can travel through space and time. Or at least anyone who chooses to study and learn the facts.

As another example, why show a monthly lunar phase cycle next to Stonehenge in 1996, unless you wish to tell everyone that you originally taught that astronomical cycle to early natives of the British Isles, who later built Stonehenge and Avebury? And then when their crop-based description matches certain naked-eye astronomy from the Book of Enoch (still in the Jewish Bible at Jesus' time), everyone will realize that you once lived there as well.

The ongoing reality of this crop circle phenomenon seems very important to our short-term future on Earth. It is not peripheral, but vital. It seems today to be focussed on an end-point of late 2012 or early 2013, when both of their calendar systems will end. The take-home lesson from this essay is that you should definitely not believe anything those human crop-circle makers have to say, even it is reported by media organizations worldwide, unless such claims can be supported by hard facts, such as those provided here and elsewhere by skilled and informed students of the phenomenon. Otherwise, when truly important messages appear in 2008, 2009, 2010, etc., they will just pass you by, and much may be lost.



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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