Could the mysterious woman in Martin Keitel’s dream from August of 2002 be Kiesha Crowther? And are some crop pictures with a binary code being sent back in time, just as for the time travelers from our future who visited Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 and left a binary code?  

Are magical technologies such as “time travel” or “messages sent through time” really possible? Can we receive messages from the future in our dreams? Are some crop pictures being sent back in time from the late 21st century, or say from a troubled period just after December of 2012? Will our future descendants on Earth eventually invent the means to travel back into their past (our present), so as to interact with humans of the current era?  

As a long-term professional scientist with 35 years of practical experience, first at Caltech 1976-1981, then MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-1986, and finally CSIRO Australia 1987-2010, I would tend to answer “yes” to all of those questions, even if such answers might bring me into intellectual conflict my with peers. If those peers were to study UFOs, crop circles and/or psychic phenomena carefully over many years, they might hold different opinions, and then there would be no conflict. This article describes several important updates to our understanding of crop circles and/or UFOs, which not many people in the general public are yet aware of, even though those subjects are very interesting indeed!  

Martin Keitel’s lucid dream in August of 2002: a psychic message from the future?  

Can psychic messages be sent back in time, from the future to the past? Is that why we sometimes dream of near-future events before they actually occur? Several days after the famous Crabwood crop picture appeared on August 15, 2002, Martin Keitel in Finland received a lucid dream which told him how to decode an ASCII message from that crop picture, as well as other useful information (see More recently in 2010, Martin released an excellent movie called “Cereal Wormholes 2 Conduit Closing”, which shows some accurate sketches from his 2002 precognitive dream, which we may now try to identify as real people (see 29:30 onward of 

The three main characters in his 2002 dream were: (1) Tapani Koivula, a respected UFO researcher from Finland; (2) a mysterious young woman of unknown identity, wearing native American clothes; and (3) a “Feathered Serpent” representation for the legendary Quetzalcoatl from ancient central America, who is now thought to be the extra-terrestrial artist behind Crabwood of 2002 (see time2007o.html). In that dream, the mysterious young woman tells him “we must listen to the Mayans, it is very important” and “there will be a spiritual change in the world, which children will be ready for, but which governments will oppose”.  

Martin’s general thesis is that the Crabwood crop picture may have been sent back in time from the near future, in order to warn us about dangerous events that will soon take place on Earth, and cause us all much pain. Thus, part of its long binary message in ASCII code reads “much pain but still time”.  

When I first saw Martin’s new video in 2010, I immediately noted a close resemblance between the mysterious young woman who was sketched from his 2002 dream, and a young spiritual teacher from southwestern America called Kiesha Crowther or “Little Grandmother”. As shown in the diagram below, both women wear almost the same native American clothing, even down to fine details of their boots or sleeves:  

Kiesha has been telling us constantly, since she emerged into public notice during April of 2009, how we should listen to the Mayans. Her friend is Don Alejandro, the current Mayan leader (see or Also, she keeps telling us how children of the next generation will be spiritually more enlightened than those of our own. Finally, she talks about crop circles, the year 2012, and how benevolent white men will return soon from the stars (see or or  

What a remarkable coincidence! Is that young woman in Martin’s dream really Kiesha Crowther, or someone else? Interestingly enough, there were two crop pictures made recently relevant to her work. One appeared at West Kennett Longbarrow on April 19, 2009, showing a “Grandmother Spider” symbol from ancient north America, on the same day when Kiesha as “Little Grandmother” was leading a Return of the Ancestors ceremony in New Mexico (see Another crop picture appeared at Pewsey on August 4, 2007, showing an ancient Mayan symbol from one of Don Alejandro’s movies (see  

Martin’s dream was in 2002, Kiesha started talking in 2009, while Quetzalcoatl is not here yet: how to resolve the paradox?  

As plausible as it might seem, how could this particular interpretation be possible? Martin received his dream message in 2002, while Kiesha did not emerge into public notice until 2009, and the legendary Quetzalcoatl is still not here yet! Some people believe that he will return in December of 2012 at the end of his Long Count calendar, which he taught to the Olmecs and Mayans long ago. How can we resolve this paradox?  

Well, Martin Keitel clearly believes that the Crabwood crop picture was sent back in time, from sometime after December of 2012, in order to warn us about dangerous events on Earth in the near future. Could his lucid dream of August 2002 also have been sent back in time, say from 2013 to 2020 after the crop artists land? Let us suppose that the crop artists will land first in southern England, near Avebury or Silbury Hill. After they land and meet the British people, Quetzalcoatl may wish to recreate his epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean, made 2000 years ago, to meet current-day descendants of the Mayans in central America, or the Hopis in north America. He has always promised to do so.  

During that voyage, will he perhaps send a coded crop picture back in time to August 15, 2002 at Crabwood in southern England, using wormhole technology as Martin suggests? Then will he send a psychic message back in time to August 18, 2002 in Finland, to help Martin decode the long ASCII message which he just sent to Crabwood? Quetzal will surely meet the current Mayan leader, Don Alejandro, during his voyage, and will perhaps even meet Kiesha Crowther, who is a friend of Don Alejandro, resident of southwestern north America, and partly of native ancestry. So if Kiesha assists him in sending the dream message back to Martin, everything would be explained quite nicely!  

Quetzalcoatl’s goal in sending those two messages back in time, whether the Crabwood crop picture or Martin’s lucid dream, would be to change the past. Things may not have gone well for humans on Earth, during and after December of 2012 in our current historical timeline. By sending a coded crop picture back in time to Crabwood 2002, and by sending a lucid psychic message back to Martin a few days later, then having both messages made public through “interpreters” such as Martin and myself, our current historical timeline on Earth (their past timeline) may somehow be changed.  

Many people such as George Lucas, Dan Aykroyd or Mel Gibson will become more aware that December 2012 is certainly not the “end of the world” (see or, since we have already received several messages in crops or dreams from beyond the time barrier: 

Those same people will also become aware of an urgent “need for change”. We can’t go on living in the same way as we do now, or else humans on planet Earth will be headed for ecological and/or geological disaster. Quetzalcoatl does not tell us exactly what those disasters might be, or exactly when they will occur, possibly due to an obscure law of physics called the “grandfather paradox” (see Appendix 2). Yet he does tell us (in my words): “Beware of an extra-terrestrial grey race, much pain but still time, believe, there is good out there, we oppose deception, spacetime conduit closing”. Likewise the mysterious young woman says: “We must listen to the Mayans, it is very important”. Will other clues to the events of December 2012 be revealed soon? Let’s certainly hope so!  

Some crop pictures have predicted unexpected astronomical events in advance, again consistent with the idea of time travel  

If certain crop pictures are really being sent back in time from the near (or distant) future on Earth, then the unknown artists who are making such crop pictures would surely know about unexpected astronomical events in our local solar system, which we have not encountered yet. Indeed, we learned in late 2007 that a whole collection of crop pictures from more than two years earlier, namely from the summer of 2005, had accurately predicted the sudden outburst of Comet 17P Holmes, and its subsequent travel through our skies (see time2007g.html or time2007h.html):  

The Hopis in southwestern north America call Comet Holmes their long-predicted “blue star Kachina”. It is supposed to herald the upcoming end of some great period in history. In fact, modern crop pictures have predicted three major “unexpected astronomical events” far in advance of the fact, from the years 1994 to 2007:  

The first of these was a cometary impact on Jupiter in 1994 (see or time2007i.html). The second was a cometary outburst near Earth orbit in 1995 (see time2007a.html), while the third was a cometary outburst beyond Mars orbit in 2007 by 17P Holmes (see or 

Some of the earliest crop pictures were described in Nature magazine 1880, while modern UFOs have been seen since 300 BC

If modern crop pictures are being sent back in time from our near (or distant) future, to the late 20th century or early 21st century, how far back in time do they go? Some people quote the “Mowing Devil” as evidence for crop circles as long ago as 1678. Andy Thomas has expressed doubts concerning that interpretation (see There seems to be no doubt, however, that modern crop pictures have been seen at least since 1880, since Nature magazine published a brief note on them on July 29 of that year, in terms of unusual “Storm Effects”:

“We found a field of standing wheat (in Surrey) considerably knocked about, not as an entirety, but in patches forming, as viewed from a distance, circular spots. Examined more closely, they all presented much the same character: a few standing stalks as a centre, some prostrate stalks with their heads arranged pretty evenly in a direction forming a circle around the centre, and outside these a circular wall of stalks which had not suffered. The crop is vigorous, with strong stems. They were to me suggestive of some cyclonic wind action.”

Some people also suggest that UFOs are new, and a product of New Age imaginations! Yet there is a lucid carving of one from El Mirador in Guatemala dating to 300 BC (see or It looks just like the Adamski saucers seen or photographed in 1952 to 1965, as well as a saucer photographed near Major’s Creek in Australia in 2010 (see George_Adamski or

According to George Adamski, tall blond-haired humans from the stars often ride around in such three-lobed-bottom saucers. Wasn’t Quetzalcoatl a tall, blond-haired man? Could that be his saucer which we see carved into a stone panel at El Mirador in Guatemala?  

The reality of time travel was firmly documented at Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980  

So far we have presented a lot of circumstantial evidence for UFOs and time travel. Now we would like to present the real thing: a well-documented case from RAF Bentwaters in December of 1980, which was witnessed by many US servicemen over three successive nights. Linda Howe has been one of the main reporters to research that case (see or She featured prominently with Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, two of the servicemen, at a 30th anniversary meeting in Woodbridge Community Hall on December 28, 2010:  

Nick Pope was also there, as a former UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defence. The original incident involved multiple UFO sightings and at least one UFO landing, in nearby Rendlesham Forest on the dates of December 26, 27 and 28, 1980:  

A small triangular craft was studied for almost one hour on the ground by Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, who made sketches of its details so they would not forget. Quite a few geometrical symbols of unknown meaning were etched onto one side of that craft, as shown above. Could these be hieroglyphics from the distant future? This Bentwaters UFO 1980 incident clearly involved time travel, as evidenced by transcripts of a hypnotic session with Jim Penniston in 1994:  

“They have to be out in space to travel. They need speed to travel. To go backwards, they can’t go forward. They go to their past. It’s impossible to go into the future. It takes too much energy. These ships can go forty or fifty thousand years. They can’t go back much further. They might not be able to get back. The farther back it is, the better, the less effect it has on changing the future. They can’t control it (unwanted changes to the future). It’s too cumbersome.”  

“The intelligence agents give me a warning: they tell me that I will hurt the world. It will breach national security and can destroy the system, cause wars, chaos in the streets. That’s why it’s important to keep it quiet.”  

“They (the visitors) are asking me if I see binary code? I see the binary code. They are time travelers. They are us. From a long time in the future, A very long time. They need chromosomes, or something like that. They take it from other people’s bodies. They are having troubles. The odds are against them. The craft was repairing itself. All they wanted was a place to stay while it repaired itself. By touching the symbols, I activated a binary code. The two government men want to know why? They ask if I have ever had any other encounters with them? I haven’t.”  

First reading of the long binary code which they gave to Jim Penniston by telepathy  

Thus as early as 1994, Jim Penniston realized that he had been given a long binary code using telepathy, by the people (or whoever) will live on planet Earth in our distant future. Yet it took him another 16 years to reveal the first five pages of that code! Whether the long delay was due to special hypnotic instructions from the visitors, or simply the fact that his close encounter with them had been very traumatic, is hard to say. In either case, we should be grateful that he has finally come forward now, and we should applaud his courage in the face of what will probably be fierce skepticism from some of more negative members of our current human race.  

Mike Reed and I recently helped Linda Howe to decode the first five pages of that binary code in terms of modern English. We found that most (but not all) of the code was written in 8-bit ASCII with small “separator spaces” (see or Thus it appears fairly similar to the coded message which we were shown in crops at Crabwood in 2002 (see time2007n.html or time2007o.html), as well as to several crop circle codes from 2010 (see or Could some of those crop circle codes likewise come from our future?  

To summarize, Jim Penniston received 13 pages of binary code in total by telepathy in 1980. His first five pages have been released in 2010 for public viewing, and have been accurately decoded. Pages 1 and 2 are shown below: 

On page 1, we can read “EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY” in 8-bit ASCII. Then we can see three “shift letters to numbers” characters from a 7-bit version of ITA2 or Telex. Those control characters are followed by three different sets of numbers in 8-bit ASCII which tell: (i) the year and month of their visit, namely (19)81, month 00, (ii) the precise latitude of their visit, namely 52.0942532 degrees North, and (iii) the precise longitude of their visit, namely 1.3131269 degrees West. Two decimal points were inferred, and were not stated explicitly in the code: 

Their mission here in December 1980 was to RAF Bentwaters, which lies not far from the small town of Woodbridge in southeast England. If we interpret their longitude value as “East” rather than “West” (maybe they do not understand our language very well?), then those latitude and longitude coordinates match Woodbridge town centre with a high accuracy of five digits past the decimal place in each case. That is very close to where Linda Howe, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston just held a 30th anniversary meeting in Woodbridge Community Hall!  

The next part of their binary message on pages 3 to 5 says “CONTINUOUS FOR PLANETARY ADVANCE, FOURTH COORDINATE CONTINUOUS, (unclear) BEFORE” (see The term “fourth coordinate” may refer to “time” in a four-dimensional space x, y, z, t. This phrase suggests that they are carrying out time travel missions to Earth’s distant past (our present) for the purposes of “planetary advance”. The final part of their message “before” remains unclear, and will require a decoding of pages 6-13 to be understood.  

This new five-page binary code seems to confirm what was already suspected about the Bentwaters UFO case from hypnotic sessions in 1994: namely that the visitors are time travelers from our distant future. In an excellent video, Jim Penniston describes how he was shown a series of telepathic images which contained a long series of zeros and ones in December of 1980, just after he encountered a small UFO on the ground, and walked around it for one hour the night before (see At the time, he had no idea what a “binary code” might be, or why they showed him a long series of zeros and ones.  

Telepathic downloads and crop artist-human contacts 

Experienced crop circle workers such as Stuart Dike or Palden Jenkins will be happy to see the Penniston video, since they have been telling us about telepathic crop-artist-to-human contacts for many years now. Palden wrote for example after he visited the Crabwood crop picture in 2002 (see

“I felt a person-to-person contact with that being, experiencing a (telepathic) download lasting about 40 minutes. I permitted it, and focused on receiving it. This kind of stuff rattles rationalists, yet for me it was a surprisingly objective experience. It resembled meeting a person on the other side of a screen, a very different person with a different language and mindset, and a charismatic, high-energy presence. I don't know what we communicated, but a detailed exchange happened. Afterwards, a classic symptom of a genuine profound experience came up - a feeling of privilege, humility and blessing.”

He later added: “One of the things that people who come into interaction with e.t.’s discover is that these beings are capable of direct mind-to-mind communication” (see

Daniel Pinchbeck in 2003 likewise received a long telepathic communication from an avatar “Quetzalcoatl” when he was in Brazil. It reads in part (see

Quetzalcoatl Returns: I am an avatar and messenger sent at the end of a kalpa, a world age, to bring a new dispensation for humanity – a new covenant and a new consciousness. The end of time approaches. The return of Quetzalcoatl foreshadows an imminent closing of the cycle, and a completion of the Great Work.”

Later he told the whole story in his famous book, “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” (see  

Two crop circle seasons to go, and a Prophets Conference in Glastonbury during July of 2011: Kiesha and Daniel

So where does that leave us? Psychic messages sent back in time, crop circles sent back in time, a well-documented case of time travel from England 1980, and telepathic downloads from extra-terrestrials to humans. Surely those subjects are all the domain of science fiction, and not what any ordinary person would take seriously, no less a professional scientist?  

Well, actually, no. Everything described above is factual and truthful. The mainstream newspapers and TV refuse to tell the public about such exciting conceptual developments, for reasons of their own which remain unclear. By any standards, our mainstream news media are now heavily censored, so that most people do not know what is really going on: whether in human politics (Wikileaks) or in extra-terrestrial developments (crop circles and UFOs).  

There are now only two crop-circle seasons left until December of 2012: namely the summer of 2011 and the summer of 2012, and in early July of 2011, both Kiesha Crowther and Daniel Pinchbeck will talk at the Prophets Conference in Glastonbury (see The potential for further developments thus seems quite high, when we consider new crop pictures and new prophets combined. As any new story breaks, which requires careful scientific or mathematical analysis, you will see it here first on Crop Circle Connector. 

Perhaps Jackson Browne was thinking about time travel, when he sang at Glastonbury in 2010: “And while the future is there for anyone to change, still you know it seems, it would be easier sometimes to change the past” (see 

         Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Sydney, Australia)  

P.S. We would like to thank Linda Howe, Mike Reed and Jim Penniston for their excellent research on the Bentwaters UFO case, as well as Martin Keitel for his excellent video on Crabwood 2002 and a lucid dream.  

Appendix 1. Mathematical or astronomical codes in crops from 1990 to 2010  

Some of the mathematical codes which appeared last summer in crops have been summarized on or The final and most important crop picture of 2010, which shows a “face of Jesus” in TV raster screen format, superimposed onto a still unknown binary code, remains unsolved (see Other mathematical or astronomical codes in crops from 1990 to 2008 have been summarized on WHAT%20DO%20MODERN%20CROP%20PICTURES%20MEAN.html.  

Appendix 2. Time travel, crop circles and the “grandfather paradox”  

Many people wonder why the messages given to us in crop pictures seem so vague. Why don’t they tell us directly what they are trying to say, in plain English so that everyone can understand? Why not carve out a dozen crop pictures all at once in nearby fields, and have them convey a long message in English that can be spread rapidly across the world with unambiguous meaning? 

Well, it doesn’t seem to work that way. More typically, the messages given to us in crop pictures are often vague, cryptic or hard to understand. Indeed, if some crop pictures are being sent back in time from the near (or distant future), that makes perfect sense, according to an obscure law of physics called the “grandfather paradox” which hardly anyone knows about.

Science-fiction author Gregory Benford first popularized the concept of a “grandfather paradox” in his 1980 novel “Timescape”. In that book, a small group of scientists, based mainly at the University of Cambridge, find that their world is being ravaged by ecological disasters in the year 1998. Even the oceans are dying. So they get together and send a tachyon beam out into space, to where planet Earth would have been located in the year 1962: 

A junior professor in San Diego then picks up those strange pulses on his solid-state NMR machine in 1962, not knowing what to make of them. They seem to be written in Morse code, but with a lot of errors. Can he tell his colleagues about those strange messages, or will they just laugh at him, and fire him from his job? What kind of “scientific research” is that anyway?  

I will leave it to the reader to find out what happens next, but the point here is that those physicists from 1998 intentionally jumbled their messages, and made them hard to understand, so that other scientists in 1962 would have enough information to begin solving the ecological crisis, but not so much information that the crisis would be solved completely. In which case by the year 1998, sending such a message back into the past would not have been necessary, and so it never could have happened!  

That is the “grandfather paradox” from modern temporal physics. Could this be why the messages given in crop pictures are so vague? And could this be why the mysterious young woman from Martin’s dream tells us vaguely: “You must listen to the Mayans, it is very important” without telling us precisely what we should be listening to?  

If Kiesha Crowther is truly that mysterious young woman (see above), then she told us recently: “The Mayan people, the only people who have lived through a pole shift, have only started talking a few months ago. And they are saying do not have fear, rejoice inside of your hearts. Grandfather Alejandro, the grandfather of all Mayan people, says that the very walls we see falling around us, are only the walls that kept us in prison” (see  

Many people have begun to criticize Kiesha lately (just like they criticize Red Collie) because they are jealous, not pure of spirit, or do not fully understand. Just look for example at the many crop circle “skeptics”, who keep telling everyone that all crop pictures have been made with rope and boards! Presumably also the ones written about in Nature 1880? Yet I believe there may be something to what Kiesha has to say. Why else would she (or someone who looks just like her) appear in a lucid dream to Martin Keitel concerning Crabwood of 2002, along with Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent? In my opinion, we should listen with an open mind to what she and the current Mayan leader, Don Alejandro, have to say as we approach December of 2012, now with less than two years to go.

Appendix 3. An update from Linda Howe on the 1980 Rendlesham Forest case: beams of light, columns of light, or bright lights that precede alien-human contact  

Many crop circle researchers have spoken about beams of light or columns of light that come suddenly down from the sky to splash out some new crop picture, or to provide a psychic message to someone on the ground. Several researchers have told about “psychic messages from the future” which were received in that way. Here is an important update to the 1980 Rendlesham Forest case, in which Jim Penniston tells Linda Howe how a bright light commenced and then ended his telepathic receipt of a long binary code from a landed UFO. His story has been condensed here for brevity, but may be accessed in full from the website listed below.

“We were within ten or fifteen feet of the craft. When I approached it, the physical air and surroundings changed, like for a feeling of electricity. Everything ran in slow motion. The fabric of the craft was very smooth like for black glass. Its symbols were three feet long and a only few inches high. I started touching them. They were rough like sandpaper. On touching those symbols, there was a bright light and I couldn't see! I just saw many zeros and ones in my mind. The numbers were coming at me fast. Then I saw that bright light again, and the coding stopped.

I went back home to get some sleep, but remained awake, because I couldn't get those zeros and ones out of my mind. They kept repeating. So I said to myself, ‘Maybe it will help to write them down?’ I flipped open the pages of my notebook, and started writing those numbers down. All of a sudden they stopped! I didn't have those symbols (zeros and ones) running through my head anymore” (see

Interestingly enough, the transcript of a hypnotic session with Jim Penniston in 1994 suggested that the general purpose of their binary code was to “explain mission purpose”, and also to help them as time travelers make contact with humans living today on Earth. So far in 2011, only the first five pages of that code (out of 13) have been released for analysis. Yet those first five pages do seem to “explain mission purpose”:


Those first five pages also give time-and-space coordinates (subject to a few ambiguities) close to the start of a new year 1981 near Woodbridge, England, where they landed on three successive nights from December 26 to 28, 1980. In fact, the numerical coordinates from Jim Penniston’s 1980 binary code match the town centre of Woodbridge, England to six fractional digits past each decimal point!

Geez, the whole thing looks real! Could this really be an H.G. Wells type of message, from people who live in our distant future on Earth? And could certain crop pictures, or crop artist-human contacts, also come from the near or distant future? Might there be humans living on Earth today who are in regular telepathic contact with those crop artists, and who might know beforehand which field pictures they plan to make in the summer of 2011, when and where? These are interesting subjects to which we may soon return, as new crop pictures begin to appear.

P.S. We would like to thank Mike Reed and Alison Badesha for help.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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