Two hidden codes in Crabwood 2002 told us "50 years have passed" since unfriendly grey aliens flew over Washington D.C. in 1952, while West Overton 2002 told us that our crop artist friend comes from a star in the constellation Hercules, about 160 light years from Earth

Summary. Crabwood of August 2002 was one of the most important crop pictures ever, because it gave us a message directly in English using 8-bit ASCII code. Yet some people have wondered whether it might have been a human-made fake, because its primary message was somewhat obscure?
Here I show that there were two other important messages hidden within the 1368-digit binary code from its spiral disc. One involved "false capitalization", while the other involved "extra digits". Both were meant to remind us about the dramatic events of July 1952, when a fleet of unfriendly grey aliens (one of who was pictured at Crabwood) flew over Washington D.C. and terrified the nation. Crabwood was made to mark the 50th anniversary of that dramatic event, and to repeat their original 1954 warning to us about the greys.
We can also be pretty sure who is making those crop pictures, due to another highly informative picture that appeared at West Overton on July 28, 2002, only two weeks before. It showed a detailed star map to tell us that our crop artist friend comes from a faint star just to the left of epsilon-Hercules as seen from Earth (160 light-years away). The symbol which he uses to describe himself in that crop picture and others is that of a "Feathered Serpent", namely the great teacher Quetzalcoatl of Aztec-Mayan legend. By making modern crop pictures, he and his colleagues seem to be reaching out for other spiritually aware people like themselves on Earth today, while bypassing governments.
Who made Crabwood of August 15, 2002? Its inverted image shows the signature of a "small snake on a leaf"
Crabwood of August 2002 was one of the most important crop pictures ever, yet there still remains much controversy about its precise meaning. Shortly after it appeared, many people became very excited, because it seemed to represent a direct message to us from unknown extra-terrestrials in English using 8-bit ASCII code.
For a review of early research, see the insightful essays by Lucy Pringle
 (, Paul Vigay
 ( or Martin Keitel
 ( Jaime Maussan posted several excellent videos (
 Its complete 1386-bit binary code is listed
(see also
Let us now review a few of the basic controversies concerning Crabwood. First of all, who made it? It seems to show a stern looking "grey alien" as its primary feature, where three stars placed on his right shoulder indicate "high military rank":   

Did the grey alien shown there make Crabwood, as some kind of generous offering to humans on Earth? Not likely! Close to the bottom of that crop picture, we can see a mark or signature of the artist who really made it: look at the large red arrow above. If we invert the entire image using Photoshop, we can see his mark or signature even more clearly: look at the large yellow arrow below.  

It seems to show a small "snake or caterpillar on a leaf". Two weeks earlier at West Overton, we saw a very similar snake-like image in the standing crop (inset on left). There it was drawn on a much larger scale. What could it be meant to represent?  
West Overton of July 28, 2002 showed the same snake-like image in complete form: a "Feathered Serpent" symbol from Aztec-Mayan legend
When we look at the entire West Overton crop picture, to see what its snake-like image was meant to represent, we get a pleasant surprise:  

Lo and behold, none other than the "Feathered Serpent" symbol of ancient Mayan-Aztec legend! Two yellow arrows mark the "head" or "curved body" of that serpent, while a round ball just behind his head indicates "feathers around the neck". Essentially the same symbol (lower part in green) appeared at East Field three years earlier in 1999. There it was likewise considered to be a symbol of the Aztec-Mayan god Quetzalcoatl (see
In fact, many different symbols for Quetzalcoatl have appeared in English crop pictures recently: see or or or The 52-year Sun-Venus calendar that he taught to the Olmecs and Mayans also figures prominently: see or Who could be making all of those spectacular and detailed pictures, based on so much long-forgotten knowledge? If time travel were possible, I would be tempted to say that they are being made by the Feathered Serpent himself!
Could Quetzalcoatl have been an extra-terrestrial visitor to early Earth? If so, where did he come from?
All of this raises an important question: could Quetzalcoatl have been an extra-terrestrial visitor to early Earth, say 2000 years ago? And could he somehow be our modern crop artist today? At first the idea seems ludicrous and  paradoxical. Yet whoever is making those crop pictures seems to possess a very advanced space time technology. For example, small "portals" in space time have been seen opening or closing over newly-made crop circles, sometimes in front of cameras or multiple witnesses (see or Furthermore, many different "wormhole" types of crop picture appeared all throughout the summer of 2006. Some of those were clearly meant to represent time travel devices such as "Roman rings" or "closed time like curves" (see
So this general idea is not as crazy as it seems! Maybe space time travel is possible, and we are just seeing direct evidence for it in English fields? When studied in closer detail, that crop picture from West Overton 2002 adds much credence to this "space time travel" hypothesis, because it seems to tell us exactly which distant star the Feathered Serpent comes from.
Looking more closely at that crop picture, and comparing the many round symbols shown there with known stars in Earth's sky, we can identify on its upper left-hand side a bright star Vega, two associated stars and the Ring Nebula M57:  

Next we can identify on its right-hand side the four-star keystone of Hercules and a bright globular cluster M13. Finally we can identify at bottom two paired-stars alpha and beta from the constellation Corona Borealis. Focusing next on the specific region of Hercules and M13, we can see that the "tail" of that Feathered Serpent symbol (marked with a yellow asterisk) connects to a faint star that lies just to the left of epsilon-Hercules as seen from Earth:

A much brighter star epsilon-Hercules (red square, lower left) has been drawn as somehow "connected" to that faint star by a thin line. This suggests that the home star of our Feathered Serpent may lie approximately the same distance away from Earth as epsilon-Hercules, namely 160 light years. For purposes of comparison, the center of our galaxy lies a much greater 25,000 light-years away. Thus the Feathered Serpent  is actually a close neighbor on the Orion Arm!  .
One further comparison between "stars" drawn at West Overton and actual stars in our sky is shown below. There we can see how the crop artist represented a globular cluster of stars called M13, by placing many small circles around a large central one:  

Nothing to be afraid of here: Quetzalcoatl has always been known as a self-deprecating joker!
Do we have something to be afraid of here, because extra-terrestrials from a distant star are now visiting Earth, and drawing 50 novel crop pictures each summer in English or European fields? I think not. For example, who can look at the "stretched out snake" shown at West Overton above and not laugh? Quetzal made another self-deprecating portrait of himself as a "travelling jester" on July 28, 2006 at East Field (see The Crop Circle Archives or
In fact, he was known long ago as a jester to the ancient Olmecs or Mayans. That is why their king Pacal the Great wore a three-lobed jester's hat in 650 AD at Palenque, in order to honour his memory (see Finally, just in case we were in any doubt, a true "jester's hat" crop picture appeared at Sompting on June 3, 2002, only three months before Crabwood (see  The Crop Circle Archives or "Iconographic Heritage of the Maya Jester God" by Virginia Fields, Los Angeles County Museum of Art).
A brief reminder of what Quetzalcoatl did and taught in his time on Earth 2000 years ago
So now we know who made Crabwood of 2002: the Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatl, who was apparently an extra-terrestrial visitor to early Earth. He comes from a faint star in the constellation Hercules, about 160 light years from Earth. Long distances of travel through time and/or space seem not to be a problem for him. Before we return to a detailed analysis of Crabwood, it might be useful to review exactly what is known about Quetzalcoatl from archaeology or Mayan legend:
orDiscovering Teotihuacan
"The Mesoamericans believe that Quetzalcoatl once lived on Earth as an ordinary man, teaching religion, morality, art and science. He taught that beauty could be applied to all surroundings through art. He helped to build new cities. He taught astronomy and gave the Olmecs or Mayans their calendar. He taught how to work with metals, and how to write. Stone engravings referring to him date back to 300 BC. Legends about him date to 2000 years ago."
In fact, he became so popular that a huge pyramid was later built in his name at Chichen Itza.

"Ixtlilxochitl, an Aztec historian, later said that Quetzalcoatl even reverenced the 'cross', which later become a symbol of Christianity. Is any wonder then that 16th-century Aztecs were not surprised when Cortés entered their country in 1519 AD? That was a year One Reed or a potential time for Quetzalcoatl to return as he had once promised. Cortés was similarly tall, bearded and light-skinned. With him were Spanish priests carrying crosses."  

Quetzal lived and taught in central or south America, during the same general period of time as when Jesus was teaching in Israel. Furthermore, he taught very similar precepts to early Christianity. Could Quetzal and Jesus have been part of the same group? Jesus referred to his mission in a plural sense in John 3, 11: "We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not believe us." Later he said in Revelation 22, 16: "I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." The latter is a reference to planet Venus, which was also a symbol for Quetzalcoatl in central America, halfway around the world. Quetzal never claimed to be any more than a teacher and prophet, whereas Jesus was the Messiah. But could they have belonged to the same group?

Nuclear explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6-9, 1945
Now in order to understand the Crabwood crop picture, and what Quetzal and his friends have been doing recently, we must jump far forward in time to the mid-20th century. From an extra-terrestrial perspective, one of the most shocking actions of humans on 20th-century Earth would have been two atomic explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II: see

"On August 6, 1945, an American B-29 called Enola Gay dropped a uranium bomb on Hiroshima. Within minutes, half of the city vanished. According to estimates, 70,000 people were killed, while 140,000 were injured. Deadly radiation affected 100,000. During the blast, thousands died instantly. Three days later on August 9, an American B-29 called Bockscar reached the sky over Nagasaki. Another atomic bomb exploded over its factory district. Flash burns took the lives of 42,000, and injured 40,000 more."

"The energy released was equivalent to 20,000 tons of TNT. In early stages of the atomic explosion, temperatures rose to tens of millions of degrees. Various types of gamma or alpha-beta radiation were released. Those particles can last for years or even centuries in the environment. Gamma and neutron radiations caused thousands of cases of sickness. First blood was affected, then blood-making organs including bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes. When radiation exposure was severe, the bodily organs became necrotic after a few days, marking any victim for certain death."

One can only imagine what Quetzalcoatl and his colleagues would have thought of that, if they were monitoring human activities on Earth at the time (e.g. the "foo fighters" seen near many American or German aircraft during World War II).

Major UFO encounters over Washington D.C. from July 13-29, 1952
The next major event on 20th-century Earth, from an extra-terrestrial perspective, might have been a series of dramatic UFO encounters over Washington D.C. and the White House on July 13 to 29, 1952.

From the Washington Post of July 28: "Military secrecy veils an investigation into the mysterious, glowing aerial objects that showed up on several radar screens in Washington last night, for the second consecutive week. An Air Force spokesman said: 'We have no evidence that they are flying saucers. Conversely, we have no evidence that they are not flying saucers.'" 

"Irrefutable radar returns were seen on July 19 at Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base. Those radar blips travelled at 100 mph for the most part, but could reach 7,200 mph when accelerating. Several F-94s went aloft to verify the radar sightings. By the time our missions were off the ground, the UFOs were nowhere to be seen. But when our planes returned to ground, the UFOs came back.

After the first wave, there was a quiet week. Then on July 26, back they came. There were multiple radar confirmations, and again F-94s were sent to confront the invading objects. Pilots felt the same frustration as the week before. As soon as they approached the UFOs, the lights on those pursued objects blacked out. One air-to-ground radio transmission said: 'They've surrounded my plane, what should I do?' At an Air Force press conference on July 29, Major Samford said it was all due to 'bad weather' or a 'temperature inversion'. The alternative was that we were being invaded by beings from another world."

Did President Eisenhower meet with two different groups of extra-terrestrials in 1954?
This next part is highly relevant to understanding Crabwood of 2002, although at first many people might imagine its subject matter to be fanciful or even ludicrous. For those too young to remember, the United States was in shock after 1952, and worries about alien invasion persisted all through the 1960's, especially after a so-called "swamp gas" affair in Michigan 1966 (see
What happened immediately after those Washington UFO encounters of 1952 is not openly documented, but here is one well-researched account (see that I have edited for brevity and clarity:

"On the night of February 20, 1954, President Eisenhower was allegedly taken to Edwards Air Force Base for a secret meeting with human-like extraterrestrials of tall, blond appearance and blue eyes. That astonishing event (if it occurred) will experience its 50th anniversary in February of 2004. An earlier incident, the Washington UFO sightings, reached their 50th anniversary in July of 2002.
First those human-like extra-terrestrials warned us against any possible alliance with the greys, who had just flown aggressively over Washington D.C. Then they offered to help us with our spiritual development. They required first that we dismantle our nuclear weapons, especially in light of the horrific events of 1945. Furthermore, they refused to provide any new military technologies, saying that we were spiritually unable to handle even the technologies that we already possessed! They said also that we were on a path to self-destruction, and emphasized that we must stop killing each other, and stop polluting the Earth. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be in the best interests of the United States back in 1954, during a Cold War with Russia (or even today). So those tall, blond extra-terrestrials of spiritual demeanour (author: the Feathered Serpent?) were effectively spurned.
Yet a treaty was signed later with a different set of extraterrestrials called 'greys'. They had just over flown the White House, and did not seemingly exhibit the same reluctance to share military technologies with us. A deal was struck that, in exchange for new military technologies, we would allow them to abduct a small number of people and harvest some livestock, so long as they provided us with a list of people abducted. That was a very uneven deal. Why did Eisenhower ever agree to such terms? Phillip Corso from Eisenhower¹s National Security Council said, 'We negotiated a kind of surrender with them, so long as we couldn't fight. They dictated the terms, because they knew what we most feared was disclosure." By 1955, it had become clear that those grey aliens had deceived Eisenhower. We got less than the technologies we had bargained for, while the number of people abducted exceeded what we had agreed to, and there was no list. Douglas Macarthur noted in October 1955: "We speak now in strange terms of harnessing cosmic energy, and of conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces from another planet. The nations of our world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary one."  

"Sam told her about viewing a movie of the meeting between President Eisenhower and human-like extraterrestrials. They were willing to give us technologies to cure disease and to produce cheap non-polluting energy, but we had to make concessions regarding atomic warfare. Eisenhower replied that his government was not ready for disarmament, while cheap energy would only disrupt the economy." 
Why would those grey aliens wish to abduct humans, while at the same time harvesting livestock?

Personally I did not believe in such poorly documented tales about "Eisenhower meeting extra-terrestrials", until I found two hidden codes in the Crabwood 2002 message. Those will be described below and now seem irrefutable. Both remind us about the strange events of 1952, and warn us again about the greys (as does the primary ASCII message from Crabwood). So now I do believe, because we have it "straight from the horse's mouth". Also, their secret version of 20th-century history accords with much else that we know, for example a huge top-secret military research effort in the Nevada desert all throughout the 1960's and 1970's.
We simply did not associate crop circles with UFOs until now, because UFOs are seldom seen near English crop pictures. In retrospect, one can see this may be because the blond alien technology has reached a much higher level of sophistication than that of the greys. In other words, they are now primarily concerned with spiritual development, and no longer need small metallic "flying saucers" to get around.
Back in 1954, why would those greys have offered Eisenhower new military technologies, in exchange for the right to abduct humans and harvest livestock? Eisenhower could never have imagined modern advances in genetic engineering, so he would have been at a profound disadvantage when dealing with them. Why else would visiting greys wish to abduct humans (thereby collecting tissues, sperm or eggs) while harvesting livestock (in a more lethal fashion), except to collect the materials needed for experiments on hybridization? See "An Alien Harvest" (1989):by Linda Moulton Howe on
No, I do not like or trust them, anymore than did Phillip Corso, Douglas Macarthur or the Feathered Serpent. To quote from someone far better than myself: "When he lies, he is speaking his native language."
Crabwood of August 2002 appeared on the 50th anniversary of those dramatic UFO encounters over Washington D.C.
Finally we can return now to the major subject of this article! Fifty years after all of those strange events transpired in the early 1950's, an amazing crop picture appeared at Crabwood in England on August 15, 2002. It showed the unpleasant visage of a military grey alien (a three-star general), pictured on an old fashioned 60-line TV screen from the 1950's. That latter feature was meant to date our first contact with those greys to the early 1950's:  

The spiral disc from Crabwood (lower right) and its primary ASCII message warned us about the greys (once again) using a cogent phrase: "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises". Next it talked about our current path to self-destruction: "Much pain but still time". Then it emphasized how spiritually advanced the Feathered Serpent and his friends are: "Believe: there is good out there." Finally it reminded us of how the greys had deceived Eisenhower: "We oppose deception". That last phrase could also mean "deception concerning crop pictures", because the whole Crabwood image was directed toward two nearby towers for radio or TV. Finally it suggested that they no longer had any need of small metallic UFOs, but could move directly through space time using special tunnels or conduits: "Conduit closing." Our scientists call those portals, wormholes or star gates.
Crabwood appeared on August 15, 2002, which was almost precisely 50 years after those greys flew over Washington on July 26, 1952. No one made any connection between the two events until now, because they could not read the its two hidden codes as shown there.
A clever pattern of false capitalization in the Crabwood message was used to provide a second binary code
The Crabwood crop picture contains two hidden codes, or more appropriately, two subtle and profound messages for the people of Earth. Here we will tell about one code, discuss its implications, then tell about the other code. To end the essay, we will try to explain in simple English what it all means.
Back in 2002, a few people argued that Crabwood may have been made by local human fakers, because it was "full of human logic"  (see Today that no longer seems to be a substantive objection, because those crop artists are apparently human-like extra-terrestrials like ourselves, from a star in the constellation Hercules.
Then other people said that the Crabwood ASCII message might be a fake, because of its strange patterns of capitalization! Indeed, the binary-ASCII message from that spiral disc contained 25 full words, not counting a symbol "&" that was used in one place instead of "and". Some of those words were written in all lower-case type, while others were written in all upper-case type:
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.BELIEVE.There is GOOD out there.We oPpose DECEPTION.COnduit CLOSING/"
Yet this is clearly some kind of code, to anyone familiar with the famous works of Francis Bacon! If we let each lower-case word stand for "1" (a series of 8 digits "011xxxxx" in ASCII), and let each upper-case word stand for "0" (a series of 8 digits "010xxxxx"), then that strange pattern of capitalizations may be translated quite simply into 25 binary numbers as:
    11110  11001  01110  11011  11010
Francis Bacon described such a lower-to-upper-case code way back in Shakespearean England. He called it a "bilateral alphabet". The general technique for hiding one message inside of another is known as "steganography". Now if that strange pattern of false capitalizations in the Crabwood message represents a second code, how can we convert it into something meaningful?
First I tried to make a "word" from that 5 x 5 set of binary numbers, by testing various character assignments from Earth's past or present: for example Baudot, CCITT2, EBCDIC or ASCII. None of those efforts were successful. Next I decided to translate those 25 binary numbers (by groups of five) from base-2 into base-10:
      30 - 25 - 14 - 27 - 26
Now they look like some kind of "time or date", just like we saw at Wayland's Smithy in 2005. There two series of numbers 13-10-7-10-13 or 14-5-11-5-14 provided us with specific dates (in base-16) from a Mayan Sun-Venus calendar of 52 years. One date 13-10-7-10-13 told precisely when the crop picture was made on August 9, 2005; while the other date 14-5-11-5-14 told precisely when Comet Holmes would conjunct with a bright star Mirfak in Perseus on November 20, 2007, two years later. Could they be showing us another kind of time or date at Crabwood, in order to remind us of how long ago we came into contact with those greys?
False capitalization told us "50 years" by means of a 52-year Mayan Sun-Venus calendar
In order to test that hypothesis, we need to analyze that new set of numbers in the same way that we analyzed the ones from Wayland's Smithy. First we may convert from base-32 (since they seem to range from 1 to 31) into a total decimal fraction:
30 / 32 + 25 / (32 x 32) + 14 / (32 x 32 x 32) + 27 / (32 x 32 x 32 x 32) + 26 / (32 x 32 x 32 x 32 x 32) = 0.962367
Then we can multiply by 52 years, or more precisely 18,980 days in any Sun-Venus calendar:
0.962367 x 18,980 = 18,265.7 days
Finally we can divide by the number of days (365.25) in any year:
18,265.7 / 365.25 = 50.01 years
For purposes of comparison, Crabwood appeared very close to 50 years after those greys overflew Washington:
August 15, 2002 - July 28, 1952 = 50.05 years!
Thus, the false capitalization code from Crabwood seems to be telling us about "50 years" out of a total of 52 in any Sun-Venus calendar.
Still, only its first three digits 30-25-14 contribute significantly to defining a length of time. Why did they show five digits rather than three? Well, they did something else very clever using the complete ASCII message, in order to let us know that we had solved their Sun-Venus calendar code correctly. Thus, they showed us 52 total examples of false capitalization, of which 50 were located in full-length upper-case words, for example "FALSE" or "BROKEN", while another 2 were located just as the second letter in otherwise lower-case words, say "oPpose" or "COnduit".
So for the complete ASCII text, we see the same relation derived above, except using "letters" rather than a Sun-Venus calendar:
       50 + 2 = 52
How clever can those crop artists get? Finally, their use of a long-forgotten Sun-Venus calendar from ancient central America suggests again, that it could only have been Quetzal who made Crabwood (or Wayland's Smithy three years later).
Two other crop pictures from 2002 reinforce those interpretations
Some people may not be able to follow the convoluted line of mathematical logic that was used above, which was also used to predict Comet Holmes (see or Fair enough: maybe we need to provide proof of a more easily visualized nature?
For that reason, our crop artist friends drew two other impressive pictures during the summer of 2002, which help to reinforce the interpretations given above. One appeared at East Field on August 14, and showed in symbolic form "two overlapping codes" that differ in their "first three digits" (see below left):  

The first three digits of any 8-bit ASCII code are used to specify capitalization, whether "011 xxxxx" for lower-case or "010 xxxxx" for upper-case. The other picture appeared at Waden Hill on June 21 (see above right). It showed "50 Mayan years" (total green or white stripes) by means of a huge sun-like symbol with radiating spokes. Sun-like symbols with radiating spokes have been used several times in the past to symbolize Mayan units of time. For example on July 13, 2004 at West Kennett, a central sun and 18 radiating spokes were used to represent their 18-month Long Count calendar.
In summary, there was at least one hidden code at Crabwood in 2002 which told us "50 years", using an ancient Mayan 52-year calendar. Many people suspected the existence of a hidden code in past years, but could not find it (see Who could do such a clever thing except for Quetzal? Palden Jenkins called him a "high-energy charismatic person" in the link just cited!
We can be pretty sure now that Crabwood was really an authentic extra-terrestrial message to all humans on Earth. Indeed, it repeated almost word-for-word, what those tall blond people supposedly told Eisenhower back in 1954:  

Yet another code for time was concealed cleverly at Crabwood by adding nine extra digits within a total of 1368
So far, so good. Yet there is still another code hidden within that Crabwood message. It was specified by adding nine extra binary digits at certain locations within its long, left-handed spiral disc, that contained 1368 bits in total. Only 1359 of those (9 x 151) form part of the primary ASCII message. Three others indicate "start" or "stop". Six remain anomalous and unaccounted for.
I puzzled over that "extra digit" code for some time, until I noticed that the total number of binary digits between "anomalous location 2" and "anomalous location 3" equals precisely 600, as the sum of 75 different 8-bit ASCII letters. Could each binary digit represent "one month" of calendar time, so that (600 / 12 months) = 50 years, just as we saw for the first hidden code above?
Yes, on further examination that seems to be the case! Each set of "anomalous extra digits" within that long, 1368-bit message has been carefully placed, so that the difference between any two locations always equals an integral multiple of 12. In one case (see below), that actually requires adding four extra digits "0101" in the middle of a word "BELIEVE":

Table 1. The spiral disc from Crabwood 2002 contained yet another “extra digit” code


Location in spiral

ASCII digits = months

Extra digits

Inferred date

Significant event


start spiral



August 6, 1945



(12) =

1 year


August 15, 1946

define time scale


9 x 8 = 72 =

6 years


July 28, 1952

“greys” over Washington


75 x 8 = 600 =

50 years


August 15, 2002

Crabwood crop picture


4.5 x 8 = 36 =

3 years


August 15, 2005

other important crop pictures


63 x 8 = 504 =

42 years


August 15, 2047

greenhouse, other?


end spiral






No wonder early investigators were confused, and at first read "BELIEVE" as if it said "EEULEVE" or something like that. Others imagined that the crop had been damaged by wind. No, there was no mistake. Everything was planned and carried out with errorless precision. Now when we map those "extra digits" onto a two-dimensional picture of the Crabwood spiral, we see an interesting pattern emerge:  

Locations "2" and "3" were clearly meant to represent July 28, 1952 or August 15, 2002, owing to their difference in calendar time by 50 years. But the spiral starts at location "0" around August 15, 1945. What happened then? The two atomic explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of course! See above: did we somehow imagine they had missed it? Why else would they have demanded so strongly of Eisenhower in 1954 that he give up his nuclear weapons, unless they had just seen such weapons used with horrific consequences?
Two other dates shown there would seem to be August of 2005 and August of 2047. We will discuss the possible meanings of those two near-future dates, once we confirm using an entirely different crop picture, that we have read the "extra digit" code correctly.
Their first two dates of August 1945 and August 1952 were also portrayed in a "seashell spiral" one month earlier
One month before Crabwood on July 17, 2002, a very attractive "seashell spiral" appeared at Pewsey. While reviewing all crop pictures from the 2002 season, I found it striking that the Pewsey seashell could be overlaid directly on top of the Crabwood spiral. Both pictures start identically in their centres, but then Pewsey ends at extra digit "location 2" of the spiral, while Crabwood continues out much further. 

If we assign calendar dates to the Pewsey seashell based on Table 1, we find August 15, 1945 for its centre "1" or August 1952 for its outermost location "84". Yet those 84 binary digits at Pewsey are no longer spaced linearly along the length of the spiral, as they were at Crabwood! Instead, the Pewsey seashell shows a small distance between digits near its centre, or a large distance between digits near its outside. Also, the innermost digits at Pewsey stop briefly after "12", apparently to indicate that "12 months = 1 year". I believe that Pewsey was made, simply to help us interpret Crabwood one month later.
Other significant dates of August 2005 or August 2047  
Now we may consider two other near-future dates from their extra digit code, namely August 2005 or August 2047. Three years after Crabwood in August of 2005, two very important crop pictures appeared at Wayland's Smithy (centre below) or Woolstone Hill (right below).  

Wayland's Smithy gave us another binary code using their Sun-Venus calendar, which was eventually interpreted so as to predict Comet Holmes two years in advance. Woolstone Hill reminded us that the Mayan Sixth Sun will begin in early 2013. Either of those two crop pictures would be important enough for Quetzal to note in a long-term calendar.
The second near-future date of August 2047 remains today of unknown significance. I find it ominous that the entire Crabwood spiral ends there, then tapers off to nothing. Could it be meant to represent some environmental disaster, for example a runaway greenhouse effect? They did say in 1954 that we were on a path to self-destruction, while part of the primary ASCII message at Crabwood said "Much pain but still time." The momentous year of 2012 seems not to be mentioned at all, thereby suggesting that all may be well, for a while at least.
A pictorial summary in crops of "two hidden codes"
Just to be helpful, those crop artists also made two other important pictures in the summer of 2002, which told us to look for "two hidden codes". The first appeared at North Farm on June 23, and showed "two overlapping spirals" in order to emphasize their false capitalization code (left below):  

The second appeared at Ridgeway on August 18 (right above), and showed two adjacent spirals, one slightly smaller than the other, in order to emphasize "a spiral calendar dated in years". Previously at Fort Nelson on June 11, 2004, they showed that ancient Celtic spiral calendar in more complete form, where its small spiral represents six winter months, while its large spiral represents six summer months (see The Crop Circle Archives) Thus there were two hidden codes at Crabwood, and they expected us to find them both.
What does this all mean? First we need to distinguish truth from lies  
That ends the data-presentation part of our essay. There have been a lot of new data presented here, and the average reader might well be confused, especially if he or she is not a crop-circle expert. What could this all mean? Two hidden codes for time, warnings about the greys, tall blond extra-terrestrials from ancient Mayan times, and a home star in the constellation Hercules, 160 light years from Earth! Imagine a TV or movie script based on such hypotheses: who would believe it?
Yet it is true, and all happening in our present-day era on Earth. Fifty new crop pictures will appear soon in the summer of 2008 throughout certain parts of England or Europe, if past years provide any guide. Very few of those will have been made by local human fakers, no matter what the mindless, George-Orwell-type newsmedia tell you. Orwell's actual comment in his preface to Animal Farm was as follows (see
"To exchange one orthodoxy for another is not necessarily an advance. The enemy is the gramophone mind, whether or not one agrees with the record that is being played at the moment. I am well acquainted with all the arguments against freedom of thought and speech - the arguments which claim that it cannot exist, and the arguments which claim that it ought not to. I answer simply that they don't convince me and that our civilization over a period of four hundred years has been founded on the opposite notice."
In 1946, all English newspapers were supporting "Papa Joe" Stalin in Russia, while he was ruthlessly killing millions of his own people. No one could say anything in a mainstream newspaper against Russia or Stalin. Even private letters to the Editor were censored.
Today in 2008, no one can say anything positive in mainstream newspapers on TV about English crop pictures: except to chuckle, then imagine that two old guys from the pub are making them late at night, with a rope and boards, while no one is looking. Really? Like Santa Claus gives presents to little children all around the world on Christmas Eve? In other words, it may be right to consider human fakery for some crop pictures, but the long-term phenomenon as a whole offers so much hard evidence for an otherworldly means of construction, that few if any of the people who research it seriously now believe otherwise. That has become especially true since July 7, 2007, when a 300-meter-long crop picture was filmed as it was quickly and mysteriously being made at East Field just after 3 AM (see
There are always some people in any kind of popular movement who betray it (for example Vidkun Quisling during the German occupation of Norway, see Please feel free to believe in those people if you want to.
Having been rejected by Earth governments in 1954, did Quetzal and his friends start making crop pictures in the late 1980's as a more open form of contact?
So what can modern crop pictures do for you? Quite a lot, really. It seems very likely that benevolent extra-terrestrials are trying to reach out and find common ground with other spiritually aware people on Earth today, after having been spurned by Earth governments in previous years. The imagined conversation would have gone something like this:
"If you are really an extra-terrestrial, give us bigger and better weapons, so we can defeat our neighbouring tribe in battle!"
"No, we will not give you any more weapons. You cannot even control properly the ones you possess. We are willing however to assist in your spiritual development, and give you other technologies that can cure disease or provide clean energies. But before we can do that, first you must give up your nuclear weapons. We just saw how those powerful weapons were used to kill 100,000 people in Japan, and we cannot allow that to happen again."
"No deal! If you won't give us bigger and better weapons, then we'll make a treaty with someone else!"
And that, my fellow Earth humans, is what the Crabwood crop picture of 2002 was all about.
It appeared on the 50th anniversary of dramatic UFO encounters over Washington D.C. in 1952, when an unfriendly "grey" alien race terrified America by buzzing the White House. You can even see the grey general in charge of such operations: look at his face as it was drawn at Crabwood. He never wished to attack Earth, but just scare us a little, so that he could make a favourable deal with Eisenhower two years later (see or I can understand why no one wants to talk about this: it happened a long time ago, and is embarrassing. But having inherited a bad situation, what are we going to do about it? Remain in denial forever?
Beginning in the late 1980's, another and more benevolent extra-terrestrial race ("Believe: there is good out there") began to make crop pictures in the fields of southern England, as a more open and less secretive form of contact. They look just like us, and apparently lived or taught on Earth many times in the distant past. (Even extra-terrestrial children seem to be making them! See As Isabelle Kingston, a famous psychic once said, "They were the tall blond teachers in every culture."
Who could seriously believe, for example, that all three of these beautiful and related crop pictures were made late at night in the six-hour English summer darkness, by two old guys with rope and boards?  

All of those pictures have to do with phases of our Moon as seen at different times of the day: say sunset, midnight or sunrise. One appeared directly next to Stonehenge in broad daylight in 1996, to tell us how Stonehenge originally worked as a lunar observatory. But you don't need to know that. Just look at the pictures, and feel your spirit move.
The high artistic quality of most crop pictures suggests that they are meant for other spiritually-minded people like themselves, who might be living on Earth today
In other words, there is no need to have a high intellect to appreciate modern crop pictures. Most of them seem intended simply to find a common ground between them and us: to eliminate fear of the unknown, and rampant human xenophobia:  

On the left above, we can see the seven chakras of any human body, through which the spirit moves. Most professional scientists today would deny that we possess any inner spirit, and would claim instead that we are just organic thinking machines, subject to the random wills of Darwinian mutation and natural selection. But Quetzal our tall blond friend says: "No, there really are such things as human spirit and chakras. Both are very important. We live for spiritual advancement, not just for material things. And we try to encourage spiritual growth in all other people that we meet."
On the right above, see a lovely "butterfly" formation, made last summer as a token of friendship to one of our female crop circle researchers. See also the "Celtic triple knot" (lower right) that stands for "mind, body and spirit intertwined". They are reaching out to us, in order to find common ground. They are human like ourselves, except a little further along perhaps. Quetzal in ancient central America was known as "Lord of the Dawn", to honour of his studies about planet Venus, and still today is the most beloved figure from our past all throughout south, central and parts of north America, with the exception of Jesus.
The place they chose to make contact was an ancient site of settlement in southern England 
I do not know for sure why they decided to make crop pictures mainly in southern England, near the ancient sites of settlement there: Stonehenge, West Kennett Longbarrow, Silbury Hill and Avebury Ring. Maybe they lived there long ago? Or maybe that is where some "Earth portal" might be located? But that is the place they chose, and 50 or more authentic crop pictures appear in Wiltshire near those sacred sites every summer:  

Will we eventually meet them in early 2013, when the Mayan Fifth Sun ends and a Sixth Sun begins? Or will it be somewhat later in 2039 AD, which is a year "One Reed"? Quetzalcoatl always told the Mayans that he would return in a year One Reed, which happens once every 52 years. When Cortés invaded Mexico in 1519 AD, it was a year One Reed. Likewise in 2039 AD, or 520 years after 1519, it will be another year One Reed. But this is all speculation and legend: we don't know for sure.
Summary and conclusions
The main thrust of this whole crop-picture effort seems to be spiritual: Quetzal and his friends are trying to "connect" with us on some deeper level, so that we can make face-to-face contact in the near future. Yet most Earth governments and the media do not want him to come, because then they would lose power. They cannot understand that they may be leading their people to self-destruction, say by 2047 AD: "Much pain but still time."
We still have enough time to change the path of our little world, if many of the spiritually aware people on Earth would take his crop pictures seriously, understand why they are being made, and act accordingly. He would like to initiate a subtle yet profound change in the spiritual character of all humans on Earth. And I sincerely hope that such a change will begin this summer, when new and beautiful crop pictures begin to appear in southern England, then are swept across our world by means of modern Internet communications. Can we afford to wait much longer?
Red Collie
Appendix. Other possible strategies to open up contact with our troubled world
After their rejection by Earth governments in 1954, could a few of those human-like extra-terrestrials have decided to incarnate here themselves, so as to change the system from within? They would surely have the technology to do so if they wished. Consider for example the "star child" phenomenon, where some people seem to believe that they once lived on other worlds (see "Star Children" by Jenny Randles or "Aliens Among Us" by Ruth Montgomery
I especially like a UFO image which appears at 00:20 on this great music video by Leonard Cohen and Jennifer Warnes, see
"They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
For trying to change the system from within.
I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them:
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.

I'm guided by a signal in the heavens,
I'm guided by this birthmark on my skin,
I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons;
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin."
Could Leonard Cohen be a star child? Or Jennifer Warnes? What an astonishing thought! They would be just like Earth humans in terms of their DNA, but would possess a better spirit. To close this essay, let us recall what Martin Keitel dreamed in 2002 just before Crabwood

"In the dream, I am with a group of people, and feel connected to them. We are discussing how certain children will be prepared for an upcoming spiritual change in the world, although Earth governments will not support it. Then a woman starts to talk. She says we need to listen to the Mayans. It is very important. What about the Mayans? The Feathered Serpent? A return of the Mayan ancestors who supposedly came from space?"



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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