Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying English crop pictures? 

Part II. A survey of the crop circle archives from 1995 to 2012 reveals many examples of “magnetic fields” or “magnetic motors”, some of which provide specific suggestions on how to build new functional devices  

Have any new inventions on Earth ever been “seeded” by helpful suggestions from extra-terrestrials? By other intelligent life forms, who have come to our solar system from a distant star, and would like to see us succeed as a species? Most people would laugh at such a crazy notion!  

The transistor, laser and PCR were all possibly of extra-terrestrial origin  

In 1997, Philip Corso revealed in his book “Day After Roswell” (see that he had once been part of a secret military program to “seed” American companies with advanced alien technologies. Those advanced devices had supposedly been recovered from UFO crashes in the American southwest. They included the transistor, laser, integrated circuit,  night vision and fibre optic cable (see The_Day_After_Roswell).  

Earlier in 1985, Kary Mullis the inventor of PCR had several paranormal contacts (see Mullis was driving up to his cabin in northern California in 1983, when he first imagined the “polymerase chain reaction”, which is one of great discoveries of modern biochemistry. Two years later in 1985, he was again driving up to his cabin. Arriving at midnight, he switched on the lights and headed for an outside toilet. At the end of the path, he saw something glowing in the dark, which looked ostensibly like a raccoon. Could it have been a hologram? The “raccoon” said: “Good evening, doctor!” Kary does not remember anything after that until the next morning, when he found himself walking on a road uphill from his cabin. He has no memory of how he arrived there, nor was he wet from the morning dew. 

Could some English (or European) crop pictures be intended for a similar purpose: to “seed” Earth humans with new technologies?   

In Part I of this article, we provided a prima facie case that “blueprints” for new magnetic motors have been appearing in paranormal crop pictures since the 1990’s (see time2012r). Here we will show further examples of the same sort, which were found by a review of the crop circle archives from 1990 to 2012 (see or  

There could still be other good examples in the archives, yet these should suffice to make a convincing case. I would estimate that only 5-10% of all crop pictures are of the “blueprint” variety. The others show mathematics, geometry, art or astronomy, while some are man-made. We cannot be sure that all of the examples shown below were paranormal in origin, although we remain confident that most of them were.  

The magnetic field or electrical wiring of a toroid  

The first clear example of a “magnetic field” which I could find in crops was at Litchfield on July 6, 1995. It showed schematically the magnetic field of a toroidal vortex (see or  


Five years later on July 25, 2000, a crop picture at North Down showed the electrical wire wrapping of a toroid (see  


This movie illustrates the similar structure and dynamics of a toroidal magnetic field:  


The Dreieck magnetic motor and Amperian current loops  

Two years after that on August 5, 2002, a large and complex crop picture at Windmill Hill showed four concentric rings or circles. Each of those rings contained 37 small triangular shapes, which resemble triangular neodymium magnets from a Dreieck magnetic motor (see or  


One week earlier on July 28, 2002, another spectacular crop picture had appeared at Cherhill Down. This time it showed three concentric rings or circles, with 76 thin wedges or “wires” within each ring. These resemble the Amperian current loops of a toroid (see



Wind turbines, power poles and clean magnetic energy  

On August 1, 2008, a clever “three wheel” picture appeared in crops at Watchfield Wind Farm, and pointed directly toward the centremost of five wind turbines there. Each of its three circular motifs resembled the “bucket wheel” used for coal mining (see Bucket-wheel_excavator). Yet the overall picture suggested a two or three-wheel magnetic motor, which may be used to produce clean energy in our future (see or  


On May 24, 2009, a beautiful “flower of life” crop picture appeared at Bishop Cannings, close to an electrical power pole. This time the field image resembled the magnetic field of a toroid, in all of its three-dimensional aspects (see 


The red colour represents normal toroidal magnetism, while the blue colour represents three-dimensional “co-magnetism”, as we would see for example in a galactic jet (see   

A specific suggestion in crop pictures from 2009 or 2011: should we be using 17 magnets in our rotors rather than16?  

On June 27, 2009, a highly literal crop picture appeared in East Field. It consisted of four small parts joined together, all of which relate to the phenomenon of magnetism. Its uppermost part showed “Siamese twin lizards”, to represent symbolically a “right hand rule” of magnetism. Its next part showed a circular rotor containing 17 small round magnets, as opposed to the 16 magnets used in conventional rotors (see  


Its next part showed two English letters “n” or “s” for magnetic “north” or “south” poles. Pretty hard not to understand what those symbols mean! Finally its lowest part showed two oppositely directed spirals, which illustrate the curved path of any charged particle when its enters an external magnetic field (like a “cloud chamber”).  

A similar crop picture with 17-fold symmetry appeared almost exactly two years later on July 26, 2011 in East Field. Now those 17 small “magnets” were joined by three other circles just outside of the rotor, possibly intended to mark angular locations as for Ed Leedskalnin’s codes (see  

If either or both of those crop pictures were paranormally real, then this could be a specific clue on how to build improved magnetic rotors, by including 17 small magnets rather than 16.  

A “toroidal coil” magnetic motor shown in crops 

On July 18, 2011 at Overton Down, yet another “blueprint” crop picture appeared. This one seemed to show the schematic image of a “toroidal coil” magnetic motor (see  


We have also shown the “blueprint” for a magnetic motor invented by Howard Johnson, a leading expert in the subject (see  

The extra-terrestrial crop artists present us with a “great puzzle”, but will we be able to solve it?  

On August 26, 2012, the last great crop picture of the 2012 summer season appeared at Hackpen Hill. It showed ostensibly a Rubik’s Cube type of puzzle in three dimensions, of size 6 x 6 x 6 rather than the usual 3 x 3 x 3. This 6 x 6 x 6 version is called “V Cube 6” (see  


Interestingly enough, that crop picture also resembles a “NeoCube Puzzle” made from 216 neodymium magnets (see Is this the “puzzle” which extra-terrestrials are asking us to solve? Learning how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying crop pictures? If so, then we had better get on with the task, since our atmosphere is warming, and the ice poles are melting.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. We would like to thank Umberto Baudo and Marina Sassi for help.  

P.S.S. While doing for research for Part II, I came across this remarkable passage:  

“The unwillingness to take a risk in one’s thinking is why great mysteries so rarely (or never) get solved. The problem is that, unless one is psychologically willing to take the risk of being wrong – to risk believing in something new for a while – one will never put one’s self in a position to see the next step. The very nature of coming to understand something new is by progression. You are not going to see the next step, if you haven’t allowed yourself a correct mental perspective. You will hold yourself back indefinitely. It is only by risking enough in your thinking, that you will come to have a fair chance of understanding any novel phenomenon or hypothesis. That takes inspiration, and also a little faith that the results will go somewhere, even if you can’t see the final answer right away” (adapted from  

End of Part II 

In Part III, we will discuss Ed Leedskalnin’s number codes, how his early theory of magnetism relates to modern theories, and the prospects for discovering some new aspect of physics which will permit us to produce “clean magnetic energies”. In one sense the task seems impossible, since leading academics keep assuring us that nothing is left to be discovered in physics at low energies. In another sense, we can occasionally see UFOs flying through our skies, or small metallic orbs flying over crop pictures, and they do not appear to be using oil, gas or nuclear!  

I saw one of those gravity-powered craft myself in broad daylight around 1965, less than 100 meters away. Other scientists have seen them. Military people have chased them. They leave ground traces after landing, and appear sometimes on radar. They are metallic, gravity-powered and quite real. Please recall that was not until 1920 that modern physicists learned how our Sun shines (by nuclear fusion), so maybe there are still some surprises left (see


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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