Can we learn how to produce clean energy by studying English crop pictures?  

Part I. Helpful suggestions from extra-terrestrials (and apparently from the “spirit of Ed Leedskalnin”, builder of Coral Castle) seem to be appearing in Wiltshire fields  

As we approach the end of 2012, very few people on Earth know anything factual and true about English (or European) crop pictures. Most people still believe an old canard, told by multinational media corporations, that two retired Englishmen (Doug and Dave) made every single crop picture in Britain during the 1980’s or 1990’s, using rope and boards on their way home from the pub. Other people have fallen for intentional disinformation over the Internet, or from certain news sources, that “human “circlemakers” supposedly made thousands of other crop pictures during the 1990’s or 2000’s, after Doug and Dave passed away.  

A brief review of the hard factual evidence for paranormal crop circles (from 1990 to 2011) was presented elsewhere some time ago (see time2012a), along with a discussion of their intellectual content (see time2012b). There exists a solid core of perhaps 100 researchers from Britain, Europe or north America who know the truth about this phenomenon, but they are seldom allowed to share their knowledge openly in mainstream newspapers or on TV.  

During the current season of 2012, we have been overwhelmed with a series of high-quality crop pictures, the most recent at Hackpen Hill on August 26 (see hackpenhill2012c). For any intelligent person, the question is not: “Are some crop pictures made by people?” but rather “What are the paranormal crop artists trying to tell us?”  

Introductory material: the experiences of Alan Holt (2000), Isabelle Kingston (1990) or Umberto Baudo (2008) 

Some years ago during the summer of 2000, a NASA Project Manager by the name of Alan Holt visited Wiltshire, and decided to look at a few crop pictures. Humorously he “put out the thought in a crop picture, somewhat as a test but really a request, that he would like to see a crop pictogram appear, which could provide some insight into the direction he should pursue in his advanced transport / field physics research activities” (see Two days later, a spectacular diagram of the “magnetic field near a bar magnet” appeared at Avebury Trusloe:  

Ten years earlier in 1990, an English psychic called Isabelle Kingston had predicted in a book Crop Circles: Harbingers of World Change, how “blueprints for an energy machine” would soon appear in crops. The information would be hidden, but eventually unravelled by a few interested people (see  

Eight years later in 2008, an Italian inventor called Umberto Baudo began to study crop pictures, using them as “blueprints” to help design new magnetic motors (see  

On July 22, 2012, he held a small meeting in Modena, Italy and wrote (translated by Marina Sassi):  

“Crop circles: the media and science treat this phenomenon subtly, but it is of great importance for humanity. Only those who study it seriously can understand that it is not a joke. After a long and exhausting study, I can demonstrate that many of these crop patterns are not man-made. Since the beginning of my research, I noticed they were technical drawings which show us new ways to produce free energy. I have been trying to reproduce those patterns for a long time, using permanent magnets with no result. Then I realized  a new way to develop those mechanisms, and I will show you how they work with the help of a simulator.” In August he informed me by private message: ”The problem of crop circles can be solved only if you use a 3-D visualization. If the researchers will not see them in this way, then all of their efforts will be in vain.”                

A series of crop pictures near Honey Street in the summer of 2011 showed images which relate to Ed Leedskalnin’s magnetic flywheel, his number codes, or his “perpetual motion holder”  

At first I regarded these ideas as somewhat whimsical but harmless, until I began to receive messages and images from people all over the world, about modern inventors who were trying to develop “free energy”. One of those images showed a “magnetic flywheel” made by Ed Leedskalnin in Homestead, Florida before World War II, using parts from an old Model T Ford (see  

Ed’s flywheel might not be considered as significant, were it not for the fact that he moved 1100 tons of coral by unknown means, working late at night, then shaped all of that rock into a spectacular structure known as “Coral Castle” (see He was a very secretive man, and never let anyone watch him move a heavy ten-ton rock. When people asked how he did it, Ed replied: “I understand the laws of weight and leverage, and know the secrets of people who built the pyramids at Giza in Egypt long ago (see Edward Leedskalnin).  

Right away, I noticed that Ed’s magnetic flywheel bore a close resemblance to a crop picture which had appeared in two stages near Honey Street in southern England on July 4 or 6, 2011:  

Are the crop artists still trying to teach us about magnetism 11 years later, following on from a “bar magnet” at Avebury Trusloe in 2000?  

On the same day of July 4, 2011, another crop picture appeared on the opposite side of the Barge Canal from Ed’s “magnetic flywheel”. It pointed directly towards the “flywheel”, and showed a clever “number code for pi” (among other things):  

Ed had carved two mysterious number codes into rock on the walls of Coral Castle. Those supposedly gave details of how his magnetic flywheel worked. His number codes were “6-105-195” or “7-129”.  By drawing two crop pictures on the same day, and pointing toward one toward the other across several kilometres of open field, with small trees from the Barge Canal blocking any line-of-sight in between, were the crop artists telling us that such pictures could only have been made from the air? While asking us to “study Ed’s magnetic flywheel and its number codes”?  

At one end of that “number code” in crops, there were seven “round swirls” which told us how “seven numbers” had been coded into the main formation (3, 2, 9, 5, 3, 6, 1). At the other end of that “number code” in crops, there were two “inscribed hexagons” as Archimedes had once used to calculate pi (see Strangely enough, those “hexagons” did not point along the long axis of the “number code” toward the “flywheel”. Instead, they pointed off in the distance toward certain unused fields near Stanton St. Bernard.  

Five different crop pictures had already appeared near Milk Hill or Honey Street in June or early July of 2011. Were those “hexagons” telling us where the sixth and final crop picture would soon appear?  

Sure enough on July 11, 2011, a sixth crop picture appeared exactly where those two “offset hexagons” from the “number code” had been pointing. At the time, we thought this image might mean simply “two pi”, because the “number code” had shown “pi = 22 / 7”. Yet now we can see in retrospect that it seems to represent another invention by Ed Leedskalnin, which he called a “perpetual motion holder”:  

This pi-shaped device may have been a way for Ed to magnetize ferrous materials. There is no indication that it could actually store “perpetual motion”. Yet there it was, appearing suddenly in crops on the morning of July 11, 2011!  

Have there been any other crop pictures which might relate to Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle? This is only circumstantial evidence, but during the summer of 2012, there have been quite a few crop pictures which show “astronomical crescents”: 

Ed carved many “crescents in stone” at his home in Coral Castle, Florida.  

A few weeks ago, a strange “set of stairs” appeared in crops at Devil’s Den in southern England on August 12, 2012:  

While trying to find out more about Ed, I saw exactly the same image in a story concerning Coral Castle. There are several other resemblances such as these, between recent crop pictures and Coral Castle, but for brevity let us get onto the main story.  

Could the “spirit of Ed Leedskalnin” be communicating with us somehow in crops? When Professor Gerald Hawkins studied crop pictures during the 1990’s, he wondered whether some of them might have been made by the “ghost of Euclid” (see ). Nobody really knows.  

Technical details of Ed’s flywheel, and a comparison of symbols shown in crops to his “Sweet Sixteen” drawing for magnetic flux  

Now we need to present some technical details of Ed’s flywheel, before we can go further. His magnetic flywheel was built from 24 V-shaped magnets, taken from the magneto of a Model T Ford. Those 24 magnets were arranged in a circular shape about the centre, where there was a hand crank. Quite critically, the magnetic poles were arranged as NN-SS-NN-SS, and not the other way around as NS-NS-NS-NS:  

He stacked his magnets five layers high, so there were 5 x 24 = 120 V-shaped magnets in total. We can see a similar feature in the Honey Street crop picture, where the crop artist has drawn a “five-step pyramid” on top of his “cloverleaf” framework, to say “stacked five layers high”.  

That curved metallic framework has been drawn as a “five-leafed clover” in crops, instead of the “four-leafed clover” from Ed’s original flywheel, perhaps to add a little humour to the presentation? Or it might be for some other reason which we do not yet understand.  

Ed thought that he had solved some of the great secrets of the universe, by being able to move such heavy stones! So he wrote several books on the nature of magnetism, and even invented a special symbol for his theory of magnetism, which looks like two “S shapes” joined along their curved edges. One “magnetic current” (North) he coloured red, while the other “magnetic current” (South) he coloured blue:  

Ed later combined many such “S-shapes” into a large circular drawing with 16-fold symmetry, which he called “Sweet Sixteen”. Really this looks like something from the subject which we call today “sacred geometry”.  

His symbol for “two magnetic currents” does not look exactly like the “scorpion shape” drawn in crops, at Honey Street on July 4 or 6, 2011. Maybe that “scorpion shape” matches some aspect of his large circular drawing for “magnetic flux within a complete flywheel”?  

Indeed, when we study his large circular drawing at high magnification, we can see that each of 16 radial lines, going out from a dense inner circle to a “cloverleaf” outer circle, has the approximate shape of a “scorpion” shown in crops:  

We cannot really know the crop artist’s mind, only make a reasonable guess. As an alternative hypothesis, the “scorpion shape” shown in crops might come from two of Ed’s symbols for “magnetic current”, placed side-by-side:  

Or equivalently, from one V-shaped magnet interacting side-by-side in a flywheel, with its closest neighbouring magnet. 

The “tail” of that “scorpion” in crops was divided into many small segments or “feathers”, in order to code for pi as 3.1416. Here is how it worked: one of the five “scorpions” which was drawn at Honey Street showed 13 “feathers”, while the other four “scorpions” showed 14 or 16 “feathers”, going away from 13 in either direction. Thus we could only read the number series as (13)(14)(16), which yields (3)(14)(16) once the first digit is removed (see  

So far we have identified three distinctive symbols from Ed’s “Sweet Sixteen” drawing for the magnetic flux within a flywheel: (i) two “S-shapes” joined together, which represent the flux within a single V-shaped magnet, (ii) a “cloverleaf shape” within its outer circle, or within its covering frame, and (iii) a “scorpion shape” within its radial part, which indicates a transfer of flux from its outer magnets to a dense centre, or perhaps two symbols for “magnetic current” (two V-shaped magnets) placed side-by-side.  

Both of the “scorpion” and “cloverleaf” shapes appear clearly in crops. There is actually a fourth symbol from Ed’s large circular drawing, which specifies the overall layout of that Honey Street crop picture, but we will not discuss it until Part II, because it is rather complex in terms of physics. 

A different set of “magnetic flywheels” were shown in crops during the summer of 2010  

Was this the only example of a “magnetic flywheel” shown in crops, since the famous “bar magnet” of Avebury Trusloe 2000? Far from it!  There have been many cases of a similar kind. All of these seem more likely to have come from extra-terrestrials, than from some hypothetical spirit world.  

For example at Codford St. Peter on June 3, 2010, we saw a geometrically-regular “flywheel”, which could easily indicate “lines of magnetic flux” from a series of alternating-polarity magnets:  

Ten days earlier on May 22, 2010, a spectacular “Euler’s Identity” crop picture had appeared near Wilton Windmill. There the Euler formula exp (i pi) + 1 = 0 had been spelled out in eight-bit ASCII (see Soon it was found that the May 22 crop picture could be overlaid directly on the June 3 crop picture:  

Were the crop artists telling us to “spin Codford St. Peter like a windmill”? In order to demonstrate its intended use as a “magnetic flywheel”?  

We humans are not very good at non-verbal communication. I keep thinking of some people who keep highly intelligent dogs as pets, yet remain completely unable to understand what their dog is telling them, when it walks repeatedly toward the door with its tail held high in the air!  

Comparison to photographs of extra-terrestrial technology from the CARET documents 

One week after Wilton Windmill on May 22, yet one week before Codford St. Peter on June 3, another crop picture appeared near Silbury Hill on May 31, 2010. This one showed a distinct resemblance to a sketch from Nicola Telsa’s patent for an AC motor:

Similar images have been seen in leaked documents from the CARET program near Palo Alto (see or time2007z). That acronym stands for “Commercial Applications Research of Extra-terrestrial Technology”. The Internet has been literally swamped with websites of low quality, proclaiming that CARET was a highly elaborate hoax. That is surely a good sign of its validity, and reminds one of the current situation regarding “crop circles”.  

If we compare a schematic diagram of Ed Leedskalnin’s magnetic flywheel, to the image of a magnetic motor from those CARET photographs, we can see a clear resemblance:  

“Pi to ten digits” at Barbury Castle in 2008 showed the image of a magnetic flywheel from the CARET documents  

Next if we compare some diagrams of “magnetic flywheels” from the CARET documents, to another crop picture which appeared near Barbury Castle on June 1, 2008, we can again see a clear resemblance:  

Those “drone UFO” visitors are certainly making crop pictures!  

Finally if we study carefully two different diagrams related to the Barbury Castle crop picture, as shown in CARET documents, we can see that they differ only by a slight rotation where indicated by red or yellow arrows:  

In other words, those CARET documents show a “magnetic flywheel”, and that was what the extra-terrestrials drew in crops at Barbury Castle on June 1, 2008. These images did not come from a possible “spirit world” as for the Ed Leedskalnin crop pictures, but rather from real, tangible extra-terrestrials who are currently visiting Earth, yet cannot land because no formal relations have yet been established with Earth governments.  

Here in Part I of the article, we have made visual comparisons between certain crop pictures and Ed Leedskalnin’s work on magnetic flywheels. We have also made visual comparisons between other crop pictures and “magnetic flywheels” in general, or CARET photographs of extra-terrestrial technology. We have done this in order to establish a prima facie case, that helpful suggestions from several different paranormal sources are now being shown in Wiltshire fields, with the goal of assisting us to develop new technologies for “clean energy” on planet Earth: before the ice poles completely melt, and before we face serious consequences from human-induced pollution.  

End of Part I  

In Part II, we will first give a plausible interpretation for the “number codes” which Ed used, to describe how his magnetic flywheel worked. Next we will compare those codes to several technical diagrams which were shown in crops during the summer of 2012. Then we will discuss how his “Sweet Sixteen” drawing was used to help design the entire Honey Street crop picture. Finally we will end with a great puzzle, which has been handed down to humans on Earth through crop pictures: the promise of “clean” energy. This puzzle (or a related one) was shown metaphorically in crops only two weeks ago on August 26, 2012 at Hackpen Hill.  

It would seem useless and narrow-minded to deny that extra-terrestrials have been flying occasionally through our skies, for the past 60 years, or that they use “clean” forms of energy far beyond the “dirty” oil, gas or nuclear technologies which we currently use on Earth. If some of those visitors want to help us, but cannot get past our governments or other vested interests to reach the common people, why would they not show us “blueprints” in crops, for some of their advanced devices?


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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