A novel “multiplex” binary code was shown to a UFO contactee “CJ” in late 2015 or early 2016: will a similar “multiplex” code be drawn soon in crops by the same friendly ET’s? And might this new binary code be of interest to our computer industries here on Earth?


This article will show the accurate transcription and translation of five separate messages in binary code, which were supposedly received by a reliable military witness “CJ” from a large UFO and its occupants in Georgia on June 29, 2015, or during follow-up contacts in late 2015 or early 2016 (see military-witnesses-see-ufo-cross-highway-georgia or www.youtube.com or    28102015 or www.earthfiles.com or www.earthfiles.com).

An updated account of all events concerning this case will appear on Linda Howe’s website “Earthfiles” in May or June of 2016 (see www.earthfiles.com or www.earthfiles.com).

Why are we describing UFO-related binary codes here, on a leading crop-circle website? Well, it seems that some of these “UFO binary codes” may come from the same extra-terrestrial (or time-travel) source, as several “crop-circle binary codes” which have been drawn in crops in the past. Therefore, such “UFO binary codes” may provide new insights into the ongoing “crop circle mystery”, if we study them carefully.

From Rendlesham Forest 1980 to Wadley, Georgia 2015

This new case was brought to the attention of reporter Linda Howe by John Burroughs, who was one of two US servicemen to inspect a small triangular UFO on the ground, in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Bentwaters, England, for about one hour in December of 1980. The small triangular UFO which they saw (or touched) showed a series of Greek-like symbols on its side.

More recently in the autumn of 2015, John noticed that symbols which he saw on that landed UFO, long ago in England 1980, seemed to resemble other symbols seen by a new military witness “CJ”, on a large, low-flying UFO during the early morning hours of June 29, 2015 near Wadley, Georgia (see fringe2014e or military-witnesses-see-ufo-cross-highway-georgia). John brought the case to Linda’s attention for that reason.

A collection (or fleet) of large UFOs were seen flying over Atlanta and most of the southeast USA during the early morning hours of June 29, 2015. They were reported on Yahoo News, and seen on NASA meteor cameras. The authorities suggested that such a bright collection of UFOs might be “space junk”, even though many witnesses saw about 10 discrete flying objects, and even though such objects took one full minute to cross the night sky, while being filmed on iPhones below. How can “space junk” fly slowly across the whole sky, somewhat like for a satellite?

One of those large UFOs apparently flew down close to the ground near Wadley, Georgia, around 1 AM on June 29. That was the craft which “CJ” and other motorists saw. They said that it looked like an “airplane on fire”, because its propulsion system created a fire-like electrostatic discharge behind. “CJ” as a trained military observer (on active duty) noted its shape carefully, and copied down five Greek-like symbols which were written along its side (see military-witnesses-see-ufo-cross-highway-georgia  or 28102015).  

Mental telepathy and binary codes: is that how advanced extra-terrestrials prefer to communicate with humans on Earth?

A second witness to the UFO in Rendlesham Forest 1980, namely Jim Penniston, claimed later to have received a long message in binary code from that landed triangular craft, by means of mental telepathy.

“Absolutely it was telepathic. It was like a pictorial that was running a movie in my brain. It was a ‘mind’s eye’ kind of thing. It was flashing zeros and ones. Later we found out that (the message) was some kind of binary code. To be honest with you, I have trouble with algebra. I am not a ‘math person’ by any means, let alone computers. And in 1980, I don’t think we even had computers which we used, so it was foreign to me” (see www.youtube.com).

Jim wrote that binary code down onto 16 sheets of paper, in a small notebook, on the next day. “I couldn’t get those images---ones and zeros, zero-zero-zero-one---out of my head. So I felt compelled to write them down” (see fringe2014e).

The primary witness to this new UFO of June 29, 2015 has been given the pseudonym “CJ” to protect his military job, family and identity. He likewise claims to have received a long binary code by mental telepathy on either June 29 or 30, 2015, after seeing a 250-metre-long UFO with Greek-like symbols not far away, while it was flying low over Wadley, Georgia. He and his family also experienced three and one-half hours of “missing time”.

“When it was directly overhead, and slightly in front of us, the (car head) lights dimmed down to nothing, the dashboard lights dimmed down to nothing, and the radio was nothing but static. The hair on my arms was standing up. We were watching it for no more than five minutes. When it was time for this thing to go, it increased in altitude, angled itself up and to the northeast, then began going up quickly, and went into some clouds. We saw some sparks jet out the back. Then it zipped off into the clouds very quickly.”

“It takes us normally four and one-half hours to get to Atlanta from Richmond Hill, Georgia. However somehow it took us eight hours (this time). Why did our GPS take us off-route to Wadley, Georgia? It dead-ended at a church, right next to a graveyard. Why was that our ‘final destination’?” (see www.youtube.com). 

“CJ” also remembers a contact with five humanoid extra-terrestrials, who were presumably the occupants of that UFO which looked like a “plane on fire” (see www.earthfiles.com or www.earthfiles.com).

Here he describes how he saw a series of “squares” or “lines” in his mind’s eye, which he later wrote down onto paper (just as Jim Penniston did in 1980):

“It is dark all the way around, and (mental symbols as squares or lines) are being scrolled from right to left. The symbols are slightly illuminated, like a light blue colour. Whatever has happened to us (my family), it is not a threat. It is more of a warning or preparation for what will come soon. There are other (aliens) that have a bad intent (towards us). These aliens (who contacted me) are doing what they can to help us. It is almost to the point where they are outnumbered.”

“We are going to need to assist (them), and get to where we need to be sooner, in order to stand a chance. We have technology that we need to expand on, but it is being kept from everyone behind closed doors. That (technology) needs to be exposed, and all bright minds need to be involved in future advancement of what we have, and what we need to increase our technical side. We need to be able to improve at a faster rate. It is necessary to expand, and allow all minds to come together, to get things done a little quicker.” (see www.youtube.com).

Shaded squares and lines as a novel, triply-overlapping binary code

“CJ” seems to know nothing about “binary codes”. Nor does he seem to know what these coded messages mean, after translation from binary into English. He simply sees certain symbols as “squares” or “lines” in his mind’s eye, then writes those symbols slowly and carefully down onto paper. In other cases he has seen “open squares”, “shaded squares”, “thin lines” and “thick lines”, as a novel kind of binary code with four distinct symbols.

The original copies of his “shaded” binary codes, received from October 2015 to January 2016, are shown in two slides below:

Two other binary codes which he received on June 30, 2015, or in February of 2016, were also “shaded”. However he was unable to write down clearly all of the “shaded” versus “non-shaded” parts in those cases. So he just wrote down “squares” (binary 0) or “lines” (binary 1).

How to read these new “shaded” binary codes: three overlapping messages may be transmitted at once!

I had to solve for the meanings of those “shaded” codes from scratch, just like when solving the puzzle of a new crop picture. The novel binary format which was shown to “CJ”, although obvious in retrospect, seems not to have been known before to any computer expert on Earth. If it was known before, then why didn’t someone patent it, post it on a website, or publish it in an academic journal?

Three additional slides, as shown below, explain how we can read three overlapping messages in 8-bit ASCII from any set of “shaded” versus “unshaded” binary codes, of the kind received by “CJ”, supposedly from friendly extra-terrestrials.

The first slide shows how to read a primary message, where “squares” (shaded or unshaded) represent binary 0, while “lines” (shaded or unshaded) represent binary 1:

The second slide shows how to read a secondary message, where “shaded squares” represent binary 0, while “unshaded (or empty) squares” represent binary 1:

The third slide shows how to read a tertiary message, where “shaded lines” represent binary 0, while “unshaded (or thin) lines” represent binary 1:

What a wonderful way to send multiple messages in binary code! Why didn’t anyone think of it before?

Further explanation of those “CJ” binary codes: a new concept of “multiplex” computing

Because the original binary codes are complex and hard to understand, I made another slide which explains the general principles of these “shaded” binary codes, which “CJ” seemingly received from friendly extra-terrestrials in late 2015 or early 2016. By studying an explanatory slide below, we can understand more clearly and easily how such codes work.

Along the upper line of this slide, we can see the standard symbols for English letters “a”, “b”, “c”, “d” and “e” in 8-bit ASCII.

Then along the next line, composed solely of “shaded” versus “unshaded” zeros, we can see the letters “a”, “b” and “c” again in 8-bit ASCII. Now a “shaded zero” means binary 0, while an “unshaded zero” means binary 1:

Next along the third line from the top, composed solely of “shaded” versus “unshaded” ones, we can see the letters “a”, “b” and part of “c”, again in 8-bit ASCII. Here a “shaded one” means binary 0, while an “unshaded one” means binary 1.

Finally along the bottom line of this slide, coloured solely in black or white, we can see a complete “shaded” binary code of the kind received by “CJ”. It conveys three messages at once as “a b c d e”, then “a b c”, then “a b” and part of “c”.

To summarize, the general principles which underlie these “CJ” binary codes are:

code 1 (all squares 0, all lines 1)

code 2 (shaded squares 0, open squares 1)

code 3 (shaded lines 0, thin lines 1)

Are these coded messages really from friendly extra-terrestrials?

Having presented the general principles which can be used to interpret such novel binary codes, in terms of standard 8-bit ASCII, we might next wish to enquire: do these messages really come from friendly extra-terrestrials? Or might they be some kind of elaborate hoax?

In order to “fake” many different messages in binary code (see below), the recipient “CJ” would have needed expert help from someone very skilled in computers. Even then, his hypothetical “expert” would have had to “invent” a new and useful kind of “overlapping” binary code, which has never apparently been seen before on Earth.

Given the careful investigation of this case by Linda Howe (see articles cited above from her “Earthfiles” website), the possibility of human fakery seems remote. In any case, my task is not to provide a final judgment on the possible veracity of these codes, but rather to transcribe and translate them accurately, so that ordinary non-specialists can study their contents, then decide the truth for themselves.

The friendly extra-terrestrials who supposedly sent these messages to “CJ” (as we will see below) are telepathic, and have such small mouths and ears, that they would not use “spoken” languages like those used by humans on Earth. We use certain tissues in the mouth to create unique waves of sound in the air, that other humans nearby can “hear” using specialized receptors in their ears. For this reason, the transmission of a complex binary code by mental telepathy, from telepathic aliens to “CJ”, may be less improbable than it would first appear.

Precise translations of the first four “CJ” binary codes from 8-bit ASCII into modern English

Precise translations of the first four “CJ” binary codes are shown below, after switching from 8-bit ASCII into modern English. You can see right away that these are mostly “messages of warning”, similar to other messages which we have been receiving in crop pictures since the famous Crabwood binary code of 2002.

The first message suggests that their goal is to “protect humanity continuously through time”, from a home base in Nuremberg, Germany at latitude 49 degrees, 27 minutes North, and longitude 11 degrees, 5 minutes East. They say next that “hidden knowledge” must be exposed soon to “all citizens”, in order for humans on Earth to survive. They warn next about two unfriendly races of “grey” aliens from Orion (1350.3 light-years from Earth) or Zeta Reticuli (39.170 light-years from Earth). The meaning of their last sentence “Avoid [signal]” remains unclear:

Their second message warns of an “imminent threat soon upon earth’s leaders and civzations” (the altered spelling of “civilizations” was intentional, please see below). Again they say that we must “expose and disband hidden knowledge to all citizens”, while employing “safe and controlled joint study to all minds”. Our intellectual “progression is imperative for combined survival”.

Their third message implores us to “embrace this space vessel threat”, and explains that they have made an emergency “000 journey” across “[12] ly” or 12 light-years of space to tell us this (perhaps from the star Tau Ceti?). Next they say cryptically that “Ike’s embedded citizens are ready”, which is perhaps a subtle allusion to the American CIA (see below). That agency was supported by President Eisenhower in the 1950’s. Lastly they say “disclose----evolve”.

Their fourth message reveals who they are: “royal EMERTHER warning”. These extra-terrestrials call themselves the “Emerther”, and seemingly this warning comes from their “royal family”. According to UFO folklore, the Emerthers are a friendly (grey) extra-terrestrial species, who try to protect humans on Earth from outside interference by other species. They also supposedly lead an interstellar “Council of Five”. Next they say “expose foreign technology to all”, meaning “take all of the high-tech devices which you have been studying in secret, at places such as Area 51, and give them to the general scientific community for further rapid development.” Finally they say again: “evolutionary advancement needed to prevent takeover”. In other words, unless we evolve soon and quickly, we will be open to takeover by other extra-terrestrial species such as the “greys” from Orion or Zeta Reticuli.

What an amazing and complex series of messages, all delivered in a special “shaded” format for binary codes, which humans on Earth have never seen before! Yet there is even more: each message contains a carefully-designed series of “hidden codes”, using mainly capital versus lower-case letters, which spell out specific words or phrases when you study them carefully.

A series of “hidden messages” were provided by “capital versus lower-case” letters, or by “deleted” letters

Quite amazingly, each message as received by “CJ” also contains a series of “hidden codes”, which are specified by “capital versus lower-case” letters, or in some cases by “deleted” letters.

Their first message uses anomalously capitalized or accented letters to suggest “CHE’cK ALL A.I.” (meaning “artificial intelligence” computers) for “ZORBA” (suggesting “Greek” or Trojan Horse viruses):

Their second message uses anomalously capitalized letters to spell out “EISENHOWER MAJESTIC”, and by a choice of which letter “e” to capitalize, suggests that there will be an “E-threat” soon. Three letters “ILI” were deleted from the word “civilizations” to suggest a Roman number “52”. It was in the year 19-52 that President Eisenhower formed a secret group called “Majestic 12” to take care of UFO matters. The main text says: “Ike’s embedded citizens are ready”.

Their third message uses anomalously capitalized letters to suggest “MAJ 12” and “CIA”, or perhaps “MAJIC 12”. Its last line suggests “Lose or Evolve”.

Their fourth message spells out “EMERTHER” in capital letters, but I am not sure whether this is a hidden code?

Clearly these messages are meant to be delivered to “Majestic 12” and the “CIA”. Those Emerther aliens seemingly met both groups in the 1950’s.

They ask us now to do three things: (1) check all computers for Trojan Horse viruses, (2) disclose hidden knowledge to the common people, and (3) expose any high-tech devices, which humans have received from extra-terrestrials, to the general scientific community, in order to promote further rapid development. Otherwise we will be subject to a takeover by unfriendly extra-terrestrials from Orion or Zeta Reticuli.

Quite a set of messages: can you believe they are real? It is good to remain skeptical, however several binary codes which have been drawn in crops say almost the same thing (see below).

Who are the Emerthers?

We know relatively little about this “Emerther” race, at least in terms of information which has been released to the general public. A sketch of “five visiting aliens” made by “CJ” in June of 2015 does resemble what “Emerther” extra-terrestrials are thought to look like:

If the Emerthers really did meet President Eisenhower in the 1950’s, as UFO folklore suggests, then their new messages of 2015 or 2016, which mention Eisenhower twice, make perfect sense.

Were these messages really delivered to “CJ” by mental telepathy?

Some skeptics may try to deny the possibility of mental telepathy, at least for ordinary humans on Earth. Yet our scientists have already used “device assisted” telepathy to send messages in binary code between France and India (see scientists-prove-that-telepathic-communication-is-within-reach or Is-proof-humans-TELEPATHIC-powers-Two-men-4-600-miles-apart-send-messages-using-just-minds.html):

We have no way of knowing whether the Emerthers can send telepathic messages using ordinary biological tissues, or whether they use certain devices to help enhance a weak signal? In either case, the ability of advanced extra-terrestrials to transmit complex messages in binary code to local humans on Earth, by the use of mental telepathy, seems plausible.

A fifth binary code, which was received by “CJ” in February or March of 2016, shows a brief message in “phonetic Sumerian”

Will surprises never cease? After Linda Howe sent me a copy of the fifth binary code received by “CJ” in February or March of 2016, I set about to translate it from ASCII into English. Instead I found a series of strange words which said “nabu rakbu 01 laraak sanu ki!”:

After some time, I realized that the fifth message as transmitted might not be in English. By searching through several Sumerian-to-English dictionaries (see Sumerian_Dictionary or sumerianwords), I slowly realized that this fifth message was written in “phonetic Sumerian”:

It translates approximately to “prophet messenger 01, seeing the bright glow, tell-inform the Earth!” We can hardly expect to receive a binary code using cuneiform symbols. Also, the senders of this message would have wished to keep it simple, so that we would not have to rely on specialists in the Sumerian language to translate it.

Perhaps “CJ” is the first “prophet messenger 01”, who is seeing a “bright glow” of mental telepathy? The senders of that message ask him to “tell-inform the Earth!”

Did some of those Emerthers live in ancient Sumeria or Egypt?

Why did the Emerthers send “CJ” a fifth message in “phonetic Sumerian”, asking him to “tell-inform the Earth”, of four other messages which he had received previously? Perhaps some of those Emerthers lived in ancient Sumeria or Egypt, 5000 years ago. And they wished to remind us of historical evidence for their past existence here, some of which is shown in the slide below?

Are the Emerthers some of our mysterious “crop artists”?

Several well-known crop pictures definitely remind us of the Emerthers, for example an “Arecibo reply” crop picture which appeared near Chilbolton Observatory in England in August of 2001:

Carl Sagan’s “radio message to the stars” was broadcast from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico in 1974. If the Emerthers live just 12 light-years away, perhaps on a planet which orbits the star Tau Ceti, then some of their space-faring ships may have received that radio message by 1986 (in our calendar), even if it was beamed in a slightly different direction toward M13 in Hercules. That would still give them plenty of time to travel to Earth, and create two related crop pictures near Chilbolton Observatory in 2000 then 2001.

The Emerthers seem to be warning us about other unfriendly aliens from Orion or Zeta Reticuli

We can hardly judge the “friendliness” of extra-terrestrials by how they look! The Emerthers seem to resemble physically other grey aliens from Orion or Zeta Reticuli, but they are definitely warning us about the “unfriendliness” of those other alien species.

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises”, someone wrote in crops concerning the grey aliens from Orion, at Crabwood in 2002:

“Beware or Orion 1350.3 and Zeta Reticuli 39.170”, they told “CJ” in the first binary message from June of 2015.

Two complex crop pictures from Crabwood 2002 or Torino 2015 likewise warned us about “grey aliens” who “bear gifts”  

Two complex crop pictures from Crabwood, England in 2002, or Torino, Italy in 2015, showed “messages of warning” in binary code using 8-bit ASCII, which seem very similar to messages received from the Emerthers by “CJ” in late 2015 or early 2016:

We cannot be sure that those Emerthers were the “crop artists” in every case. Yet they would certainly seem to be likely candidates, or perhaps may work with other extra-terrestrial races, who did make those amazing field patterns.

The aliens who met Betty and Barney Hill in New Hampshire 1961 showed her a “star map”, which was found later to be centred on Zeta 2 Reticuli

A copy of Betty’s “star map”, which she saw while taken aboard a UFO in New Hampshire 1961, is shown in the slide below. It is centred on a star called Zeta 2 Reticuli, which lies 39 light years from Earth. That solar system was mentioned specifically in the first binary code written down by “CJ” in June of 2015, as a home star of unfriendly grey aliens, of whom we should beware:

Another star Tau Ceti may be seen in the same map, and lies only 12 light years from Earth. It may be a home star of the Emerthers, who made an “emergency journey of 12 light years” to come here, and warn us about the greys from Zeta Reticuli or Orion. They would know the plans of other aliens, since they lie along one of the interstellar trade routes from Zeta 2 Reticuli to Earth.

Summary and conclusions

Despite all of the work and careful study which we have done here, we still cannot be sure of the precise sources of these five “CJ” messages, nor completely of their authenticity.

The first purports to come from a “temporal protection agency” which works out of Nuremberg, Germany in the distant future.

The next three seem to come from a friendly grey alien race called the “Emerthers”, who may live around a star Tau Ceti, only 12 light-years away.

The last may come from the Emerthers, who lived in ancient Sumeria, or maybe from the human-like Annunaki, “those who came from sky to earth”? Now they tell us “sanu ki!” or “tell-inform the Earth!”

Are these new “CJ” messages real, or rather a highly sophisticated set of fakes? Many large UFOs were seen flying over Georgia just after midnight on June 29, 2015, when “CJ” and his family reported seeing a large, low-flying UFO with “Greek” symbols on its side, flying close to the ground. Later he claimed to receive long and complex messages in binary code, just like Jim Penniston who encounted another UFO with “Greek” symbols in Rendlesham Forest 1980. Linda Howe has spoken extensively with “CJ” (a trained military observer) and his wife, and believes that the messages are authentic.

Some of these messages were written in a triply-overlapping, “shaded” binary code which no one on Earth seems to have seen before. I call this “multiplex computing”, since three (or more) messages may be sent at once, using the same set of four symbols (or four frequencies). If these messages are fakes, then who showed “CJ” how to create and write down such complex symbols? It took me over one hour just to write down a simple repeating message “a, b, c, d, e” as shown in an explanatory slide above!

These messages also reveal certain admonitions or warnings, similar to those drawn in complex crop pictures from England or Italy, again using binary code. Whether the warnings in some of these “CJ” messages come true or not, it is not my role to keep such information secret from the public. Everyone should be able to study the codes and translated messages freely in an open fashion, then make their own reasoned judgments.

Or as friendly extra-terrestrials seemed to advise us in these new codes:

“Expose hidden knowledge to all citizens. Advancement imperative for planetary survival.”

“Expose and disband hidden knowledge to all citizens. Employ safe and controlled joint study to all minds. Progression imperative for combined survival.”


“Expose foreign technology to all. Evolutionary advancement needed to prevent takeover.”

Can everybody check their computers please for undetected “Trojan Horse” viruses?

Meanwhile, while we wait for the general public and political (or military) authorities to study these new messages, can everybody please check their computers for hidden “Trojan Horse” viruses, whether they believe in ET or not? Such checks should be made with high priority because, if we do get attacked soon (by Isis or grey aliens), and our computer systems fail, then we will be left completely defenceless:

“timeo ET ferentes!” or “beware of the ET Trojan Horse!”

was drawn in crops using binary code near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015.

Likewise “imminent threat soon upon earth’s leaders and civilizations”

and “check all A.I.” (artificial intelligences) for an “E-threat”

were told to a military contactee “CJ” using binary code on June 29, 2015, or a few months later.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. We would like to thank “CJ”, Linda Howe and John Burroughs for help.


Appendix 1. The first binary code received by “CJ” on June 30, 2015

Read both squares and lines together, where squares = 0 and lines = 1

L1 0100-0011 0110-1111 0110-1110 0111-0100 0110-1001 0110-1110 0111-0101

L2 0110-1111 0111-0101 0111-0011 0010-0000 0111-0000 0111-0010 0110-1111 0111-0100 0110-0101

Continuous prote

L3 0110-0011 0111-0100 0110-1001 0110-1111 0110-1110 0010-0000 0110-1111 0110-0110 001

L4 0-0000 0110-1000 0111-0101 0110-1101 0110-0001 0110-1110 0110-1001 0111-0100 0

ction of humanit

L5 111-1001 0010-0000 0011-0100 0011-1001 0010-1110 0011-0010 0011-0111   0110-11

L6 10 0011-0001 0011-0001 0010-1110 0011-0101 0110-0101 0010-1110 0010-0000 0100-0

y 49.27 n 11.5 e. 

L7 101 0111-1000 0111-0000 0110-1111 0111-0011 0110-0101 0010-0000 0100-1000 0

L8 110-1001 0110-0100 0110-0100 0110-0101 0110-1110 0010-0000 0100-1011 0110-111

Expose Hidden Kn

L9 0 0110-1111 0111-0111 0110-1100 0110-0101 0110-0100 0110-0111 0110-0101 0010-0000 011

L10 1-0100 0110-1111 0010-0000 0100-0001 0100-1100 0100-1100 0010-0000 0110-0000

owledge to ALL `

L11 0110-0011 0110-1001 0111-0100 0110-1001 0111-1010 00 0110-0101 0110-1110 0111-0011

L12 0010-1110 0010-0000 0100-0001 0110-0100 0111-0110 0110-0001 0110-1110    0110-00

L13 11 0110-0101 0110-1101 0110-0101 0110-1110 0111-0100 0010-0000 0100-1001 0110-110

citizens. Advancement  Im

L14 1 0111-0000 0110-0101 0111-0010 0110-0001 0111-0100 0110-1001 0111-0110 0110-0101 0

L15 010-0000 0110-0110 0110-1111 0111-0010 0010-0000 0111-0000 0110-1100 0110-000

L16 1 0110-1110 xxxx-0101 0111-0100 0110-0001 0111-0010 0111-1001 0010-0000 0111-0011 0111-

L17 0101 0111-0010 0111-0110 0110-1001 0111-0110 0110-0001 0110-1100 00

perative for planetary survival.

L18 10-1110 0010-0000 0100-0010 0110-0101 0111-0111 0110-0001 0111-0010 0110-0101 00

L19 10-0000 0110-1111 0110-0110 0010-0000 0100-1111 0111-0010 0110-1001 0110-1111 0110-1

L20 110 0010-0000 0011-0001 0011-0011 0011-0101 0011-0000 0010-1110 0011-0011 0010-0

Beware of Orion 1350.3

L21 000 0110-0001 0110-1110 0110-0100 0010-0000 0101-1010 0010-0000 0101-0010 01

L22 11-0101 0111-0100 0110-1001 0110-0011 0111-0101 0110-1100 0110-1001 0010-0000 0

and Z Ruticuli

L23 011-0011 0011-1001 0010-1110 0011-0001 1 0001 0011-0111 0011-0000 0010-1110 0010-

L24 0000 0100-0001 0111-0110 0110-1111 0110-1001 0110-0100 0010-0000 0101-1011 011

L25 1-0011 0110-1001 0110-0111 0110-1110 0110-0001 0110-1100 0101-1101 0010-0000

39.1 ? 70. Avoid [signal]

L26 0110-1101 0110-0101 0111-0011 0111-0011 0110-0001 0110-0111 0110-0101 0111-0011

L27 0010-0000 0111-0011 0110-0101 0110-1110 0111-0100 0010-1110

messages sent.  

Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n 11.5e.

Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL `citizens.

Advancement Imperative for planetary survival.

Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Ruticuli 39.1(?)70.

Avoid [signal] messages sent. 


Three large errors of coding are marked in blue. Other small errors (for example “Ruticuli”) are not marked, but may affect proper reading of the code (as “Reticuli”).

ASCII “spaces” are labelled in bold with italics. The reason for an “accent grave” before the first letter “c” of “citizens” may be to specify a “soft c” like an “s”, rather than a “hard c” like a “k”.

“49.27 n” and “11.5 e” are the latitude North and longitude East of Nuremberg, Germany, as 49 degrees, 27 minutes North or 11 degrees, 5 minutes East at its town centre.

Two numbers “1350.3” and “39.170” tell the distance in light-years from Earth to the Orion Nebula (1350 l-y) or to the binary star system of Zeta Reticuli (39.17 l-y). These are supposedly the home-star systems of “grey aliens”. This new binary code provides such distances with one more digit of accuracy (1350.3 versus 1350, or 39.170 versus 39.17) than is known to astronomers today on Earth.

“Avoid [signal]” might be warning us not to send radio messages out into space? Or perhaps saying that they need to avoid “signal capture” when sending these messages?

There is also a capital-lowercase code which seems to warn of a Greek “Trojan Horse” in our computers: “CHE’cK ALL A.I.” then “ZORBA” (the Greek, 1964 movie). The abbreviation “A.I.” means “artificial intelligence”.

This was likewise the message of warning from a crop picture near Torino, Italy on June 23, 2015, just six days earlier, which said “timeo ET ferentes!” by analogy with the ancient Greek Trojan Horse.

END OF FIRST “CJ” BINARY CODE (June 30, 2015) 

Appendix 2. The “shaded” binary codes received by “CJ” from October 2015 to January 2016)

Read squares and lines together, where squares = 0 and lines = 1

L1 0110 1001   0110 1101   0110 1101   0110 1001   0110 1110   0110 0101

             i                   m                 m                  i                   n                 e

L2 0110 1110   0111 0100   0010 0000   0111 0100   0110 1000   0111 0010   01

             n                  t                space              t                   h                  r   

L3 00 0101   0110 0001   0111 0100   0010 0000   0111 0011   0110 1111  0

         E                 a                  t                space              s                  o

L4 110 1111  0110 1110  0010 0000  0111 0101  0111 0000  0110 1111 0110 1110

            o                n             space             u                  p                 o                n

L5 0010 0000   0110 0101   0110 0001  0111 0010  0111 0100   0110 1000

         space              e                  a                 r                  t                   h

L6 0111 0011  0010 0000  0110 1100  0110 0101  0110 0001  0110 0100   0

             s             space              l                  e                  a                d     

L7 110     …. end October 27  

L8 …. 0101   0111 0010   0111 0011  0010 0000  0110 0001  0110 1110  0110  0

          e                 r                   s             space              a                  n                d

L9 100   0010 0000   0110 0011   0100 1001  0111 0110  0111 1010  0110 00

       d         space              c                   I                 v                  z                 a

L10   01  0111 0100   0110 1001  0110 1111  0110 1110   0101 0011  0010 0000

                       t                   i                  o                  n                  S            space

L11  0100 0101   0111    ….end November 4


L12 (111) 1000   0111 0000    0110 1111    0111 0011   0110 0101   0010 0000

               x                  p                   o                   s                  e               space

L13  0110 0001  0110 1110  0110 0100  0010 0000  0110 0100  0110 1001

                a                 n                  d             space             d                 i

L14  0111 0011  0110 0010  0110 0001   0100 1110   0110 0100  0010 0000

               s                  b                 a                  N                  d             space

L15   0100 1000   0110 1001  0110 0100  0110 0100  0110 0101  0110 1110  0

                 H                 i                  d                 d                  e                 n   

L16  010 0000  0110 1011  0110 1110   0100 1111  0101 0111  0110 1100  01

         space               k                 n                 O                W                  l

L17  00 0101  0110 0100  0110 0111  0110 0101  0010 0000  0111 0100  0

            E                 d                 g                 e             space              t    

L18  110 1111  0010 0000  0110 0001  0110 1100   0110 1100   0010 000

              o             space             a                  l                   l              space

L19  0  0110 0011  0110 1001  0111 0100  0110 1001  0111 1010  0110 0101  01

                    c                  i                  t                  i                  z                 e    

L20  10 1110   0111 0011  0010    …. end November 7

            n                  s              space

L21  0000   0110 010x   0100 1101  0111 0000   0110 1100  0110 1111  0111 1

                           e                 M                 p                   l                 o                 y  

L22  001  0010 0000   0111 0011  0100 000    ….end November 20

                     space             s                 A

L23  0x1  0110 0110    0110 0101   0010 0000   0110 0001  0110 1110  

                        f                   e              space              a                  n    

L24  0110 0100  0010 0000   0110 0011  0110 1111  0110 1110   0111 0100  0

                d             space              c                  o                 n                  t  

L25 101 0010   0110 1111  0110 1100  0110 1100  0110 0x01  0110 0100  001     

             R                 o                  l                  l                  e                 d                         

L26  0 0000   0100 1010  0110 1111  0110 1001   0110 1110   0111 010(10)00

       space             J                  o                 i                   n                  t

L27  0010 0000  0111 0011  0111 0100  0111 0101  0110 0100  0111 1001  0           

           space              s                  t                 u                 d                  y

L28  010 0000  0111 0100  0110 1111  0010 0000  0110 0001  0110 1100

         space               t                 o              space             a                 l     

L29  0110 1100  0010 0000  0110 1101  0110 1001  0110 1110  0110 0100  0

                 l             space              m                i                  n                 d 

L30  111 0011  0010 0000  0111 0000  0111 0010  0110 1111  0110 0111  0111 0x

              s              space             p                  r                 o                  g                

L31 0010  0100 0101  0101 0011  0111 0011  0110 1001  0110 1111   0110 1110   0

           r             E                S                 s                  i                 o                  n

L32  010  00  .... end December 11    


L33  00  0110 1001  0110 1101   0111 0000  0110 0101  0111 0010  0110 000

                       i                 m                 p                 e                 r                  a

L34  1   0101 0100   0100 1001   0111 0110  0110 0101  0010 0000   0110 0

                     T                   I                  v                 e             space               

L35  110   0110  1   ….end December 12


L36  111  0111 0010   0010 0000  0100 0011  0110 1111  0110 1101  0110  0   

        o              r              space              C                 o                m          

L37  010  0110 1001  0110 1110  0110 0101  0110 0100  0010 0000  0

         b              i                 n                 e                 d              space

L38  111 0011  0111 0101  0111 0010  0111 0110   0110 1001  0111 0110   011

              s                 u                  r                 v                   i                 v 

L39  0 0001   0110 1100     ….end January 8          a                   l    


imminent thrEat soon upon earths leaders and cIvzationS

Expose and disbaNd Hidden knOWlEdge to all citizens

eMploy sAfe and contRolled Joint study to all minds                                                  

progrESsion imperaTIve for Combined survival  

There is a capital/lowercase code here for “EISENHOWER MAJESTIC”. It also implies an “E-threat” by the choice of which letter “e” was capitalized.

3 letters “ili” from the word “civilizations” were deleted in the first line. These three letters “l, i, i” or “L, I, I” equal “52” in Roman numerals, and match the year 19-52 when Eisenhower formed “Majestic 12”.



Read lines only (shaded = 0, thin = 1)

L1-2 0110 0101  0100 1101  0110 0010  0111 0010   0110 0001  0110 0011  0

                e                 M                 b                 r                  a                c

L3-4 110 0101  0010 0000  0111 0100  0110 1000   0110 1001  0111 0011  0010 0

              e             space              t                   h                  i                  s           space

L5-6-7 000 0111 0110 0110 0101 0111 0011 0111 0011 0110 01 …end October 27

                          v                e                s                s                e 

L8-9   01  0110 1100  0010 0000  0111 0100  0110 1000  0111 0010  0

                         l             space              t                  h                 r        

L10-11   110 0101   0100 0001   0111 0100   0010 0000   ….end November 4

                     e                 A                  t               space

L12-13 (000)  0100 1010  0110 1111  0111 0101  0111 0010  0110 111

        triple-zero      J                 o                  u                 r                 n

L14-15  0  0110 0101  0111 1001  0010 0000  0101 1011  0011 000

                          e                y             space               [                1                                   

L16-17  1 0011 0010  0101 1101 0110 1100 0111 1001  0010 0000  0100

                        2                 ]                  l                 y             space

L18-19  1001  0110 1011  0x00 0101 (10)  0111 0011  0010 0000  0110 0101

               I               k                  e                       s              space             e  

L20   0110 1101   01    ….end November 7


L21-22  10 0010  0110  0101  0110  0100  0110 0100  01   ….end November 20

                  b                 e                  d                 d            

L23-24 10 0101 0110 0100 (0110 010x  0110 0101  0110 0100)  0010

                 e               d                (d                 e                d)            space

L25-26  0000  0100 0011  0110 100x  0111 0100  0110 1001  0111 1010  0111x

                               C                 i                  t                  i                  z

L27-28 0 0101  0110 1110  0111 0011  0010 0000  0100 0001  0111 0

               e                n                 s              space            A                 r

L29-30 010  0110 0101 0010 0000  0111 0010  0110 0101  0110 0001  0110 01

                             e           space             r                  e                  a                 d

L31-32  00  0111 1001  0010 0000  0110 0100  011   ….end December 11           

                           y             space              d           

L33-34-35  0 1001  0111 0011   0110 0011  0100 1100  0110 1111  0111 0011  0 

                     i                  s                  c                  L                o                 s 

…. end December 12

L36-37 110 0101  0010 0000  0010 0000  0100 0101  0111 0110  011

                   e            space          space             E                 v

L38-39 0 1111  0110 1100  0111 0110  0110 0101     111111    ….end January 8

              o                 l                  v                  e             6  x  1      6 months or years?


eMbrace this (space) vessel threAt

000 Journey [ 12 ] ly    (000 emergency) (12 light years from Tau Ceti)

Ikes embedded (ded) Citizens Are ready   (Eisenhower embedded “Citizens” in the government) www.youtube.com     

discLose (space) Evolve 111111                                                                      

The Tau Ceti star system, at 12 light years from Earth, contains at least 5 planets, several in the “habitable” or liquid-water zone. Our “Arecibo” radio message from 1974 could have reached their space-faring ships by 1986 in our calendar, giving any local inhabitants plenty of time to reply by a crop “Arecibo messages” in 2000 then 2001.

Were three letters “dde” repeated after “embedded” to suggest “Dwight D. Eisenhower”?

There are two capital-lowercase codes for “MAJ 12” and “CIA”. Or maybe “MAJIC 12”?        



Read squares only (filled = 0, open = 1)

L1-2  0111 0010   0110 1111  0111 1001  0110  0001  0110 1100  0010 0000  0

                 r                   o                 y                  a                  l              space

L3-4 100 0101  0100 1101   0100 0101  0101 0010  0101 0100  0100 1000  010

             E                 M                 E                 R                 T                H   

L5-6 0 0101 01010010  00100000  01110111 01100001 01110010 01101110 0110 1

           E              R           space             w               a               r               n

 L7   0xx    …. end October 27

           i                  (n?)

L8-9 xxxx0111 00100000 01100101 01111000 01110000 01101111 01110011 011

               g           space            e               x               p               o              s

L10-11  0 0101  0010 0000  0110 0110  0110 1111  01    …. end November 4

                e            space              f                  o      

L12-13  11 0010 0110 0101 0110 1001 0110 0111  0110 1110  0010 0000 0111 010

                  r                e                 i                g                  n            space             t 

L14-15  0 01100101 01100011 01101000 01101110 01101111 01101100 01101111

                         e              c               h               n               o                l               o

L16-17  0110 0111 0111 1001 0010 0000 0111 0100 0110 1111 0010 0000  011

                     g                y             space             t                o            space

L18-19  0 0001 0110 1100 0110 1100  0010 0000 0110 0101 0111 0110 0110 111

                a               l                  l              space            e                v                o 

L20  1  0110 110   …. end November 7


L21-22  0  0111  0101  0111  0100  0110 1001  0110 1111  0110 1110  0

                          u                  t                  i                   o                 n 

….end November 20

L23-24 (0)110 0001  0111 0010  0111 1001  0010 0000  0110 0001  0110 0100  01

                      a                  r                 y             space              a                d  

L25-26 110110  01100001 011x1xxx 01100011 01100101 0110x101 (10) 01x0 0101

                  v              a              n?             c                e               m?                  e

L27-28 x110 1110  0111 0100  00100000  01101110  01100101 01100101 0110010

                    n                 t             space             n                e                e              d

L29-30 0 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100  0xxx1111 0010 0000  01111x 0

                       e              d            space            t                o           space             p

L31-32  000  0111 0010  0110 0101   0111 0110  01    ….end December 11

                              r                 e                 v

L33-34-35 10 0101 0110 1110  0111 0100  0010 0000  0111 0100  0110 0001 0110

                     e                 n                 t              space              t                  a  

1011  011     ….end December 12


L36-37 0 0101 0110 1111 0111 0110 0110 0101 0111 0010 0010 0000 0101 1

               e               o               v                 e                 r             space

L38-39  011  0011 0011  0010 0111  0101 1101  1     ….end January 8

             [              3                  ‘                   ]                                                                         

royal EMERTHER warni(n)g                                 

expose foreign technology to all

evolutionary adva(n)ce(m)ent needed to prevent takeover 

[ 3 ‘ ]     (end of message like the end of a strand of DNA?)  

The EMERTHER are supposedly a friendly grey race, and lead the ‘Council of Five’.


Appendix 3. Another “unshaded” binary code received by “CJ” in February or March of 2016

Read squares and lines together, where squares = 0 and lines = 1

L1 0110 1110  0110 0001  0110 0010  0111 0101  0010 0000  0                                    

             n                a                 b                 u              space  

L2 111 0010  0110 0001  0110 1011  0110 0010  0111 0101 (01)  001   

           r                 a                 k                 b                 u         (01)

L3 0 0000 0110 1100  0110 0001  0111 0010  0110 0001  0110 0

     space           l                 a                 r                  a      

L4 001  0110 1011  0010 0000  0111 0011  0110 0001  0110 1110  0111

       a            k             space             s                  a                 n   

L5 0101  0010 0000  0110 1011  0110 1001  0010 0001  0 ….

       u          space             k                  i                  !             


nabu rakbu 01 laraak sanu ki !   

(ancient Sumerian, translate into modern English)

  nabu         rakbu 01                laraak

prophet   messenger 01   seeing the bright glow                                                   

    sanu                          ki !

tell-inform (second?)   Earth !  


Appendix 4. Summary of all binary codes received from those “CJ” UFO contacts, written in plain text without any hidden codes


Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n 11.5e.                                                         

Expose hidden knowledge to all citizens.

Advancement imperative for planetary survival.

Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Reticuli 39.170.

Avoid [signal] messages sent.

Numbers: 49.27 N latitude and 11.5 E longitude of Nuremberg, Germany (degrees and minutes); distances in light-years 1350.3 or 39.170 from Earth to the presumed home-stars of grey aliens in Orion or Zeta Reticuli.

Hidden codes: CHE’cK ALL A.I., ZORBA?  


imminent threat soon upon earths leaders and civzations

expose and disband hidden knowledge to all citizens

employ safe and controlled joint study to all minds

progression imperative for combined survival

Hidden codes: E-threat, EISENHOWER MAJESTIC

Deleted letters: ili = ILI = 52 in Roman numerals, for the year 19(52) when Eisenhower formed “Majestic 12”.  

embrace this (space) vessel threat                                                                                    

000 journey [ 12 ] ly

Ikes embedded (ded) citizens are ready                                                                                 

disclose (space) evolve 111111 

Numbers: 000 emergency, 12 light-years from Tau Ceti to Earth

Extra letters: ded

Hidden codes: MAJ 12, CIA, MAJIC?                                                                  

royal Emerther warning                                                                                                         

expose foreign technology to all

evolutionary advancement needed to prevent takeover 

[ 3 ‘ ]  

Hidden codes: EMERTHER? 

nabu rakbu 01 laraak sanu ki !

(prophet messenger 01, seeing the bright glow, tell-inform Earth!) 

Appendix 5. Summary of major binary codes from crop pictures  


Plain text without any hidden codes

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.

Much pain but still time.

Believe. There is good out there.

We oppose deception. Conduit closing \    

Plain text with hidden codes

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

Much PAIN but still time.

BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there.


Hidden code: capital-lowercase, bilateral alphabet for “EALIV-E” in the style of the Arecibo 1974 radio message?                                                                                                                             


timeo ET ferentes!    (“I fear ET bearing gifts!” in Latin)  

time 7-25 (or 6-26)

hO backspace 3    (“hO hO hO”)

return 24 / (7 – 3) = 6    (return to Earth in 6 units of time)  

Appendix 6. Comparison of these new “CJ” codes with the Rendlesham Forest binary code of 1980 received by Jim Penniston

These new “CJ” binary codes bear a distinct resemblance to another binary code received by Jim Penniston in 1980, while he was inspecting a landed UFO in Rendlesham Forest. Both UFOs from 1980 or 2015 showed similar “Greek-like” symbols on their outer parts.

The “CJ” 2015 code reads: “Continuous protection of humanity 49.27 N 11.5 E. Advancement imperative for planetary survival.”

Those 2015 coordinates match the town centre of Nuremberg, Germany on our Earth, and are given in degrees and minutes (“49 degrees, 27 minutes”).

The Penniston 1980 code read: “Exploration of humanity. Continuous for planetary advance. Fourth coordinate. Eyes of your eyes. Origin 52 094 N 1 313 W. Origin year 8100.”

Those 1980 coordinates match the town centre of Woodbridge, England on a mirror-plane Earth, and were given in decimal degrees (“52.094”).

 The Encryption Chain Reaction: can we make the sum of passwords, for any binary message, much longer than the original message itself? This method was found by studying computer messages given by UFOs or drawn in crops. 



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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