A binary code provided by a UFO flying over Georgia in the USA on June 29, 2015 matches in part the binary code from a crop picture near Turin in northern Italy, six days earlier on June 23, 2015. Both codes seem to verify one another, but what might the UFO occupants and/or crop artists be trying to tell us?  

There are close parallels between a message given in binary code by contact with a UFO in Georgia on June 29, 2015, and a message given in binary code by a crop picture near Torino Airport in Italy on June 23, 2015, just six days earlier.  

Both messages tell us to “beware” of extra-terrestrials who bear gifts, namely the “grey aliens” from certain stars in Orion or Zeta Reticuli, which lie 1350.3 or 39.170 light-years away from Earth. The UFO message also says that “hidden knowledge must be exposed to all citizens”, and that “advancement” is “imperative for our planetary survival”. 

These particular messages (and UFOs) seem to come from human time-travellers, who live thousands of years from now in our future, in Nuremberg, Germany at latitude 49o 27’ North, longitude 11o 05’ East. Their purpose is to “protect humanity” over long periods of historical time, by watching and/or influencing the flow of events in past eras. One might even call them a “Chronology Protection Agency”, as suggested by physicist Stephen Hawking.  

A spectacular crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 showed the binary code for “timeo ET ferentes!” 

The events which we are about to describe might seem like “science fiction” to most people living today on Earth. Yet I can assure you, to the best of my knowledge as a professional scientist, that they are real. If you know nothing about “crop circles”, then you may wish to watch this introductory video from June of 2015 (see www.youtube.com) or Terje’s wonderful movie from 2006 (see www.youtube.com).  

It all began with a spectacular crop picture near Turin, Italy, which was first seen on June 23, 2015, but not photographed clearly until June 28, 2015 (see Aeroporto 2015 or Aeroporto codes or www.youtube.com or new-crop-formation-ominous-warning). A binary code was drawn around the outside of that crop picture, using “flattened circles” for binary “zeros”, or “standing circles” for binary “ones”. It said using 8-bit ASCII characters “timeo ET ferentes!”, which may be translated from Latin to English as “beware of extra-terrestrials who bear gifts!”:  

This clever phrase was adapted from a text written by Virgil in Rome 25 BC, which read “timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” or “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. The crop artist deleted two words “Danaos” and “dona”, then changed a lower-case Latin word “et” for “and”, into two capital letters “ET” for “extra-terrestrial”. Virgil wrote that phrase in reference to a legendary “Trojan Horse”, which was a deceptive strategy used by the Greeks to invade and sack Troy (see Timeo_Danaos_et_dona_ferentes).  

No humans on Earth today have ever made such a large and complex crop picture using “rope and boards”, “rollers”, “microwave ovens”, or any other mechanical device. Several “challenges” have been made, some with prizes of L100,000, to try and entice human crop-circle makers into attempting such a big and complex picture in full public view? Naturally the human “crop artists” have always refused, because they know they cannot do it, and it would be embarrassing for them to fail (see Crop-Circle-Challenge-Until-Aug-31-2012   or fringe2014x).  

Another binary code of similar content was given during close contact with a UFO near Wadley, Georgia on June 29, 2015, just six days later 

Now although no one knew at the time, another binary code of similar content was given to a reliable military witness and his family near Wadley, Georgia, just six days later in the USA. The detailed circumstances which surrounded the delivery of this second binary code were reported by Linda Howe on her “Earthfiles” website (please see https://www.earthfiles.com  for October 3, 2015, “Strange Symbols On Disc and Binary Code Download in Georgia” or imperative-for-planetary-survival or www.jaml.org or Prudentopolis articles).  

Part of the new UFO message says (outlined in red): “Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Reticuli 39.170”. This is a reference to two different species of extra-terrestrial “grey alien”, who have travelled here from their home-stars in the constellations of Orion or Reticuli, which lie 1350.3 or 39.170 light years away from Earth respectively. At Torino six days earlier, a crop-based binary code said similarly “timeo ET ferentes!” or “beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!”  

Thus we were told twice in quick succession to “beware” of the same kind of visiting extra-terrestrial: namely “grey aliens” who “bear gifts” of advanced technology to the US military. This same warning was given on June 23 in crops in Italy, then on June 29 during close contact with a UFO in Georgia. One can be pretty sure that “aliens” do not know ancient Latin, or classical Roman literature, so who might the UFO occupants and/or “crop artists” really be?  

For the remainder of this article, we will review some strange events that took place while that close UFO contact was being made near Wadley, Georgia on June 29, 2015, then we will discuss how it relates to several other messages which have been given to humans on Earth by UFOs or in crops, at Torino or elsewhere from 1980 to 2015. Also we will discuss certain details of these new messages, which suggest that the UFO occupants and/or “crop artists” (at least in this case) may be human scientists from our own future.

A large fleet of UFOs flew slowly over the southeast USA on June 29, 2015 at 1:30 AM, while a 250-meter UFO was seen by multiple witnesses on the ground near Wadley, Georgia  

A collection of bright, unknown objects were seen flying across the night sky of the southeast USA on June 29, 2015 at 1:30 AM (see /slow-ufo-lights-up-sky-over-georgia or mystery-object-lights-sky-over-parts-georgia or www.youtube.com):  

This was exactly when multiple witnesses saw a large, 250-meter UFO close to the ground near Wadley, Georgia (see military-witnesses-see-ufo-cross-highway-georgia  ).  

Several witnesses to the June 29 event said that those UFOs looked like a “plane on fire”, or that they were “spewing flames” as part of their propulsion system. Another UFO of similar appearance was videotaped from a commercial airplane that was flying over St. Louis on September 26, 2015 (see www.youtube.com).  

Symbols seen on the UFO near Wadley, Georgia in 2015 resemble symbols seen on another UFO which landed in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, or symbols that have been drawn occasionally in crops  

Symbols seen on that 250-meter UFO near Wadley, Georgia on June 29, 2015 at 1:30 AM were noted carefully by a close eyewitness (see military-witnesses-see-ufo-cross-highway-georgia  ):  

These resemble other symbols which were seen on a landed UFO in Rendlesham Forest during December of 1980 (see fringe2014e). They also resemble symbols which have been drawn occasionally in crop pictures around the world, for example near Barbury Castle, England in May of 2011.  

Another UFO of similar appearance was captured on a trail camera near Hahira, Georgia just one month later  

Both depictions of “UFOs” in the slide above were just “sketches” made by eyewitnesses. Sometimes however we can get lucky! One month later on August 31, 2015, another UFO of similar appearance was videotaped by a trail camera near Hahira, Georgia (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com):  

Summary and possible meaning of each phrase in the binary code which was provided by a UFO near Welby, Georgia on June 29, 2015 

In summary, we seem to have good evidence that a novel binary code was drawn in crops near Torino, Italy on June 23, 2015, while another binary code was provided (telepathically) to a witness in close contact with a UFO near Wadley, Georgia on June 29, 2015, just six days later.  

The witness to that UFO in Georgia on June 29 would not have known (at the time) about a crop-based binary code which said “timeo ET ferentes!”, because no good photographs were taken of the Torino crop picture until June 28. Indeed, I did not post slides on Crop Circle Connector, to tell definitively what that “crop” code meant, until several days later on July 1. So if these two paranormal messages seem similar in places, it may be because they were given to us by the same “UFO occupants” or “crop artists”.  

The binary code from Wadley, Georgia starts by saying: “Continuous protection of humanity 49.27 n 11.5 e”:  

Two coordinates of “49.27 n” or “11.5 e” match the town centre of Nuremberg, Germany at 49 degrees, 27 minutes North latitude, and 11 degrees, 5 minutes East longitude. Next they say that they are “protecting humanity continuously”, perhaps through long periods of historical time? Right away, we begin to think about time travellers from our future!  

Their code says next: “Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL citizens. Advancement Imperative for planetary survival.” Here they seem to be implying that our governments and military organizations are hiding certain advanced technologies, which could be put into practical use quickly, if such knowledge were “exposed” to civilian scientists in our universities, companies or government laboratories for further development.  

Perhaps they mean “hidden knowledge” about “clean energy”, which could save planet Earth from environmental collapse in the near future? So long as such important knowledge remains “hidden” in secret military facilities, then we will not survive as an abundant and successful species on planet Earth much longer.  

Several words such as “Hidden”, “Knowledge”, “ALL” and “Imperative” were capitalized for no obvious reason. Perhaps that is how they will formulate English grammar in the future? Or perhaps the anomalous capital letters “H, K, A, L, L, I” are part of some hidden code?  

The next line says: “Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Reticuli 39.170.” This phrase is easy to understand! There are supposedly two different races of “grey alien” who are currently visiting Earth, and who made a secret agreement to share technology with the US military in 1954. The first race comes from a star in our constellation Orion, which is 1350.3 light years from Earth. The second race comes from a star Zeta Reticuli, which is 39.170 light years from Earth.  

These are the same extra-terrestrials whom we were warned about in crops at Torino in Italy, six days earlier. There the binary code said “beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!” By the word “gifts”, they probably mean “secret transfers of technology” from grey aliens to the US military: for example “stealth technology” by which aircraft can avoid detection by radar, and much more (see www.vielewelten.at).  

The last line of their message says: “Avoid [signal] messages sent.” I remain unsure about the meaning of this final phrase? Perhaps it means “do not send strong radio signals out into space”, like the SETI astronomers are currently proposing? “Here we are, guys, come and plunder planet Earth, we have no serious defences!” 

A “Chronology Protection Agency”?  

Stephen Hawking and other physicists think that “time travel” is possible. Still they cannot understand why human time-travellers are not coming back to visit them personally in their university offices at Cambridge. Surely those renowned physicists are the “most important people” of our era, and should be “visited first”?  

In order to resolve this dilemma, Hawking has suggested, somewhat humorously, that a “Chronology Protection Agency” might exist in our future. Those human scientists of our future, capable of time travel, would try to prevent any undue “changing of the past”, just as human scientists today try to eradicate communicable diseases (see Chronology_protection_conjecture).  

These newly-discovered human time-travellers from Nuremberg, Germany certainly look like a “Chronology Protection Agency” to me:   

A “UFO battle” over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561 AD  

Four hundred and fifty years ago over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561 AD, the local citizens saw a spectacular “battle” between two different sets of UFOs. The visual details of that “battle” were recorded for history by a famous woodcut in 1566 (see www.ufoevidence.org ):  

Perhaps an ongoing struggle between human time-travellers from our future (who live in Nuremberg, Germany), and malicious “grey aliens” of whom we should “beware”, has spilled over into Earth’s past? 

The “grey aliens from Orion” pose a special threat to humans on Earth  

We were already advised by a binary code in another crop picture, 13 years ago at Crabwood in 2002, to “beware of the grey aliens from Orion” (see time2007n or time2007o):

This particular species of extra-terrestrial bears “false gifts”, as we were told in crops at Torino in 2015. They also “break promises”, for example a treaty made in secret with the US military in 1954. If you, the reader, think this subject is a “joke” and wish to laugh, then you should think again (see also www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com).  

Four major binary codes from 1980 to 2015  

As of October 2015, there have been four important and validated messages given to humans on Earth, by means of binary codes. All four messages are summarized in the slide below:  

The first message was given by a landed UFO at Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980, although not revealed to the public until 2010 (see fringe2014e). In that case, certain time-travellers were “exploring humanity for planetary advance”. They came to see us from the “year 8100” in Woodbridge, England at latitude 52 09 N, longitude 1 313 W. They may have come from a “mirror universe”, because Woodbridge is located in our universe at longitude 1 313 East, rather than West. They travelled back into the past through a “fourth coordinate” of time as x, y, z, t.  

The second message was drawn in crops near Crabwood Farmhouse on August 15, 2002. There we were warned about “grey aliens who bear false gifts”, their “broken promises”, and “much pain” in our future. Those warnings were followed by a plea to “believe”, because “there is good out there”. They also said that they “oppose deception”, for example by our major news media. This crop picture pointed toward a radio broadcasting tower for BBC Winchester nearby. They know that the BBC is deceiving the British public, over very important matters indeed.  

The third message was drawn in crops near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. It said in Latin “timeo ET ferentes!” meaning “beware of extra-terrestrials who bear gifts!” It was a natural successor of the message given in binary code at Crabwood in 2002.  

The fourth message was provided by close contact with a UFO in Georgia, just six days later on June 29, 2015. It revealed that there are time-travellers in our future, who are willing to go back into their past (our present) to protect humanity on Earth. It also says (for a third time) that we should “beware” of the grey aliens, who have made secret deals with the US military. Finally it says that “hidden knowledge must be exposed to all citizens”. Our “advancement” is “imperative for planetary survival.”  

A fifth message of possible relevance from close contact with a UFO at Bagshot Heath in England 1985  

While I was preparing this article, several friends brought to my attention a famous UFO contact near Bagshot Heath in 1985 (see www.ufoevidence.org or bagshot-heath-encounter or www.ignaciodarnaude.com).  

The man who saw that UFO, fairly closely, later wrote down a telepathic message from its occupants. The purported message read as follows in English (rather than binary code):  

We are apparently being “guarded” by friendly visitors from a distant star “Epsilon 44L 47L”. Back in 1985, it was recommended that we continue to proceed at a “50% rate of advancement”. Now however in 2015, a new binary code from Georgia says that “advancement is imperative”. We will have to switch from a 50% rate to 100% rate in order to survive.  

We will have to “expose hidden knowledge” and “advance” very soon if we wish to survive  

It is for this reason that I wrote a long and definitive article on the subject. If you still believe, after reading everything presented here, that UFOs and crop pictures are just a “hoax”, then we have no chance. Only if many people become aware of the true facts, and if many civilian scientists begin to work on important life-saving technologies, which have been kept “hidden” by our military organizations and governments, will we be able to “advance” at the 100% rate as required.  

Further messages from these “future humans” and/or friendly extra-terrestrials will no doubt be received soon. “Downloads” of important information will continue (see Prudentopolis articles).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. We would like to thank all of the people who have made this new understanding of reality possible, whether through a study of crop pictures or of UFOs. Meanwhile the rest of our world, or most people in all 192 nations on Earth, remain “blind”.  

Appendix 1. Complete transcription and translation of the Georgia 2015 binary code  

L1 0100-0011 0110-1111 0110-1110 0111-0100 0110-1001 0110-1110 0111-0101

L2 0110-1111 0111-0101 0111-0011 0010-0000 0111-0000 0111-0010 0110-1111 0111-0100 0110-0101 

Continuous prote  

L3 0110-0011 0111-0100 0110-1001 0110-1111 0110-1110 0010-0000 0110-1111 0110-0110 001

L4 0-0000 0110-1000 0111-0101 0110-1101 0110-0001 0110-1110 0110-1001 0111-0100 0 

ction of humanit  

L5 111-1001 0010-0000 0011-0100 0011-1001 0010-1110 0011-0010 0011-0111 0110-11

L6 10 0011-0001 0011-0001 0010-1110 0011-0101 0110-0101 0010-1110 0010-0000 0100-0  

y 49.27 n 11.5 e.   

L7 101 0111-1000 0111-0000 0110-1111 0111-0011 0110-0101 0010-0000 0100-1000 0

L8 110-1001 0110-0100 0110-0100 0110-0101 0110-1110 0010-0000 0100-1011 0110-111 

Expose Hidden Kn  

L9 0 0110-1111 0111-0111 0110-1100 0110-0101 0110-0100 0110-0111 0110-0101 0010-0000 011

L10 1-0100 0110-1111 0010-0000 0100-0001 0100-1100 0100-1100 0010-0000 0110-0000  

owledge to ALL ` 

L11 0110-0011 0110-1001 0111-0100 0110-1001 0111-1010 00 0110-0101 0110-1110 0111-0011

L12 0010-1110 0010-0000 0100-0001 0110-0100 0111-0110 0110-0001 0110-1110  0110-00

L13 11 0110-0101 0110-1101 0110-0101 0110-1110 0111-0100 0010-0000 0100-1001 0110-110  

citizens. Advancement  Im  

L14 1 0111-0000 0110-0101 0111-0010 0110-0001 0111-0100 0110-1001 0111-0110 0110-0101 0

L15 010-0000 0110-0110 0110-1111 0111-0010 0010-0000 0111-0000 0110-1100 0110-000

L16 1 0110-1110 xxxx-0101 0111-0100 0110-0001 0111-0010 0111-1001 0010-0000 0111-0011 0111-

L17 0101 0111-0010 0111-0110 0110-1001 0111-0110 0110-0001 0110-1100 00  

perative for planetary survival.  

L18 10-1110 0010-0000 0100-0010 0110-0101 0111-0111 0110-0001 0111-0010 0110-0101 00

L19 10-0000 0110-1111 0110-0110 0010-0000 0100-1111 0111-0010 0110-1001 0110-1111 0110-1

L20 110 0010-0000 0011-0001 0011-0011 0011-0101 0011-0000 0010-1110 0011-0011 0010-0  

Beware of Orion 1350.3  

L21 000 0110-0001 0110-1110 0110-0100 0010-0000 0101-1010 0010-0000 0101-0010 01

L22 11-0101 0111-0100 0110-1001 0110-0011 0111-0101 0110-1100 0110-1001 0010-0000 0  

and Z Ruticuli  

L23 011-0011 0011-1001 0010-1110 0011-0001 1-0001 0011-0111 0011-0000 0010-1110 0010-

L24 0000 0100-0001 0111-0110 0110-1111 0110-1001 0110-0100 0010-0000 0101-1011 011

L25 1-0011 0110-1001 0110-0111 0110-1110 0110-0001 0110-1100 0101-1101 0010-0000 

39.1(?)70. Avoid [signal]  

L26 0110-1101 0110-0101 0111-0011 0111-0011 0110-0001 0110-0111 0110-0101 0111-0011

L27 0010-0000 0111-0011 0110-0101 0110-1110 0111-0100 0010-1110  

messages sent.


Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n 11.5e.

Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL `citizens.

Advancement Imperative for planetary survival.

Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Ruticuli 39.1(?)70.

Avoid [signal] messages sent. 


Three large errors of coding are marked in blue.

Other small errors (for example “Ruticuli”) are not marked, but may affect proper reading of the code (say as “Reticuli”).

ASCII “spaces” are labelled in bold with italics.

ASCII “periods” are underlined.

An ASCII “accent grave” is underlined in purple. The reason for an “accent grave” before the first letter “c” of “citizens” may be to specify a “soft c” like an “s”, rather than a “hard c” like a “k”. This is also known as “c-cedilla”.  

“49.27 n” and “11.5 e” are the latitude North and longitude East of Nuremberg, Germany as 49 degrees, 27 minutes North or 11 degrees, 5 minutes East at its town centre. Perhaps some human physicists who live there will invent a method to send messages back in time?  

Two numbers “1350.3” and “39.170” tell the distance in light-years from Earth to the Orion Nebula (1350 l-y) or to the binary star system of Zeta Reticuli (39.17 l-y). These are supposedly the home-star systems of “grey aliens”. This new binary code provides such distances with one more digit of accuracy (1350.3 versus 1350, or 39.170 versus 39.17) than is known to astronomers today on Earth.  

“Avoid [signal]” might be warning us not to send radio messages out into space? The format “[signal]” resembles “Cosmic OS” which SETI plans to use to send such messages.  

Several words show “false capitalization” for nouns inside of sentences. This might suggest a hidden code? On the other hand, it might be how Europeans of the future will write English? A “soft c” for the first letter “c” of “citizens” is not found in any language currently written on Earth.   

Appendix 2. The crop circle debunkers now engage in computer fakery, rather than making one of their own!  

Before the era of modern computer graphics, people who wished to “debunk” crop pictures had to go out into a field and make a real crop picture of their own, to prove that they could actually do it. Now they just try to fool the public using computers!  

One month after that Torino crop picture appeared in northern Italy, it was claimed in the middle of July, on several “debunking” websites, that the Torino crop picture was supposedly a “human made fake”. These debunkers suggested that it had been made by Francesco Grassi and colleagues, working all through the late afternoon and evening of June 20, then continuing until the early morning of June 21. It was made hypothetically on private farmer’s land, not paid for beforehand, as “criminal vandalism”. Two dozen people were hypothetically involved, yet surprisingly, for such a big and open effort, no independent witnesses heard or saw anything.  

Those debunkers further claimed that it was made using dangerous red lasers under an airport flight path, which are strictly illegal there for reasons of aviation safety (see www.laserpointersafety.com). Meanwhile the Pope flew into a major airport in Turin nearby on the same morning of June 21 (see papa-francesco-torino_2015). Police security was at its highest. If any of what Grassi said were true, then they would have all been arrested! Two different charges could have been laid: (i) criminal vandalism to the farmer’s crops, and (ii) creating a danger to aviation safety, just before the Pope was flying into a secure airspace. Next according to this same “tall tale”, the completed crop picture supposedly sat on the ground, undiscovered for two full days, until pilots taking off from the airport nearby saw it on the morning of June 23.  

Several “magazine” images of “20 people planking”, produced in retrospect to support such wild claims, were just clumsy fakes made using Photoshop or other computer graphics programs: please see Appendices 1 or 2 of Aeroporto codes. To see simple and undeniable evidence of “computer fakery” in this case, we only have to look at details of the fallen crop (see Aeroporto groundshots or Aeroporto field reports). In the real field near Torino Airport on June 23, the late-season wheat was dry and brown, with occasional patches of green grass interspersed. In fact, the farmer harvested it five days later on the afternoon of June 28. Yet in those “faked magazine” images, which were not published until one month later (giving the computer guys plenty of time to work), all of the wheat appears moist and green like for an early-season crop. Cartoon images of “plankers” were then overlaid onto a fake “field of green wheat”, using “layers” in Photoshop, with varying degrees of accuracy.  

Here is another example of computer-based fakery from Celle, France in June of 2014, just to show that such deceptive practices are now widespread (see Savigny comments). One of the major reasons why “crop circles” are not accepted today by the general public, or by mainstream science, is because we have several groups of well-funded debunkers (at least in England, Italy and France) whose primary task is to deceive the public, whether on the Internet or in major newspapers.

Appendix 3. Close-up ground photographs of the Torino crop picture show unmistakable signs of paranormal authenticity

Here you can see two close-up ground photographs of the Torino crop picture on June 23, taken soon after it was discovered. The first photograph shows a typical binary bit "0" from the outside, which was flattened into a swirled shape as if by a whirlwind:

There were approximately 64 such “swirled” shapes around the outside, all drawn perfectly. Another 64 binary bits “1” around the outside showed standing circles with thinly outlined borders, again all drawn perfectly. Two or three binary bits “0” or “1” around the outside were drawn differently as small triangles.

None of these small-scale features seem to have been “pressed down” using “rope and boards”. Indeed, no one could have walked along a series of large, standing triangles “1” from its two inner rings, without leaving many visible foot trails, which were not observed.

As a further interesting feature, this second photograph shows how many small, green plants, interspersed with the dry brown wheat, were not flattened at all:

A similar effect may be seen in the first photograph, if we look carefully at short green plants near its centre. Might this be due to the higher moisture content of green plants versus brown? Or were unseen “flattening energies” applied to this field slightly off the ground, so that they affected tall brown plants more than short green plants?

Many other authentic photos or videos of the Torino crop picture seem completely consistent with these conclusions (see Aeroporto groundshotsl or Aeroporto field reports).


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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