Savigny-sur-Braye, Loir-et-Cher, France. Reported 12th June.

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An apparently false claim of human fakery from Celle, France on June 12, 2014: the real field image was altered by an overlay of “cartoon plankers”, then posted June 23 on the French “debunking” website Touraine Insolite  

While I was studying a wonderful “Chartres labyrinth” crop picture which appeared near Celle, France on June 12, 2014, someone brought to my attention a claim from a French “debunking” website, called Touraine Insolite, that it had been made by an unseen team of fakers using rope and boards.  

Their evidence was just one photograph (103 kb), plus a long story which supposedly gave more details. Please scroll down on Retour-sur-les-Crop-Francais-Assimiles-Synthese if you wish to read this interesting example of modern French literature.  

When we look carefully at the single photograph supplied, which supposedly provided “evidence” for human fakery, we can see right away that it was taken from a real field photograph which was trimmed, then altered using a computer program, so as to include an overlay of “cartoon plankers”:  


Let us zoom in now, to study their “photographic evidence” more carefully. We can see that the real field photograph (shown at upper left) has been altered by the careful overlay of “cartoon plankers”, some of whom have “black dots” for “faces”:                                                                                                                                                                      


They look like “insects”! The real crop-circle photograph is shown at upper left above, while the photo-shopped fake is shown at lower right. Two enlarged views of those “cartoon plankers” are shown at upper right or lower left.  

This computer artist also replaced certain parts of the real crop picture with “standing crop”, to make it appear as if the crop picture were only “half finished”. When we study those “whitewashed parts” carefully, we can detect faint “brush strokes” which were used to cover up the real image.  

Most of the crop tramlines have “increased in size” for the fake image, especially on the right. This comes about because the entire fake image has been blurred, then given extra contrast. Please compare details in the trees at upper left versus lower right? 

Finally, this aspiring computer artist made a serious error at the very end. He did not realize that certain metadata for his “evidential photograph” would give him away! Those metadata show that his “fakery slide” was saved from Microsoft Powerpoint with a standard size of 960 x 720 (shown below on the right, and marked with a blue box):


For comparison, I show the metadata from one of my “crop circle collages”, which was likewise saved from Microsoft Powerpoint (above on the left, marked with a red box). All other “real” photographs of patterned crop on that Touraine Insolite webpage show a variety of sizes, which are typical for real photographs taken in a field. Not fakes made on a computer.  

In summary, this was an amusing and useful exercise. It demonstrates that photographic evidence for crop circle “fakery” cannot be accepted at face value without careful scrutiny, and without supporting physical evidence of some other kind. This is because certain dark-minded people wish to deceive others of a trusting nature. In this modern age of computers, any skilled artist, while sitting at his desk, can produce a plausible fake within several days.  

Other claims of “fakery” for certain complex crop pictures seem equally doubtful, but those might be left to another article in the future. Were you gullible? Did you believe that a beautiful crop “labyrinth”, which appeared near Celle, France on June 12, 2014, was a human-made fake? If so, then all of the beauty of this wonderful French crop picture was lost to you, and you only have the debunkers to blame. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Thanks to C.C.D. for informing me of the French debunking claims

Antonio Reyes


A “labyrinth” from Chartres Cathedral was drawn in crops on June 12, 2014 without a “rose” at its centre. But then on the night of June 13, a “Rose full Moon” entered in!

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Two pictograms depicting labyrinth appeared shortly after each other, and the  both of them on the old continent. It has to do with the possible crisis in Ukraine?

Labyrinth has the property that there-existence of just one single way to get from the edge to the centre. The road is often very complex and the objectives seemed distant. The labyrinth is seen as a lesson of patience and perseverance. The longest and hardest route is not only the best but the only one that leads to the goal. Negative events provide an opportunity to do good and honourable deeds. Without suffering is not sacrifice, you can not establish a real great friendships. No conflict can not separate the brave from the cowards. It is worth consideration.

Pávková Z.

The formation in France...the outer circle just touches both the tram lines and the middle tramline seemed to pass through dead centre of the formation.  Hard to see though just with one picture.

Gerald Plumb


The French Labyrinth Formation is a cruddy duplicate BUT its in an outstanding Grid position in the new European grid(s) that the Formations are now generating. We don't know it's precise location ...somewhere near Savigny-sur-Braye ...but its 50 miles from Chartres Cathedral bearing 045(T) from the rough position.  The correct axis of the Cathedral is 046 deg 54' 30" (T).  That is, the position of the Formation is very near ...or maybe spot-on..  the Cathedral's correct bearing (originally a star line) and alignment.  The NE is also the direction of the archetypal "Heel Stone" that downloads into an X-Cross.  

Further, this year's Formations' grids include a golden ratio rhombic "Gate" triangle format with it's apex in the several Formations in Holland (should be viewed as a collective matrix) with a ley SE through Chartres to a point only about 6.5 miles from the labyrinth formation. That's a 306 mile ley.  Then the "L" bend goes to Mont St. Michel, then back to the Holland matrix. (This is part of a larger grid involving key Brit Formations.)   That is: the labyrinth is in the right place doing the right thing at the right time in a "Temple" loaded grid.  (The apex also projects a critical ley through Temple Farm Formation that includes the airport runways in a Latin (Christian) Cross system.)  I'm over simplifying this phi-squared rhombus triangle within a very complex grid structure including much of the UK and Europe... trying to be brief... but this is a big thing in the growing structures over the past several years. If this labyrinth formation is a fake, we oughta buy the builder a stout cuppa or two for a good job!

William Buehler

Over a span of decades, I have three times visited Chartres Cathedral, and never viewed the great labyrinth until my last visit, 20 years ago; and the reason is simple: it’s generally hidden under acres of chairs.  So, admittedly, what follows are the comments of a dilettante/tourist; one who this weekend “edumacated” himself about labyrinths great and small, ancient and new, in a (possibly futile) effort to understand what the circle-makers are trying to tell us.  And what did I learn? 

First, upon entering the cathedral labyrinth, vice Cellé, the pilgrim’s path turns left (see sketch); evidently, for reasons of spiritual significance.  John James, The Mystery of the Great Labyrinth, Chartres Cathedral, Studies in Comparative Religion, Vol. 11, No. 2 (Spring 1977).

The Chartres Labyrinth.  Sketch by Erin, Blogmymaze.Wordpress.Com 

But, Yannick Pezeu’s overhead image of the labyrinth at Cellé shows the path reversed (reportedly, by tradition, all ancient labyrinths turn left after entry from outside)—Pezeu’s image shows the Cellé path turning right after entry from outside—either the circle-makers deliberately reversed it, or Pezeu’s published image inadvertently flipped what lies in the field.  Obviously, this calls for clarification; which is correct?

Second, concerning the Rose Moon lay-down on the 13th, Red Collie insightfully noted that “A thin line asks us to ‘go around the labyrinth by one full turn.’  This could mean from one full Moon to the next, or from June 13 to July 12, 2014.” 

Now, one may be tempted, as I am, to liken the thin line to Ariadne’s thread (the one that enabled Theseus to escape the labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur); except, that it ignores the pilgrim’s twisting path, apparently driving a new, and uncharted, path of its own! 

So, whether or not Collie is right, what else might the thin line be asking (or indicating); in particular, about the path of life? 

John Del Campo Falls Church, Virginia

Tixeire Luc


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike