Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Reported 23rd June

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Three different codes were drawn within a remarkable crop picture at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. The Pope was nearby in Turin on the same day when it appeared. Its first code says “timeo ET ferentes!” in 8-bit ASCII. Its second code says “time 7-25”, by a subtle variation of shape from circle-to-triangle for 2 of 128 binary symbols in its outer parts. Its third code says “ET Be ©“ in 8-bit ASCII, after decryption using an XOR algorithm. The third character “©” of that phrase might mean either “copyright” or “Christ”. There may still be other codes present in the central rings of that Torino crop picture, which we do not have the “keys” to solve.

Note to the reader: If you are reading this, and become convinced by its content, and also happen to know any world leaders personally, or someone in the Vatican, perhaps you might forward this to them as an important “message from the stars”? 

The most remarkable crop picture of 2015 was found near Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia in Italy, early on the morning of June 23. It was designed by someone with very high intelligence, then drawn in the field using technologies which we do not have today on Earth. The field where it was drawn resembles a “star book”, just as if important knowledge from the stars were being passed on from friendly extra-terrestrials, to all humans living today on Earth.

If anyone would like to claim that this amazing crop picture was made by local people using “rope and boards”, then please make another copy of the same field image somewhere, so we can all see how it was done? We do not wish to see any more fake videos, or cartoon-like photographs, made long after the event using Photoshop or other computer graphics programs. The fake images from many of those “debunking” photographs (see below) show fresh, green stems of wheat, which do not even resemble the real wheat field where that Torino crop picture appeared!

We can tell what the wheat stems at Torino really looked like, by studying authentic ground videos or photographs taken from within the real crop picture while it was still intact (see Aeroporto field reports or Aeroporto groundshots). The crop was dry brown wheat, mixed with small clumps of green grass. Only the dry brown wheat seems to have been flattened by unknown “crop circle making” energies. Many small clumps of green grass, interspersed with the brown wheat, remained unaffected. Such “plant selective” effects have been well-documented also in England, by researcher Paul Jacobs (see fringe 2014 review).

To the best of my knowledge, no pilot saw a crop picture in that field until the morning of June 23, and none saw any humans in the field on a previous afternoon or evening of June 20, when it was still light until 11 PM. There was a “no-fly rule” in effect from June 21 to 22, because the Pope was visiting nearby in Turin. It would have taken at least 8 hours for a large team of expert plankers to carve out such a large and complex crop formation, even if the final result were messy and uneven, which is generally the case (see fringe2013s). No one saw or heard anything, especially not a large team of plankers using red lasers, under a major flight path for Torino Airport nearby!

Were important messages sent to the Pope “from above”, when he visited Turin on June 21 and 22, 2015?

The Pope visited Turin on June 21 and 22, 2015, within the same window of time when this new crop picture appeared. While there, he visited the Shroud of Turin, which had been drawn in crops schematically during 2010 (see The Pope flew in and out of Torino Caselle Airport, which is located slightly north of the city (see papa-francesco-torino_2015 or us-pope-turin). This was not far from where the crop picture appeared, close to another small airport called Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, west of the city.

Did an extra-terrestrial crop artist send important messages to the Pope on those days, by making a field picture so complex and beautiful that it could not be easily ignored? Several crop pictures in England or Germany during the summer of 2015 have suggested a near-future return of Christ (see Etchilhampton comments or Etchilhampton articles or foxhill articles). Thus it would not seem improbable for an extra-terrestrial crop artist to be sending messages to the head of the worldwide Catholic Church:

The first and most important message at Torino said “timeo ET ferentes!” in Latin, which translates approximately in English to “beware of extra-terrestrials who bear gifts!” This phrase makes an analogy with the legendary “Trojan Horse”. A second encrypted message seems to say “ET Be”, meaning “extra-terrestrials exist”, followed by what may be a brief symbol for “Christ”.

It would not be surprising for friendly extra-terrestrials to communicate with world leaders in this way. Someone previously created a spectacular, two-color, double-spiral in the sky near Tromso, Norway, while Obama was visiting Oslo in December of 2009 (see

Both direct and encrypted binary codes

In this new article, we will try to summarize the most important features of that Torino crop picture, as one smooth narrative, so the reader will not have to sort through many different pages of conflicting information. We will focus especially on two cryptic binary codes which were drawn within two “rings” near its centre.

The “codes” which were drawn along those two “rings” cannot be read directly as a sensible message, using any binary code which is known today on Earth. Instead, any information which is present there seems to be encrypted. Here we will try to decipher some of that encrypted information, using the well-known XOR algorithm. We will combine a “key stream” from its inner ring with a “cipher text” from its outer ring. There may still be other codes which cannot be deciphered, unless we were to know a “private key”.

Many people have already made important contributions toward the documentation of this crop picture by photographic means, or toward understanding its codes in theoretical terms. We would like to thank Rob Holden, Patrice Marty, Tixeire Luc, Berat Sancar, Pablo Olivares, Damiano Schiavo, Nyako Nakar and others for their comments, diagrams or ground videos. We would also like to thank Valeria Margherita Zanola and Silvio Siriotto for their excellent aerial photographs (see Aeroporto/comments.html or Aeroporto diagrams or Aeroporto 2015).

Four major and impressive crop pictures were drawn in Italy from the years 2010 to 2015

Four very impressive crop pictures were drawn in Italy from 2010 to 2015, as summarized in the slide below. Each of these pictures featured some clever and unique way of sending an important message, using 8-bit or decimal ASCII codes:

The first was a “six-pointed star” which appeared near Poirino on June 13, 2010. If we count carefully the numbers of “dot-like stars” which were drawn on either side of a thin circular line, which surrounds its centre, then we can find an expression in decimal ASCII for Einstein’s famous formula “E = MC^2”.

The second was a “seven-pointed star” which appeared near Poirino on June 20, 2011. If we study carefully a series of small circles which emerge in seven places like “rays of light” from a central “star”, then we can find an expression in binary ASCII for “Ea Enki space”. Ea Enki was once known as “Lord of the Earth” in ancient Sumeria. Legends say that he created modern humans on Earth through genetic engineering. Seven other “flattened regions” within each point of that “large star” contain 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4 or 5 dot-like stars. These denote three words in ASCII as “Ea” (3, 3), “Enki” (4, 4, 4, 4) or “space” (5). Words “1” and “2” were provided one year earlier near Poirino in 2010 as “E” (1) or “MC^2” (2).

The third was an “eight-pointed star” which appeared near Cavallo Grigio on June 30, 2013 (two other crop pictures from northern Italy in the year 2012 were of a different style, and hence are not shown here). Close to the centre of that eight-pointed star, we can see a “ring” of 32 binary symbols as “zeros” or “ones”. Those 32 symbols provide four different characters in binary ASCII as “H”, “D”, “S” or “K”. Each letter seems to represent a certain element from the Periodic Table as hydrogen (H), deuterium (D), sulfur (S) or potassium (K). It is apparently a recipe for carrying out low-energy nuclear fusion, by heating three elements hydrogen (H), deuterium (D) and sulfur (S) together, so that they will make certain isotopes of potassium (K). At upper left, we can see six small triangles being released as “heat”. Each of those has the expected triangular shape of a proton or neutron, composed of three quarks.

The fourth crop picture was a “sixteen-pointed star”, which appeared near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. When we study this new picture closely, we can see 16 “rays of light” which seem to be emerging from a sixteen-pointed “star” in its centre. Each of those “rays of light” contains a binary code for some particular character in 8-bit ASCII. All of them together provide an sensible expression in Latin which says “timeo ET ferentes!” This was just one of three different codes within that amazing 2015 crop picture. All three codes will be presented and discussed below.

No evidence whatsoever for a local human means of construction, using “rope and boards”

There is not a shred of reliable evidence, to suggest that any of these four remarkable crop pictures were made by humans on the ground using “rope and boards”. The scientists who work in our universities, companies or government laboratories need a “reality check” on their current understanding of crop pictures. Today they seem almost “blind”, like the academics in Italy in 1620, who refused to accept that Galileo was seeing anything significant in his new telescope.

An improbable debunking of this crop picture was made three weeks after it appeared (see cerchi-nel-grano-a-torino-aiuto-gli-extraterrestri-non-sono-mai-stai-cosi-vicini-video-esclusivo/?refresh_ce-cp or how-to-decode-the-collegnoturin-formation-created-by-francesco-grassi-and-his-friends-at-night-on-june-20-2015). Whether anyone in Italy actually believes such claims, I do not know.

The first and most important code at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 said “timeo et ferentes!” in 8-bit ASCII

The first and most important code at Torino was written in 8-bit binary ASCII. It was drawn along 16 different “rays of light”, which emerge from the centre of that crop picture like bright rays of light from an actual “star” (see or Aeroporto comments):

"timeo ET ferentes!”

This 16-character message was adapted from a famous phrase written in Latin by the poet Virgil in 25 BC, concerning a legendary “Trojan Horse” (see Timeo_Danaos_et_dona_ferentes):

“timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” or “I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts!”

The crop artist kept three of five words from that phrase as “timeo et ferentes”. Then he changed its second word from lower-case “et” (meaning “and” in Latin) to upper-case “ET”, in order to suggest a new meaning as “Extra-Terrestrial” (see Aeroporto articles):

“beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!”

The double-ringed style of this crop picture makes us think of a “Trojan Horse”, because those two concentric rings resemble a “shield”,  which soldiers in Troy once held when they were inspecting a “wooden horse” for possible dangers:

Its 16-pointed “star” likewise resembles an ancient symbol known as the “Sun of Vergina”, which Greek or Trojan soldiers would carve into their shields when going to war:

Comparison with a text message delivered to us in crops at Crabwood in 2002

This new message from Italy in 2015 seems to have the same intent, as another message which was drawn in crops near Crabwood in 2002. Their previous message was likewise coded in 8-bit ASCII, but used modern English rather than classical Latin (see time2007n or time2007o):

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.”

Nearby we could see drawn in crops the threatening face of a “grey alien”. Why would humans on Earth need to “beware” of grey aliens? And what might they mean by the phrase “false gifts and broken promises”?

By many accounts, those grey aliens signed a treaty with the US government secretly in 1954 (see Eisenhower-secret-meetings-aliens-pentagon-consultant-claimsl or exopolitica or or dayafter). The greys promised to give high-tech weapons to the US military, so that they could defeat Russia in the Cold War. In return, the US military gave those greys the right to collect tissue samples from all living creatures on Earth. The US military also agreed to keep their activities on Earth a secret.

Soon we saw the covert abduction of humans, for the purpose of collecting sperm or egg cells. We also saw the covert harvesting of thousands of cattle or horses, for the purpose of collecting mammalian tissues. Meanwhile those “high-tech weapons”, which had been promised to the US military in 1954, never worked. Such were the “false gifts and broken promises”, which a friendly group of extra-terrestrials warned us about in crops at Crabwood in 2002. They also wrote: “Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception.”

Might this new “Trojan Horse”, about which we were warned at Torino on June 23, 2015, be biological in nature? And why did they draw their new crop picture next to an airport runway, unless airplanes will somehow be involved? Clearly we need to study two other codes which were drawn in crops at Torino, in order to learn more!

The image of a “horse” was seen in the landscape near a crop picture at Newton Barrow on June 15, one week before the Torino picture appeared (see newton articles). The image of a “Trojan horse” was seen in the landscape next to a crop picture in Germany on July 7, two weeks after the Torino picture appeared (see Groziethen 2 articles).

No need to worry about the Greek economic crisis: we should be worrying about deceptive “grey alien” extra-terrestrials!

The original phrase from Virgil, “timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”, was mentioned widely in the news on June 30, 2015, one week after the Torino crop picture was found on June 23, 2015. This was regarding an ongoing economic crisis in Greece (see GoldSeek or

If that Torino crop picture was made using “rope and boards”, as some debunkers claimed three weeks later in mid-July, thereby giving them enough time to make fake Photoshop images and a plausible cover story (see cerchi-nel-grano-a-torino-aiuto-gli-extraterrestri-non-sono-mai-stai-cosi-vicini-video-esclusivo/?refresh_ce-cp or /how-to-decode-the-collegnoturin-formation-created-by-francesco-grassi-and-his-friends-at-night-on-june-20-2015), how could they have known of such relevant news headlines, one week earlier on June 23?  

Alternatively, if the real crop artists are capable of time travel, everything makes perfect sense. The real crop artists are saying to us and the Pope:

“There is no need to worry about the current Greek economic crisis. You should be worrying about deceptive grey aliens instead! Soon they will be giving you a metaphorical Trojan Horse, like the Greeks once gave to Trojans before they sacked the city.”

A second code at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 said “time 7-25”, by means of a subtle variation in shape between “small circles” and “small triangles”, within its outer “rays of light”

High-resolution photographs of this crop picture showed an unexpected feature, once studied closely. Within 16 “rays of light” around its outer edges, we might expect to see 16 x 8 = 128 small circles, since each “ray of light” codes for a character in 8-bit ASCII. Instead we found to our surprise that two of those 128 “small circles” were drawn as “small triangles” (see Aeroporto articles):

As shown in the slide above, the 7th bit of an ASCII character for “t” remains “flattened” as expected, yet was drawn with a triangular rather than circular shape. Likewise the 8th bit of an ASCII character for “e” remains “standing” as expected, yet was drawn with a triangular rather than circular shape.

Why did the crop artist include such an unexpected feature? It was apparently to assure us that this Torino crop picture is paranormally real. When we study all 32 binary values within the vicinity of those two “triangles”, we can see that they were drawn within a four-letter word for “time”:

The 7th binary digit out of 128 has been drawn as a small triangle which points out. Likewise the 32nd binary digit out of 128 has been drawn as a small triangle which points in. There are 25 binary digits between those two “triangles”. This code therefore seems to say:

“time 7-25”

One month later, a major new crop picture called the “eagle” appeared at Uffcott Down in England on “7-25” or July 25. Three different crop pictures from Italy, Slovakia or England showed us images or codes for “7-25” or “25” in the weeks beforehand:

This second code at Torino therefore seems to have made an accurate prediction, for when the next major crop picture would appear, on a date of 7-25 or July 25 in England. I was waiting keenly for that date of July 25 to arrive, to see what might happen then? When the “eagle” crop picture was reported, it came as pleasant news but no real surprise.

The new crop picture at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 resembles near its centre an “Alberti cipher ring”

Now that we have studied two different codes from outer parts of the Torino crop picture, we will study several codes which were drawn along its central parts. The central parts of this Torino crop picture resemble an “Alberti cipher disc”, which is a special device useful for cryptography, invented in Italy around 1467 AD (see Alberti_cipher_disk):

The central parts of this crop picture differ from a traditional “cipher disc”, mainly because they show binary symbols for 0 or 1, rather than 26 letters of the English alphabet. The “outer” ring from its central parts shows 26 binary triangles, whether flattened (0) or standing (1). The “inner” ring from its central parts shows 27 binary triangles.

How can we read any information which might be encoded by that “cipher disc”, which was drawn so cleverly in crops? As a first step, we need to “rotate” its inner ring of symbols, clockwise by +6 places, so that 27 binary triangles from its “inner” ring will line up with 26 binary triangles from its “outer” ring:

All 53 binary symbols have been summarized in the lower parts of a slide shown above. One other possible value of rotation, still yielding a match between “inner” and “outer” rings, would be clockwise by +5 places. Yet that value does not seem to yield any sensible message in ASCII code, as will be explained further below .No other off-match alignments of +3, +4, +7 or +8 yield sensible messages either.

Comparison with another “ring” binary code which was drawn in crops at Cavallo Grigio on June 30, 2013

This clockwise shift of +6 places seems consistent with another crop picture which was drawn near Cavallo Grigio on June 30, 2013. That crop picture showed 32 binary symbols, which were arranged into the shape of a “ring” near its centre:

Meanwhile 6 small triangles were drawn outside of that central ring, near its perimeter. If we were to remove 6 binary zeros or ones from a central “ring” of 32 binary symbols at Cavallo Grigio, we would be left with 26 binary symbols and 6 empty spaces. That is exactly what we saw drawn within the outer “ring” at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 (please study an image shown in the slide above, inset at lower right).

The complete binary codes from Cavallo Grigio in 2013 or Torino Airport in 2015 (from its central parts) are compared in the next slide below. Any binary values which seem similar between the two crop pictures have been underlined:

At Cavallo Grigio in 2013, those 32 binary symbols coded for four ASCII characters of “H”, D”, “S” or “K”. This code was meant to suggest a low-energy nuclear reaction using hydrogen (H), deuterium (D) and sulphur (S), to make potassium (K). Within the outer parts of that crop picture, 6 nucleons (protons or neutrons) were shown being released as heat.

Neither “ring” of 26 or 27 binary triangles at Torino Airport in 2015 can be decoded separately from the other “ring”, to yield a sensible message using any known binary code on Earth. The outer ring by itself reads “h-O-delete” in 8-bit ASCII as 0110-1000-0100-1111-0111-1111, while the “inner ring” shows no 8-bit coding at all. An apparent lack of coding along that “inner” ring led us to consider another alternative. Perhaps the binary codes from both “rings” must somehow be combined, in order to find a sensible message?

First we examined all possible ways of combining those binary symbols as they were actually drawn along each ring. The most sensible message found by this approach was “mh GO delete (371)”, which might have something to do with the missing airplane MH370, and a new flight number “371” if it ever returns (see Aeroporto articles).

Because this result still did not seem entirely satisfactory, we looked for other ways to combine two sets of binary symbols which were drawn along its outer or inner rings. Perhaps the binary information drawn there has been encrypted? In which case, we might regard its outer ring as a “cipher text”, while we might regard its inner ring as a “random key stream”. Next if we were to combine the binary values from both rings, using a well-known XOR operation, we might hope to find some sensible message?

The third binary code at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 says “ET Be ©” in 8-bit ASCII code, after decryption by an XOR algorithm

This XOR algorithm was the first way chosen to encrypt messages in binary, using early 20th-century telex machines:

“Some of the earliest telex machines used two loops of punched paper tape. One loop provided a ‘plain text’ symbol, while the other loop provided a ‘key’ symbol, for each binary value to be transmitted. The ‘key stream’ consisted of random binary values, which were used only once. An XOR operation was used to modify each ‘plain text’ symbol by its matching ‘key’ symbol, so as to encrypt the message” (see or XOR_cipher or

The XOR algorithm is represented by a “triangle” in programming language “C” (see xor-encryption). Thus it resembles each of 26 or 27 “binary triangles” which were drawn along the inner or outer rings of a crop picture at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015:

0 XOR 0  =  0

0 XOR 1  =  1

1 XOR 0  =  1

1 XOR 1  =  0  

When we apply an XOR algorithm to two “rings” of binary values from Torino, the results are as follows:

First we see an 8-bit ASCII character for the lower-case letter “e” (binary 0110-0101 or decimal 101), then another for the copyright symbol “©“ (binary 1011-1000 or decimal 184) , then another for a capital letter “B” (as binary 0100-0010 or decimal 66) (see copyright-symbol-ascii-code-184). The message ends with two binary “zeros” as terminators.

This brief, 3-character message at first does not seem to make any sense, until we study its location within the overall crop picture. First we see some encrypted binary symbols for the ASCII letter “B”, outlined by white boxes in the slide below:

These join with two other characters from its outer parts, to give us the starting message “ET B…” Next we see some encrypted binary symbols for the ASCII letter “e”, further clockwise around its central two rings, outlined by white boxes:

Now we have a sensible message which says “ET Be…” meaning that “extra-terrestrials exist”.

This is one of the most common phrases which the real crop artists keep telling us, over and over again. It was drawn in crops using Morse code at Chualar on December 28, 2013, and also at Parkers Hill on July 27, 2014. It was noted in the landscape three times, next to new crop pictures from the summer of 2015 (see Klicnov comments).

As we continue further clockwise around those central two rings, so as to complete a circle, we can see additional binary symbols for the ASCII character “©, outlined by white boxes: 

The complete decoded phrase from its two central rings therefore says “ET Be ©“, after decryption using an XOR algorithm.

Does the third character of that phrase “ET Be ©“ mean “copyright” or “Christ”?

At first we thought that the real crop artist was making fun of the usual idiots (or “intelligence agents”) who debunk crop formations. He might be ending his message with a “copyright” symbol, to emphasize that he (or his group) made the Torino crop picture, and not anyone on Earth using “rope and boards”? 

Then we noticed that the third character of that phrase, as a small letter “c” surrounded by a circle, resembles another remarkable crop picture which appeared three weeks later in southern England, at the ancient megalithic site called “Whispering Knights”:

There it was meant to suggest the near-future return of Christ with a capital “C” (see whispering articles). His angels or “knights” are “whispering” that important message to us.

The third binary code at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 says “IFU space” in 5-bit Telex code, after decryption by an XOR algorithm

Having found 32 new symbols in binary, after decryption by an XOR algorithm, we can look for sensible messages not just in 8-bit ASCII, but also in all other binary codes which are known today on Earth. This XOR encryption was used first in early Telex machines, so that would be a good place to start? Those Telex machines used a 5-bit binary code known as “Baudot” or “ITA2”.

When we studied these 32 symbols in binary using 5-bit Telex code, we found one phrase which is possibly meaningful, namely “IFU space space”:

The acronym “IFU” stands for “infectious units” in virology. Those “grey aliens” have been collecting tissue samples from thousands of cattle and horse for the past 60 years. They have had plenty of time to culture alien viruses in mammalian tissues, in order to adapt them by random mutation and selection to infect humans on Earth. When our scientists make vaccines against polio, for example, they first collect tissues from monkeys, then grow a polio virus in ground-up monkey tissues for several days, until it is ready to be harvested.

Have the grey aliens prepared “infectious units” or “IFU” in “space”, which will be used against us soon? Might that be the “Trojan Horse” which we were warned about at Torino on June 23? If so, how do they plan to deliver the virus? Like the priest Laocoon in ancient Troy (see, I would advise everyone to remain very cautious, and not to accept any “gifts” from extra-terrestrials!

Other possible codes from the central “rings” at Torino which we cannot decrypt at present              

Might there be some other “key” for decryption, which could be applied to both the outer and inner rings at Torino, to yield other possible messages? If so, it would probably consist of three ASCII numbers such as 0011-xxxx-0011-yyyy-0011-zzzz, in order to preserve 01xx-xxxx-01yy-yyyy-01zz-zzzz formatting for three ASCII letters after the XOR operation. So far we have not been able to find any “key” of that sort.

Might we be able to read some message in English letters from its outer ring of 26 places (9 flattened), or from its inner ring of 27 places (10 flattened)? If so, these messages would consist of anagrams rather than definite English words. No sensible anagrams have yet been found, even though its outer ring might code for A(1), D(4), F(6), G(7), H(8), I(9), K(11), L(12) and Q(17), while its inner ring might code for A(1), B(2), C(3), D(4), G(7), M(13), Q(17), R(18), W(23) and &(27).  

Of course, if there are any human-like extra-terrestrials living today on Earth, who have private access to “keys” which are not in the public domain, then it would be easy for them to extract additional messages from the central parts of the Torino crop picture, other than we have reported here.  

The accurate translation of “codes” is very important, if we wish to understand what the crop artists are really telling us!  

This reminds me of something that a teacher of religion once said, when I was in college. He went to an academic meeting where many scholars had gathered together to discuss ancient manuscripts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. One man got up and said, “This passage talks about a ‘Tree of Death’. It proves that the Essenes believed in a resurrection!” Another man then got up and said, “I have been studying the same ancient text for many years. Instead of “Tree of Death”, that passage actually says ‘dead tree’.”  

Thus the accurate translation of “codes”, whether from ancient manuscripts or from modern crop pictures, is essential to understand their true meanings. We have done the best that we can here, despite some deceitful people trying to confuse the issues by endless debunking. I hope you do not believe them. Meanwhile an extra-terrestrial “Trojan horse” still lies in our future. What will they give us, and will our leaders foolishly accept?

Appendix 1. Comparison of aerial photographs for a known, man-made crop picture at Marocchi (Poirino), Italy on June 21, 2014, versus those of an apparently authentic, paranormal crop picture at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 

Can you, the reader, see any differences of style or quality between a known, man-made crop picture from Marocchi, Italy on June 21, 2014 (the design of which was based on previous Italian crop pictures), versus a new, apparently paranormal crop picture which appeared at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015?  

The man-made 2014 crop picture was planked in a field for which the farmer was paid beforehand. The apparently authentic 2015 crop picture appeared unexpectedly under a busy flight path near Torino Airport.  

Here is an aerial photograph for part of the known, man-made crop picture from 2014:  

Here is an aerial photograph for a corresponding part of the apparently paranormal crop picture from 2015:  

We did not include this man-made 2014 crop picture in our summary of “impressive” Italian crop pictures shown above. It may represent a “good effort” by ordinary human standards, yet it seems to be lacking in beauty and quality, compared with the authentic 2015 crop picture, or many authentic crop pictures from previous years. 

Appendix 2. The crop circle debunkers now use “fake computer images” to provide incorrect impressions to the public, rather than relying solely on “false reports” in magazines or newspapers 

The traditional method of “crop circle debunking” has been to run a series of false reports in major magazines or newspapers (see fringe2013i). More recently, however, the debunkers have used modern computer graphics to create false “photographic” images. For example, this was how they tried to discredit an authentic crop picture near Celle, France in June of 2014 (see Savigny comments.html).  

As another example, I learned last month, while speaking with researchers in England, that a team of plankers had shown up in late July of 2011 on the day after a famous Rivar crop picture was cut out by the farmer. It seems likely that they next “planked” through an already-cut crop formation, and later overlaid such “planking” images with partial images of the crop picture (see That Rivar video contains two other serious errors. First, the true playback speed of the overlaid “movie images” was 9X, rather than 300X as stated. Secondly, the overlaid movie images seem to have been filmed from a computer screen, because all of the mechanical camera “shakes” remain in real-time 1X, rather than being sped up to 9X as for the “movie”.  

More recently, some debunkers in Italy have used other computer methods, so as to provide incorrect impressions to the public that they “made” the Torino crop picture of June 23, 2015. Without wishing to detract from many serious “codes” which were described above, we feel it may be useful to illustrate how deceptive computer methods were used in an flimsy attempt to debunk this crop picture, weeks or months after it appeared.  

The first of those efforts was printed in an Italian magazine during the middle of July 2015, three weeks after the crop picture appeared. It featured a series of fake computer-generated images, such as the amusing example shown below (inset at upper left):  

Anyone should be able to see right away that the magazine image has been faked. One just has to compare “fresh green wheat” from the magazine image, to real photographs of the same field near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015, which show “dry brown wheat” interspersed with small clumps of green grass (see Aeroporto groundshots or Aeroporto field reports). Those small clumps of green grass were left unflattened, or damaged mechanically in any way.  

When we studied this fake magazine image more closely, we saw how various “cartoon figures” had been pasted into the frame using computer graphics. A man standing near its centre, for example, has had the back of his head “chopped off”:  

Another man on the left seems to have his hand “chopped off” at the wrist! That is not just a “glove”. There are dozens of similar imperfections in this image, if you study it closely.  

Finally, did a large team of plankers really use red lasers under an airplane flight path at Torino Airport, without being arrested by the police for a violation of aviation safety? (see aviation-incidents) If true, then they should be charged with two serious offences! Not just for vandalizing the farmer’s crops, but also for causing imminent danger to airplanes flying above, supposedly during the late afternoon of June 20.  

Do you think this more recent photograph is “real”, or was it faked by the same debunkers using their computers?  

On August 31, in an apparent response to the main part of this article, the same team of debunkers posted a new fake image on Facebook and shared it widely. It shows an image of the Pope, supposedly holding up a small photograph of one of the debunkers (taken from the Wikipedia page for CICAP, see CICAP), to make it appear as if he “approves” of their deceptive activities:  

What else do you need, in order to understand what is happening here? If any scientists (or honest Italian people) are reading this page, now you can see clearly who (or what) you are dealing with. 

“You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions (Matthew Chapter 7, verse 16).

Red “Laocoon” Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


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