Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Reported 23rd June 

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“Beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!” Could a Trojan Horse kind of gift, which deceptive extra-terrestrials will be giving us soon, be the miraculous return of missing airplane MH370 as flight “MH371”? All governments on Earth should put into place a contingency plan for that seemingly impossible event, if and when it does happen  


An outer binary code from a spectacular crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 said “timeo ET ferentes!” or “beware of ET bearing gifts!”. This brief but lucid phrase seems to warn about a “Trojan Horse” kind of gift, which deceptive extra-terrestrials may give to Earth humans in the near future (see comments). Field imagery nearby suggests that their gift may be some kind of “airplane”.  


An inner binary code from the same crop picture was coded cryptically on an “Alberti cipher wheel”, thereby making it difficult to read. Previously we had no clear, close-up photographs of that inner binary code, which we could use to decode it reliably. Then on June 28, all of us obtained wonderful new aerial photographs of the Torino Airport crop picture, which were taken by Valeria Margherita Zanola and Silvio Sitotto (see Aeroporto).  


With those new photographs in hand, we set out once again to decrypt its inner binary code, which was drawn in crops on a metaphorical “cipher wheel”. Here we will report on those new efforts. Its inner binary code seems to read “mh 371 GO } DEL”. If read correctly, then that brief phrase suggests “mh 371 GO HUG DELETE”. Using Google Earth, we also found that three faint “numbers” were somehow drawn in the same field, exactly where the crop picture was located, as “3-7-1”. These three numbers pointed toward an airport runway nearby.  


The implication here might be that missing airplane MH370 will be like a “Trojan Horse” of ancient times. Then it was given by deceptive Greeks to get past walled defences of the city of Troy. If so, then that missing airplane may be returned to us in the future as a “gift” under its return flight number of “MH371” (see This will be a deception by enemy extra-terrestrials, meant to get past our planetary defences. The Torino crop picture could only have been drawn by friendly extra-terrestrials, who do not wish their “Trojan Horse” strategy to succeed.  


Why draw their “Trojan Horse” crop picture near an airport in Torino? Could it be because the city of Turin looks somewhat like a “horse” as seen from space?   


The outer binary code at Torino reads “timeo ET ferentes!” (see Aeroporto comments). This brief message was adapted from a famous phrase in Virgil’s Aeneid which says: “timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”. That means “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” (see Timeo_Danaos_et_dona_ferentes). It was written to tell about a “Trojan Horse” of ancient times, which was a ruse by war-like Greeks to invade and destroy the walled city of Troy. 


When we looked on Google Earth to see where the new crop picture was drawn, we saw that the nearby city of Turin looks somewhat like a “horse” as seen from space:  



The crop picture resembles a “shield”, which was used by Trojan soldiers to inspect that new “horse”, after it had been rolled through the city gates.  


“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises” (2002)  


This is not the first time that friendly crop artists have warned us about “false gifts” from deceptive extra-terrestrials. In 2002 at Crabwood they wrote a fairly long and detailed message in crops, using eight-bit ASCII computer code (see time2007n or time2007o):  


"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING\"  


Some of those 25 words were drawn with “capital” letters rather than with “lower case”, in order to provide a second level of binary coding by steganography. Their secondary code suggested “50 years” in a Mayan calendar, since enemy grey aliens had flown over the US White House during July of 1952. Nearby in the same field, we could see the face and upper body of a “grey alien general” who holds a “three-star rank” in their military forces.  


The clear implication here is that “grey aliens” cannot be trusted. When they give you a gift, you should regard that gift with extreme suspicion as a “false gift”. When they make some promise, then that promise will be “broken”. Colonel Philip Corso wrote in his book “The Day after Roswell” that the US government signed a treaty with those grey aliens secretly in 1954, as a kind of “negotiated surrender” (see


Field imagery near the Torino crop picture suggests that their new Trojan Horse gift may be some kind of “airplane”  

When we look more closely to see where the new Torino crop picture was drawn, we can see that it points (using several internal features) toward an airport runway nearby:  



Unless those friendly extra-terrestrials think completely differently from us, one might tend to imagine that the Trojan Horse gift which we will receive soon, from deceptive enemy extra-terrestrials, will be some kind of “airplane”.  

Close-up aerial photographs of its inner binary code  


We were able to read its outer binary code correctly as “timeo ET ferentes!”, using poor aerial photographs that had been taken from a distance. Yet we were not able to make any sense of its inner binary code in that way. Several new photographs which were taken by Valeria and Silvio on June 28 explain why:  



There would be enough room to draw 32 small “triangles” in each of its two inner coded rings. Yet 6 of 32 triangles were not drawn along its outer-central ring, while 5 of 32 triangles were not drawn along its inner central ring.  


Just to be sure, let us look at another close-up view. Once again, we can see how 6 of 32 triangles were not drawn along its outer-central ring, while 5 of 32 triangles were not drawn along its inner central ring:  



What a mysterious and cryptic code!  

Six small triangles were drawn outside near the edge of Cavallo Grigio in 2013, to match six “missing” triangles from Torino Airport in 2015 


When we compare the inner parts of this new crop picture with another that was drawn at Cavallo Grigio in 2013, we can see that their 2013 crop picture shows 6 small “triangles” along its outer edge:  



These match 6 “missing triangles” in their 2015 crop picture near Torino Airport. Thus both crop pictures were probably drawn by the same artist. So we can look for clues in their old crop picture, which might help us to interpret the new one?  


Their 2013 crop picture at Cavallo Grigio showed one inner ring with 32 different binary symbols, either flattened “zeros” or thin standing “ones”. These 32 symbols provided an easy-to-read binary code in eight-bit ASCII as: 

0100-1011 (K) - 0100-1000 (H) - 0100-0100 (D) – 0101-0011 (S) 


That code gave a simple recipe of S + H + D > K which will supposedly enable low-energy nuclear fusion, if any physicists on Earth would take the time to test it by careful experiments? Although this simple, one-ring crop picture from 2013 is not directly relevant to a new crop picture with two inner rings at Torino in 2015, it does suggest that the new crop picture may show some kind of binary code in eight-bit ASCII.


Coded dates at Cavallo Grigio on June 30, 2013 or Torino Airport on June 23, 2015  

Before we worry about how to decipher cryptic binary codes from the new crop picture at Torino Airport in 2015, we can gain valuable information about “coded calendar dates” quite easily and quickly!  


Each crop picture contains certain pictorial codes which tell its precise date of formation, and possibly more information. This feature is typical for authentic crop pictures. It is one of the first things which any good researcher looks for, when inspecting a new crop picture.  


At Cavallo Grigio in 2013, we saw 6 small “triangles” outside to match month “6” of June when it appeared. Also we saw 32 small binary symbols in its central ring, with 3 other small triangles shown “leaving” that ring. So we may subtract as (32 – 3 ) = 29 to get the night of June 29 when it was drawn, to be found on June 30 the next morning:  



At Torino Airport in 2015, we saw 6 small “triangles” drawn as “missing” along its outer-central ring to suggest month “6” of June. Then we saw 26 small triangles drawn in its outer-central ring, with 4 triangles just outside “leaving”. Again we can subtract as (26 – 4) = 22 to get the night of June 22 when it was drawn, to be found on June 23 the next morning.   


Again at Torino Airport in 2015, we saw 5 small “triangles” drawn as “missing” along its inner-central ring to suggest “5 months” of some kind. That ring was drawn with 27 small triangles inside, and no other triangles outside, to suggest 27 days of some kind.  We cannot know yet exactly what this means, but there will be 5 months and 27 days from June 23 when the crop picture appeared, until December 20 which is the winter solstice of 2015.  

An “Alberti cipher wheel” as drawn in crops  


Now let us return to the difficult problem of correctly deciphering that inner binary code, which was drawn over two separate “rings” of crop near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. I have taken advice from several experts, and they suggest that it resembles a “cipher wheel” of the kind which was first invented by Leon Battista Alberti in Italy around 1466 AD (see Alberti_cipher_disk or Alberti_cipher ):



The analogy is not exact, because this “cipher wheel” uses binary numbers rather than English letters or numbers. In fact, this seems to be the first example of a “binary cipher wheel” anywhere today on Earth, which seems quite remarkable, given how many computer engineers are working on those subjects!  

How to decrypt this “binary cipher wheel”? First we have to find a correct value of rotation for its inner ring relative to its outer ring  

The general principle of any “cipher wheel” is that its inner ring can rotate relative to its outer ring, and thereby produce many different and clever codes. In this example, only 1 of 32 possible rotations may produce a sensible message. We could test all 32 possible rotations by brute force, yet might there be a simpler approach?  

When we examine the crop picture as a whole, we can see that its inner ring was drawn slightly offset from its outer ring, by 5 or 6 triangular places. The crop artist is clearly suggesting that we should rotate his inner ring slightly clockwise, but by how much? I first tried by brute force many possible rotations. Then I noticed that two small triangles which were drawn on one side of that inner ring (and slightly below) suggest that we should rotate it clockwise by “two triangular places” (labelled with red arrows near the bottom of the slide below):  


In a similar fashion, two small triangles which were drawn on the other side of that inner wheel likewise suggest that we should rotate it clockwise by two triangular places (labelled with red arrows near bottom right of the slide above). This does seem to be the only value of rotation which produces a sensible message, because I tested many other settings by brute force. If any cryptographers from the public would like to take this difficult analysis further, they are certainly welcome to do so!  

Relative to its outer binary code of “timeo ET ferentes!”, those outer small triangles show where word 1 (“timeo”) and word 2 (“ET”) end. Relative to its inner binary code on a cipher wheel, those outer small triangles each suggest that we should rotate its inner ring by two triangular places, relative to its outer ring.  

Possible decryption of the Alberti cipher wheel as drawn in crops near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 

Finally now we will ask what that inner binary code is trying to tell us. Might it be telling us more about the supposed “Trojan Horse”, which we will receive as a deceptive “gift” from unfriendly extra-terrestrials in the near future?  

The outer ring of that “cipher wheel” seems to be formatted clearly in eight-bit ASCII (like for Cavallo Grigio in 2013), whereas its inner ring seems to show no possible formatting in eight-bit ASCII. Therefore when we rotate its inner ring relative to its outer ring, we might expect to create a series of new, sensible ASCII characters “up to down” across both rings.  

Our best results are summarized in the slide below, after rotating its inner ring clockwise by two triangular places, relative to its outer ring: 


Now we can see six different ASCII characters, spread over two lines or rings. The complete message in ASCII seems to read: 


mh GO } DEL 


There is also an unformatted string of nine binary numbers within its inner ring that translate to decimal as “371”. There is no decimal string anywhere for “370”.  


When we add this additional feature of the code, we get:  


mh 371 GO } DEL 


Ostensibly this cryptic message might refer to a near-future return of missing airplane MH370 as”MH371”. The crop artist is asking us to “GO” to this returned airplane, perhaps “hug” it with a curly bracket, then “delete” it.  


Two extra symbols along the outer ring give 26 binary numbers in total, so as to suggest 26 letters in an English alphabet. Three extra symbols along the inner ring give 27 binary numbers in total, or one more than for the outer ring. That extra small “triangle” suggests the correct sense of rotation as clockwise.  


Three numbers “3-7-1” appear faintly in the field below, next to an airport runway covered in “X” symbols: “do not let flight 371 land”?  


Using Google Earth, we saw surprisingly that three large “numbers” had been shadowed into the field where that new crop picture appeared. They may be read easily as “3-7-1”, and point toward an airport runway on the left:  



This airport runway is covered in “X” symbols, as if to suggest: “do not let flight 371 land”.  

The information which is being provided to us comes from a “star book”.  


Summary and conclusions: we need to develop a plan for how to respond if flight MH370 suddenly does return, as a Trojan Horse kind of gift from unfriendly extra-terrestrials 


Now we have summarized in one place, all relative information which relates to the amazing crop picture that appeared near Torino Airport on June 23., 2015. Its outer code warns us with certainty to “beware of extra-terrestrials who bring gifts”, in the fashion of a Trojan Horse from long ago. Its inner code cannot be read with such certainty, but seems to suggest that the new “Trojan Horse” will be a miraculous return of missing airplane MH370 as “mh 371”.  


I would encourage any professional cryptographers from the public to study and analyse this “binary cipher wheel” further, to see what other useful information they might obtain?  


In any case, it has been 15 months now since MH370 disappeared mysteriously from our skies, on what was supposed to be a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. No physical trace of the airplane has yet been found, and no radar tapes of its disappearance have been released. No motive for the hijacking has yet been given. All governments on Earth continue to treat this matter with the highest level of secrecy, and insist that it simply “fell into Earth’s deepest ocean” where no physical traces can be located!  


Now we have a possible motive. No friendly extra-terrestrial race would take a civilian airplane by stealth, but only an unfriendly race. The warning in crops seems to come from a collection of friendly e.t. races, who do not get along with that deceptive race of “grey aliens”.  


A crop picture at Parker’s Hill on July 27, 2014 showed the “ping rings” from missing airplane MH370, along with a clever series of codes which were hidden inside (see parkers 2014). Two of those codes said “ET BE” or “B up in space”. Nearby in the landscape we could see a “man from space”, coming to rescue us in the sign of a “cross”, when that missing airplane supposedly returns.  


Another crop picture at Chualar on December 28, 2013 was widely dismissed as a human-made fake, based solely on personal testimonies from Team Satan and the NVIDIA CEO (see When we asked NVIDIA for further evidence to support their claims, there were unable to provide any. Several “official” videos concerning that event were fakes. Within the Chualar crop picture we can read two codes as “ET B” and “MH B” (for MH370). Its “polar clock” and Braille centre both read “1-9-2”, which might mean “1 year, 9 months and 2 weeks” or something similar?  


We remain unsure what these 2013 or 2014 crop pictures meant exactly. Yet along with the new crop picture at Torino Airport in 2015, they certainly suggest that the disappearance of MH370 has been a matter of concern for friendly extra-terrestrials.  


Even if none of these interesting crop pictures had appeared, still all governments on Earth should develop a contingency plan, on what to do if MH370 suddenly and miraculously returns? There are many possible dangers from such a staged event, both military and biological. Now we can only wait to see what other informative messages appear in crops, and hope that our political leaders will come to their senses, unlike the leaders of Troy so long ago, who let the Trojan Horse inside of their city gates as a “gift”.  


To conclude, we have been told very clearly: “Beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!” One would have to be a complete fool to disregard this message from friendly extra-terrestrials to everyone on Earth.  


Appendix 1. A secondary message at Crabwood in 2002 said “MH BE”: might this refer to missing airplane MH370 as a “false gift” which we will receive soon, from unfriendly extra-terrestrials who practice “deception”?  



A second subtle code in the outer parts of a crop picture near Torino Airport in Italy on June 23, 2015 said “time 7-25”, apparently to inform us when another new crop picture would appear at Uffcott Down in England on July 25, 2015


In addition to its primary ASCII code of 16 characters, which read “timeo ET ferentes!”, there was a second subtle code in the outer parts of a crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. Two binary digits out of 128, from its 16 x 8 bit primary message, were drawn as “small triangles” rather than as "small circles".


As shown in the slide below, two small triangles were drawn at positions "t-7" or "e-8" of its primary ASCII code, while retaining their expected flattened or standing status for the characters “t” or “e” respectively:



Both the 7th and 32nd bit of its 128-bit primary message were drawn as small triangles, rather than small circles. If we count all binary digits carefully from the start at "t-0", first to the small triangle at “t-7”, then to the next small triangle at “e-8”, we find that this second code gives a new and sensible message which says "time 7-25":



In other words, this new code suggested a near-future date of “7-25” or “July 25”, which was when an "eagle" crop picture appeared at Uffcott Down in England (see uffcott down). Two other crop pictures in Slovakia on July 18 (see Stupava 2015), or Whispering Knights on July 15 (see whispering 2015) showed similar subtle codes for time, seen near each crop picture in surrounding crop or landscape, as "7-25" or "25".


Three numbers “7-25” were present in the landscape near a crop picture from Slovakia on July 18, 2015 (see Stupava 2015 and Google Earth). Two numbers “25” were drawn in crops close to a crop picture at Whispering Knights on July 15, 2015 (see whispering 2015). In summary, three different crop pictures from Italy, Slovakia or England correctly anticipated the appearance of that “eagle” crop picture on July 25, 2015.


We can be fairly sure that our reading of the second outer code at Torino is correct. The next two inner rings of that crop picture show 26 or 27 “large triangles” respectively. Its second outer code therefore creates a series of numbers which read logically “7, 25, 26, 27” as we go in toward the centre. There may be further codes within those inner two rings, which have not been solved yet.


Many thanks to Valeria and Silvio for taking wonderful, high-resolution photographs of the Torino crop picture! Other researchers have posted far less accurate interpretations of the primary and secondary outer codes at Torino, because they worked from aerial photographs of less resolution. You can see directly, from the enlarged photographs posted above, exactly the nature of its second outer code. It uses two “small triangles” and seems to say “time 7-25”, in order to predict when another major crop picture would appear one month later.


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

These are the unsolved inner codes at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015, shown inside of a solved outer code which says “timeo ET ferentes!” in eight-bit ASCII. Can anyone solve these inner codes, so as to expand and deepen our understanding of the complete pictorial message? 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


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A review of all messages in related Italian crop pictures from 2011 to 2015, and a tentative solution to two inner “ring” codes at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 


A new crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 has been factually verified as having all the signatures of an authentic paranormal construction. It appeared under the flight path for a busy airport nearby, where any intruding fakers would have been quickly seen, or perhaps even arrested, for violating safety concerns.  


Here we will compare this new crop picture to three other related Italian crop pictures from the years 2011 to 2013. Also we will try to complete our analysis of its three coded messages, by evaluating two inner “ring” codes which had previously been unsolved. Finally we will summarize the apparent meaning of all three of its codes, when they are considered together. 


Four related crop pictures in northern Italy from 2011 to 2015: who made them, and what might they be trying to tell us?  


This new crop picture at Torino Airport in 2015 shows distinct similarities to three other authentic crop pictures from northern Italy, which appeared during the years 2011 to 2013:  




What were those three previous crop pictures in northern Italy trying to tell us?  


June 13, 2010 at Poirino: “E = MC^2” was coded in decimal ASCII using dot-like “stars”, while a landscape brown-green feature, over which it was drawn, suggested “eclipse”. There were both lunar and solar eclipses during June or July of 2010.  


In this example, 6 stars outside then 9 stars inside coded as “6-9” for ASCII decimal “E”, while 6 stars outside and 1 star inside coded as “6-1” for ASCII decimal “=”, while 7 stars outside and 7 stars inside coded as “7-7” for ASCII decimal “M”, and so on. Very clever!  


June 20, 2011 at Poirino: “Ea Enki space” was coded in binary ASCII using seven “light rays” around the outside. Many dot-like “stars” were also drawn in seven broad “petals” around the outside. A “map of the world” from ancient Babylon was drawn inside near its centre (currently kept at the British Museum in London).  


Those many “stars” around the outside, coded as “3-3-4-4-4-4-5” for each letter of word 3 “Ea”, word 4 “Enki” or word 5 “space”, might be considered in retrospect to be the “stars of Ea” from ancient Mesopotamia. One might also suggest that “E = MC^2” of the 2010 Poirino crop picture provided word 1 as “E” (for energy), and word 2 as “MC^2”.  


June 30, 2013 at Cavallo Grigio: “K-H-D-S” was coded in binary ASCII within a “ring” near the centre, by many flattened circles “0” or standing lines “1”.  For example “0100-1011” represented binary ASCII “K”, while “0100-1000” represented binary ASCII “H”, and so on. Other symbols were drawn to suggest a low-energy nuclear fusion of sulphur S-32 to various isotopes of potassium K. Such a novel reaction might proceed by incubating sulphur S with hydrogen H and deuterium D under the correct reactive conditions.  


The outer border of that small ASCII “ring” showed two atoms as hydrogen H-1 or deuterium D-2, trying to penetrate the atomic nucleus of sulphur S (by analogy, like for two small sperm trying to fertilize a large egg). Six “small triangles” of energy were shown being released to the outside, as the productive result of low-energy nuclear fusion. Each was drawn as a “small triangle” like for the “three quark” model of protons or neutrons.  


Stylistic continuities from 2010 to 2013 


Were there any stylistic continuities from 2010 to 2013, which might suggest that all three crop pictures were drawn by the same artist? Indeed there were! 


Words 1 and 2 from 2010 were “E” and “MC^2”. Those are part of a famous equation which tells us how to release useful energy from atoms. Words 3, 4 and 5 from 2011 were “Ea”, “Enki” and “space”. Those revealed to us the identity of a putative crop artist “Ea Enki”, who lived here on Earth as a “god” long ago in ancient Sumeria. Now he is nearby in “space”. Word 6 from 2013 was an image of 6 “small triangles”. Those represent a useful energy which could be released by the low-energy nuclear fusion (LENR) of sulphur with hydrogen and deuterium, under appropriate conditions, to make potassium. Such a reaction would be very safe, but has not been tested yet here on Earth, to my knowledge.  


As another form of stylistic continuity, the real crop artist drew a 6-pointed star in 2010, a 7-pointed star in 2011, then an 8-pointed star in 2013. Two major Italian crop pictures in 2012, at Santena or Fabricco, were of a different style and message content (see or  


The real crop artists drew no crop picture in 2014, because a human-made fake was made that year at Marocchi (see  /Marocchi2014a or Marocchi comments). The fake crop picture was just “decorative field art”, and had no sensible message. It succeeded however in fooling many people.  


A new crop picture appeared in northern Italy on June 23, 2015 near Torino Airport  


Despite suffering through a fake crop picture in 2014, the real crop artist returned on June 23, 2015 to make another spectacular and authentic crop picture at Torino Airport!  It was a 16-pointed star, with 16 coded “light rays” along the outside (like at Poirino in 2011), and two coded “rings” near its centre (like at Cavallo Grigio in 2013).  


As described already on the Comments page for this crop picture (see comments), the most important coded message which could be read was “timeo ET ferentes!” or “beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!” It was coded within 16 “light rays” around the outside using binary ASCII. Two other coded messages were also drawn near its centre using decimal ASCII, as will be described below.  


This new 2015 crop picture shows many stylistic similarities to other Italian crop pictures from the years 2010 to 2013 (see above). Its overall “ring” structure and “small triangles” resemble Cavallo Grigio in 2013. Its outer “star” structure, and “light rays” of binary ASCII, resemble Poirino in 2011. Its use of decimal ASCII near the centre (as described below) resembles Poirino in 2010. Also we can see a 16-pointed star, versus 6, 7 or 8-pointed stars as drawn in previous years.  


Three separate coded messages within the new crop picture at Torino Arport on June 23, 2015 


In this new 2015 crop picture, 16 “light rays” of binary ASCII were drawn outside to say “timeo ET ferentes!” in Latin. This translates to “beware of extra-terrestrials bearing (gifts)!” in modern English. That was its primary and unambiguous code.  


Two sets of “small triangles” were also drawn within two concentric rings near its centre. The first set of “triangles” from its outer-central “ring” point out from the centre, while the second set of triangles from its inner-central “ring” point in towards the centre. Flattened triangles in the standing crop suggest binary digits “1”, while the thin outlines of small triangles, which were traced lightly in standing crop, suggest binary digits “0”.  


Its outer-central “ring” shows 32 binary digits as 9 flattened (“1”) and 23 traced (“0”). Its inner-central “ring” likewise shows 32 binary digits, but as 10 flattened (“1”) and 22 traced (“0”). The total number of flattened triangles equals (9 + 10) = 19, which is the atomic number for potassium K, as was suggested by their 2013 crop picture at Cavallo Grigio.  


A tentative solution for its two inner “ring” codes using binary numbers and decimal ASCII  


Having deciphered the outer “light ray” code of this new crop picture, using binary ASCII, can we also decipher its two inner “ring” codes, so as to obtain some kind of sensible messages? Four different binary numbers were drawn along its outer-central “ring”. Each of these numbers contained 8 binary digits:  



The four numbers would seem to be 128, 0 (or 256), 151 and 176. Neither number 151 or 176 lies within an acceptable range for coding by decimal ASCII as 0 to 127.  


Yet if we do a simple conversion of values by the formula (256 –x), which seems to be suggested by two other numbers of 128 and 256 (0) written in other quadrants nearby, then we find sensible ASCII characters of “P” for 176 or “i” for 151. These two sensible characters suggest the two-letter word “Pi”, which has been drawn backwards as anti-clockwise, rather than forward (with the binary code) as clockwise. This tentative solution to the outer-central “ring” code might seem somewhat contrived, but we have examined many other possibilities, with no other sensible result to be found at present, using any other method.  


Four other binary numbers were drawn along its inner-central “ring”. Each number again contained 8 binary digits: .




These new numbers seem to be 136, 60, 130 and 48. If we carry out the same conversion as before, in order to place all four numbers within the acceptable range 1 to 127 for decimal ASCII, then we find (256 - 136) = 120, 60, (256 – 130) = 126, and 48. Those four numbers as 120, 60, 126 and 48 in decimal ASCII produce a simple mathematical formula as “x < ≈ 0”.   


This is a commonly-used expression, which means that some operation on the variable x can only yield a negative to zero result. Again this process of decipherment might seem rather contrived, but we can only work from what we are given! No other sensible message has yet been found in any other way, despite many different attempts.  


Summary of all three coded messages at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 


To summarize briefly, all three coded messages at Torino Airport seem to say: 


“Beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts! Those gifts are like the Trojan Horse of ancient Earth history. They will only cause the evolution of humans here on this planet to go backward with a negative result.”  



We can be fairly sure that we have understood the meaning of this 2015 message correctly, because another message with almost the same content was drawn in crops at Crabwood in 2002:       


“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.” (see time2007n)  


That 2002 crop message also showed the unattractive image of a “grey alien”. It even contained a hidden steganographic code for “50 years”, to remind us how long it had been, since unfriendly “grey aliens” flew over the US White House in 1952 (see time2007o

Part of the supposed deal, which the US military made with those “grey aliens” in 1954, was that their presence here on Earth would remain secret from the public. Meanwhile they would be allowed to carry out biological experimentation of unknown kinds.  


Just above this new crop picture in the landscape, we can see a feature which resembles “double helical DNA”. Please go to latitude 45.084o North, longitude 7.591o East on Google Earth, to see where the crop picture was drawn, or to latitude 45.087o North, longitude 7.588o East, to see the schematic image of a “double helix”.


 Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 


P.S. While official SETI scientists continue to receive no messages from ET, using their big radio-telescopes (see, a small group of dedicated, informal and unpaid crop-circle researchers continue to receive, document and translate several dozen important messages from friendly ET’s every summer, in fields all across England and Europe. “Shall we laugh, or shall we cry?” Galileo once asked Kepler, concerning the narrow-minded academics of Italy 1620.  


P.S.S. We would like to thank Silvio for aerial photographs, or Damiano and Giuseppe for ground photographs, of the 2015 crop picture near Torino Airport.

The Code


Timeo ET ferentes.

Its Decoded Message


Let’s meet over here, Stonehenge.        

All my love to you all from Helen


Rob Holden


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