Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Reported 23rd June 

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The Torino crop picture of June 23, 2015 was based on a “shield” which was used by the soldiers at Troy,
when they first inspected that Greek “gift” in ancient times. Today it represents a modern “shield”
which is meant to “protect” us, from some similar “gift” in the near future by deceptive extra-terrestrials.

Following my work on Yatesbury 2007 with Red Collie I now have the full solution to Torino 2015 which includes decoded star, inner circle message, outer circle message and map reference. I also understand the importance of its meaning!  This circle is not for sticking in a calendar, it is deadly serious and requires action. I strongly suspect that we concur on the message, its importance, and, as appropriate, its wider communication.

Rob Holden

For this new Crop Italy, there is a real similarity between those for 2010 & 2011. This year also found a message in binary code. Pending the translation!

Patrice Marty -



Part of the binary code at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 reads “timeo ET ferentes!” which means “beware of ET bearing gifts!” 

Currently-available aerial photographs of a new crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 show only moderate resolution. Yet by combining the results from two separate images, we were able to decipher the major part of a 16-letter binary code which was drawn there, in the form of “light rays” around an outer border of its “16-pointed star”.  

This binary code shows many interesting features as summarized in the slide below:   

A second, independent image of the same crop picture offers a confirming view: 

Because of the highly detailed nature of this code, which contains (16 x 8) = 128 binary digits, one has to study the original aerial photographs at high magnification to define it clearly.  

A brief phrase of “timeo ET ferentes!” was encoded there. This resembles a passage written by the poet Virgil in Rome around 25 BC, namely “timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”. At that time it meant “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, in reference to the gift of a “Trojan horse” by Greeks to the Trojans, which they used to invade their city (see Timeo_Danaos_et_dona_ferentes). Now at Torino Airport in 2015, it was written in crops using modern 8-bit ASCII. Today it means “beware of ET bearing gifts”

The apparent intent of this new, binary-coded message is essentially the same as another phrase which was written in 8-bit ASCII at Crabwood in 2002 (see /time2007n): “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises”.  That crop picture showed the large and intimidating image of a “grey alien” in the same field nearby.  

Both phrases as drawn in crops, whether from 2002 or 2015, refer to a putative deal made in secret 60 years ago between extra-terrestrial grey aliens and the US military. If these reports are true (see or or or, President Eisenhower agreed to give those “grey aliens” free access to all biological life on Earth, while the grey aliens promised to provide the USA with high-tech weaponry by which to defeat Russia in a Cold War.  

Yet as described in Corso’s book (see, the grey aliens broke every promise which they had made. They took more biological life than had been agreed upon (including human abductions), while none of the high-tech e.t. weapons ever worked. By analogy, this secret deal was like when native Americans sold the island of Manhattan to invading white Europeans, for some pretty beads, and the promise of “guns” which likewise never worked. Now in the year 2015, it seems that we are being warned once again to “beware of extra-terrestrials who offer gifts”.  

Some people have sent me images of a fake crop picture which was made by a large team of men, last year on June 20, 2014 in Poirino (see Marocchi). Of course I was very familiar with that image already. Superficially that fake crop picture resembles some stylistic elements of the new crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. Yet that is because the human-made fake was intended to resemble two other authentic crop pictures at Poirino in 2011 (see or Cavallo Grigio in 2013 (see or Both of those seemed authentic, and showed clever binary codes. The fake crop picture from 2014 contained no coherent binary code, was messy on the ground, and was made in a field where the farmer was paid beforehand.  

This new 2015 crop picture appeared in the flight path to Torino Airport, where one might think no one would allow a human-made crop picture to be made for reasons of safety? The new crop picture appears fairly tidy on the ground, and shows several clever binary codes. There are no current claims of human fakery for this 2015 example.  

Its use of two small “marks” to tell where “word 1” and “word 2” end is very clever, and consistent with details of coding from Poirino 2010 (see or Poirino 2011 (see, but not present in the 2014 fake. For those two Italian crop pictures in 2010 or 2011, which were continuations of one another, words 1 and 2 were “E = MC^2” while words 3, 4 and 5 were “Ea Enki space”. Another Italian crop picture at Cavallo Grigio in 2013 showed 6 small triangles outside, to suggest a continuation from words 1-2-3-4-5 in 2010 or 2011, plus a binary code for four chemical elements “S-D-H-K” as a recipe for low-energy nuclear fusion.  

The new crop picture at Torino Airport in 2015 also contains two small binary codes along its two inner rings. I have not solved those codes yet, because it is hard to tell details from currently-available photographs. The large binary code around its outer border in 2015 was based on stylistic features of Poirino 2011 (“Ea Enki space”), while two “word marks” and both small binary codes around two inner rings in 2015 were based on stylistic details of Cavallo Grigio 2013 (“S-D-H-K”). Further reports will be made, if there is any more progress at decoding.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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Tixeire Luc

Artwork WJ


The Code

Beware of extraterrestrials bearing gifts!

Timeo et ferentes.

Its Decoded Message

“ET” offers Greeting!

Be on alert!

“SWAT” Extremist tribe raise fear.

Love to you all from Helen

Comment about the crop circle reported at the Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, 23rd June 2015: 

I think that this crop circle has been made by some ET aliens of the pro-Jesus invaders. The Grey beings are dangerous members of this group ! They all manipulate the humanity ! 

Their message "Timeo ET ferentes !" begins like TIME: 

They know that I am Kalki (Time or White horse, from the Sanskrit) and that I strongly oppose these aliens and all other aliens who are in the Solar System of the Earth. They know that I am in a very good accordance with the Mother Universe and the Source (God) , the Mother of the Universe. 

I answer this these stupid and bad ET beings: 

Leap second to preserve the Earth - 30th June 2015: 

My blog: 

Post scriptum 4th July 2015 : 

An important proof of the ET war

from the pro-Jesus invader group 

The crop circle reported near the airport of Torino in Italy 23rd June 2015 contains a message in Latin : timeo ET ferentes !, coded in ASCII-binary characters : in a big flower formation Aeroporto suggesting a passiflora :

I think that the ET beeings who are the authors of this crop circle have made a blunder which proves that they try to manipulate the humanity. They would like that we believe they alert us about another group of ET aliens. However, their communication near Torino is not very suitable for this ; this is too

Much playfull and the Latin is odd here. I am convinced that this formation has been made by the pro-Jesus

ET invader group for the following reasons : the country is the Italia where the Vatican is, the Latin is spoken in some christian churches, the passiflora suggests the passion of Jesus in christian theology and a lot

Of small


Triangles are drawn in this crop circle. These triangles refers to some

Flying vehicles of this group and to the christian «trinity» which

Is a lie and a confusion about the life and the Source

Of the life («God»), the Mother of the Universe and the Astral. A translation of the Latin verb fero may be to give somebody assistance and a translation of the other Latin word ferentarius may be light-armed soldier ! This crop circle is extremely important because it gives a clear proof with words that the humanity is contacted by some ET humans or humanoïds who are in conflict ! My file is

Reinforced because

I inform and alert

Since 2008 with a lot of proofs about this extra-

Terrestrial war ! Article in my recent

Internet website :

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnou, Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara


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"This artistic crop circle is a conglomerate image of Comets A and B, and the Warning Comet. The total number of objects is 16 (3 for A, 12 for B and 1 for the Warning Comet), so there are 16 figures at the outer edge and the whole crop circle is divided into 16 sectors. The center circle conceptually represents all 16 impact areas. Next, the surrounding ring denotes the first and most intense area of damage or destruction. The next ring of disconnected lines is the estimated area where any type of damage or destruction will occur on the planet from the impacts. The last circle is Earth itself looking away from the Sun. Each comet body will generate an increasing amount of light in the sky before it finally impacts. This is indicated by the triangular lines just under the outer edges. The outer edges indicates that each body will darken the sky with dust and gas and impact material, but the area of atmosphere affected will be less than the area where the extra light from the bodies is observed.

The small triangular figures represent space vehicles which monitor the progress of each object. The dark ones have already been assigned, and the others are needed but not yet specifically assigned. Some are concerned with the first circle, others with the second circle of destruction. Some sectors have no triangles because all details of this operation are not yet complete.   The digital code of 8 bits composed of small dark and light circles represent the dust (dark) and gas (light) associated with each cometary object entering into the atmosphere. The translation of “timeo ET ferentes!” (beware of ETs bearing gifts) is highly appropriate in today’s known association of human governments with ETs.

For those interested in how this interpretation was developed from prior crop circles over the years, download my free ebook at

Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Drew and his co-workers for sharing their valuable findings with us. It is usually the case that when we cannot make any sense of something, we resort commonly to the method of extrapolation, i.e., we compare our findings with the similar occurrences. If we look at the comments in this section, we see that the commentators are using the previous crop circles in the area and other places, to try to find a plausible interpretation.

In order to bring another view to this subject, I will use a different approximation or perhaps it is much better to say – “a limited interpolation”. I will suggest that instead of using all of the crop circles that appeared in Italy and other places, we just limit ourselves to the crop circles that have a clear “origin”.

The crop circle from Italy, appeared in 2011

What we see here is that the circle maker put his message in circles, each of which describes a binary number, which is consistent with our understanding of the 8-bit binary number system. The circles represent radiating rays, originating from the center of the crop circle and their message reads – clockwise - Ea Enki space (character). The crop circle also bears the symbol of Enki, which is believed to be a “Septagram”: a seven-pointed star.

This message was posted in 2011 and may suggest: “the Sumerian God Enki is in space”. There are also some additional symbols or perhaps codes in the message and the meaning of these codes has not been resolved, yet – if I am not mistaken.

Four years later, we got another crop circle again in Italy near to Torino Airport.

The crop circle at Torino Airport, appeared in 2015

Encoded in 8-bit binary format, this crop circle has also a message. Circles here are also illustrating the binary numbers. The circle patterns also depict radiating rays, originating from the center of the crop circle. Unfortunately, we cannot see any Septagram here.

Dr. Drew decoded the message and it reads - again in clockwise direction: “timeo ET ferentes!” in Latin.

Those are the only crop circles that describe a message in 8-bit binary format as far as I know of and as far as I can judge, the same maker made these crop circles.

If the crop circle at Torino Airport refers also to the Ancient Sumerian God Enki, it is then possible to translate it into a meaningful format. Perhaps, a time period of 4 years is required to travel from a location in 2011 to the planet Earth.

So what does “timeo ET ferentes!” mean?

If we consider the Book of Enoch as a credible source, it means: I bring (ten thousands of) ET!

UPDATE: 04.07.2015

The reason why ET is in the translation is that these two letters were given as capital letters in the binary format (E = 01000101 and T = 01010100). However, Dr3adLoX have a point why a Latin sentence will contain English words. In Latin, “te” means you.

Now if we rearrange the words and exchange E and T, we get: ”timeo ferentes TE!”, which might mean: “I am bearing (towards) YOU!

To me, not the content but the message is important as it proves that “ENKIis real!

Berat Sancar

I have decoded a part of the big crop circle in Italy. Black dots are 0, white are 1. Using ASANI it reads "Timeo et ferentes!" From Latin (I don't speak Latin) I think it translates to "Beware of what is coming!" I can't figure out how the inner part is decoded

You translated it wrong.

"et" is not Extra Terrestrial. It's a word in Latin - - It means "and/also/for/but...". Why would you think that the whole thing is in Latin but in the middle of it there's an English term like "ET"...

Nowhere is the word "gift" used.

"Timeo" is "fear". "Ferentes" is "bearing" or "bringing"... Or in other words, what is being brought, what is coming to you.

So the whole thing literally is  - "Fear for the coming". Or as I translated it for you earlier - "Beware of what is coming".



In his analysis of the Torino crop formation of 23 June, Red Collie remarks, “The new crop picture at Torino Airport in 2015 also contains two small binary codes along its two inner rings. I have not solved those codes yet, because it is hard to tell details from currently-available photographs.” As well, “Dr3adLoX” also remarks that he “can't figure out how the inner part is decoded.”

I believe these “inner marks: may form an alignment with the Aztec Sun Stone, aka the “Mayan Calendar.” Notice on the Aztec/Mayan calendar, the stone uses the inner rings to reference dates made up of Mayan glyphs:


It is possible that certain of these Mayan glyphs, specified by the overlay of this Torino crop formation, might form an additional message. However like Red Collie, I have no clear, directly overhead Torino photo to overlay onto the Sun Stone to check what glyphs (or parts of glyphs) are indicated by the Torino triangles. Also, my Mayan is a bit rusty. Nevertheless, those with better equipment and knowledge than I possess might be able to glean some useful information by playing around with such overlays if they have them. Here’s a conceptual approximation I was able to put together:

The Mayans also used wheels-within-wheels to count the days of their interconnected calendars, as well as using bars and dots to count. Perhaps these are elements of the encoded message as well:


Lastly, at the top of the center of the Sun Stone (called the “Ollin”), is a date - “1 Flint.” This refers to the second of the three Mayan calendars, the Tzolkin, which means “the distribution of the days”. It is a 260-day calendar, with 20 periods of 13 days used to determine the time of religious and ceremonial events. Each day is numbered from one to thirteen, and then repeated. The day is also given a name (glyph) from a sequence of 20 day names. The calendar repeats itself after each cycle. So, “1 Flint” is the first day of the Flint period in the sacred calendar, which lasts 260 days (20x13):


Now, the last known “1 Flint” day I could find was December 29, 2014. So, adding 260 days to get to the next “1 Flint” day gives September 15, 2015. This is very interesting, because the last of the four “Blood Moons” in the current linked tetrad occurs on September 28 (Passover), and it’s connected to the last Solar Eclipse, which occurs on September 4 (Sukkot). And, of course, September 15 comes between those two dates. In fact, if you google “September 15” you find all sorts of wild predictions, so someone has fingered this date, even though no one gives a source.

Well, If I calculated correctly, the source is the Aztec Sun Stone.

And since, in the Torino crop formation (as Red Collie determined), the outer message of “ Timeo et ferentes!" translates to either” ““beware of extra-terrestrials who offer gifts” (Red Collie) or “Beware of what is coming!" (Dr3adLoX), this message would correspond to the importance the Aztecs put on creating this twelve-foot high, three foot thick calendar dedicated to the coming New Age - what they called the Fifth Age - and the monumental changes it portends.

Which is why I think it would be reallyreallygrand if, before September, someone, somewhere got a high-quality photo of the Torino formation and figured out exactly which Mayan glyphs those two rings of triangles overlay - and let us all know! And while they’re at it, they could also overlay the possibly related corresponding formations of 2013 and 2014 as shown in this Comments section by “Tixeire Luc.”

- John in CA


Context on Torino

Before we get out our nuclear space weapons to stave off the invasion of evil ETs, it is may be wise to avoid another trap, which is to think that we can judge what we cannot judge.

The Latin word ferentes is spelled in the post-Augustan style. Before then it was ferentis.  In 1991, on Milk Hill, a formation appeared that was determined later to also have been in post-Augustan Latin.

Gerald Hawkins translated it to mean “I oppose acts of craft and cunning”. It is in first-person singular, as if the circlemaker is speaking.

On June 23, near the Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, near Turin, Italy, another ASCII  encoding spelled out in first-person-singular post-Augustan Latin the words, “timeo et ferentes!”, which reference Virgil's Aeneid, which includes the story of the Trojan horse: Equo ne credite, Teucri! Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, which means "Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever it is, I fear the Danaans (Greeks) even if they are bearing gifts."

The best translation of the only three words actually used does not tell us to fear anything, for it is in first-person singular: "I -- the circle maker -- fear, even while bringing assistance."

The "et" is the Latin word for "and" or "even." In this case it means "even" rather than "and", and it does not refer to extraterrestrials or ETs in any way, even if it is capitalized.

During the two decades that Pam and I have been publishing books documenting the ET presence on Earth, a recurrent theme has been that Earth is regarded as a hostile, belligerent planet, whose residents shoot first and ask questions later. The late Dr. James Deardorff made a strong case that Earth is under galactic quarantine until we get our act together. The visiting civilizations, on the other hand, tend to be peaceful, as peace is the only path that is compatible with long-term survival, and those that cultivate and observe us have been around perhaps billions of years longer than we have. They seem to have had a major role in co-creating us and in setting up Earth as a free-will planet, where we have to figure things out without overt assistance from them. They do allow themselves to give us clues, however, like crop circles.

Within this likely context, the Latin words are probably telling us that they would like to help us, but that they fear being attacked if they come within range of our weapons. They need to be invited, with security guaranteed, it would seem.

These advanced civilizations long ago must have mastered bi-directional travel across the Quantum Edge into the timeless and spaceless dimensions of an unseen quantum-physics reality, within which travel through time and across the universe are just matters of careful, practiced intention. They are not limited by Einstein's speed of light, and they have much to teach us. 

An alternate way to explore formations like the one at Torino, Italy, is to seek assistance from sincerely competent people who can cross the Quantum Edge with specific inquiries and bring back impressions. Two such people are Petra Maia and Sean Solloway of Hamburg. They accessed the Torino formation remotely using Reiki II, and created a Cosmic Energy Essence from its energetic signature []. Here is their report: 

General information:

A sacred space was opened by Reiki II remote access, first asking for a protected space, then for an empty space of our higher self to be a clear channel.  Then we connected to the bottle, the circle and the messengers/beings who made it. We did this humbly, placing the bottle on a picture of the formation on the earth in the garden, while asking again for the energizing of the sacred essence and the messages, if any, to be opened up for the highest good of humanity and Earth. Then we stayed in silence, and at the end we summarized our experiences in a written report that includes all special sensations and feelings and everything that we "see" through our third eye and whatever "voice" we might hear.

Remarks for this circle:

     For this reading, an ant showed up prior to the reading, walking counterclockwise on the placed paper in an exact rectangle, which was surprising and special, as we never experienced such an event before. As we started, I noticed an immediate opening of a diamond-lighted place. We felt the appearance of the unicorn king, with his family around us. We felt the presence of the Intergalactic Council, and the Fairy and Gnome Kingdoms. 


     I saw two pyramids connected with a center line, with a pink golden light surrounding it. Like a diamond. This is a planetary connection symbol. Each angle or degree encrypts a certain code that causes our DNA strands to develop and change in conjunction with the influence of various planetary constellations. 


     I felt a sudden and very intense flash of light in my crown chakra, and, when I starting this reading, presences immediately showed up. My whole body system got moved into a positive, alert state, tingling and sparkling. I was nearly in tears, it was so overwhelming.

     The unicorn king appeared, bright and impressive in stature, telling me that this formation symbol is bringing unconditional love and peace to the world. It is a multidimensional and interdimensional opener.   The unicorn herd approached, surrounding us. The very bright diamond light grew bigger and bigger, and colorful sparkles were added.

    Then the Intergalactic Council appeared. They all stood up, applauding the session being opened, and they sent their thanks and blessings to the whole team. They expressed gratitude for your work, Brian & Pam Crissey, and how important it is to continue it.

     They told us that each person who takes the essence – one drop only – will get a Light Guide at his/her side from that day forward. The persons who take the essence will then carry the light into the world with each step they take, and they will be supported as they take on their special tasks.

This is a very special essence. The unicorn king kneeled down at the end to bless it with his horn, while the fairies started singing and the gnomes danced (I have never had such vivid pictures!! My whole body was shivering.) Then they disappeared, and it was hard to get grounded again. 

FEAR can be an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real. We live in a commercial society, and fear sells. Our world has too much fear, and it seems to be unhelpful, to say the least, to interpret every new crop formation in the worst, most fearful light. We do not need more fear. We need less. We need to envision a future that is more Star Trek and less Terminator.  

If the circle-makers meant us harm, with their advanced technologies, we would not be here now, and yet we are still here. It would seem that our wisest course would be to withhold any judgments. One thing we can do it to experience the energy from the formation for ourselves, and see how it feels. The proof will be in the pudding. It's about feelings, not paranoia. 

Brian Crissey, Ph.D.



This is my interpretation of formation at Aeroporto Aeritalia Torino of June 23rd. This formation, as the ones of the last four years is a Calendar of events. The events are related with another formations, but the information at June 20th, Ravenna, Italy is reconfirmed. Formation of Ravenna shows the transit of Nibiru between The Earth and The Sun and two meteorites heading to The Earth. June 23rd formations show the dates. For more information check my video at:-

Pablo Olivares



Energy Interpretation of this Crop Circle from a Psychic Source

The question put to Lynn (the psychic individual) was
What is this crop circle trying to tell us? And is that some kind of binary code?

What Lynn Saw

I do get that this is written in binary. The dark dots are ones, open spaces are zeroes. It starts in the center and works its way out. There's also some sacred kind of geometry associated with this. I get something about it being related to an amino acid, or some kind of protein building block.

This came from beings who live in a ship on the far side of the moon, positive ETs. They're not ON the moon, though, just hanging out behind it. They put that crop circle there trying to give us a message.

They're trying to teach someone something, something medical. It's some key ingredient to something, something that's been missed, blatantly put into a crop It's the key to something we need. They're trying to help the human race out.

From Lynn's blogspot




Dear Friends, I received this  photo and I sent thi to to redactor chief of news week " OGGI" (below)... in Latin language it is wrote: 
TODAY( "OGGI" ) NEWS JULY 23th ,2015 ( just a month ago appeared this amazing CC) all perfect Characteristic values Crop Circles ... ET only Ea do   Kepler ' ll probe it ... P.A.G.R.A. mantra (?)

I hope you appreciate this


I found an equation in this diagram.  

    I believe this is one of their intention, but is always my self-righteous... 

    I've drawn this diagram on a paper, and made up a ring of Mebius.

    If you do the same way I did, we would obtain the digit data.

        1 | 10 | 01 | 01 | 11 | 10 | 11 | 00 | 00

           | 10 | 00 | 00 | 00 | 00 | 00 | 11 | 01

           | 11 | 11 | 01 | 11 | 00 | 11 | 11 | 01

    The first digit looks like a parity bit.

    Converting this 2 base system into 10, we obtain the number


    Factorize similarly

        151 * 537841 * 2053627    

    Write down in a ratio...     

        151 : 537841 : 2053627   

    Normalize them

        1 : 3561.861 : 13600.178


        phi^17 = 3571.00028...


        math.Atan(3561.861/13600.17881) = 14.676 degree.

    My conclusion is 

        [24.5] * 14.676... = 359.5629021...

    With 24.5 (shown on the diagram) and 14.676 (hidden and obtained)

    we can easily get the number 360, which means of course 1 round.

    In making a ring of Mebius, I arranged the triangles into a same direction

    and,  carefully detected the front side and the back side.






Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike