Marocchi (Poirino), Italy. Reported 21st June.

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A very interesting effort, based on a crop picture which appeared near Cavallo Grigio in June of 2013. There are enough binary symbols as circles or triangles to code for 12 x 8-bit ASCII characters. However the detailed layout of those binary symbols in the field appears so messy, that one would lose any remaining eyesight in trying to read the code. Sometimes it is not even clear which is a circle, and which a triangle. There is practically no spatial formatting. The small triangles point in practically every random direction. Perhaps there is a 12-letter message drawn there, but the noisy presentation makes it very difficult to write down, no less decode (see attached image). 

Red Collie



Information about this crop circle is available in Italian at: 

On these websites authorship of this crop circle ascribed group circlemakers: Paolo Attivissimo, Marco Morocutti, Simone Angioni, Antonio Ghidoni, Davide Dal Pos, Alessandra Pandolfi), Eng. Francesco Grassi. If this information is based on truth, one can only conclude that this grouphas done a masterpiece. Dimensions formation are given 65 x 120 meters.

It shows that the group that created this pictogram, working in the same area and to his work used a matrix of crop circle of 30.6 2013 - Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti. See the centre cut out of the crop circle of 2013. Only small circles and triangles have moved to another area. Gadget.

Pávková Z.

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I fear that our dear, beloved, Red Collie may be getting a bit grumpy and impatient. Instead of ASCII coding, which may or may not be there, I suggest that investigators more knowledgeable than I may want to look in a genetic direction for the interpretation. The messiness of some of the detail of the formation is probably intentional and may indicate the problems we are now having with our genetic code, due to chemical, GMO and nuclear contamination of our planet and the impact that it is having on our genome.

The mutagenic impact of GMO crops and chemical herbicides is well known these days. Is the crop in that field a GMO crop? Has RoundUp herbicide been sprayed on that field?

We just had a formation in England clearly warning AGAINST nuclear war. Right? Nuclear radiation also harms the DNA.

In the inner part of the formation with the numerous small circles and triangles, I count 64 elements. Human DNA has 64 codons. That circle could plausibly be interpreted as referring to our terrestrial, human DNA, which is frayed and degraded, in internal disarray. Names like Chernobyl, Fukushima, Nagaski, Hiroshima, Los Alamos, Nevada Test Site, Hanford, Washington, etc. come to mind as contributing factors to our genetic decline.

Around the outside are 23 more circles and triangles. This represents half of the normal number of human chromosomes. This half of the formation may be referring to a human gamete (sperm or egg), which carries 23 chromosomes, half the genetic information needed to create a baby.

BUT -- in between the two, large, circular parts of the formation is a connecting series of 13 small circles. The other, large circular array is much more featureless, other than an F-like key feature on the outside.

"F" for, well, you know, the well-known English word, F*** ?  As in copulation, the union of two gametes to form a new being? Is our degraded genome to be joined with another genome whose precise composition is left blank here?

Frogs have 26 chromosomes and, hence, have 13 chromosomes in their gametes (sperm and egg cells).

Does the formation perhaps intimate that the human genome will be upgraded with the addition of 13 additional chromosomes from an unknown, featureless, anonymous source, an anonymous  source that may (or may not) be an amphibian species? I have no idea, I simply raise the question.

Here is an illustration of a string of toad eggs.

There is more than a passing resemblance to the linear arrangement of 13 circles between the two large circles in the Marocchi formation.

Can Mr. Collie perhaps tell us if he spies any amphibians in the features of the landscape around this formation, or any nearby references to breeding or hybridization, any ponds, wetlands, genetic laboratories, etc.?

Is the Marocchi location perhaps an allusion to the Marocchi brand of shotguns? There is a very gun-like copse at the end of the formation. Here is a nice photo of a sawed-off shotgun that very closely resembles the copse at the end of the formation.

Are we to be party to a "shotgun" marriage between terrestrial humanity and another species? Is our DNA soon to be mixed and matched with that of another, with or without our permission?

I do not know. I simply raise the question as one possible interpretation of this formation. Obviously, there could be other interpretations, maybe multiple interpretations and meanings

Richard Sauder

Time, Art, and Science, the rebirth of the Pheonix. 

  Hats off to the team in Italy for being able to own their work. Hopefully this trend will find ways to continue. The true mysteries of crop circles are the intuitive nature of the artists and the humans who are surprised by the magnetic nature of the formations and the mystical ways they connect with them. 

 Not only is the work beautiful, but to also be functional deserves extra credit. 

 The timing of the art is also on cue , as are all inspired works of art.  

 June 20 -21 is the last moments of Pheonix decan, the third decan of Gemini. It is the separation of the twins. 

    9th decan  Hindu origin 500 AD image for June 11 - 20/21  Link


 Japans Hokusai nails it in view #9 of Mt Fuji. Link

 Nicolas Poussin also captured his time ,. born June 15 , 1594  here is “Dance to the Music of Time”

  The theme is also captured in the I-Ching description of the correlated hexagram # 29 for Pheonix.

 It is identified by having two or three cords or strings as well as other unmistakable features. 

 “The topmost SIX, divided, shows its subject bound with cords of three strands or two strands, and placed in the thicket of thorns. But in three years he does not learn the course for him to pursue. There will be evil. “   full text  

  Another famous Pheonix decan born son, Paul McCartney born June 18, 1942

 The seventh and final album , Back to the Egg by Wings   ,... how very ..”pheonixee”

   Pheonix enters the Fire quadrant which has Thorium at its core. 3 stage Thorium reactors are safe and useful without producing quantities of waste and danger posed by uranium and plutonium. 

  Lesser Tarot image of Pheonix.


  The infamous Pheonix crop circle was reported June 12, 2009.  This ocurred before the knowledge of the precise timeslot of Pheonix decan was known publicly.


  Cheers to the Artists in Italy ! 

 David Odell


“Nullius in verba” or where is the documenting evidence? 

In response to the comments made by Pávková Z. elsewhere on this page, it should be stressed that there is no physical evidence whatsoever that the team led by F. Grassi created either Poirino 2011 or Cavallo Grigio 2013. It would be easy for a human crop artist to copy authentic designs not made by himself. Until some factual evidence is presented to the contrary, that is what everyone should assume they have done.  

The new 2014 crop picture at Poirino is far messier in close-up views than either of two previous crop pictures from 2011 or 2013. Unlike two previous originals, it seems at present to contain no verifiable message or code. Furthermore, it contains no real physics relating to low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), unlike the original at Cavallo Grigio 2013, which suggested a reaction of sulphur-32 with hydrogen and deuterium to produce isotopes of potassium. 

Its strange F-shaped symbol at one end, and dumbbell-like shape, should refer to planetary alignments not physics (see There is no accompanying landscape symbolism relating to LENR as was present at Cavallo Grigio in 2013. There is not even a faint suggestion of any relation to the “Ea Enki” crop picture in Poirino 2011, or half a dozen other impressive Italian crop pictures in northern Italy, which have appeared on private farmer’s lands.  

To be brief, one should not believe anything these human crop artists claim, simply on the basis of verbal testimonies, without any factual proof which would have been easy to obtain, had they really done what they say: for example photographs of half-finished crop pictures, or videos of them making each one. Many of us have been questioning these human crop artists in private conversations, and thus far no proof of any kind has been forthcoming.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Tixeire Luc


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Artwork by WJ

There are 8 segments of  8  patterns, ‘round and triangle’  

if we put that round = zero and triangle = 1  then we have this code






01010000 (or 01010110)



With this decoding



Which point to

Haut du formulaire

Logan Express Framingham relocating

Bas du formulaire


 There is wave function in the last link  Link between the two crops  

3 7 3

Stephane Jaumotte alias anakin_nEo


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike