Are modern crop pictures being sent to us by other advanced species who inhabit a “multiverse”, of which we are only beginning to become aware? Here is a brief summary of current observations up to 2014, with slides that may be shared freely.

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) and Paul Jacobs

“Professor Wiseman and his colleagues propose that the universe which we experience is just one of a gigantic number of worlds. Some are almost identical to ours, while most are very different. All of these worlds are equally real, exist continuously through time, and possess precisely defined properties” (see new-quantum-theory-is-out-of-this-parallel-world)
Owing to the controversial nature of “crop circles”, and so much disinformation or mysticism which surrounds the subject, we decided to prepare a brief summary of current observations up to 2014. This summary slide and others posted here may be shared freely:  

In the upper part of the slide, we list five common reasons why conventional scientists reject a paranormal origin for modern crop pictures. Then in the lower part of the slide, we list seven important facts about crop circles, which most scientists today probably do not know.
To be scornful of a subject is also to remain ignorant of its observed facts. That is the situation for “crop circles” and “mainstream science” today. They do not know anything about the subject, but choose to scorn it out of peer pressure and/or fear.
We see no need to discuss every “bullet point” listed above. Those discussions have already been made elsewhere, for example in two long reviews from 2011 (see time2012a or time2012b).
Studying technical capabilities of the best human crop artists
It should be emphasized that we have studied the technical capabilities of the best human crop artists in some detail. One can study such capabilities whenever they are commissioned to make a “demonstration” in daylight for some company or TV station (see for example fringe2013s). These commissioned examples would be much easier to make than a real crop circle in the dead of night, or in the field of a farmer who will call the police if he catches you!
Even given the benefits of “bright daylight” and a “long safe period of time”, the best human crop artists come nowhere close to the technical details which we see evidenced in real crop circles, typically one to two dozen times each summer. Let us now list some of those attributes in the next section below.
Various criteria which serious researchers consider when studying a new crop picture, to assess whether it was made by unseen energetic forces, or else by rope and boards on the ground
Even the best human crop artists cannot replicate many of the features which we see in real crop circles, over and over again during a typical summer. On a fine scale these might include: huge “basket weaves”; other “highly woven” patterns; thin lines of standing crop along tramlines, where the force of crop flattening becomes weak; plants which have been bent beyond the well-defined edge of some flattened region; plant stems which have been bent smoothly six inches off the ground; bent, elongated or exploded plant-stem nodes; “straightened” seed heads in fallen crop, while seed heads in standing crop nearby remain “bent”, and so on. Close-up photographs for some of these effects are shown in Appendix 1 below.
On a somewhat broader scale, do we see nicely flattened “sovereign circles”, with no way to walk into them, surrounded by 5 to 10 meters of standing crop? Do we see extremely thin lines of width say 5 cm, which extend or curve through large regions of standing crop, sometimes across hilly terrain? Do we see large regions of flattened crop which show no mud-covered stems or footsteps below, when the crop picture appears in heavy rain or muddy fields?
From a very broad perspective, does the crop picture show thousands of independently patterned features, arranged say into a grid, spiral or helical shape? Some notable examples from the past would include East Kennett of July 2000 (see, Milk Hill of August 2001 (see, Crabwood of August 2002 (see or time2007n), or Crooked Soley of August 2002 (see worm hole technology).
Does the patterned crop picture still look accurate and undistorted from the air, if drawn on irregular hilly terrain? Does the crop picture show clever “3-D perspective” when seen from a specific aerial view? The geometric accuracy required to create such an effect is very stringent (see for example the last slide of fringe2013i).
“We caught a big fish, but it got away!” (ha ha)
Never in the past 25 years has any group of local human crop artists demonstrated such skills, in an open and honest display which everyone can see and document. They have been asked to do so many times, but they never accept “challenges”. They always refuse, even when a considerable financial reward is offered for their success.
We regard those gentlemen like the man who tells you that he “caught a big fish”. Maybe it was a “world record fish”. Yet it “got away” before he could take a photograph. Ha ha, some of those human crop artists have fooled the entire world! Almost everyone is willing to “take their word” on catching a “gigantic fish” without any evidence.
Just like for the famous hoax of “Piltdown Man”, certain human fakers are telling the scientists what they “want to hear”. Thus their critical faculties used for evaluating evidence never come into play (see
Crop pictures may appear quickly and silently at night, or even in daylight
Meanwhile we have ample evidence that large and complex crop pictures can appear in a field in the dead of night, quickly and silently with no local humans detectable in the field below (see We also have evidence that crop pictures can appear quickly and silently in broad daylight, say between two fly-overs of a plane which passes every 20 minutes, with no one seen in the field below (see time2012a).
Two examples of huge “basket weaves” from the summer of 2014
Just as a lucid illustration of what we are talking about, here are two “basket weave” crop pictures which appeared in Gloucestershire during July of 2014:  

Are we supposed to believe that a few local guys made those complex lays of crop late at night, in less than four hours, by stomping down the plants crudely using rope and boards? In fields where the farmer did not allow any free access, and would call the police to arrest anyone who might be found there? Just like Santa and his elves might supposedly deliver a new computerized toy to a child on Christmas Day?
Those two crop pictures were so beautiful, that their aerial videos should take your breath away (see Welsh Way on July 22, 2014 or The Windmill on July 26, 2014 Does such wonderful field art really need to be suppressed? Will revealing the existence of these extra-terrestrial (or inter-dimensional) crop artists really cause human society to fall apart, stock markets to crash, and fearful people to riot in the streets?
Just for purposes of comparison, another famous “basket weave” from July 2009 in East Field is shown here (see

Four other “highly woven” crop pictures from July or August of 2014
Still the inter-dimensional crop artists were not through yet! One day after that “basket weave” near The Windmill on July 26, 2014, a spectacular “highly woven” crop picture appeared at Parkers Hill on July 27, 2014 in the shape of a five-pointed star (see parkers):

Then a delicate “woven dragonfly” appeared at Trodd’s Copse on August 4, 2014 (see trodd):  

Several slides on this link show a possible “dragonfly” shape (see trodd). It also resembles a six-petalled “flower of life”, like one which appeared the day before on August 3, 2014 near Lund, Sweden.
Just for purposes of comparison, another famous “woven shape” from August 1999 is shown here (see Roundway hill):  

One week later on August 8, 2014, an elaborate “six-pointed star” appeared at Green Street near Avebury. It showed nine or ten contra-rotating lays as semi-circular arcs, within each hexagonal outer section (see Green Street 2). There was no “standing crop” between different layers of the contra-rotating lay, and the entire crop picture was drawn on the side of a slanting hill.
One week after that, the amazing lay of a “highly woven eye” was seen near the centre of Nettle Hill on August 16, 2014 (see nettle).
Concerning these six examples of “basket weaves” or “highly woven” crop pictures from July to August of 2014, there have been no credible suggestions by anyone (even the sceptics) of possible human-made construction. Such “basket weaves” or “highly woven” pictures have been appearing in crops regularly since 1999, for at least 15 years.
Sometimes the fallen crop is woven in “waves”
Sometimes we have even seen the fallen plants within a crop picture “woven in waves”, for example at Jubilee Plantation on August 15, 2011:  

In this case it was apparently meant to represent “wave-like diffraction by a quasicrystal”, because almost the same image was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry two months later during October of 2011 (see                                        
Four other nicely-patterned crop pictures from June or July of 2014
In order to be complete, we will next list four examples of “nicely patterned” crop pictures from June or July of 2014. These do not show “basket weaves” or “highly woven” patterns per se, but still display some interesting ground features.
A “five-pointed star” appeared at Harewell Lane on June 14, 2014, close to the Besford radio telescope (see besford). The fallen lay of green wheat plants within this crop picture seems very fluid and parallel when inspected closely (see
A “parachute” image appeared near Badbury Rings on June 17, 2014 (see banbury rings). Many interesting swirled effects can be seen within its mature barley (see groundshots).
A “five-pointed star” appeared near Sixpenny Handley on June 29, 2014 (see sixpenny). The fallen lay of green wheat plants within this crop picture appears very fluid and smooth (see sixpenny).
A series of “concentric circles and triangles” appeared near Tetbury Lane on July 8, 2014 (see tetbury). These represent a famous geometric construction by Buckminster Fuller called the “isotropic vector matrix” (see We can see thin lines of standing crop along tramlines, and other interesting features, when studying this crop picture closely on the ground (see tetbury).
Concerning these four examples of “nicely patterned” crop pictures from June to July of 2014, there have been no credible suggestions by anyone (even the sceptics) of possible human-made construction.
Sometimes a crop picture can show thousands of independently patterned features
Sometimes a crop picture can show thousands of independently patterned features, all drawn to perfection. Please see for example this complex “grid” crop picture from East Kennett on July 2, 2000:  

How exactly might such a remarkable feat be accomplished, using rope and boards? Here for example was the best man-made crop picture of 2006. It was nicely made by Peter Sorenson in broad daylight, with a large team of helpers, but still contained many errors (see  
Certain crop pictures can show stunning three-dimensional geometry in perspective
Certain crop pictures can show stunning three-dimensional geometry in perspective. One such example appeared near West Kennett Long Barrow on June 28, 2007:  

In this case the crop picture resembled a stone entrance to the ancient grave site nearby.

Another excellent example of three-dimensional geometry as drawn in crops appeared near Hackpen Hill on August 26, 2012:

Small UFOs are sometimes photographed over new crop pictures                                                    
Here is a brief reference to “small UFOs” which are sometimes seen or photographed near crop circles, like “foo fighters” from World War II (see Fringe2014o). These photos should be enough to end any logical debate, over whether the crop circle phenomenon is “paranormal” or not? Yet mainstream scientists once refused to look through Galileo’s telescope at the moons of Jupiter or phases of Venus. “Only flecks of light in his telescope”, they said, “not real objects!” Such observations did not agree with old theories which they were teaching in the schools.
Images of “spacetime wormholes” or “time travel devices” as drawn in crops
There have been dozens of images of “spacetime wormholes” or “time travel devices” drawn in crops. Four major pictures of that kind appeared during the summer of 2006 alone (see or or or
The summer of 2006 ended on a “hyperbolic spacetime cube” (see then a “hyperbolic spacetime square (see The latter drawing resembles a Minkowski diagram from special relativity:  

If the crop artists are advanced spacetime physicists, of course they would know how to draw “wormholes” or “time travel devices” or “diagrams from special relativity” in English fields!
Controversial “images of the future”?
The last “bullet point” shown in a slide above suggests that crop circles may show “images of the future”. This idea remains controversial. It was proposed in 2007, after comet 17P Holmes exploded in space between Mars and Jupiter. That historic astronomical event resembled many crop pictures from two years earlier in 2005 (see time2007g or time2007h). Other future-predictive images were drawn in crops prior to the outburst of comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in 1995 (see time2007a). Still other future-predictive field images were drawn before or during the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter in 1994 (see time2007i  or scorpius hour). Since then, we have seen dozens of plausible cases for “future prediction” in crops.
Just to give one example, a complex crop picture which appeared at Jubilee Plantation on August 15, 2011 anticipated the Nobel Prize for Chemistry (or Physics) in that year by two months: 

Two other “Nobel Prize predictive” crop circles appeared in August of 2009 or 2010 (please scroll down on crop circle research). Are extra-terrestrial crop artists following the gradual advancement of physics here on Earth?
Many “nuclear power” crop pictures were likewise drawn during the summer of 2010, just before a nuclear power disaster at Fukushima in March of 2011 (see japan tsunami 2011).
Intentionally false reporting by the British press (you should not believe anything they say)
All of the other facts which we have provided in slides above should be clear and unambiguous. If you are told otherwise by a TV or newspaper, it may not be factually true. For example in late July of 2013, the British press made up a series of false stories about crop circles, essentially out of thin air (see fringe2013i).
Summary and conclusions: messages from parallel dimensions or a “multiverse”?
In summary, we have reported here the most objective and general facts about “crop circles” as of 2014. If you, as a reader or scientist, wish to believe other sources who have no first-hand knowledge of the facts (for example the newspapers), or other sources who seem not concerned with reporting those facts accurately (the debunkers), then you are welcome to do so. Our task is not to put forward poorly-evidenced opinions, but rather to report on what we see, as accurately and factually as possible.
Many other interesting facts are shown and described in several Appendices below, if you still have any lingering doubts about the mysterious and paranormal nature of “crop circles” in general.
"I believe that the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond normal space and time. The UFOs may not come from ordinary space, but from a multiverse which is all around us, and of which we have stubbornly refused to consider its disturbing reality, in spite of evidence available for centuries. Such a theory is required in order to explain both modern and historical cases, as well as a psychic component. I believe there is a system around us that transcends time as it transcends space."---excerpted from Jacques Vallee "Dimensions" 1988 (see  )
Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)
and Paul Jacobs (a leading field researcher of crop circles)            
P.S. We would like to thank all of the many crop-circle researchers and photographers who have been documenting this phenomenon for 25 years, and another P.J. for help and advice
Appendix 1. Close-up photographs of several energetic effects which are often seen when studying crop pictures

Observations and research done by Paul Jacobs have revealed many interesting anomalies within certain crop circles, some of which will now be shown here.
Thin lines of crop sometimes remain standing near field tramlines
Sometimes we can see thin lines of standing crop near field tramlines in authentic, paranormal crop pictures. Usually such photographs are taken on the same (first) day when the crop picture is found:  

If these crops had been flattened mechanically using rope and boards, by local humans on the ground, such strange and delicate features would never be expected to appear. Instead, the crop would be flattened (or crushed) uniformly everywhere, because the applied force would be constant everywhere.
Plants on the far side of a tramline may remain standing, relative to a local flow of energy nearby
For reasons which we do not fully understand, a plant-free region within any field tramline may cause the unseen force of flattening to become weaker locally, so that a thin line of plants remains standing on one edge. Generally this seems to be the “far edge” rather than the “leading edge”, relative to a flow of crop flattening nearby. At other times it may extend across the entire tramline:  

Colloquially this is called “energy leak”. We would surmise that the total energy remains constant over broad regions of the field, at some carefully chosen value. Yet the local force of flattening near a plant-free tramline seems to become less than in densely-planted crop nearby. This effect might plausibly be due to some variation of electrical resistance within the field, which could depend on both (i) plant density and (ii) local moisture within the plants.
In the first case, if a tramline remains completely free of plants, then the energetic force of flattening seems to be reduced locally. This leaves a thin line of plants standing on the “far edge”, relative to any local flow. The lay then reverts quickly to fully-flattened plants, once a plant-free space is left behind.
In the second case, if a tramline happens to contain less mature (growth-retarded) and more moisture-rich (green) plants, as the result of repeated passage of a farm tractor through it, then the energetic force of flattening again seems to be reduced locally, just as for a plant-free region. This may leave those immature green plants standing intact, just as if an unseen energy of flattening has a more difficult task of passing through them.
The unseen energies of flattening seem “finely tuned” for any particular crop or field
Consistent with these ideas, sometimes we can see that isolated green plants are left standing, even in a region where the force of flattening remains at “full power”. For example we can see four small clumps of moisture-rich green plants left standing in a background of flattened brown plants, near West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013:  

Again we cannot be sure why, but might hypothesize that the total energy of flattening has been “finely tuned” to the average mechanical strength of an overall crop within any chosen field. Thus the crop artists seem to choose a well-defined level of applied force, which is just enough to bend most plants over gently, but not enough to rip them to shreds or burn them.
In a recent case from Holland 2014 (see, we saw a whole circle of mature maize plants flattened on one day, then magically “rise up” into a standing (but bent) form three days later. The crop circle seemingly “disappeared”! Such “disappearing acts” have also been seen occasionally in England, for example for a “spiral” drawn in linseed flax near Knoll Down on June 27, 2009 (see knoll down 3):
“Its centre was softly swirled off the ground, and plant stems there were unbroken. On our way home around 5 PM, we stopped again at the flax formation. It had become very difficult to see from the edge of the field. When we passed the same field on the next day, we only managed to see the formation faintly, because we knew exactly where it was. By the third day, it had become completely invisible”.
Now If a few moist, green plants remain mechanically stronger than dry, brittle, brown plants nearby, then a finely-tuned energy may not be enough to bend such green plants over. Using rope and boards, all plants (green or grown) would be crushed flat equally, because the force of flattening would not be “tuned” at all.
Three different forms of crop flattening within a single crop picture
It should be noted that isolated stems of standing crop, which are sometimes seen within an otherwise flattened region, are not always “green”. Sometimes those isolated standing stems are “brown” within a general background of fallen brown plants nearby:  

For example within a crop picture at Green Street on August 8, 2014, we can see three different modes of flattening! Around the outside we can see a “broad avenue” where all plants have been completely flattened, leaving no standing stems (above on the left). Midway towards the centre, we can see another region where most of the plants have been flattened, but still many brown stems remain standing (above on the upper right). Finally along the outer border, we can see a “highly woven” region where all of the plants have been flattened, but in many different directions (above on the lower right) (see green street 2 or groundshots).
In order to explain such diverse effects within a single crop picture, we would have to hypothesize that the overall energy of flattening has been carefully adjusted or “tuned” to whichever field has been chosen, at some particular stage in maturity of the crop. Thus we might see some regions where all of the plants have been flattened, along with other regions where the energy of flattening is not quite sufficient to bend over the “strongest” plant stems, whether green or brown. Using rope and boards, all plant stems would be flattened completely, due to a high and excessive mechanical force which is being applied.
Furthermore, such flattening energy can apparently be programmed to go in almost any direction, as evidenced by a long series of “woven” marks along the outer edge of Green Street on August 8, 2014. There were hundreds of independently woven regions to be seen in this crop picture, when it was inspected closely on the ground (see groundshots). Such remarkable effects are not atypical for the modern crop picture, but in fact are fairly common. No one has ever created such features using “rope and boards”.
Plants bent over beyond the well-defined outer edges of a flattened circle
As another subtle effect, sometimes we can see clumps of plants from the beyond the outer edge of a well-defined circle, being “bent over” by some unseen energy. Please see a series of small blue arrows in the slide below:  

Using rope and boards, no plants should be flattened beyond the outer border itself. Yet if this pattering energy were to be delivered in broad “waves” across space, then one extra waveform might sometimes “spill over” into a nearby region of crop (just as for incomplete termination of a Fourier series near some “edge”). Colloquially this effect is called “split edging”, and has been seen in many paranormal crop pictures over the years.
Appendix 2. Aerial photographs of interesting effects which are often seen when studying crop pictures
Many crop pictures have been drawn on hilly terrain, but still appear perfectly circular and undistorted as seen from the air. One good example appeared near Stanton St. Bernard in two phases on June 21 or 22, 2013:

If this crop picture had been made using rope and boards, using a rope of constant radius r, then its outermost circle should have appeared slightly elliptical as seen from the air, since it was drawn in the valley between two sloping hills. Each “left” or “right” side of the crop picture would have appeared foreshortened by cosine(slope) or 2% for a hill slope of 10o. So far as we can tell, slight and unwanted distortions due to hilly terrain have never been seen from the air for real paranormal crop pictures.
Careful measurements of crop pictures which have appeared on hilly terrain (such as Milk Hill of June 25, 2012) suggest that large flattened circles usually appear perfectly circular when seen the air, while they measure as  elliptical on the ground. Such measurements seem consistent with a mechanism of “printing from above” (see /comments). Not enough ground measurements have been made, to establish precisely how this might be accomplished in various examples (especially if the farmer will not allow researchers to access the field).
Appendix 3. Other crop pictures from 2014 which are considered allegedly to be “man made”  
Just in case the reader would like to see further examples of allegedly man-made crop circles, a whole series are shown here (see rumours 2014). Most are of such low quality that they do not need to be discussed. Further discussion of putative man-made crop pictures from late 2013 or 2014, which have been posted on the main Crop Circle Connector webpages (see 2014), may be made elsewhere as time permits.
Appendix 4. We welcome further discussion of the observed facts, but see no need to address unsubstantiated claims or opinions
If any other scientists or “sceptics” wish to open a dialogue on the facts presented here, they are certainly welcome to do so. However we will not be drawn into an exchange of unsubstantiated claims or opinions. Any polite and factual exchanges will be welcome, just as in a scientific journal. The community of people who study crop circles is large and diverse, and we take no responsibility for anyone’s reasoning or observations but our own. “The observational data speak for themselves” as my advisor in Cambridge used to say.
In summary, a paranormal crop circle phenomenon is happening worldwide, whether current academic scientists choose to study it or not. “We are not alone”. A good possibility for the origin of this phenomenon might be advanced species who live in some other space or time, and have discovered wormhole technologies which can create “conduits” between parallel dimensions (see time2007n). Astronomer Jacques Vallee has proposed that parallel dimensions might be a main source for UFOs, all throughout history. Physicist Howard Wiseman and his colleagues have proposed that parallel dimensions might be a main source for the quantum behaviour of particles on a small scale. If there do exist “parallel dimensions”, then it would not be surprising to see UFOs or crop pictures emerging from them, as preliminary efforts to open contact with local humans on our Earth.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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