Fox Hill, nr Liddington, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 9th August.

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Updated Sunday 16th  August  2015


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A crop picture at Fox Hill on August 9, 2015 showed a “Vesica Piscis” and a “mandorla”, both of which are symbols used to describe Christian religious themes. Two ASCII codes, in or near the crop picture, suggest that Christ is “A-1”. Several landscape features nearby suggest that we may be growing close in time to the actual return of Christ, in great power from the sky (or space).  

A new crop picture at Fox Hill on August 9, 2015 showed two geometrical shapes known as the “Vesica Piscis” and a “mandorla” (see Vesica_piscis or Aureola#Mandorla):  

Might these be possible “signs on the Earth” for the return of Christ, as prophesized in both the Old and New Testaments of Jewish or Christian scriptures? The “Ichthys” or “fish” symbol for Christ comes from a simple relation between those two geometrical shapes (see Ichthys).

Within the central “mandorla” of this crop picture, we can count 49 standing tufts by close inspection on the ground. That is the decimal ASCII code for number “1”.  

An Old Testament prophecy of “signs on the Earth”  

What exactly was the nature of this prophecy? After a paranormal event in Jerusalem during 33 AD, when the apostles began “speaking in tongues”, other people nearby thought they were drunk. Simon Peter then stood up to explain that his friends were not drunk. Instead, he explained, the paranormal event which they had just witnessed was a fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies:  

”In the last days, I will show wonders in the heavens above, and signs on the Earth below” (Acts Chapter 2, verse 19).  

More recently in the late 20th or early 21st centuries, we have been seeing “crop pictures” drawn on the Earth by mysterious, unseen forces for at least 25 years (see Perhaps these are also some of the prophesized “signs on the Earth”? 

Many examples of the “mandorla” or “Vesica Piscis” in Christian religious art    

Both the “mandorla” and “Vesica Piscis” geometries have been used in Christian religious art, all through the centuries:  

Today we have a “Mandorla Art Award”, for best new contemporary paintings which relate to Christian religious themes (see  

In summary, this new crop picture at Fox Hill on August 9 seems to represent some form of Christian religious art. There was another spectacular example at Etchilhampton on August 4, 2015, which showed the “Seal of Melchizedek” (please see comments or articles), or a third example in Germany on July 19, 2015, which showed the “Signet of Melchizedek” (see articles).  

Who made these new crop pictures which show Christian religious themes?  

Were these three crop pictures made by local people on the ground, or by extra-terrestrials from above? Jesus suggested several times in the New Testament that he came from the stars, and that his Father’s empire extended to many worlds:  

“In my Father’s house are many mansions. I go now to prepare a place for you.” (John Chapter 14, verse 2).   

“You are from below, I am from above. You are of this world, I am not of this world.” (John Chapter 8, verses 23).  

An elaborate weaving of fallen and standing wheat stems in all three recent crop pictures from England or Germany 

The new “Vesica Piscis” and “mandorla” shapes, as drawn in crops at Fox Hill on August 9, 2015, show an elaborate weaving of fallen and standing wheat stems, when viewed closely near the ground:  

Both previous crop pictures at Etchilhampton on August 4, 2015 (see Etchilhampton2015a or Etchilhampton) or Munchener Berg on July 19, 2015 (see Munchener or groundshots) likewise showed elaborate weavings of fallen and standing wheat stems, when viewed closely near the ground.  

As a professional scientist, I would consider it unlikely that any local human could have made these three elaborate crop pictures while using “rope and boards”, or any other hypothetical device such as a “roller” or “microwave oven” (see Most humans on this planet remain spiritually blind, because they listen to false news reports about “crop circles” made by unethical news organizations, especially those in Britain (please see fringe2013i).  

Two possible codes in decimal ASCII for “49” (the number “1”) or “97” (the letter “a”)  

When studied closely on the ground, we can count 49 standing tufts of wheat within the “mandorla” of this new crop picture at Fox Hill. Also nearby in the landscape, we can see two large “numbers” which resemble “9” or “7”:  

Those two numbers of “49” or “97” are the values assigned in decimal ASCII to “number 1” or the “letter a”. The crop artist seems to be suggesting, somewhat humorously, that Christ is “a-1”.  

As another nice feature of coding, this crop picture appeared on a date of August 9, while it was drawn within a large number “9” in the landscape (please see the slide above).  

The “mandorla” from this crop picture points toward a large letter “C” in the landscape, next to a radio tower at the top of Fox Hill  

When we study the landscape near this crop picture on a broader scale, we can see that its “mandorla” points to a large letter “C” in the landscape, which adjoins Fox Hill radio broadcasting tower:  

That capital letter “C” is outlined in red above. Nearby on the right, we can see the landscape image of a smiling “horned serpent”, within whose “jaws” lies the radio broadcast tower.  

On an even broader scale, we can see a “space shuttle” in the landscape which may be “flying back to Earth”  

On an even broader scale, we can see a large “space shuttle” shape in the landscape, by means of which Christ may be “flying back to Earth”:  

The letter “C” for “Christ” remains boxed in red, while the Fox Hill radio tower is circled in yellow.  

If this wonderful new crop picture at Fox Hill was made by extra-terrestrials, who might the real crop artists be?  

Who might be sending us this beautiful new example of Christian religious art? We cannot be sure, but often the crop artist portrays himself as a “bird”, or even as a “dove of peace” (drawn in crops on August 8 near Hampton Lucy, see hamptonlucy 2015):  

In the case of Fox Hill on August 9, we can see two bird-like images in the landscape, who are standing next to one another as the possible crop artists:  

Perhaps this represents an extra-terrestrial man and his wife? My personal belief, after studying crop pictures for 10 years, is that the “man” might be Quetzalcoatl, who once lived here on Earth with the south, central or north American native people 2000 years ago, at the same time when Christ was teaching peace, love and non-violence in Israel. 

“I have other sheep who are not of this fold. Soon there will be one flock and one shepherd” (John Chapter 10, verse 16).  

Two related crop pictures from the summer of 2010: “broadcasting the news” from a radio tower at Whitefield Hill  

Five years ago during the summer of 2010, we saw a closely-related crop picture at Whitefield Hill on August 3, 2010. There we could see two “radio speakers” which were “broadcasting news” of the return of Christ, just after a spectacular two-part “face of Christ” had appeared in crops at Wickham Green on July 30, 2010 (see   

In the next slide, we can see details of the radio broadcasting tower at Whitefield Hill, as well as of two “face of Jesus” crop pictures which appeared not far away on previous days:  

Are you spiritually blind, so that you cannot “see” what is right in front of you?  

A strong symbolic relation of these 2010 crop pictures to the new one at Fox Hill on August 9, 2015 seems obvious, to anyone who is not spiritually blind. All three crop pictures, from 2010 or 2015, show beautiful examples of “Christian religious art”, which has been made seemingly by people who do not live currently on our Earth, or in our space and time. Two other examples from Etchilhampton on August 4, 2015 or Munchener Berg on July 19, 2015 were also mentioned.  

I arrived at the Etchilhampton crop picture around 11 AM, and inspected it closely on the ground while taking photographs (see groundshots). It showed approximately 64 separate “swirls” of crop, still fresh and not flattened to the ground, along with hundreds of detailed “cross-lays” among those swirls. Writing again as a long-term professional scientist, I will state that there was not even the smallest chance of 0.01% that any group of humans could have made that crop picture on the ground, using mechanical tools of any possible description. If you believe that, then you have “swallowed down false opinions” (a phrase favoured by English philosopher John Locke, see  

The three causes of spiritual blindness are thought to be ignorance, cynicism, and a hardness of heart. We are not referring here just to a possible belief in Christian themes---that is your free choice, to believe or not believe---but to a more general belief in “spiritual lifeforms or energies”. Those lie beyond what most people can see, using their limited sensory inputs, or beyond what modern organized science is willing to measure. We are referring even to a belief in other advanced forms of life, beyond what we can see here on Earth, in this very small corner of a very large set of universes.  

That, my friends, should give you something interesting to think about! Meanwhile, true news of the crop-circle phenomenon remains suppressed by governments and large media organizations worldwide, so that almost all people remain “blind”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. I would like to thank Professor J. Paul DeVierville for counting accurately 49 standing tufts at Fox Hill on the ground.





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