Etchilhampton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 3rd August

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Updated Tuesday 5th January 2016


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A new crop picture at Etchilhampton on August 4, 2015 shows an eight-pointed “star of Ishtar”, superimposed on an image from “The Crucifixion of Christ”, which is a famous wall mural painted at Visoki Decani Monastery in 1327 AD 

Please see!alien-art---crucifixion-of-christ---1327/c9e for more information.  

CC at Etchilhampton: Yet another octagram!

We have now got another octagram at Etchilhampton. I do not know what you people are thinking, but it seems that the 2015-crop circle season is crowded with many octagrams. Last year, the popular dominant geometrical shapes were pentagram and its dual pentagon. What the circle makers are trying to tell us?

Here is a brief mathematical description of an octagram for those whom are interested in the underlying geometrical ratios:

(Credit: )

However, the octagram that we got this time is a double one:

The double octagram or a 16 pointed star symbolized eternal power in Ancient Mesopotamia. We can see this figure abundantly in both Sumerian and Babylonian cultures.

Another 16-pointed star appeared at Torino Airport in Italy earlier this year.

If we split the double octagram at Etchilhampton into 8 and 8, we find a date of August 8th! Then the comments by Michael Stewart (Link: comments) are making a very strong sense. I should also mention that there are two other dates in August:  17th and 26th, which make 8 when they are summed together. However, if we consider the CC at the Belt as a guidance, we can safely say that the date should be August 8th because the waning crescent moon phase in the upper zero part of the CC, will be visible during August 8th, only.

The number “8” CC at the Belt. The symbol in the upper “zero-part” – the smaller circle - is depicting a waning crescent – left sided.

In addition, the octagram at Etchilhampton is “half-drawn” and today is August 4th =  8 / 2.

August 8th is the date then! We will see if anything particular will happen on this date.

The next date is August 14th when the double Venus conjunction will take place.

PS. Franklin Thomson: I thank you very much for your nice words. We have a small community here at CC Connector, whom are striving to provide “logical” solutions to many CC-puzzles. We should not forget to thank Mark Fussell & Co. for creating a wonderful place for CC enthusiasts.

Berat Sancar, August 4th - 2015



Artwork WJ

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Etchilhampton August 4, 2015: a Refuge of Hope 

The circle most frequently represents the Creator or the uncreated Universe, whereas the square represents manifest reality, Earth. In this delicate formation seen at Etchilhampton, we have the image of the square and circle in relation to one another: the circle creator/generator encompassing the four directions of physical reality/Earth.  Both of these in turn enclose a beautifully decorated diamond, symbol of ‘Mother Earth at the beginning of creation.’ ‘To early Gnostic Christians, she was not a metaphor but a true spiritual personality, the co-creator of the universe along with another female spirit. …A golden diamond, sometimes marked by the cross, was the most common sign of the Earth Mother in the Orient.” (Walker 50)  

So at first glance we see a loving dynamic of a the family of ‘three’: circle/father, square/mother and then the young Earth diamond that is in turn Mother to all Her creatures–a succinct depiction of the beginning of a new birth for Earth.  On closer examination, we see the octagram within the diamond and the beautiful swirls decorating the interior of this crop circle design.  

The arms of the two interlaced squares at its centre, one straight upright and the other diagonal, are extended to form an eight-pointed star. The continuous line forming the even-numbered figure has magical implications, thus the association with regeneration and rebirth.  

Within the star and the diamond are many swirls of circular energy, possibly representing all the activity, physical, mental, emotion and spiritual taking place on our Earth as She and we go through the amazing experience of transformation. The swirl circles within the diamond square also imply the continued interaction of the spiritual with the physical on Earth.  

If we look to the Native American traditions, then these symbols become even more relevant to the issue of peace, harmony and protection on Earth. 

One in depth exploration of the Waden Hill formation of June 2007 predicts this very formation and gives us an interpretation of the meaning: 


Through exploration of the inner geometry of Waden Hill, the design of Etchilhampton was anticipated. 

“There is a symbol found within the Waden Hill Starglyph that sits hidden in the outer band of spiraling squares. It is the circle, square and circle. The circle and square are a native symbols found on petroglyphs and pictographs, though this is fairly unknown. A circle touching the square’s points, was once explained by an elder as having a meaning of divine balance. This is the balance that exists between the world of spirit or the universe, and one of our journeys through the material walk on earth. At the same time a circle just touching the inside of a square not only presents a beautiful polarity, but carries an important meaning. It is a symbol referring to inner harmony. “ (starnationgallery) 


The star of Inanna/Ishtar representing regeneration, the Hope Symbol of Native Americans and this elemental figure are all based on the octagram or eight-pointed star. 

The eight-pointed star in Native American tradition is called the Hope Symbol; it is related to keeping balance and symbolizes hope and guidance. Other takes on the eight-pointed star are:

The 8 pointed star is a Gnostic symbol, known as the octagram of creation.

 It is related to Venus, and also sacred to Ishtar.

 In Nordic traditions the octagram is used to invoke magic and also as a protecting ideogram.

This is the traditional Star of Ishtar. Composed of two intertwined squares, this is a symbol of regeneration.

It is a symbol for the natural universe interweaving order and disorder, yin and yang, to create an ultimately harmonious and balanced design.” (answers) 

“[The eight-pointed star’s] universal symbolism is one of balance, harmony, and cosmic order. Its pattern is associated [with] early astronomy, religion, and mysticism. It is symbolic of both stars and humanity’s earliest attempts to understand and communicate the order and unity inherent in Creation, nature’s rule.” (moroccoboard) 

These medicine wheel mandalas all incorporate the relationship between the circle and the square, the Creator and the Creation. Medicine wheels like the one at Big Horn, Wyoming have been constructed by Native Americans for 4,500 years. 

The square within the circle is implied in the Hopi World Symbol. “The ‘cosmic cross’ or four bars represent the north, south, east and west [and] correspond to the outermost points on the horizon where the sun passes through the year; the solstice and equinox points. The four circles inside the outer outline represent the four nations (the first four tribes of mankind), which came to the world to keep balance.” (whats-your-sign)  

This Etchilhampton crop circle gives us hopeful and helpful information. Harmony on Earth is attainable when we follow the order of the Natural Law. 

- Michelle Jennings 


Chevalier, J. & Alain Gheerbrant. The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols. Penguin Books. London. 1996.

De Vries, Ad. Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery.North-Holland Publishing Co. Amsterdam. 1974.                       

Walker, Barbara. The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects. Castle Books. Edison, NJ. 1988. Astronomy.htm 

Looks like "squaring the circle" and maybe "Mission Impossible". ;-)

Here is a visually similar image in this painting, but the second square is not "embedded". Maybe "emancipated"? LOL The painting belongs supposedly to the Rothschilds, because Lion and Unicorn are part of their family emblem. And for the rest I find it very fascinating, full of meaning and worth "sharing". ;-)

Reflecting a bit deeper... It is easy to assume, that a "perfect square" is a symbol of completeness (regularity). So two squares can logically mean complete man and complete woman, as also the colours red/blue in the painting also suggest. And there we are, a new giant gate opens...




Etchilhampton Crop Circle 4 . 8 . 2015  

This crop design of 4th August 2015 carries on the messages that are highlighted in the last UK crop design of 29th July 2015 at Furzefield, and many previous designs, particularly with regard to the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. It unites the circle and the square. As noted in previous comments the GP demonstrates, by its 7 / 11 height to base ratio, Pi as 22/7 and this is achieved by the circle and the square having the same perimeters.

The inner square of this latest design is turned to give 4 triangular pyramid shapes.

The numbers 4 and 8 are crucial to the Furzefield design and are also demonstrated in this latest crop circle including in the date it appeared  4 . 8 . 2015(8), 7 days after the 29th July appearance.

At the centre of the design is a ring of 7 markers with a central 8th marker. Looking down from above if the large square is a pyramid base then this central 7 marker could represent its height as is evident in the GP with its as built height to base ratio of 7 / 11.

The very interesting comments by Berat Sancar draw our attention to the 8 pointed star which is the star of the Goddess from very early times back to Ancient Sumer thousands of years BCE.

The inspiration for these designs could have come from human or nonhuman sources but points to the Great Pyramid and its geometry in either case. There is a very good reason why crop designs could be drawing our attention to the GP at this time, it is a landscape marker for an amazing ancient geometric layout of early sacred sites just coming to light and some crop designs seem to be guiding us to this great design which if proved correct would have profound implications for our world.

Totally endorse Berat Sancars comments about Mark and the CCC Team – keep up the good work

Michael Stewart

Regarding the CC at Etchilhampton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, reported 3rd August, 2015...  Let's compare it to a similar CC reported on Whitefield Hill nr Woodsend in Wiltshire, United Kingdom - 3 August 2010.   Here we have a CC that represents a space time continuum, also known as, Einstein's theory of gravity and how it distorts space and time.  The two photographs below show that this CC, reported on the 3rd of August, 2010 is real and was not created by simply smashing crops to the ground by breaking the stems.



Next, we have the present CC at Etchilhampton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, reported 3rd August  which possibly also represents  a space time continuum, also known as, Einstein's theory of gravity and how it distorts space and time.  The area in the center of the "octagram" has the illusion of curving, dipping or sinking in the middle.  The "octagram" itself appears to be laying upon a grid sort of like the lines of engineering paper.


What do these two CCs have in common?  They were both reported in Wiltshire, UK on August 3rd:  one was in 2010 and the other was in 2015.  That is not simply a coincidence.  The creator of the new CC on August 3rd, 2015 appears to be copying the original CC created on August 3rd, 2010.  However, the quality and the detail in the new CC are much lower.  Is this new CC a forgery?


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This particular bird appears to represent a hummingbird, known for hovering in flight.


Joseph Lake Research

Through our Dreams we create the desired world of Beauty and Harmony

This crop circle was reported on 4th August 2015. According to the Mayan calendar, 4th August 2015 was a day of the Blue Castle, in which we have the possibility to absorb and learn the energy “Yellow Star” – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony. The Blue Castle began on 17th July and continues until 6th September 2015. And on the crop circle we see a 8-point star, symbolizing the Solar Seal “Yellow Star”, which is the Solar Seal No. 8.

In the very center of the crop circle we see 7 sheaves in a small circle and in the center of this small circle there is one single sheaf. In my opinion, the 7 sheaves symbolize the 7th column of the calendar Tzolkin and the single sheaf in the center symbolizes the Source. The Harmonic Module Tzolkin includes 260 days, divided in 13 columns of 20 days each. The crop circle is created in a day of the 7th column, called the Central Mystic Column, which began on 2nd August and continues until 21st August 2015.

The Central Mystic Column is the energy center of Tzolkin.
Here the energies reach their highest levels. The 7th column corresponds with the Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement and Inspiration.

It is held that in the days of the Mystic Column we have direct connection to the Source. These are days for mystic synchronization, days for resonant attunement with the Source. In these days we receive most pure spiritual energy from the Source. We have the possibility to receive and accept highest transformative and creative energies.  

The whole picture of the crop circle depicts energies, vibrations, resonance. As if the whole space is filled with vibrations.

Within the corners of the 8-point star are depicted "vortexes". On this way are featured very powerful energies, resonance.

4th August 2015 is a day with the Tone 6 – the Rhythmic Tone of Equality and Balance. This is a day, when we have the possibility to balance ourselves, to achieve a dynamic balance, i.e. a relative balance in the constant and dynamic changing outer conditions. This dynamic balance is symbolically depicted as a square in a circle. The square is a “stable foundation” with 4 support points, which gives us the feeling of a relative stable supporting structure. The outer circle represents the constantly changing outside environment. Tone 6 gives us the possibility to stabilize ourselves, to receive a feeling of “support” in this dynamic world, where everything changes constantly.

4th August 2015 is a day of the Blue Castle of Transformation, this is a very dynamic period of intense transformations. On the pictogram we can feel the dynamic – as if everything is vibrating. The structures, which were purified in the previous White Castle of Tzolkin, now are transformed. Cells, physical bodies etc. are transformed in crystalline structures, which can absorb and retain more light.

4th August 2015 is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Night” - Dreams, Intuition, Abundance. A day, when we can dream of a world of Beauty and Harmony.

Through our Dreams we “weave” a picture of a wonderful world, through our Dreams we “weave” the new desired reality.

Our Dreams are vibrations, they create a vibration field, which changes the existing vibrational reality. In a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Night”, the Dreams, which we radiate, change maximal the outer reality, which consists of energy structures. Our Dreams are vibrations, which influence these energy structures and change them.

And just in the days of the Central Mystic Column, the Source amplifies manifold our personal Vibrations. So the Source helps us through our Dreams maximal powerful to affect the outer Reality and to change it in the direction which we desire!

The 8-point Star symbolizes our Dream of a World of Beauty and Harmony. We create it through our Dreams, which are vibrations with an enormous power!

Sources for the Mayan calendar:

Maya Todorova

Octagon, referring to the end of the ninth Underworld end October, 2016 

The square and octagon refer to the ninth Underworld. The erection of the world tree of the ninth Underworld started on September 16, 2011, which is exactly 6 × 8 (= 48) months ago on the day of the formation. Note that 48 lunar months = 4 × 12 lunar months, while 12 lunar months can be considered as a rounded lunar-solar year (also the length of the Islamic year). On the other hand, 6 lunar months was the “standard” in Mayan time reckoning (classical period). The end of the ninth Underworld will be by the end of October 2016, or about 8 × 8 weeks ahead in future (referring to October 25, 2016). This day also falls exactly 8 lunar months after March 1, which can be considered as the start of the “religious year” in the Gregorian calendar, while the preceding leap day is also important as this day creates a time shift referring the Dreamspell tzolkin-count (see The sun god Ra and sky god Horus, ruling from March 1, 2016). 

Marc Smulders

my Report is as follows.
Assuming that each 7 circle's radiuses are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Name these circles as C1,C2,...,C7
If add up 18 areas between C1 and C3
,a total is 12.56637061...
add up areas between C4 to C7
,this will be 26.97816768...
myCalculation is



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike