Furzefield Shaw, Nr Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Reported 29th July.

Map Ref: TQ277543

Updated Sunday 16th August 2015


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Commenting the "Lotus Flower" interpretation.
The most popular Tibetan praying mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) is about Lotus.

But I'd like to turn focus on a more interesting flower. There is much word about planet Venus, and combing it with "flower", I reached to this fascinating footage. (video from 7:14 on)

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Artwork WJ

Besides being artistic, as "Artwork WJ" pointed out, the CC at  Furzefield Shaw, Nr Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom, reported 29th July is also informative.  This CC depicts an aerial view of 8 orbs at varying heights in the process of creating a "floral" pattern.  These orbs apparently follow a mathematical algorithm when creating the design chosen by the CC-maker.  Although this does not exclude the possibility of the orbs being "free" to choose their own design.

Below is an example of a very simple algorithm from Wikipedia to find the greatest common divisor between two numbers.  The actual algorithms that these orbs follow to create a pattern on a crop field would be much more complex - way above our present understanding.



I have discovered a draw very similar by kellyjcallahan :


Interestingly, the triangle at the center of the draw may be compared with the triangle at the extremity of the field :


The eight small and big discs or balls like satellites round the lotus flower may suggest for example the eight sephiroths round the « beauty » sephiroth :


These circles not far of the road may suggest the flying vehicles of the pro-Jesus ET group who are invading the Earth :


The triangle in the field extremity and the triple flower may be a suggestion of the christian trinity which is wrong and which is disapproved by the Source of the life and by the life itself ! 

Furthermore, I have discovered that the pro-Jesus aliens ET invaders have recently tried to manipulate some hebraïc and buddhist religious in their synagogue in Ukraine and temple in China, Anhui, with their technologies :



I condemn these aliens ! They must stop their invasion plan immediately ! They must go out from our solar system immediately ! They are demons ! 

More informations on my blog : http://alerteinvasionextraterrestre.centerblog.net/ 

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara of Vishnu,

whose soul has been the one the buddhas Krishna, Lao Zi and Gautama

Furzefield Shaw /Merstham Crop Circle 29th July 2015

Further to the previous comment on this design it can now be demonstrated that this crop circle is not a meaningless manmade piece of art but a very cleverly designed numerical message clearly intended to be linked to the date it was reported – 29. 7. 2015

As already noted the two outer circles each have 4 small circles, 4 4, and the central flower is 3 messages of 8 – so 8 8 8. Some possible meanings of this have already been given in the previous comment. But there is more to this crop design.

8 x 8 x 8 = 5 1 2  and if reversed is 2 1 5 which might indicate this year 2015 and a reversal or change. But the number  5 1 2 – 2 1 5 = 2 9 7  which is the date that the design was reported 29th of July (7), a few days ago.  What does this mean?

It can hardly be a coincidence so whoever designed and created this crop circle was clearly using the multiple of 8, 3 times, to indicate the year and day and month it would be found. As already pointed out 2+9 =11 and the link to the Great Pyramid is strong with its height to base ratio of 7 / 11 and the number 44, as already noted 44 being the distance around the base of the GP and the distance around a circle with a radius of the GP height (7). The circle and the square united by Pi as 22 / 7.

Last years’ crop designs had many 7 / 11 possible clues in the dates they appeared but one in particular on 16th July 2014 ( 7 7 7 ) at Forest Hill, Marlborough, was a complex coded numerical message leading to this 7 / 11 ratio and the number 44 - see


Since this latest crop design is coding its message using 888 and the appearance date it must make it highly possible that 8th August 2015 ( 8 8 8 ) might have some important significance.

This does not prove that this circle design was not manmade and designed, but why would any human group want to draw our attention to the Great Pyramid with its Pi message? Research, notably by Michael Glickman, indicates that Pi may be a message in many crop designs over the years.  


Michael Stewart


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This crop design has two outer circles each numbered 4 marked by four small circles . This may represent the planet Venus with its two 4 year cycles of occultations giving a complete return cycle of 8 years. This demonstrates the pentagram and Venus is representative of the Goddess from thousands of years ago with the number 8 – infinity.

The inner design of this Crop Circle is a flower which demonstrates 8 three times; this is 888 which is the number of Jesus in gematria.

This CC lies on a ley line with the next marker being Saint Katherine’s church, Mertsham, a short distance away. This church site is recorded back to 675 CE and may be a sacred site from much earlier times in accordance with church policy of taking over places of previous worship.    

The appearance date could be important 2 +9 =11 and July =7, as 7 / 11 is the height to base ratio of the Great Pyramid. The feast day of St Katherine is 25th November so 2+5 =7 November =11. If our attention is being drawn to the Great Pyramid the other key number built into this ancient monument is 44 since the 7 / 11 height to base ratio squares the circle by demonstrating Pi as 22/7 – because the distance round the square base of the GP, 4 x 11 = 44 and a circle with a radius of 7 has a circumference also of 44. ( 2 x 22/7x 7 = 44)

 So lots to consider in this crop design or it might be just a meaningless piece of manmade art? However, if the appearance date is important it will be interesting to see if anything crops up in a weeks’ time on the 8th August when the date will code 8 / 8 / 2015 (8)... 888

As a PS -  8 x 8 x 8 = 5 1 2 so the reverse of this is 2 1 5 - this year is  2 0 1 5 ?
Just a strange coincidence...maybe

Michael Stewart

Dear readers and writers, here we have a somewhat complex image. 

But it is far from any of your written imaginations regarding 'star systems' with revolving planets or anything like that or whatever same strange views.

Instead you have to look back into presented crop circles since the beginning of this year. You then will see some similarities, maybe even some senses, meanings. 

Just take a look, with my additional explanations added: 

You see the circles, outgoing from the inner one.

It is the special image as shown in the before shown 'links' inside the former crop circles, to show you the 'line', to tell you the 'bigger image' - here as your role in the creation of future, containing your INPUT. 

It is just a 'simple' depicted image for to show you the 'whole' complex connection, just for to make you able to recognize. Too difficult to see? Not really, please follow me.

So here we go: 

You see some circles growing from the inner one, to see your 'mind development' and 'focal points' so to say.

You can translate these images with your own words, however you will get a special result.  

1st you see the inner circle with its different 'points of view = realisation' which point outwards for to show your higher (ability of..) development in mind, as shown in next outer circles.  

From that point (only) you are aware to see the next point in your awareness, the no. 2 circle, which is focused onto the 'aims' as shown in the 'bigger' targets no. 3. Even extended, but not yet able to see the 'whole', the system of 'time itself, containing room and time plus input which in summary creates the future'. 

But once reached this position no.3 you will be able now to see the biggest circle no. 4, which contains all your former 'views', but with one difference:  Now you are really able to set your focus onto your real tasks, in all its responsibility, which finally will create the future, as shown in the 4 'incidents' depicted in number 5. 

Maybe not that obvious to recognise, but clearly to recognise however, so far if you use your 'higher view' which is outside your 'logically understanding', because logical thinking is unable to see the higher connections with eyes of 'logical understanding' which, in this case, will simply fail, as even your written reports do prove.
So it is the task of your higher view, your higher understanding, to enable you to see the message right, so far if it is presented in such a 'simple' image (even when not that simple to recognise)……..

You Do see now the 'line' of understanding, your position and where it must go as next then? 

Fine then, I knew that in before….. 

Let me send my hearty greetings to all of you, have a fine und sunny weekend…….. 

2015-08-02 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de

To turn the Earth into beautiful garden

This crop circle was reported on 29th July 2015. According to the Mayan calendar, this was the 4th day of the New Year of the White Planetary Wizard, which began on 26th July 2015. On the 4th day we have the 4 elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – and can create thought-forms, which could be materialized. In my opinion, the 4 elements are depicted through 4 circles on the most external circumference.

The oracle of the 4th day of the New Year defines the program and the end goal of the year. The day oracle includes following energies: Solar Seal, Guiding Energy, Supporting Energy, Challenging Energy and Occult Teacher.

29th July 2015 is a day with the Solar Seal “Red Earth”, with Guiding Energy “Red Dragon”, with Occult Teacher “Yellow Seed”.

Besides, 29th July 2015 is a day of the Blue Castle, which began on 17th July and continues until 6th September 2015. In this Castle we receive and can learn the energy “Yellow Star”.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted symbolically through figures or numbers following energies:

Red Earth: Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Red Dragon: Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory
Yellow Seed: Awareness, Target, Flowering – Solar Seal No. 4
Yellow Star: Creation, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony - Solar Seal No. 8

The 3 inner circles symbolize our Mother Earth. Each of these three circles represents the Earth with depicted female breasts. The Earth is a living being, she is our Mother, who nourishes us, or metaphorically said, she “nurses us with her milk”, with her energies. The Earth yields for us plenty of fruits and food and provides us all necessary resources for our life.

The 4 smaller circles on the second circumference from the outside inwards symbolize the “Yellow Seed” – Solar Seal No. 4.

We are the Yellow Seeds, which are “planted” on the Earth, where we learn our lessons and develop our consciousness. The Earth provides the necessary conditions for our growth and "flowering".

The Earth provides us energies, which help us for our Evolution, for the Evolution of our Consciousness. All energies, which she radiates – through the plants, flowers, trees, through everything in the Nature – care vibrations and informations, which help us for our evolution.

When we decipher correct and master consciously these energies, we can easier “navigate” on the path of the evolution. So the Earth is our Navigator on the path of the Evolution of the consciousness. She guides us on different ways.

The Earth conveys to us energies, which help us to synchronize ourselves with each other, to synchronize ourselves with the cycles of the Earth, of the Sun, of the Galaxy, of the Universe.

We owe our Mother Earth our deepest respect, love and gratitude. We have to maintain clean the Nature, the waters, the air, the soil.

The oracle of the energies on the 4th day of the New Year shows the program for the year. So in the New Year of the White Planetary Wizard the central focus is on our relation to the Earth. We have to feel our connection to the Earth, to communicate with her, to care for her.

On the pictogram is also shown the end goal of the White Planetary Wizard Year: to turn the Earth into a beautiful flower garden, where every Yellow Seed flowers, i.e. every human unfolds his full creative potential.

On the 3 inner circles are depicted 24 petals in total. Kin 24 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal "Yellow Seed".

The 3 inner circles represent the Earth as a flower garden. Beautiful flowers are grown from the Seeds and all flowers are blooming. The people (the Yellow Seeds) live in peace and harmony on the Earth.

The crop circle makers appeal to us to use the energies of the White Planetary Wizard Year and to turn our planet Earth into a beautiful garden!

The true Wizards can use the cosmic energies and can create with them wonders! So let us use the divine cosmic energies and to turn the Earth into a magnificent garden, where all people live in peace, love, harmony and prosperity.

In the White Wizard Year we can use the White purifying energy to purify our thoughts and activities, to purify the Earth from all pollution.

On each of the 3 inner circles there are 8 petals. Here the number 8 symbolizes the energy of the Yellow Star. We can use this energy in order to create Beauty and Harmony on the Earth, according to the laws of the Art!

Sources for the Mayan calendar:


Maya Todorova

Triple lotus flower refers to February 28, 2017, the end of the Gregorian calendar 

Again we find a crop that refers to the end of the creative power of the Gregorian calendar on February 28, 2017. The Lotus flower refers to the harmony that will arise after that.

The triple lotus flower of the formation has 24 petals; 24 × 24 days after the formation creation date refers to February 24, 2017. The reference to February 24 (instead of 28) is inspired by the fact that the introduction of the Gregorian calendar was announced on February 24, 1582 by the papal bull inter gravissimas, issued by pope Gregor XIII. The double 4 circles around the lotus flower refer to the past and it was 4 × 4 × 335 lunar months ago (rounded value) that the Gregorian calendar was issued. 

The Gregorian calendar was a calendar reform of the preceding Julian calendar, which Julius Caesar introduced on January 1, 45 BC. However, the “religious year” traditionally starts on March 1 and the formation creation date fell 199 × 4 × 4 × 8 lunar months after March 1 in the year 45 BC! 

Marc Smulders



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike