Furzefield Shaw, Nr Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Reported 29th July.

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Updated Thursday 30th  July 2015


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How might the two latest crop pictures at Maiden Castle on July 26, 2015 or Furzefield Shaw on July 29, 2015 relate to one another? Both show images of “planetary astronomy” from the Ptolemaic system, while the landscape around Furzefield suggests that unseen crop artists are now in transit to Earth, while metaphorically “riding on a white horse” 

A new crop picture near Furzefield Shaw on July 29, 2015 shows the “grand cross” arrangement of four planets from Ptolemaic astronomy, which has been drawn outside of a delicate “lotus flower” near its centre: 

Each flattened ring of “petals” from that “lotus flower” shows four patterned “serpent” or “bird” motifs. Please inspect close-up aerial photographs as posted on a nearby webpage (see furze field 2015).  

A related crop picture appeared near Maiden Castle on July 26, 2015. It likewise shows an image from Ptolemaic astronomy of our Sun and five bright planets or the Moon. Yet in this case, they are arranged in a specific (rather than general) fashion around “Earth” at the centre.  

At Maiden Castle, our “Sun” is the largest flattened circle along its thin inner ring (near top centre). “Jupiter” lies opposed below with “two moons”, rather than the expected four. “Saturn” was drawn just to the right of “Jupiter” near the top, with a surrounding “ring”. Three other small flattened circles along this thin inner ring might be Mercury, Venus, Mars or our Moon.  

The details of this specific arrangement of planets, which was drawn at Maiden Castle on July 26, are still under study and will be reported soon. Other symbols along its large outer ring suggest “forward versus retrograde motion” of the planets in a Ptolemaic system, and a text message in what seems to be Morse code. 

Landscape features nearby 

Both of these two crop pictures were drawn in carefully-chosen landscape locations, which show features that enhance their intended meanings. The crop picture at Maiden Castle on July 26 was drawn next to a three-ringed hill fort, and three trees in a row. Those nearby landscape features suggest “three orbits around Earth” or “three years”. Other colourful images appear near Maiden Castle of a “horned serpent”, a “serpent”, or a “large-beaked bird” (not shown here, to be reported elsewhere).  

The crop picture at Furzefield Shaw on July 29 also shows many interesting landscape features nearby. Some of these may be seen in the slide below:  

Right away, we can see that this new crop picture was drawn just behind the “head” of a large “horse” image in the landscape. A similar landscape image was used at Hoo Mill on July 19, 2015 (see hoo mill). To the right, we can see a “serpent with a man’s face” who is “riding” that “horse”. Just below, we can see a “large-beaked bird” who is striding from right to left, presumably towards Earth.  

At lower left, we can see a “man” who is “winking”, and whose legs look like the symbol for “pi”. At lower right, we can see the image of a “rabbit” or “hare”, like that which was drawn at Alton Barnes on July 14 (see alton barnes 2015l).  

The symbolic interaction between flattened crop and nearby landscape features is often quite intimate, and may extend over a whole series of crop pictures in time, drawn all across the world (or at least across England and Europe). We can hardly study one without the other, by analogy like for “particle” and “wave” in quantum mechanics.  

Riding to Earth on a “white horse”  

Other images, similar to the ones shown here, keep appearing over and over again, as we study one crop picture after another in the summer of 2015. Their message seems to be, shown repeatedly, that the unseen crop artists are now in transit to Earth (perhaps by means of a spacetime wormhole, apparently on a rescue mission), and should arrive soon.  

Another crop picture at Uffcott Down on July 25 was drawn in the landscape not far from a “white horse” at Hackpen Hill. Visitors to that crop picture have to walk past three large clumps of trees to reach the new crop picture, which shows a “bird” or “eagle” flying within a large “zero” shape (see uffcott down).  

Such a pictorial message is really quite easy to understand, as a kind of countdown in time: namely “white horse > 3 > 2 > 1 > 0”. Their arrival on Earth may thus lie not too far in our future.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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