Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July.

Map Ref: SU224685

Updated Monday 1st May 2017


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I just saw a crop that I had not paid attention to in 2014 but that today mean a lot to me. Indeed I connect it with the crop on the number Pi 3.1416 ... It is the crop of Forest Hill near Marlborough of 2014!

This crop should be read in 3D, as always! It is the plane of magnetization of electromagnet on a crown in the form of American Donuts. But to electrify these electromagnets on the donut surface, a rotating electric current is required which uses Pi to rotate.

 Here is a link between this crop of Pi and this type of crop-circle pattern. 

The principle is very simple and works since the birth of the Earth in its iron core. This movement produces its magnetic field naturally by the rotation of the iron magma.

Well I think these crops try to give us the trail to produce this phenomenon ourselves in a machine. 

To make it very schematic: it is a cup of donut, you have two circles on which are magnets and you repeat these magnets by turning to make a donut. If you tame the operation of each magnet so as to create a magnetic field that rotates around the cuts and also spins around the donut, you produce a rotating oscillatory field as the Earth does to produce its magnetism.

I will draw plans to explain this device later.

Patrick Depoix

Secrets in the crop design at Forest Hill – Marlborough 16th July 2014 – 7 7 7 

The comment on the last crop design of 2014 in Holland on 23 November (11) shows it has a numerical and design relationship with one from Tan Hill Wiltshire which appeared on 28th July (7) 2004. The numbers 7 and 11 are proposed as possibly very significant and many other 2014 crop designs reflected these numbers in their appearance dates.

Is this significance in 7 and 11 reflected in the amazing design which appeared at Forest Hill, Marlborough on 16th July 2014 ?  

This design seems to be some sort of numerical and geometric message however it originated. A large circle contains 135 small circles of varying sizes arranged in a pattern that has 9 circular concentric lines and from the outside these number

13 , 14 , 15 , 15 , 15 , 15 , 16 , 16 , 16 ( 1 to 9) circles with the outer lines going from very small circles to larger and then back to smaller again as they progress round the circle.

The circles are also aligned in radial lines from the centre of the design using 10 degree segments and these lines have a varying number of circles from 1 to 5. These radial alignments of small circles increase in number from 1 through to 5 and then reduce from 5 back to 1 at the centre of the small circle layout. As has been noted by ‘John of California’ in a Crop Circle Connector comment counting radially the circles go from 1 to 5 both sides of the number 4 so 4 may be a message in the design.

Starting with the outer ring of circles, going anticlockwise, each radial line has the following number of circles – 1-1-1,-2-2,-3-3-3,-4-4-4,-5-5, total = 38

Then there is a random radial row of 4 circles before the 5 rows start again counting down to 1 at the end of the design as follows –

4, 5-5-5 / 5-5-5 / 5-5-5 / 5-5-5, 4-4-4, 3-3-3-3, 2-2-2, 1-1-1, total = 97 

So the key numbers with the division of the design in this way are 38 and 97 with 4 marking the turning point – this could be reflected in the circle sizes increasing and then reducing in size.

38 and 97 total 135 the number of small circles in the layout and the number of radial lines total 13 in the first part with 38 circles and  26 in the second part with 97 circles. This could  represent 1 over 2 or a half.  This division of the design at the lone line of 4 circles would seem to be confirmed as

38 = 3 + 8 = 11

97 = 9 + 7 = 16 = 7

if the numbers 7 and 11 are a message in the design. 

There are 4 groups of 3 radial lines of 5 (15)(6) in the  second 97 part of this radial layout -

there are also 4 x 15 (6) number curved rows of circles counting from the outside

numbers 3,4,5 and 6 ( 3+4 =7, 5+6 =11) so –

4 x 15(6) = 60 (6) plus a 13 row and a 14 row, numbers 1 and 2…..

60 (6) + 13 (4) + 14 (5)  = 87 and 8+7 = 15 (6)

Taking the numbers 6 + 4 +5 also equals 15 (6) again, or

4 x 6 = 24 + 4 + 5  = 33 = 6 

The other three inner concentric rows of circles, numbers, 7,8 and 9, having 16 circles (7) so 3 x 7 – 777 – the date the design appeared 16 . 7 . 2014

clearly an important number in the design but the other numbers that seem

to be highlighted are   4  and 6…. 

The design uses a large circle divided into 36 10 degree segments but there are 39 radial lines of circles so an overlap occurs with the 111 at the start and finish of the layout. This suggests a progression beyond the one circle. 

Several numbers are not so far explained the number of circles, 135 , and the numbers 4 and 6 which have been highlighted by the layout.  Taking the number of circles in the layout 135 as the start of a sequence it would be-

1-3-5…-7-9-11-13-15-17-19-21 …..etc 

The 4th number is 7 and the 6th number is 11  

So, beyond all reasonable doubt this crop design is again highlighting 7 and 11 which as noted in the previous comment of 9th February is the height to base ratio of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

There might be another reason that the circlemakers, or whoever designed this amazing layout, chose 7 and 11 but the intention would seem to be to demonstrate these numbers without actually using them in the design. 

No crop circle is recorded on the 7th July(7) 2014(7) but 3 on 25th(7) July 2014 in Belgium, Austria and Holland which might be significant. There was a crop design recorded at the Windmill, Gloucestershire on the 26th July which might have been created on 25th July. 

The link to Wiltshire and Marlborough where this amazing UK crop design of the 16th July appeared may be provided by the work of the author David Furlong and his proposed ancient landscape geometry using the Great Pyramid with its key ratio 7  /  11 and demonstration of Pi at 22 over 7. (see his website for details or his book The Keys to the Temple ). The two large overlapping circles he found and believed might be marked out by ancient sacred sites do form a vesica with a 7 / 11 ratio and the vesica is a very ancient sacred symbol often found in crop circle designs.  

It is interesting that 11 divided by 7 is of course half Pi when the value of Pi is taken to be 22 divided by 7…..and this design demonstrates 1 to 2 when divided as discussed.  

THE MISSING LINK in the crop circle that appeared at Forest Hill  Marlborough  on 16th July 2014 – 7 7 7  

It seems pretty clear that this crop circle has numerical messages that highlight the numbers 7 and 11 as previously proposed and that these numbers may have also been highlighted in the appearance dates of other crop designs in 2014.

This raises the questions of – What do these numbers mean ? and why is our attention being drawn to them ?  

Factually 7 and 11 do have a strong connection to the Great Pyramid in Egypt as they define the height to base ratio of this important ancient structure but that might have nothing to do with the reason that these numbers are apparently being flagged by crop circles in the UK and maybe Europe.

Whatever the creative intelligence was that designed and built the Forest Hill crop circle the motive might have nothing to do with the Great Pyramid. There is a possible link to the GP because of the very ancient landscape geometry proposed by David Furlong which seems to focus near Marlborough at Temple Farm and this geometry is based on the GP and the ratio of 7 / 11 but is there anything within this crop design that might confirm a link.

There is one thing missing in this crop circle which one would expect to see included as a proof if the design is pointing us to the Great Pyramid. 

The design spirals in and finishes with 3 single circles is this an ellipsis indicating that we have unfinished business with this circle ?

What if we add another circular row to continue the pattern ? but how many circles would it have ?

It could be another 16 (7) row or a 17 (8) row of circles ?

The design has 9 rows 13,14,15,15,15,15,16,16,16 so 1,1,4,3 if we add a 16 it would be 1144 and the total of circles in the second half goes from 97 plus 16  - 113. If a 17 row it would be 11431 and 97 goes to 114.

This would seem to be correct as 38, the number of circles in the first part, x 3 = 114

So the first and second parts of the design are still numerically linked.

If we start this row on the 4th circle of the last 16 row, as the previous rows do, the second half sequence becomes –

4, 5-5-5 / 5-5-5 / 5-5-5 / 5-5-5 / 5-5-5, 4-4-4-4, 3-3-3, 3-3-3, 3-3,4-4 –

( this is counting all the circles on each radial so on the overlap the outer circles as well) 

This might not seem very important but it may be if we are trying to see if the  numbers 7 and 11, being highlighted by this crop design, are connected to the Great Pyramid ratio.

The GP ratio, height to base of 7 / 11  dictates that using the height,7 units, as the radius of a circle and Pi at 22 / 7 the circumference of the circle is 44 units, the same as the distance round the square base 4 x 11  also 44 units.

The number 44 was missing from the crop design until we add the extra 17 (8) row of circles and then there it is right at the end.

It was the lack of this number in the design that was the missing link between the crop design and the Great Pyramid.  

Surely the designer(s) of this amazing layout, who must have had a motive which may have been to secretly demonstrate the Great Pyramid, would include not only the key ratio of 7 / 11 but also the numerical reason that this was important – 44.

But we don’t find this number in the original circle layout which was strange if the design was pointing to the Great Pyramid.

Only when we add an extra row of circles which have be 17 or 8 does the 44 appear as the last two numbers of this row.

Of course if we had used an extra row of 16 we still get a 44 flagged because the now 10 rows would 1144. 

8 or 4 +4, 2 circles of 4, is supposed to be the symbol for a new beginning and 4 is the turning point of the original crop circle layout. From this turning point we can find the 7 / 11 ratio demonstrated in several ways.  

This is not conclusive proof of the link to the GP but a very strong indication that the motive behind the design of this incredible crop circle was to lead us to this equally incredible ancient structure.

Last year, 2014 (7), has provided some very important clues leading to the Marlborough area in Wiltshire and the Great Pyramid.

This year, 2015 (8) (4+4) might be the year when all is revealed …?

To reach this revelation we did not just have to correctly interpret the messages in the circles but add to them to find the final clue and this may be symbolically important.

In other words Revelation will not happen without human intervention.

We have to add the final piece to the puzzle to see the full picture. 

There is compelling evidence that some crop designs like Forest Hill are not manmade… after all why would humans wish to devise very complicated numerical messages leading to the Great Pyramid and place them in crops ? Not impossible but highly unlikely.

So logically a non terrestrial intelligence is at work. This is not accepted by some people, not on the facts, but seemingly due to wilful blindness.

The implications of a non terrestrial intelligence at work so challenges their basic beliefs that they turn a blind eye and worse still actively try to ridicule the idea.

There  is as yet no consensus on how the Great Pyramid was built, a seemingly impossible task for humans 5000 years ago and built to last, which it has. 

Maybe this year, 2015 (8) we will find out why it was built as a geometric message on the landscape…

We should perhaps remember that like the Pi crop circle of 2008 this Forest Hill one from 2014 is not just a pretty design it codes numerical messages, messages that we might be very wise not to ignore…

Mike Stewart February 2015

A new crop picture near Forest Hill on July 16, 2014 anticipated the tragic shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17 by one full day: yet why show 135 days in total, if they only wished to tell us about MH17?  

A new and spectacular crop picture near Forest Hill on July 16, 2014 seems to have anticipated the tragic shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17 by one full day. That historic event was reported on Reuters news only hours ago (see us-ukraine-crash-airplane):  

The crop artists seemingly knew of this tragic event on July 16, one day before. They can only be time travellers:  

Many other crop pictures have “predicted the future”, but not in such a dramatic fashion (see for example japantsunami 2011).  

Still it may not be all “bad news”. If those time travellers wished only to tell us about flight MH17 on July 17, they could have drawn a simple series of circles such as “13-14-15-16”. Why did they draw a complex series of circles as “13-14-15-15-15-15-16-16-16”, unless the total number of days as “135” is somehow important?   

Are they subtly suggesting some “good news” in the future? Might this have something to do with missing flight MH370?  

A “spiral” from the new crop picture resembles another spiral which was drawn in crops at Hackpen Hill on July 9, 2014:  

All of those 13 to 16-day series of circles may represent “phase cycles of our Moon” as seen at midnight, from somewhere on Earth. Their previous crop picture on July 9 showed a “Man in the Moon”, looking with surprise at a nearby “spiral”. Following on from the full Moon of July 12, the next two crescent phases will be on July 20 to 22, then on August 1 to 3.  

This new crop picture matches how someone on Earth would see nine successive lunar phase cycles at midnight. Each set of 13 of 16 circles rotates by 30o around the “spiral” from its predecessor, equal to one month of rotation for any lunar cycle as measured against background stars. Its 135 circles have been drawn on a circular grid with 36 x 10o divisions. When our Moon follows a path of high altitude across Earth’s sky, we may see it for as many as 16 days above the horizon. This is just its 29.53-day phase cycle, divided by two to give 15.26 days, then rounded up to 16 days because of its finite size. When our Moon follows a path of low altitude through Earth’s sky, we may see it above the horizon for only 13 to 14 days. 

Three famous crop pictures from Stonehenge 1996, Avebury Trusloe 1996, or Milk Hill 2001 showed similar 13 to 15-day phase cycles of our Moon, just as drawn in crops on July 16, 2014 at Forest Hill. The same crop artists seemingly made them all, whether in 1996, 2001 or 2014.

Who could be “watching our Moon at midnight for 135 days in the dark”? Once we study the landscape features around this new crop picture, we find some remarkable images, which suggest that “good news” may lie in our near future. Nobody really knows what will happen next, except for time travellers, but we will report further observations about the Forest Hill crop picture over the next few days. 

P.S. More discussion of the cryptic “135” number 

The crop artists drew a fairly complex series of numbers (13)-(14)-(15-15-15-15)-(16-16-16), to suggest that the next two numbers should be (17-17) for “MH17” and “July 17”. The total equals 135. If they had wished to tell us only about MH17, they could have drawn a simple series of numbers (13-13)-(14-14)-(15-15)-(16-16). Now the total equals 116. So that “135” number may be important!  

Looking at a series of 13 circles near the edge of the crop “spiral”, we might assign the full Moon of July 12 to its large central circle. Twelve small circles on either side would then extend from July 6 to July 18. Proceeding further along the spiral, we can see the next crop tramline where our Moon would be located on July 21. At Hackpen Hill on July 9, they drew our Moon “looking at a spiral” when it goes into crescent phase, say from July 20 to 22.  

The outer series of 13 circles (“days”) matches the low altitude of our Moon in summertime England. It was drawn within a 36-circle grid, and extends for 36% of that grid. Our Moon will be 36% illuminated on July 20. We can count from July 21 backwards by 135 days to March 8, or forward to December 4. We should learn soon whether any of these concerns are relevant to what happens in the real world.

Red Collie, Dr. Horace R. Drew (like “Walter Bishop” helping “September” in Fringe)

Artworks WJ.

Forest Hill, Marlborough, Wiltshire

This amazing crop circle may depict the internal energy pulse required for a space vehicle to achieve time-space displacement during the travel in space.

The phenomenon of internal energy pulse was first observed in the UFOs while they were watching the STS-75 “Tether Incident” in February 1996.

The black region around the center shows the radiating energy pulse from the center of the craft. Of course, NASA defined (all of) the pulsating and moving objects in their original video as “space debris”!

The original footage from NASA has been analyzed by many people. There are many video clips in YOU-Tube showing these analyses. This one is one of them: where you can see that some of the pulsating “debris” has some intelligent flight paths.

Berat Sancar



Artwork WJ.

WOW! That's what I call a crop circle, the calculations and physical effort required for anyone to bring that image into existence is a mind bender. Thanks for continuing to make these images available. In spite of the ones that appear less impressive, they all have something to say about mankind's universal recognition of something curious and not totally and satisfactorily explained by any means known right now.

Jack Newnham

This is all I can say about the Forest Hill circle. It is so beautiful!

Michelle Jennings


This new crop formation is a natural wonder, it is exquisite.  It seems to be the real deal, non manmade. This is an important communication from the true makers. It is a crime to humanity to destroy a creation like this, such a shame. Something needs to be done about this dire situation. Farmers are behaving irrationally, when truly there is nothing to fear but human curiosity. There are other measures that can be taken instead of destroying these natural wonders. Indeed there are a number of manmade formations each year, but what the farmers are doing is destroying these creations discriminately, without thought. If it weren't for the dedicated photographers most of the new formations we will have no record, so I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those people. 

I hope that the farmers in Wiltshire, and Sussex (yes this has already happened in Sussex as well, a formation has been cut out before anyone could see it !! But more about this later) will come to their senses and give the crop phenomenon a chance to express itself in the form of these important communications, as I am aware that a small number of crop formations are of true unknown origin, they are not made by people. 

One more thing, I have watched the crop circle phenomenon evolve since the mid eighties when one appeared near my home in East Sussex. I have visited many crop formations over the years. To state that all crop circles are manmade is just as absurd as stating that they are all genuine, non manmade. Realise we have a true phenomenon in our midst, I would just like to remind people of this and let us not lose sight of the wonder of what is happening. With the spreading of farmers cutting out the formations before they can be seen and enjoyed by all, even if that means from afar from a nearby hill to or something respecting the farmers wishes to not enter the field, we must all do something about it. I see the destroying of these natural wonders as a thoughtless act. 

Enjoy the crop circles, there is an important message for mankind

Jamie Hiscocks

Could the Forest Hill formation also have been a warning about the MH17


If you look at the front of a 777 engine you have the spiral (att) coming out from the centre which is itself a warning for when the engine is in motion 

Gerald Plumb

9 curves  overlapping

13 -14 -15 - 15- 15 - 15 - 16 - 16 -16

overlapping right to left

4 -3 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4  or overlapping left to right

5 4 4 4 4 5 4 4

nitrogen 13 used in tomography 

nitrogen 14

“Some kinds of cosmic radiation cause a nuclear reaction with nitrogen-14 in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, creating carbon-14 which decays back to nitrogen-14 with a half-life of 5,730±40 years.[1]” 

nitrogen 15

Nitrogen-15 is a rare stable isotope of nitrogen. This isotope is often used in agricultural and medical research, for example in the Meselson–Stahl experiment to establish the nature of DNA replication

nitrogen 16 in light water reactor'azote#Azote_16

too much nitrogen in Europe
Stephane Jaumotte alias Anakin_nEo

Dear friends, here I'm back again.
And I'm pretty happy to see the comment from Berat Sancar. I see it as a real interesting idea in the attempt to 'bring more light' into the new appeared crop circle, which by the way is a very outstanding one! But sure, there is much more implicated - and real much more complicated.

Short note from me to you: I knew that with my last rude and very harsh 'statement' which, as a soul emailed me and noted that it was 'brutally correct', was written in sense not for to make you upset, but tried to 'bring you back' onto the line, which is only possible by using very hard words. I have nothing against you all, but sometimes there must be someone who show you the 'line' of truth - including strong and higher love. So my thanks that you understood right, at least I hope so. I'm in peace with you anyway. 

So let's come back now to the actual crop circle.
As Berat Sancar assumed, it could be a crop circle which is meant to remind us to some unusual 'extraterrestrial technology', which was even video taped by NASA astronauts itself.
I do know all these videos and have them even stored on hard disk since years. It's amazing to watch.
Crop circle makers did receive my last report including my complicate image likewise as they have got my last 'hard report'. They are aware of the existent chaos here on Earth and they feel very sad to see all this. They can't intervene so clear and obviously into Earth humans evolution. So they go another way and telling us this:
Apart from your chaotic world and the sad wars and killings we show you another way to develop yourself! See your environment and all the damage, pollution which all of you inflict to mother Earth. We show you here a way of clean energy. 

So they did, they show something to us, which looks a bit 'mysterious'. And in my view they showed a special kind of 'clean energy', a clean 'propulsion system' or even a kind of 'anti gravity propulsion'. What does it looks like?
I have drawn some lines and numbers into the diagram of that circle and here I want to send a big thanks to '' for their presented exactly geometric image, which for sure took a long time to draw it.



What is to see?
We have a circle, a disk, which is divided in 36 parts, each is in 10° and in summary is 360°.
(See the red 10° at top of image). 

We have 'parts' which I would call 'segments' (look the green, blue and purple areas near the centre) and we have 'orbits' where the segments move onto (see the dark red numbers from 1 to 9), to show the 'orbits'.

Each segment contains 'units' shown by circles. But those circles are different in diameter, at one end of the segment they are small, meanwhile at the other end they are bigger. But biggest they are in the area of their 'centre', in the 'middle' of the segment. 

Next is that the 'segments' are in special 'gap' to each other, more clearly they are 'overlapping' by following a special 'formula' which I have drawn into the image with big black Letters: A and B.

The overlap gap therefore follows this formula (beginning from the inner circle of segments):
2A + B + 4A + B = X
This means that the 'power' created by gap of 2A is doubled by 4A, meanwhile the power of B remains the same: B = B
For the 'logical thinking masterminds' here it is a special task to think and to calculate. Sure you'll see the 'logical' summary of overlaps which looks like 6A + 2B.
But wait: This 'summary' is only theoretically valid if you would draw a 'line' and add those overlapping 'areas' just one after another so that they create a 'gallery', a 'line'. But that is  wrong and therefore is no solution for to solve the formula of 'higher physics'.   

I could present some more interesting ideas here but I won't - same as CC-makers won't.

Because for reason of 'rules' which you have to follow:
Everything must be 'earned' by your own and hard efforts - instead of vainly 'waiting' for results, which anyone else would 'work out' instead of you.
It does absolutely not work in this way, as you possibly realize. So it needs your true hard work, thinking, comparing and calculating; your 'view', fantasy, creativity, understanding. IF you are able to do that work, then you will be honored even by ET-beings, because in such a case you truly deserve the honor....... you have got it? Sure you have. 

So I am in true big agreement with those ET-beings, who - once more - showed they ways you have to go! 

Hearty greetings here to all of the involved beings............. 


Hello dear mislead souls,

this statement is just for to show you yourself and who you really are. 

I see that many souls wrote some very strange and foolish reports here in which they 'try' to see a virtual line in which they 'seem' to see a connection between this crop circle and the shot down the flight MH17......
Sorry, but I must ask you: Are you okay????

Not only that you are obviously unable to see the crop circle in its own meaning, you go forward a big step, in which you do this:

- To compare very intelligent ET beings who show you an image of big importance, to

- down grade them as stupid and narrow-minded 'clairvoyants' who show a very complicate encoded image to you, which - finally - and in your primitive view shows nothing more than an 'attack' of some lousy humans who, for what reason ever, have got a so called anti-missile-system, and they simply have 'tested' it against an airplane, which was on a straight flight-course, flying at usual flying altitude of 30.000 ft and on the way to its final destination. 

And what DO YOU DO???

You call it as a 'hype' and as a 'sign' of 'genius pre-cog'' of beings, who are light years beyond your tiny and lousy understanding, as you can see  in the transmitted crop circle, which by the way is a true masterpiece of 'painting'.........

But you, as genius you may see yourself in your endless self-overestimation,  you go a step on in your lousy coldness:
You even do show NO any charity to all the victims, which by the way could be your own daughters, sons or even your marriage partner.

In your coldness you 'simply' fade out all of these so innocent victims, and with NO single word you show your so called sympathy.........

But for beings like you, this is of 'no importance' at all, instead it is the right time here to strengthen your own and lousy EGO, exactly expressed by your poor statements.

And be sure dear blinded and cold minded souls,

THIS TIME I really AM pissed off, to see you all so poor and egoistic, blinded souls. 

What a shame you are, not only to see yourself, so lousy, so poor, you even show a clear 'image' to those advanced beings of cosmos, call them CC-makers, ETs, or what else, maybe you call them the 'little green ones' - as media have trained you how to see them. Idiots you are.

But you have not understood the scenario at all. 

I AM in real contact with those ET beings, and now I feel so sad, so helpless......

Have I always sent an image to those advanced beings, which was an image of 'educated', 'intelligent' humans who have a so big 'heart', who are in 'love' and in honesty.......

NOW I stand as blamed, to no more will be able to show such a so precious and honourable image of Earth humans anymore. It makes me feel so sad. 

I see me as cheated now by YOU. And no longer I will present YOU as 'lovely' beings.

From now I will spare you out from all my close and friendship minded connections.

So it will be YOU who are alone now. Same as you were alone over so long time.

NO way out for you - and this time I see you as true losers because your primitive 'signs' of 'understanding'...........

So sad I do feel now.

But I am very strong anyway, fulfilled with so strong unbelievable love...........

And YOU have no idea of what I speak about, same as you have generally NO idea of anything.

SO - I could be very relaxed - I DO know the hearty friendship with many beings in cosmos, including beings of real higher dimensions - Angels.

In my love I bow my head to all these so well known beings - and they simply say:
Yes, dear soul, we ARE in love and friendship - beyond of time. 

To note here: It has absolutely NOTHING to do with YOU!!!!

But what have YOU? You even have forgotten your true roots...........

You instead try to 'replace' it with wild speculations as proven here - grounded in nothing at all......

That's your 'intelligence' in our so called reality. A manipulated and 'radio controlled' being - anonymous like a 'number'. And that includes all of you who participated in the wild speculations of flight MH17 with all the 'foreseen' victims onboard........ 

Try to write any of your lousy statements to me, I'm more than open to tell you who you are.

Meanwhile I stay in Light and in strong higher Love, expressed by my sign:

2014-07-17 - Gerd Estrup -

Luis Delgado Salez

Roy Earle

The first one at Forest Hill is without doubt one of the best circles of the season.Red Collie has already hypothesised that the 135 circle ties in with the destruction of the ill-fated MH17 one day later. There is however, in my opinion, another consideration - the circle appeared 132 days from the disappearance of MH370 and maybe in a days time (July 20) the 135 may have some significance.


The current Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed and the New Year of the Red Solar Moon

On the pictogram are depicted 135 Yellow Seeds, in the form of a galaxy, on this way they symbolize the current Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed according to the Mayan calendar. 

This Galaxy of Yellow Seeds is depicted on the background of the Moon. According to the Mayan calendar on July 24, 2014 ends the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed and on July 26, 2014 begins the Year of the Red Solar Moon, a year with the Tone 9 – the Solar Tone of Intention.

On the pictogram there are depicted 135 Seeds.  In the Galactic Module Tzolkin Kin 135 stays for the Solar Seal “Blue Eagle”, with the Tone 5. The Blue Eagle is the Supporting Energy of the Yellow Seed. The Blue Eagle unites the Yellow Seeds in a Global Consciousness.

Maya Todorova

Concerning the Crop Circle formation at Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July: There is another way to count the spiralling dots in this formation - radially. Counted in such a fashion, the numbers of dots count up from one through five. Then there is a single four. Then they count downward from five through one. Starting from either outside or inside, the same numerical patter appears:




Specifically, starting from the inside:

(1) 3x
(2) 3x
(3) 4x
(4) 3x
(5) 12x

(4) 1x

(5) 2x
(4) 3x
(3) 3x
(2) 2x
(1) 3x

I thought this was interesting enough of a pattern to send it out there for consideration.

John from California

Hello and especially a warm hello to you, Mr. Dr. Horace Drew, 

nice to see your next 'report' in regards to

in which you present another and even more adventurous report, this time you compare your same adventurous claims with a simple Jet engine, to follow by the imagination of a FISH.

Can you top your own strange statements with a another and more bizarre 'view'??? 

Not only that you 'translate' the crop circle image with a self created message called:

'...crop circle image showed images of future'... which I would like to ask you - HOW IS THAT future looking like??? And IF it shows any future - then you are unable to see.

But you answered it already: It looks like a simple 'Jet engine' as you illustrated with a photo of such an engine. Of course we all do SEE the similarity, what else did you expect? 

So if I see you right - you see the very complicate crop circle as an 'depicted Jet engine', right???

And you present an image of an impeller of the jet engine, which shows a very symmetric placement of 'turbine blades, right? I really DO know how those blades look like.

But WHY the advanced CC-makers did show such a simple Jet engine, you are unable to answer, right?

WHERE the hell is the similarity to the crop circle image???

Were there shown some symmetric blades - or are there shown some 'dots' of any power who are in totally imbalance and even in 'different' power in each of their 'segments'???

And if so WHERE is your claimed symmetry now??? 

You see that you failed with your narrow minded 'understanding'.

By holding this in mind you tried to present another 'comparison' which is likewise NOT existent at all.

And this time you even top yourself in your bizarre 'understanding' by presenting a FISH...........

Why you do not present a 'cow' instead - just for more simple understanding???? (just joking here)...... 

As you can see in your intelligence, neither the one image is able to explain the crop circle nor the other one, that one which describes a 'fish'. 

But you are able to count the numbers of some 'dots' inside the depicted image, aren't you?

And you - by the way - CAN realise one of my remarked deviations inside the image?

Sure there are more deviations, but I did not want to 'overstress' you here right now. 

However YOU speak about fishes - and that's funny enough.

But this cannot stop you, instead you loose yourself into more and more strange and exotic 'views'.

I only can wonder when reading such strange lines, written even by a Doctor.......  

But you even went a step on, this time you tried to compare it with so called 'pi day' - just another of virtual impressions with NO any reason behind.

You even feel strong enough to compare your strange views with the genius named Archimedes - who by the way can't be compared with this so remarkable crop circle. 

What's now, dear honourable doctor?

Obviously the crop circle does neither show a Jet engine nor a 'fish', likewise as there is no any 'pi day' except it may only exist in your bizarre mind........ 

So in summary - to not offend you here - we see at first a 'jet engine' which is not present -

at next we 'see' a fish which is likewise not present - and finally -

we see 'Archimedes' and his 'pi-day' which is not only unreal but also not present here at all... 

So - WHAT do we see here, dear Doctor????????

Will you present here another animal, for example a turtle or a parrot ??? 

I really do not want to discredit you - because you have already discredited yourself.

Instead I would like to invite you honestly to spend some more efforts into the true realising of the meaning of that so remarkable crop circle. 

Or should I take that task instead of you???

At least I HAVE already described that so remarkable circle - at least in parts - what the depicted crop circle really shows. 

Is it 'too high' for you to see?

I could even draw some overviews of that 'engine' which is constructed by using 'higher physics'.........

You CAN see the image but you cannot simply describe what you see.........

Instead you loose yourself in 'Jet engines' or 'fishes' or in a 'pi-day' of Archimedes. 

You really think that very advanced extraterrestrial beings would waste their time to just present some well known images to Earth humans - and for what reason????

Why should they send such a complicate image - if in its end it shows nothing more than a stupid FISH? 

Sorry, I think that you will stay alone now with all of your weird impressions........

No any solution, no any recognition you can present here.

I would like to ask for prove your intelligence here, which by the way can not simply be 'learned' by simply visiting any university. Intelligence is either INSIDE you or is not.
You can possibly increase your existing intelligence by learning more, but you never can 'learn' the intelligence itself. 

I am not your enemy, in contrary I'm truly with you, even in friendship.

Try to understand me in my lines here, to just offer my openness and truth to 'decode' that so strange crop circle.

It was unavoidable to tell you your own mistakes, but in same time I am more than open to help just to 'decode' that so strange crop circle image.

With NO line I wanted to discredit you, but I needed to show your failures - for the sake of truth. 

I'm not sure about your openness, but offer my open minded help here anyway.

Now it's your choice to either ignore me or to take my hand which I offer you in friendship. 


2014-07-22 - Gerd Estrup -


The psytrance track Pleidean Communication was absolutely central to my first circles experience 19 years ago, and is featured on A Positive Life’s album Synaesthetic, on the Waveform Records label.  I’ve been listening to the entire album quite a lot recently while immersed in my work, and I can’t help but notice the similarity between the album cover and the Forest Hill crop circle:

Considering the Pleiadean influence on my work and its heavy presence in the flat-map alignments, could Forest Hill depict waves from the Pleiades being pulled toward us?   Is this crop circle thereby confirming a Pleiadean influence entrained with and acting through our consciousness?



This, dear readers and writers, is just the finally report for to show you the meaning of the crop circle (diagram): 

It shows a 'disc' which - at work - is rotating.

A single disc or two oppositional rotating discs - just for to create 'power' for combustion and for anti gravity - just combined.

It's an advanced driving gear to fly in space - in a vacuum room. 

The depicted disc shows a row of 'units' of different 'power' depicted in the different diameters which rotate on special radii around a 'centre' which itself is a circle which creates the 'centre of energies' = similar to the opening of a jet engine.

All the units on their radii go synchrony, which means that all the 'distances' of gaps between the single circles of units remain always the same, so that all the units in all their circuits are moving as ONE unit at all, in summary rotating around its centre.

This in summary generates the output, clean, silent and powerful. 

Maybe the next crop circle image

is the only one which shows the 'row' of energy, creating an A.C. voltage output, created by one of the row of units on its special radius of rotating. 

As you can see it creates an 'imbalance' due to the 'positive forces' =  7 in comparison of the negative powers = 6 - which is shown in the 'cutting line' at the point of 'zero'.

Therefore there is an imbalance in ratio of 7 : 6.

To note here: This image is only valid if the shown crop circle image is just not the work of humans who created just a 'fake crop circle' with some inaccuracy of drawing. 

Meanwhile I have often thought how all this can be shown to you as a complete 'system'.

I reminded when I was onboard a space ship years ago. It was a silvery shining ship like a disc. There was only one pilot on board and I talked to him. I even can describe his appearance likewise I can describe the 'saucer' very exactly.

Grounding to this clear memory I just decided to draw the ship onto a sheet of paper - just in minutes. The outer shape of the ship is very close to the ship which I saw and later went onboard. There was a 'room' in which I saw the pilot standing in front of screens (MFD). Left and right from me there were some 'doors' which I realised were rooms to relax or something like that. The pilot was frustrated when I began to talk to him, in his face I saw the 'traces' of life, easily to be compared with the well known actor 'Charles Bronson' with his deep wrinkles in face.

The pilot stood just away from me just watching the monitors.

A silent 'buzzing' was hear able, caused by the engines.

However, here I present my very simple sketch of that ship, have added some 'cuts' for to show the inner parts.

So you can see now not only the discs which create the 'propulsion' in the underground, but see also the room above, which can be called the 'control room' and the spare rooms which are left and right from that room. 

Only a sketch, but it contains all the required 'systems' like the rotating 'combustion disc' and the control room......... 

Next which needs to noted here is one of next crop circles which fits into the whole story by simply telling, depicted by this crop circle: 

which says:

YOU humans so intelligent, why you are still unable to simply turn the switch into the next position which means 'switched on' - as illustrated by a simple click (turning) how to get the real contact with us!!!  

And only ONE man was able here to just decode that crop circle image - see the image: 

My truly big thanks to you, Mr. Werner Neuner, because it was just YOU who was able to use his 'higher understanding' to just show the meaning!!! Thanks again......... 

All dear readers, after my explanations here I see you able now for to 'see the bigger picture' - in the meaning and the view of the creators - the crop circle makers.

They showed us a type of 'clean energy', attached to a flying disc, and they showed us the 'switch' which should be switched by humans, to take the next step, symbolized by a 'tricky' image, which more or less shows how the switch must be turned for to get in REAL contact........ 

Thanks for reading and kind regards, Gerd 

2014-07-31 - Gerd Estrup -

This symbol is the same as on antenna near this crop EMC (=mc2 fun isn’t ? ):-  Ammersee 

Stephane Jaumotte


This crop circle aroused a great wave of comments and offered many options. But I think that this crop circle is among the works of art that must be seen whole - emotionally. As music, pictures, beautiful architectural building, or be soulful man. If you go to a concert, so do not follow the score, guarding individual notes. If you go to a concert, so do not follow the score, guarding individual notes. Perceive just how music flows. I think the crop circle shows the evolution. Human beings, scientific knowledge, civilization ... For example, a human being goes some time on the road with her parents, then detaches itself and goes farther and higher. It builds on the foundations of their ancestors. At the same time lays the foundation for their offspring. These foundations must be solid. Otherwise, the development of collapse.

Pávková Z.




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike