Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July.

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Remarkable landscape symbols near Forest Hill of July 16, 2014: the image of a “tiger grouper” going in for a feed, with a “spiral” or jet engine close to his “tail” 

For a crop picture of such gravity and sadness as Forest Hill (which predicted the shooting-down of flight MH17), its landscape symbols nearby seem remarkable and strangely amusing. What does the crop artist know about the future which we do not?  

This crop picture was drawn as a “spiral”, close to the “tail” of a “large fish” in the landscape:  

We checked carefully to see what kind of “fish” this might be? The best fit was a “tiger grouper” as shown, because it has a similar mouth, upper fins, body stripes and white spots.  

The “crop spiral” which was drawn near its “tail” might be intended to represent many white spots along its body. Or perhaps to suggest that this fish is “jet powered”, as for the turbofan engine of a Boeing 777, which shows a similar spiral near its rotor?  

This “tiger grouper” is clearly “going in for a feed”, as shown on the left.  

Just below, we can see two or three large “letters” in the forest landscape which seem to read either “DIG” or “D-I-G”. 

Where might this “tiger grouper” be headed? Looking more broadly in the landscape, we can see a “square enclosure” on the far left: 

This “square enclosure” could have any of several meanings. We have shown below the image of a blue, water-filled harbour on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, as suggested by the letters “D” and “G”.  

At lower right, we have shown “13 landscape circles” which may be seen on that same island, next to its blue square harbour. These match “13 small circles” which were drawn along the outer edge of the “crop spiral” at Forest Hill.  

The “crop spiral” contains 135 circles in total, which can probably be interpreted as “135 days”. Those many circles were subdivided further into 13, 14, 15, 15, 15, 15, 16, 16 or 16 parts, in order to suggest “17, 17” for flight MH17 on July 17, 2014.  

Yet here we learn that a prediction of MH17 was not the major, intended theme of this crop picture. It was only meant as a precursor to whatever (humorous and happy) event takes place next after a cryptic “135 days”.  

Not being a time traveller, one can only speculate about what will happen next. However I would wager that, speaking metaphorically, some “tiger grouper” is going in for a feed, and that it may be related indirectly to the MH17 airplane disaster.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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Lots and Lots of Curling dots comes after Batz in all the spots. 

  The curling and the dots are quite prevalent on the day of E. 

  July 16 was 4 E.  Stability of the Path. The top glyph is from Saq'Be Link Here



   The curling dots are unique to the day of E and signify the points of interest along the path of Life.

   We are born,... Dot,... We walk,.. Dot,... We speak,... Dot ,... I survived a car crash,... Dot.   ,..… stuff like that... 

  E is the second day of the 20 days. From Saq'Be - SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GLYPH
The glyph signifies: on the upper right side are the ears which signify the path; the curves and the points are the stones placed on the side of the path. It has as special characteristic that is always represented with a flat nose that represent the steps on a stairway. “

   The guardians of the Path are the ones that help us to reach our destiny. E is a water day in the air quadrant. Water contains ambiguity just like our future, it is hard to discern. But if we keep a focus and move toward a goal, then surprises sometimes happen that help us reach our destination.

 We see these things along our path and know we are not alone. They denote “someone has been here “,

  or, “we are on the right path”. The stones say, “You are not the first to be here “. 

  E is the sprinkles of Water that cover the grass as Dew. It is also the grass. The formation looks as though it could have been inspired by a lawn sprinkler.  

  E is the water that covers. It is verse # 2 from genesis : 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  

   The mind of Picasso was formless. Born during the week of E,  He had water between the ears. Here his self portrait has distinctive geometry at the ear. Like the glyphs.


The chapter of E is # 7 and is about Noah being saved from the flood. It is a story about the guarding of destiny. The week of E can bring very much water. Genesis-Maya Template here 

  The basic concept  is that certain designs are on certain days for good reason. If you are familiar with the work of Rupert Sheldrake then you have a basic understanding. There are many Elders from many cultures who have known these things for millennia. The information I work with is multi-cultural and the youngest system is 6,000 years old. By examining the ver-batim entries in the book of Genesis and comparing them to the I-Ching and the Mayan days and other systems, there can only be one conclusion. It is multi-cultural and most likely written by several groups during the old Kingdom in Egypt. Here it is applied to crop circles over and over. Normally an artist reproduces his or her own time. The difference I find in crop circles is that they are “as reported”.  This applies many times when they are known to be manmade. The people who set an intention and open themselves to drawing in the inspiration from spirit, receive geometries and themes of the days energy.    As this becomes more and more pervasive in our understanding, people will become mortified that we are using the calendar that we are. The Gregorian calendar is harmful at best, and destructive at the worst. It is trickery to the natural rhythms of the human consciousness. It causes one to be un or dis harmonious.

    At one time, the elders who actually cared for the people and spiritually placed the stones around the lands of Europe fought and died to prevent the calendar from being changed. For good reason. 

  The stones along the path tell us of a past where people cared for each other and were in tune with nature. They were not paid with money to do it.  

  It was in their hearts, as was the truth which is granite. 

  They will break off their teeth trying to bite through it.   

(written 8 Ajmaq ) 

David Odell


“A Nest of Phis.” 

This beautiful and at first glance apparently simple circular formation is as complex as any that have previously appeared anywhere.  It does not relate to any forthcoming or past astronomical event and it was certainly not a prediction of any earthly newsworthy event, nor is it influenced by Mayan, Sumerian or other gods of civilizations in our human history. It is just a further awesome demonstration of the geometric and technical abilities of the paranormal entity which has been presenting us with such astounding ‘gifts’ through the last thirty years or so as it persuades us of its presence here on planet Earth. 

The design is enclosed in a truly circular frame of some 200 feet in diameter. This has led many analysts to mistakenly claim that the whole thing is basically circular. It is not, and it cannot be compared to any of the logos of commercial products suggested so far. Examine carefully my Analysis No. 1 below:- 

There are nine strings of graduated discs. I have numbered both the beginnings and the endings of each of the strings and connected them with the green inked lines. These outer lines are spirals based on the golden ratio Phi. & each curved line of discs conforms to the Phi relationship too. 

But where do the 9 strings of discs come from and how were they generated? 

Examine the illustration analysis 2 below:- 


From an original print out of the formation I have, rather clumsily, cut out each of the nine strings and using the numbers I attached to the ends and beginnings of the strings I pasted them in their correct sequences on to a separate sheet of paper.  Starting at the center, the first string is numbered 0 to fig. 1.  The second string is numbered 1 to 2 the third string is numbered 2 to 3.  You can see that by connecting the number 1 of the first string to the number 1 of the second string and continuing to connect each pair of a same number, the strings are formed into a full expanding Phi spiral. This is obviously the basic spiral which was fragmented to provide the nine separate strings present in the field formation!  

This consequence presents us with a huge practical challenge. There is no sign or remnant of the full spiral in the field crop formation so without this reference how were the nine precisely measured strings sourced? They are certainly precisely dimensioned to enable them to create the perfectly outlined Phi spiral in Analysis Number 1.  There must be someone of the claimed hundreds of human circle makers out there able to explain this ‘simple’ matter.  Answers on a postcard please addressed to the Crop Circle Connector.

Finally, what do the graduated discs contribute to the puzzle? I feel that they are there to enhance the beauty of the formation. Such disc enhancement has been a feature of many spiral based formations.  They do however give extra difficulty to the efforts of any human circle maker team.  The sequential graduations have to be accurately done which means that each diameter has to be either pre-calculated or calculated as the job proceeds. Any lumpy mistakes offend the eye and act as a giveaway to a perceptive researcher, who will conclude that a clumsy human was involved.   

What other revelations await to bend our minds this year.   Bring them on please 

Jack Sullivan,   July 22nd 2014.      


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike