Groziethen (2), Brandenburg, Germany. Reported 7th July.

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A “pinwheel” which was drawn in crops near Groziethen, Berlin on July 7, 2015 asks us to rotate a landscape number “10” to the left by 90o. Once we do so, then we find a complete Mayan calendar date of for July 7. Just above that Mayan calendar date, we can see in the landscape a “bird” and “serpent king”, who are looking down on a “Trojan Horse”. 

A new crop picture near Groziethen, Berlin on July 7 had the shape of a “rotating pinwheel”, and was drawn between two large numbers of “1” and “0” in the landscape:  

Just below we could see the landscape shape of a 45o-45o-90o right-angle triangle (outlined in brown).  

A puzzle drawn in crops: what is that “rotating pinwheel” trying to tell us?  

This “crop puzzle” is essentially asking us to rotate those two landscape numbers of “1” and “0” to the left by 90o, or equivalently from being parallel with the bottom side of that right-angle triangle, to being parallel with its upper left-hand side.  

A combined number of “10”, which might be created by placing both landscape numbers of “1” and “0” together, was part of the Mayan Long Count calendar date for July 7, 2015 (see  

After rotation to the left by 90o, we can the full Mayan calendar date of for July 7, 2015 

When we carry out a 90o rotation to the left, as suggested by this “pinwheel” crop picture, we find that the number “10” lies just below, and perfectly aligned with, two sets of landscape “rectangles” which appear in rows of either “2” or “6”:  

These two sets of landscape “rectangles” are located just above the number “1” in “10”. They now provide a full Mayan calendar date of for July 7, 2015.  

The precise geometry of that “pinwheel” rotation in the Berlin landscape becomes clear, once we look at all three numbers “10”, “2” and “6” on the same slide together:  

Please use Google Earth to study other interesting features at latitude 52.415o North, longitude 13.460o East, if you wish to see more details? The order of calendar numbers going up is “10” then “2” then “6”, once we rotate the lowest and largest) number “10” to the left, like for a “spinning pinwheel”.  

The default image shown on Google Earth for this latitude and longitude comes from the year 2012, and is out-of-date. Please use a “Historical Imagery” feature of Google Earth to see the most recent satellite images from September of 2014.  

Just above that landscape row of “6” rectangles, we can see a small “serpent” shape, which appears to be “looking down” at various features below. In Mayan times, numbers such as “2”, “6” and “10” were called “serpent numbers”, when they formed part of the Long Count calendar (see  

Why so much fuss over a Mayan calendar date of for July 7, 2015? Why did the crop artists draw a “pinwheel” in that particular location, to tell us the current date in calendar system other than our own? It seems to be because of something else important, which they had drawn in the landscape just above.  

A “bird”, “serpent king” and “horse” appear in the landscape just above  

When we use Google Earth to look just above those two sets of “rectangles” in the landscape, near latitude 52.411o North and longitude 13.461o East, while selecting for “Historical Imagery” to see the most recent photographs from September 2014, we find something very interesting!  

Just above those two sets of landscape “rectangles”, we can see the strange but beautiful images of a “bird” and a “serpent king”, who seem to be looking down at some kind of “horse”:  

When we zoom in to study these landscape features more closely, we can see that the “bird” and “serpent king” are looking down on what appears to be a “Trojan Horse”, since it has two “people” inside: 

One of those two “people” seems to be “standing on a ladder”, in order to look out through a “square window”, just like for the famous Trojan Horse of ancient legend (see or  

A repeat of their coded warning about a modern “Trojan Horse” at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 

We were just warned about a modern “Trojan Horse”, which will be given soon to humans on Earth by unfriendly extra-terrestrials, at Torino Airport in Italy on June 23, 2015 (see comments or articles).  

That amazing crop picture said “timeo ET ferentes!” in computer ASCII code. “Beware of extra-terrestrials bearing gifts!” The new crop picture in Berlin on July 7 clearly shows a “Trojan Horse” in the landscape nearby. This cannot plausibly be a “fortunate accident”.  

Relevant aspects of human psychology: denial and cognitive dissonance  

Such a message of warning seems so shocking in its literalism, that most people simply refuse to believe that it could be true. In psychology, this is called “denial”. Our governments tell us that “we are alone”, and that extra-terrestrials have never visited Earth. Therefore all UFOs and modern crop pictures must be “human-made fakes”?  

If some message of warning comes repeatedly from friendly extra-terrestrials, in the form of spectacular crop pictures, saying how we should “beware of grey aliens who come bearing gifts”, how much easier is it for the average person to block it all out, or to imagine that none of this really happened? Again in psychology, this is called “cognitive dissonance”. Thus in order to believe that some modern crop pictures are really made by friendly extra-terrestrials, even if that conclusion is well-evidenced, they would have to believe that some of their “trusted authorities” have been lying to them for many years.  

Some people have said to me, “The financial default of Greece might be our new ‘Trojan Horse’! Are you sure that the binary code at Torino does not say ‘EU’ instead of ‘ET’?” That is a funny joke, and you can believe it if you wish. Yet the Torino crop picture (and this new one) seem to warn us about unfriendly extra-terrestrials, not the European Union.  

Detailed landscape images of the “bird” and “serpent king”  

Might these new landscape images near the “pinwheel” crop picture at Groziethen be some kind of “accident”, and have no artistic intent? When we zoom in very closely to study visual details of the “bird” or “serpent king”, they seem amazingly clear and lucid:                                                                                                                                           

Why would the “pinwheel” crop picture tell us to look “up and to the left”, if there were nothing important there to be found?  

These observations lead us to believe that friendly extra-terrestrials may have “patterned” those particular landscape features of a “bird”, “serpent king” and “horse” in September of 2014, to prepare for their “pinwheel” crop picture 10 months later in July of 2015. In fact, the landscape location where they drew their “pinwheel” said “10”.  

“Landscape patterning” in addition to “crop circles”? 

Landscape patterning by extra-terrestrials is not uncommon in the study of modern crop pictures. There are other well-known cases (see for example fringe2014a). Of course, no local human could have created such landscape patterning using “rope and boards”, so few people wish to believe that it might be true! We do not know, in any of these examples, how such patterned changes in the appearance of nearby landscapes really occurred (see also Jesuss-face-seen-in-Google-Earth-image).  

Two other details of a patterned landscape near that “pinwheel” crop picture seem to be: (1) a “man with a cap”, perhaps Japanese, looking at a “dead dolphin” (see slides above), and (2) off to the right (not shown), the image of an “early-stage human fetus”. 

All three images of a (i) modern “Trojan Horse”, (ii) the unnecessary killing of dolphins and whales, and (iii) the abortion of early-stage human embryos, may be current human behaviours of which those friendly extra-terrestrials do not approve.  

The “serpent king” and his colleagues  

This new “pinwheel” crop picture near Berlin on July 7, 2015 seems to confirm their earlier warning about a modern “Trojan Horse”, which was drawn in crops at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015. So we can probably expect a real “Trojan Horse” attack of some kind, from unfriendly (grey) extra-terrestrials in the near future.  

Yet who might be giving us such helpful messages of warning? Who are the “friendly” extra-terrestrials? 

Given its Mayan calendar date of, along with a notable “bird” symbolism, this “pinwheel” crop picture suggests that one of those two gentlemen might be the prolific crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”. His kingly “headdress” was drawn in crops in 2009 (see time2010f or  

If so, then who could be the “serpent king”? One would have to consider Jesus Christ as a serious possibility. In the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, he compares himself to a “serpent” which Moses raised up on a pole in the Sinai Desert, to supposedly save the Hebrews from death by snakebite. He clearly came to planet Earth with several colleagues:  

“We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but you people do not accept our testimonies. I have spoken to you of earthly things, and you do not believe. How then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? No one has gone up into heaven except for one who came down from heaven—the Son of Man. Just as Moses lifted up a serpent on a pole in the wilderness (to save the Hebrews from death by snakebite), so the Son of Man must be lifted up (on a cross), so that those who believe in him may have eternal life.” 

Then when Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, just before his death by crucifixion, he told the Roman governor (Gospel of John, Chapter 18):

“My kingdom is not of this world. My kingdom is from another place.”                          

“You are a king then!” replied Pilate.

“You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into this world was to testify to the truth. Everyone who is on the side of truth listens to me.”

Are modern crop pictures those long-prophesized “signs on the Earth”?                   

It is becoming increasingly difficult not to believe, that modern crop pictures are “signs on the Earth”, which were prophesized to happen before the return of Christ and his colleagues from the stars (or perhaps from a parallel universe). The Biblical symbolism of a “rider on a white horse” also fits in with many crop pictures which have been drawn in Wiltshire, that point toward “white horses” on the hills nearby.  

How disappointing that this great truth has not been made known to the British people! Instead, they are told in newspapers and on TV (see for example that all crop circles are made by “pranksters using rope and boards”, the best of whom are called “Team Satan”. 

A “labyrinth” crop picture which appeared at Sunnyside on June 22, 2015 also showed Christian symbolism (see sunnyside articles). During the summer of 2010, a spectacular two-part “face of Jesus” crop circle appeared near Wickham Green (see Still the British and other European people have not absorbed such important and uplifting facts.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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