Sunnyside, Nr Redlynch, Somerset. Reported 22nd  June

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Updated Wednesday 8th  July  2015


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Could this crop picture at Sunnyside on June 22, 2015 describe metaphorically the passage of a “winged serpent” and “fish” to Earth, through a “labyrinth” or spacetime wormhole? And who might that “winged serpent” or “fish” really be?  

A new crop picture at Sunnyside on June 22, 2015 showed a “serpent” entering a maze or labyrinth, similar to one which was built on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in the 13th century:  

It was built there in a Christian church, because the struggle of Theseus against a Minotaur in ancient Crete symbolized the struggle of Jesus Christ against Satan, in the minds of medieval French people.  

When we used Google Earth to find out where in the landscape this crop picture was drawn, we saw the twin images of a “winged serpent” and a “fish”. Each seems to be getting ready to enter a round tunnel or “conduit” in the landscape, beyond which lies a “labyrinth” which was added in crops:  

Looking at the slide above, we can see a large, dragon-like figure with two outspread “wings” and an “open mouth”, flying above a “labyrinth” crop picture on the left. The narrow entrance to that crop “labyrinth” is directed toward his “open jaws”. We can also see on the right a large “fish”, who is “jumping” into a “round tunnel” in the landscape. Close to the entrance of that “tunnel”,  we can see a small “orange” fish who is swimming inside, with the letter “L” for “love” on its side.  

Our “winged serpent” friend was drawn in crops (see the first slide above) as actually entering that “labyrinth”, then reaching its centre. What might these “animal” or “labyrinth” metaphors imply in terms of the real world?  

In literal terms, perhaps a “winged serpent” and “fish” are getting ready to pass through a “round tunnel” or spacetime wormhole, in order to travel from some other place to Earth? Then once they arrive on Earth, perhaps they will enter a modern “labyrinth” and kill a modern, evil monster or “Minotaur”?

Who specifically might this “winged serpent” and the “fish” really be? The Sunnyside crop picture and field images nearby give us some lucid clues!  

Close in the landscape to this new crop picture, we can see two “faces”. We can see both a “serpent with two eyes”, and also a “fair blond man with two eyes”, with their heads close together. Just below those two “faces”, we can see a rectangular “book” with fine writing, which reminds one of the Bible or “Scriptures”.  

Might this “winged serpent” be the legendary Quetzalcoatl, who was often portrayed as  “winged serpent” or “feathered serpent” by Mayans and Aztecs? (see Quetzalcoatl#Feathered_serpent_deity_in_Mesoamerica or     

Hundreds of north and south American native legends tell of a white-skinned, bearded lord who traveled among many tribes to bring about peace 2000 years ago. This spiritual hero was best known as Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan (meaning ‘bird-serpent’). When he left the Toltecs and sailed away to the east, Quetzal promised to return after several cycles of their calendar.” 

And could the large “fish” symbol represent Jesus Christ? The “fish” or “ichthys” was a common symbol for Jesus in Roman times, when his new religion was still being oppressed (see Ichthys). Today some Christians place a “fish” drawing on their car using bumpers stickers! In the Book of Acts, Simon Peter promised that there would be prophetic signs of Jesus’s return literally drawn on the surface of the Earth, like for modern crop pictures:  

I will show wonders in the heaven above, and signs on the Earth below.”  

That seems to be what we are observing here. Quite often near modern crop pictures, we can see the twin images of a “serpent” and a “fish” in the landscape, just as we have been discussing. Likewise in Hopi prophecy, two “brothers” are supposed to come. One will be called “Pahana” meaning “True White Brother”.  

In ancient central America, Quetzalcoatl was known as a “joker” or “jester”, consistent with the humorous nature of this and other crop pictures (see or maya-jester-god-unveiled). What a shock it will be for New Yorkers if, instead of seeing old artefacts about a Mayan “jester god” in museums, they seem him literally walking through their streets as a modern cultural hero!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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