Sunnyside, Nr Redlynch, Somerset. Reported 22nd  June

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Updated Wednesday 8th  July  2015


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Reference to the rise of the messiah on November 7, 2015! 

The midsummer solstice is the main key of this formation 

The formation was found on June 22. However, when we assume that the formation was created in the night of June 21 to June 22, this is an optimal match for the midsummer solstice on June 21, around 18:00 local time.

The circles of the formation refer to the movement of the sun from midwinter to midsummer (ascending sun) during the first half year and from midsummer to midwinter (descending sun) during the second half year (ignoring the additional circle for the time being, displayed in gray in the figure below). In the following figure, the reference to one tropical year has been displayed in gold: 


It is important to realize that one tropical year is represented by two circles. These circles symbolize the movement of the sun on succeeding days at noon (see arrows in figure), not the position of the sun. 

Time span and starting point to which the formation refers 

The “path” of the formation consists of 5.75 (5¾) circles. This means that this represents 5.75 / 2 = 2.875 tropical years. It makes sense to believe that the starting point to which the formation refers is the midwinter solstice of the completion of the Mayan Great Cycle. The Great Cycle was completed on the midwinter solstice (December 21) in the year 2012.

This means that the end of the path refers to the day 2.875 tropical years ahead in future. This refers to November 7, 2015 (sun at 15 degrees Scorpio).

Note however that the circles that refer to the first tropical year encapsulate an additional circle (displayed in gray). This refers to the special meaning of the first tropical year. In my opinion this refers to the set up of the world tree of the new age, which was completed on November 23, 2013, but was succeeded by the start of a new creation on Christmas day 2013. 

Resolving the location and orientation of the formation 

If it is true that the formation refers to November 7, 2015, it is likely that there is a connection with the location of the formation as well as the orientation of the formation. The following figure shows the location and orientation of the formation in relation to sunrise and moonrise on November 7, 2015: 


The figure shows that on this date, sunrise points towards the heart of a Christian cross in a neighbouring field! Furthermore, the formation itself is not only oriented towards moonrise on November 7, but on November 7 the moon rises in a conjunction with Jupiter, Venus and Mars. All these celestial bodies rise in approximately the same direction (approximately East) and will be in a conjunction with the north node (in contrast to the lunar eclipse at the south node 40 days earlier). 

Additional evidence for the reference to November 7 

The number of circles of the path is 5.75. We can simply connect this with the day. This means that 4 × 5.75 = 23 days is the smallest number that refers to a whole number of days. The time span from June 22 (day formation) to November 7 (event) is 138 = (exact) 6 × 23 days. Note that 6 is the rounded number of 5.75. 


The formation refers to an event on November 7. This is related to a (Christian) cross. On a cosmological level there is no cross on this date. Hence, it likely refers to an event that relates to the Christian cross as a real phenomenon. Based upon additional information (of crop circles amongst others), it likely refers to the rise of the Messiah in connection with an alien intervention (to be considered as angels). 

Marc Smulders



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A mysterious email was sent to Crop Circle Connector on the 22nd of June giving very rough location details about the crop circle at Sunnyside, near Redlynch, Somerset, UK. (Aerial photo by the MrGyro team). It took days to find it. MrGyro took aerial photos of it, but no video due to a minor technical fault. MrGyro and Julian Gibsone did some internet research and found these 2 revealing short videos which lead to the Glastonbury Music Festival which was held last weekend. Check out the 2 videos and judge for yourself:

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Crop circle from 22nd June 2015 at Sunnyside, England: Labyrinth of the Warrior

This formation war reported on
22nd June 2015 at Sunnyside, near Redlynch, Somerset, UK.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 22nd June 2015 is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow SUN”.

The crop circle appeared at SUNNYside. The location is obviously chosen not by chance. The name of the location corresponds with the Solar Seal of the day - Yellow SUN – and with the Summer Solstice as well.

The White Castle and the Labyrinth of the Warrior

This Labyrinth appeared during the White Castle, which continues from 26th May until 17th July 2015. This is the Second Castle in Tzolkin. A Castle is a period of 52 days and has 4 Wavespells of 13 days.

In the White Castle we receive the White Energy of Purification.

In the White Castle we have the possibility to learn, to accept, to absorb the energy “Yellow Warrior” – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness.

During the White Castle appeared various crop circles with labyrinths. Probably the crop circle makers mean, that the labyrinths are very suitable for the learning of the energy “Yellow Warrior”. The term “Labyrinth of the Warrior” is popular. A labyrinth helps us to calm and clear our mind, to connect with our Inner Self, with our Soul, with God. It helps us to release negative thoughts, fears etc.

7 Wavespells of Tzolkin

This Labyrinth has 7 loops. In my opinion, they represent the 7 wavespells of the current Tzolkin, which began on 4th April 2015. On 20th June 2015 ended the 6th wavespell and on 21st June began the 7th.

The Galactic Module Tzolkin includes 260 days – this is approximately the duration of a pregnancy by the human.

The first loop in the center of the pictogram represents the first wavespell of Tzolkin – the Wavespell of the Red Dragon – the energy of Birth. At the beginning of every new Tzolkin we as though begin a new life, from a Yellow Seed. And we end Tzolkin as a mature Yellow Human.

So, on the crop circle are depicted the first 7 wavespells of the current Tzolkin.

Wavespells of the First Red Castle:

Wavespell 1 – Red Dragon
Wavespell 2 – White Wizard

Wavespell 3 – Blue Hand

Wavespell 4 – Yellow Sun

Wavespells of the Second White Castle:

Wavespell 5 – Red Skywalker

Wavespell 6 – White Worldbridger

Wavespell 7 – Blue Storm

The 6th Wavespell is of the White Worldbridger – Balancing, death, chance, opportunity. This wavespell had ended on 20th June 2015. On the pictogram the entry in this wavespell is closed. Perhaps on this way is indicated that this wavespell is just closed.

22nd June is the 2nd day of the 7th Wavespell of the Blue Storm, which continues until 3rd July 2015.

During the White Worldbridger Wavespell we had the chance to take action in the process of surrender and release. We were requested to die a symbolic death, to surrender our limiting beliefs. Symbolic death unveils the self by cutting away our outgrown parts that no longer serve us.

After the White Worldbridger Wavespell (the energy of death), in the next Wavespell of the Blue Storm we as though come alive again like a phoenix rising self-born from the ashes.

Blue Storm - Activation, Energy, Selfgeneration

The Blue Storm gives us much energy. It brings maximal energy of Transformation and renewal.

The Storm clears the sky, the earth, the air. After the storm the darkness dissipates, the sun comes back and a new life begins.

With the energy of the Blue Storm is associated the eternal cycle of death and rebirth.

Stabilization of the opposites

22nd June 2015 is a day with Tone 2 Challenge, Polarize, Stabilize.

This labyrinth is a good reason to contemplate the polarity of male and female within ourselves, to explore our divine feminine and masculine aspects, to think over the stabilization of opposites.

Opposites are, for example: light and darkness, day and night, Sun and Earth, male and female, Yin and Yang, the left and the right hemisphere of the brain etc.

In this labyrinth we go alternatively clockwise and counter clockwise, one turn right, then one turn left. This helps to develop both the left and the right hemisphere of the brain, to harmonize the male and the female aspects, Yin and Yang.

This shows very good the function of the wavespells of Tzolkin.

The Tzolkin Module begins with the Energy of Birth (Red Dragon) – a female energy.

In Tzolkin every wavespell has a color. The colors are 4 and they alternate in the following sequence: Red, White, Blue and Yellow.

The colors have following meanings:

Red – element Earth – Physical body – Female energy – Yin

White – element Air – Spirit – Male energy – Yang

Blue – element Water – Soul – Female energy – Yin

Yellow – element Fire – Awareness – Male energy - Yang

This constant alternation of wavespells with male and female energy help us for holistic balancing of our feminine and masculine aspects.

Every next turn (wavespell) in the labyrinth has a greater diameter, which symbolize how our consciousness is developing and expanding when we receive and absorb the energies of every wavespell.

Sources for the Mayan calendar:

Maya Todorova





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