Part III. An open call to inventors: the crop artists drew detailed plans for a “circular magnetic motor” at Honey Street in July of 2011, based on a monopole-like field at the corner of any permanent magnet. Are you going to participate in converting our planet to ”clean” energy?   

It has been 22 years since “crop circles” began to appear regularly in English or European fields, and there is now considerable evidence in favour of their paranormal nature (see time2012a or  ). Such evidence-based conclusions seem completely contrary to what two otherwise-experienced physicists speculated last year in national newspapers or on TV (see or watch). Those field-based images have also been profiled intellectually in a general sense (see time2012b). 

Recently we discussed how a small proportion of paranormal crop pictures, perhaps 5-10%, seem to show “complex magnetic fields” or “blueprints for magnetic motors”. These technical images seem to be coming from extra-terrestrial sources, and also (less credibly) from a poorly-understood spiritual dimension (see time2012r). In order to provide more evidence for this hypothesis, we showed several examples of “magnetic fields” or “magnetic motors” from the crop circle archives 1995 to 2012 (see time2012s).

Here in Part III, we will discuss how one particular series of crop pictures, which appeared near Honey Street in July of 2011, show fairly detailed plans for a “circular magnetic motor”. It would be based on a monopole-like field near the corner of any permanent magnet, as used already in a patent by American inventor Howard Johnson. This essay is intended to be an open call for any talented inventors to participate in an ongoing process, of using crop pictures as guides to help convert our planet to “clean” energy.  

Magnetic fields or toruses of energy have long been shown in crops, with several images so detailed that no local humans could have made them 

Most academics or inventors will have assumed, from mainstream media coverage of “crop circles” over the years, that such field images are supposedly made as a “joke” by certain pranksters in the British population, using rope and boards, in an attempt to fool stupid “New Age believers” that something important might really be happening there.  

Later it was shown that many crop pictures are made using microwave energies. So next the mainstream media trotted out two prominent physicists, to tell the world that those “pranksters” are now using “microwave ovens and GPS” to carry out their secret night-time deeds! This unsubstantiated fairy tale was spread through hundreds of newspapers or TV channels last year. (see for example or It was not based on any evidence whatsoever, and was only meant to deceive the general populations of Earth.  

The true facts of the matter are as follows: “magnetic fields” or “magnetic toruses” of energy have been shown in crops for a long time now, with images so detailed that no local humans could possibly have made them:  


The first image shown above of a “magnetic field” was made upon the visit of a NASA space scientist to Wiltshire in 2000, apparently in an attempt to open communication with leading scientists on this world (see The second image shown above of a “magnetic torus” followed three weeks later. Several images of “magnetic motors” appeared in the fields at about the same time (to be reported later).  

Six crop pictures near Honey Street in July of 2011 all related to “magnetic motors”, or to the early work on magnetism by Ed Leedskalnin at Coral Castle  

Now let us proceed to a more detailed example. Between mid-June and mid-July of 2011, six related crop pictures appeared near Stanton St. Bernard, Honey Street or Milk Hill in the form of a giant geometrical construction (spread across 5 km), of how Archimedes once calculated “pi” (see We did not realize it at the time, but one of these crop pictures (Honey Street of July 4 or 6) showed detailed instructions on how to make a “:circular magnetic motor”. Another close to Honey Street on July 4 showed a :”number code for pi”, similar in style to the number codes which Ed Leedskalnin once used for his magnetic flywheel at Coral Castle.  

A third crop picture under Milk Hill on July 6 or 8 showed how the magnets and rotors in a flywheel operate (see below). A fourth crop picture at Stanton St. Bernard on July 11 showed a symbol for “two pi”, which was also an image of Ed’s so-called “perpetual motion holder”. A fifth crop picture near Stanton St. Bernard on June 21 seems to have shown the “swirl” of magnetic fields within a rotating flywheel. A sixth crop picture near Honey Street on June 26 was more obscure, but could possibly have shown images of magnetic energy emerging from a rotating device.  

I was there and saw many of those crop pictures appear mysteriously overnight, sometimes in terrible weather conditions, or while groups of people were watching and saw nothing. Given the complex lays which we could see in freshly-laid crop, I would say that few if any of these six crop pictures were made by fakers with rope and boards, except possibly for the one on June 26 of uncertain meaning 

Why did it take so long to figure out what these crop pictures mean? 

Why did over a year pass, before we could fully understand what these crop pictures mean? It is because some of them used figurative symbols for “magnetism” or a “magnetic field”, which we did not previously understand. Consider for example the strange but colourful symbol for “magnetic current” once used by Ed Leedskalnin at Coral Castle:  


Not many people since have understood what it might mean in terms of real magnetic fields! Ed also drew a complex diagram which he called “Sweet Sixteen”, to represent a variety of “magnetic currents” which he thought were present in his rotating flywheel: 


We can understand now why Ed made that diagram, and what its outer parts represent physically Yet not many people have understood his colourful description of magnetism, during the sixty years since he passed away in 1951 (see Edward_Leedskalnin).  

The symbol used for “magnetic field” in crops at Honey Street on July 4 or 6, 2011 was of a similarly obscure nature:  


The “tail” of that scorpion-like shape represents an outward spreading of the magnetic field, beyond the North or South poles of a permanent magnet. Likewise its two “claws” represent where the magnetic field turns sharply back into the magnet at an opposite pole (whether South or North, see blue or red arrows).  

The number of “feathers” in that “tail” varied from 13 to 14 to 16 for different “scorpions” in the original crop picture. Those “feathers” represented the number pi = 3.1416 as (13)(14)(16), after dropping a first digit. Pretty clever, is it not?  

Next when we look at the entire Phase I from Honey Street on July 4, 2011, we can see that it shows four “magnets” arranged circularly in an almost-complete pentagonal shape: 


This story gets even more interesting, once we see what those mysterious crop artists drew overnight on July 6, 2011, in order to create Phase II.  

As an aside, Janet Ossebaard and members of her Dutch tour group watched Phase I on that night from not too far away, taking turns from 11 PM to 5 AM (six hours of darkness in an English summer). Yet none of them saw anything unusual: whether paranormal orbs, or a team of fakers with rope and boards. Nevertheless by early daylight 7 or 8 AM on July 6, the Honey Street crop picture had changed to what we will now show below.  

Phase II of Honey Street on July 6, 2011 showed a new “fifth magnet”, in which one corner that had been flattened in Phase I was somehow “lifted up” again  

Phase II of Honey Street on July 6 showed three major changes away from Phase I. First, a “fifth magnet” was added in a large region of standing crop which had displayed two thin, pentagonal lines before. One corner of that fifth magnet was somehow “lifted up” from its previously flattened state in Phase I, where visitors to the formation had been walking over it for two days (see the red arrow).  


Because this was so unusual, we checked carefully to see how such a strange process could have been accomplished, using already flattened crop? It was done by lifting several wheat stems as a group, then twisting them around one another, so that they could stand vertically as a group, whereas they would not be able to stand individually (see Appendix 4 of time2012a). The next “magnet” up in Phase I was likewise “lifted” along its inner edge by a similar means, although that subtle feature is not shown in the schematic diagram above.  

A second major change at Honey Street in Phase II was an outer curved border, which looks almost like a “cloverleaf” that Ed Leedskalnin once placed over his magnetic flywheel in Coral Castle, to focus its magnetic energies. A third major change was a “five-step pyramid” shape near the top. This could perhaps represent a “pyramid” of magnetic energies, which Ed was thought was present over his rotating flywheel.  

The isolated corner of any permanent magnet shows a monopole-like magnetic field which can drive a magnetic motor

Could that “corner” of flattened then lifted-up crop, from the “fifth magnet”, represent by analogy the isolated corner of a real permanent magnet? If so, then that would be a very significant finding! Any isolated corner of a permanent magnet shows a highly directional swirl in its magnetic field, which can drive a magnetic motor to do work.  

In fact, inventor Howard Johnson from the USA was granted a patent for a linear magnetic motor which works according to that same principle:  


Is this what they are trying to tell us? One example of a linear magnetic motor is shown below, along with a hypothetical circular magnetic motor which has not yet been well developed:  


Are the crop artists trying to say: “You guys have already got a linear magnetic motor, based on isolated corners, which works. Why not extend it into a full 360o circle, so as to make a circular magnetic motor based again on isolated corners?”  

If local humans somehow made that Honey Street crop picture, along with five others in its nearby vicinity, all of the time without getting caught, while leaving complex lays, clever numerical codes, lifting up previously-flattened crop, and leaving subtle messages concerning advanced magnetism, then we can only imagine that they may have received psychic assistance from Ed Leedsklanin!  

Whatever kind of phenomenon we are looking at here, we will need to invoke a paranormal process of some kind to explain it. Here is a recent documentation of the best fakers can do (see None of the six crop pictures from near Honey Street in 2011 were of such poor quality.  

Some technical notes on Ed Leedskalnin’s magnetic flywheel from Coral Castle, and their possible relevance to the Honey Street crop picture of 2011 

What Ed did at Coral Castle, after several years of experimentation, was to build a powerful toroid of repulsive magnetic energies. First he took 120 V-shaped magnets from a Model T Ford, and stacked them five high, in parallel North-to-North or South-to-South, to get a vertical column of magnetic repulsive energies. Then he took 24 such stacked columns, and placed them radically North-to-North or South-to-South along the outside of a rotor, to get a horizontal circle of magnetic repulsive energies.  

Taken together, all 120 V-shaped magnets from his flywheel would generate a toroid of repulsive magnetic energies, as the most powerful possible arrangement for that set of magnets. Ed had a very simple view of modern physics. He only believed in North magnetic currents, South magnetic currents, or neutral matter. By combining all 120 of those magnets into mutually repulsive arrangements, he was ensuring that as much North or South “magnetic current” would be circulating freely in nearby space as possible.  

Those repulsive energies might be envisioned as something like the explosion from a bit of gunpowder, when firing a rifle bullet (Ed was working after World War I). In other words, such repulsive or explosive energies still need to be “focused” in some way, in order to exert a maximal effect. In an ordinary rifle, the barrel is given certain grooves, which impair a rapid spin on the ejected bullet. Ed did similarly, and placed a cloverleaf-shaped metallic frame on top of his flywheel, which would provide structure and spin to his repulsive magnetic energies, when the flywheel was in rotary motion. He even left behind two numerical codes of 6-105-195 or 7-129 (based on angles in degrees, or the sums of prime numbers) to tell where to place that cloverleaf, relative to its 24 stacks of magnets below. He often compared the magnetic energies which emerged from his flywheel to a “square pyramid”, something like for the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan.  

Not far from the Honey Street crop picture on July 4, 2011, just on the other side of the Barge Canal, was a remarkable “number code” crop picture which coded for pi as its approximation (22 / 7) = 3.1428. Meanwhile, the “tails” of those magnetic “scorpions” at Honey Street were coded as (13)(14)(16) to give pi = 3.1416, once the first digit was removed. One week later at Stanton St. Bernard, we saw an image of “two pi”, which resembled another device once used by Ed Leedskalnin called a “PMH”.  

The two-stage Honey Street crop picture of July 4 or 6, 2011 shows several differences from Ed’s flywheel, yet it also shows certain similarities. First it seems to generate its active magnetic energies from the isolated corners of 5 permanent magnets, rather than from 24 magnets arranged radially North-to-North or South-to-South. Next it shows a “cloverleaf frame” around the outside, this time with five-fold symmetry, rather than Ed’s cloverleaf frame which showed four-fold symmetry. Could the required symmetry of that focussing device relate to the number of magnets as 5 or 24 respectively? Finally the crop picture shows a “five-step pyramid” above its “cloverleaf” on one side, which could mean “stack up your magnets five high” to give 5 x 5 = 25 magnets in total. Or could it be telling us to generate a “pyramid of magnetic energy” using that focussing device, which would then spiral upward from the rotating torus to achieve practical applications?  

Several inventors have already built prototypes of a circular magnetic motor, but cannot get them fully developed (or to market) past huge industrial interests in oil, gas or nuclear energy  

The circular magnetic motor shown in crops is not some “New Age fantasy”. Several inventors such as Calloway or Minato have already built prototypes of a similar sort, but cannot get them fully developed (or to market), when faced with huge industrial interests in oil, gas or nuclear technologies:  


Nor has anyone (to my knowledge) made a serious attempt to re-create Ed’s magnetic flywheel, by assembling 120 different magnets into the precise arrangement which he used, while also including a cloverleaf-shaped focussing device as discussed above.  

Even if some inventors wished to re-create the “magnetic motor” shown in crops at Honey Street in 2011, they would need to pay close attention to technical details such as: (i) how to overlap the magnets to leave “isolated corners”, (ii) how many magnets to include in the flywheel (5 or greater), and how many magnets to place in any stack, (iii) what kind of symmetry the overlapping frame should take (4, 5 or greater), (iv) how to capture that “pyramid” of energy above the rotating flywheel, and so on.  

Just imagine if those clever inventors were to succeed: soon the oil or gas companies would lose financial value (like horse traders upon invention of the automobile), while there would be no need for a “carbon tax”! The current nuclear-power industry began from a small observation of “fission” by Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner in 1938 (see Lise_Meitner). It was soon amplified by a tremendous research effort at Los Alamos (see Manhattan_Project), then by specific research on nuclear power by Enrico Fermi (see Enrico_Fermi).

What we need now is a tremendous research effort into “clean” magnetic energy, on the scale of the Manhattan Project. Although oil, gas and nuclear technologies are currently more well established, it remains absolutely necessary that we change over to “clean” magnetic energies soon for environmental reasons:  

Both the north-pole sea ice and Greenland land ice snowed very significant melts during the summer of 2012, more so than at any other time in modern history. It would be completely foolish for our political leaders not to engage in large-scale research efforts, to switch over to clean magnetic energies, but that seems not to be a campaign issue today in any Western country. The common people are being “kept stupid” about many things, not just concerning UFOs or crop circles, but concerning many other important subjects as well.  

Messages about “greenhouse warming” or “sudden climate change” are coming from both mainstream scientific and paranormal sources                                                                                                                                          

Everyone has become aware of new ideas such as “greenhouse warming” or “sudden climate change” due to the efforts of mainstream scientific activists. But how many people know that similar messages are coming to us from paranormal sources? In the Table below, we have listed several parallels between a text message given to everyone on Earth in crops at Crabwood in 2002, and certain passages from a book called “The Key” (2002) by Whitley Streiber (see watch or  


A small “key” motif was shown in crops at Chesterton Windmill on July 9, 2009, next to the crop symbol for a “rotating pyramid” and near a rotating windmill (see or Chesterton2009). Could clean magnetic energy be the “key” to solving many of our environmental problems here on Earth? Is that what they are trying to tell us?  

If planet Earth were about to undergo a sudden climate change in the 21st century, which would reduce its human population greatly, then it would seem only natural that friendly paranormal sources might show us blueprints for “clean” energy in crops. All of the lies or obfuscations regarding “crop circles” are just what one might expect, if some less friendly paranormal source did not wish Earth scientists to take “crop circles” seriously.  

We can see the ice melting now. There is nothing else I can do, except post articles like these, and hope that a few open-minded inventors will use such paranormal suggestions, to attempt practical efforts at building new magnetic devices in their private laboratories.  

Many other messages of a “magnetic” nature have been shown in crop pictures over the years. We may post some of these in the near future, once we properly understand the “new physics” which they are trying to convey.

Appendix 1. Further symbolic details of the Honey Street 2011 crop picture in terms of “magnetism” or “vacuum energy” 

A thin strip of partly flattened crop, in one of the “scorpion magnets” from Phase I on July 4, 2011, seems to show the “lines of force for a permanent magnet”:  

The crop diagram clearly shows a “Howard Johnson” type of magnet, which has two inward swirls or vortices at its South or North poles. Those swirls represent the “claws” of the “scorpion”, while an outward spread of magnetic field lines at the other pole represents its “tail”.  

Exactly where one corner of the fifth crop “magnet” was flattened in Phase I, then lifted up again in Phase II, we can see “large amounts of energy emerging” in another crop picture nearby from June 26, 2011: 

There seems to be little doubt that this particular series of crop pictures was intended to teach us how to extract large amounts of untapped energy from the zero-point vacuum of space.

A close inspection of those “emerging energy circles” (not shown) suggests that any vacuum energy may emerge as spirals or vortices.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010) 

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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